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Other Aspects: 7.263

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There are 33 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
What a great game this is... I stumbled upon it and took a chance when I bought it and I’m glad I did. As others have said, it has great flow and is really underrated. Still learning the rules and have yet to get three ball multi-ball but I’ll keep at it. It’s a definite sleeper title that should be considered for anyone’s collection.
1 year ago
A super fun pin that needs more attention, but with it's low number production run it's kinda lost at sea. The layout is by far my favorite of any Gottlieb, and the flow is seriously the coolest part of this whole game. Plus the theme is perfect for my haunted house pinball tournament (Horrorhouse Fest) so it was a necessary pin for the collection. This may turn out to be my first re-theme attempt, as I think with some better art this game could really shine... plus I have been putting together a concept the last few years that works perfect for this idea. Wish me luck! :)
1 year ago
Super fun pin. It’s a shame this game was not made to be the Legend of Zelda like originally intended as this layout is wonderful. Might be my favorite game from this manufacturer.

The scoring is not really balanced though which really is a shame. Too many exploits for this to be a top game or even a B list game. It’s a solid C list game though and will usually be pretty cheap to buy, which is nice.
1 year ago
Love this game!
1 year ago
This is a really great gottlieb game. First, the game is fun. There are many different missions to complete before the "Beats Challenge" and it is challenging to get there. The sound is excellent. I don't really care for the voice but other than that, the audio is really good. There are many different tracks and they are all pretty good. The Dot Matrix is pretty good. It has really awesome animations and just looks great. The artwork is okay. Tying with the theme, it just doesn't really make sense.The theme is not horrible so it isn't really a game changer. It seems like it takes place in space which just doesn't make that much sense. The machine is fast and has smooth shots. I do wish that there were a couple more shots on the top of the playfield because it just seems to loop up there a lot. The scoring isn't really equal. One round on the pyramid gets you much more points than another round. Overall I would recommend this game.

Edit- Just got rid of it. Defiantly gets old if you have a smaller collection. Call outs get REALLY old. Only had it for 5 months too.
1 year ago
This pin was in a bar closed to my school and I have a lot of memories with it.
That's maybe the one who make me enter the pinball world.
Seriously, an underrated pin, lot of fun, vibration great and really cheap. Today a real bargain. For how long...
The lack of playfiled design come from the short dev time...
2 years ago
This was my very first DMD game and I miss it sometimes. An excellent title for the beginner collector and can still be found at reasonable prices. First game that I had ever experienced a shaker in and the one in this game is powerful which is very cool.
2 years ago
Great game - though it should have been Zelda! Fun game that keeps people coming back - beast slayer not easy to get. Scoring exploit unfortunate - wish there was code to patch that to keep players to actually playing through the modes and not just taking advantage of that.
2 years ago
Very underrated and fun machine. Plays well and is extremely fast. Can buy these Gladiators for a very reasonable price. A keeper in my book and very fun to play. The side rails are made out of a metal that rusted quite a bit on this machine ... not chromed so they will have to be replaced or painted.

Machine is fun!!! and has some really nice shots (long and short)
2 years ago
This pin offers a great adventure! The playfield design is unique and offers a lot of variety. I brought this pin back from the dead, and I'm very happy that I did.

The good:
- Four-flipper two stage playfield with left ramp, right spinner and upper side ramp!
- Controllable ramp arm for scoop
- Pretty deep rule set, with really cool acu-spin for extra ball and add-multi-ball to modes
- Ability to disengage pop bumpers with both flipper buttons
- Unique music that drives the game well
- Good shaker motor

The bad:
- Unbalanced scoring with scoop: you should have to ride the ramp to get the 50 million.
- Calm Before the Storm exploit: unlimited points. Easy to "just say no" if you own it.
- No end of ball sequence. Can be confusing for newer players playing 4-player games.
- Standard Multiball is a little unbalanced with the rest of the game. If you play it enough, you'll find yourself shooting for modes instead of multiball. Calm before the storm is a much better value.

Even with all the problems with the rule set, this game is super fun! It sucks that you have to purposely avoid scoring issues, but the fact that I still love this pin is a testament to the overall design of the game. If you have the chance to pick one up for a decent price, I would highly recommend Gladiators.
3 years ago
I never walk away from this game without my blood pressure racing. I don't get that experience From a lot of pins that are in that top 100 that's for sure.
3 years ago
Finally adding my comment to this game. I have to say that everyone who comes over to play this game always has a great time playing it. It seems that there is a die-hard fan base for this game. If you haven't played this pin, you're missing out a great experience. It's probably the best 90's Gottlieb pins made.
3 years ago
Very fast Pinballmachine !
3 years ago
Very fun game, backglass art is just so so, but the playfield art is good. With leds the game brightens up great. Overall a blast to play and a keeper in my collection
3 years ago
What a fun and fast flowing System 3!

