Gilligan's Island

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Game Design: 6.867

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Other Aspects: 6.892

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There are 48 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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51 days ago
Love the theme but the code seems so lackluster.
4 months ago
I love this game! It's a beautiful machine with lots of fun.
6 months ago
And okay game with simple rules and a fun rotating shot from the volcano, Gilligan's Island is approachable and easy to learn. However, I find that the shots are relatively slow and overall gameplay variety suffers from a simple rule set.

Hindsight is 20/20 when comparing this game to modern games. Even though, other system 11 games of the era seem to shoot faster and have deeper rules than GI provides.

If you're a fan of the theme, I don't think it'll disappoint, but it won't win over serious pinballers who are not theme fans, or new to the hobby in my perspective.

Play location: Fiesta Lanes in Tucson, AZ.
1 year ago
Toller Pin , der echt unterschätzt wird. Der bleibt im meiner Sammlung
2 years ago
I had the opportunity to play this game at the southern fried gaming expo in atlanta and was very disappointed in this game. while the theming for the game was nice - in general it was repetitive without alot going on and became very tired of the game very quickly. Maybe i had higher expectations for the game but in the end i didnt enjoy playing it and would not look to add it to my collection.
2 years ago
I don't know why but I love the theme and artwork on this game. Just makes you want to play it.
2 years ago
The best game ever! So much fun to play!!
3 years ago
This game IS boring in my opinion. There are only 3 redeeming factors from this pin:
-Spinning volcano shot
-The unique TILT screen.
3 years ago
Not a very fun game. I played this game probably 15 times over two days and never enjoyed myself. Shockingly boring for a 90's Bally.
3 years ago
This game is definitely under rated in my opinion. Yes, gameplay is simple compared to others from the time, but simple does not mean bad in this case. Scoring centers around Kona's Treasure and Jungle Runs by shooting center ramp but rotating island feature allows variety in how the ball is fed back. This is an easy game to understand and enjoy. The theme, music, and callouts are also great and fits perfectly with the shots and objective.

Also note that if you own this game you can adjust percentage of multiball reward from 3% (factory default) up to 25% so that players can enjoy this feature more often.
3 years ago
Gilligans is a great (entry) pinball. The rules aren't so deep. Simply collect 7 items for the recipe and start the volcano mode.
Multiball is a random selection, albeit only a 2 ball one.
The layout is quite cool. How many tables have a volcano that turns (altering every shot), or a volcano drop shot?
Also, it's a fast table and lots of fun.
4 years ago
I feel I need to defend Gilligan. Like I've read elsewhere, Gilligan is a System 11 game in a WPC89 cabinet. It's not very deep, but the island mech gives a lot of shots which keeps it interesting. The fact that Multiball is a random Lagoon award is unfortunate, yes. The unbalanced scoring is unfortunate, yes. But it's still a hoot to shoot, and I found myself always looking to play another game. The only reason I sold mine was to fund another purchase, I could see Gilligan returning to my basement again down the road.
4 years ago
The DMD is a bit lacking. How many times have you tried to explain the rule set to friends only to have them stare at you in total confusion? This game gets the most play in my game room. Super easy explanation. collect these ingredients and then get Kona to burp! Done. The shots are not too hard. Its super easy to understand the games goal. One bummer is that the two ball multi-ball is not tied to an achievement but a random award. That is a shame. The game is easy to really get hooked. The rotating island is a cool feature. The DMD graphics could have been much more creative. "Nice Coconuts". Its a winner in my game room.
4 years ago
Good theme, not great artwork. Shallow rules and boring gameplay. Pass
4 years ago
Interesting layout and great for beginners. Its a system 11 type game in a WPC 89. The rule set is way simple and straight forward. Not much animation on the DMD screen. The game is enjoyable for a few plays. Everyone loves Gilligan!! Decent shots to make, but overall its on its own island and over time will drive you coconuts!!
4 years ago
Just plain fun. Not deep by any means but the shots are great.This game really brings me back in time more than any other pin.Try one if you can find one.You will be surprised.
4 years ago
I truly like this game, I don't necessarily love it, but it's fun! It serves it purpose just fine. It doesn't have the deep rules, BUT it has the shots. I like them. The rotisserie ramp selection is great and gives options. The only thing weird is the unbalanced scoring, all they had to do was level it out a bit and voila! good to go.
My family loves playing it, the wifey, the teens, and myself. We will have fun with it for a while.
4 years ago
I know this game is hated, so when I ran into in while I was staying in NJ for a few days, I played it.
I liked it. more of my money went into this game than Ghostbusters by a LONG shot. I can see how it may get old after a while but I would rather have this than a Ghostbusters. personal preference.
5 years ago
I like this pin a lot. Took me a while to find one. Great looks. The layout is smooth and very unique. Love the turntable. Love the theme and sounds. Cool skill shot and Lagoon mystery award. The simple ruleset makes the pin very approachable, great for casual players and wife/kids. The 50M jackpot is probably unbalanced, but it is not that easy to achieve - doesnt bother me one bit. This one is a keeper for me.
5 years ago
I dont really like this game
5 years ago
Thought by some to be underrated. Loving the television series as I do is a big plus of course. Ramp and spinning island a terrific highlight, though I can't deny it does get boring fast. Owned for one year and then sold.
5 years ago
Underrated. Gets too much hate but in all reality it’s not that great. Played it twice at Ohio show and was one shot away from beating it. Moving thing is