The rules and scoring are a bit tricky to understand at first but it really is a fun game. Hard to find one but I recommend it. Can be had for a decent price.
We just ours a couple of weeks ago and finally got it working 100% correctly last night. I'll update the review when I've had more time with it.
3 years ago
Probably one of gotliebs best machines. A fun layout with a pretty deep rule set. Personally I think the art could have been better in places but the machine looks very good over all even if the 90's space age gladiators theme is a little strange. this game is on par with most Bally Williams games I've played. Very solid game all around. Glad I stumbled upon one

Edit: the shaker is very obnoxious and personaly I think it's too much so I keep that unplugged
4 years ago
Love this game! I first played at a pinsider’s house; who had a massive collection. This was the one game he would never sell; and he had all the A-list titles. So, I had to have one. I love the unique shots! The ball lock at the top by the catapult is the most challenging and the shot to hit the ball lock under the flipper is really cool. The music and sounds are my favorite! The 80’s sounding music goes great with the kinda cheesy artwork; I think it fits well. The dragon taunts are cool too. Then there is the crazy industrial shaker motor!! It’s much stronger than any other shaker I’ve seen and I think it adds to the already unique game. O, and one last thing. The speed of this game is really fast; so a 3 ball multiball is more than enough to keep track of; especially with the two flipper areas on the playfield. I don’t see this game leaving my collection any time soon.
4 years ago
Gladiators is a hidden gem that is often overlooked. It has a layout that is unlike anything else, which leads to some crazy combos and interesting shots.

DMD animations are pretty limited, and the sound is the music sounds like it was ripped straight from a Sega Genesis. Still, the ruleset is solid, and the game is just pure fun to play.
5 years ago
I recently picked this game up for a great price fully working,it just needs a good shop out to really give it an accurate rating.
I've only played about five games but it has a few ok shots,some good sounds and music and the PF layout is pretty good.
Once I clean it,set it up right well see what happens.
5 years ago
Strange game that has neat shots and wacky as hell.
5 years ago
Its pinball so it is fun, but comparatively speaking this is not one that you really need to play. Art is lacking, probably the worst System 3 there is.

Edit: played this a lot more...beginning to enjoy it...however the scoring is way off balanced for a tournament mode or a four player is growing on me.
5 years ago
OK theme with some fun things going on with the playfield layout.
5 years ago
This is one of those games where I find that the way Pinside scores games to be confusing. Though my score is low, I found this game to be AWESOME! I'd definitely add to my small collection.

There are some crazy shots on this that I've never seen before in pinball. This is definitely a try-before-you-diss/buy game, but I loved it. Sure, the callouts are a little cheesy and the artwork isn't going to win any prizes, but the game just exudes fun to me.

The reverse shot at the top of the playfield is super cool, as is the shot where the right flipper has to be up in order to make with the left flipper. The shaker is POWERFUL! If this game were released as "Legend of Zelda," which rumor has that it was originally slated to be, this game would be in the top 100 easy. The theme definitely kills it.
5 years ago
I recently picked up this title for a friend to shop out and put in his house. I found a nice, clean example that was pretty dialed in already, only a few minor tweaks. I had played this game at Pinburgh several months ago and wasn't really impressed (didn't know the rules/theirs wasn't dialed in very well/too many other cool machines to play there so didn't spend a lot of time on it), but for the price, it was a good deal for my beginning pinhead buddy and his family.

I was really surprised with how the game played and really like the variety of shots. It has decent modes and even a pretty cool wizard mode; decapitating the dragon was really unexpected and made me chuckle. The shaker is a nice feature, but it's not really integrated into the game very well. The bg and pf artwork is kind of blah, but I really like the art on the cab.

Even though there are a few negatives, this is a fun machine. I'd recommend it for a beginning player or for someone with a larger collection if you enjoy having a game with long ball times or like to have a machine around for non-pinhead friends. I'm first on the list if my buddy ever wants to part with it. A surprisingly fun machine.
6 years ago
This game is good for folks who haven't played much pinball. It's fairly easy, so new players will feel accomplished while playing. Experienced pinball players will probably get a bit bored after a while.
There are 33 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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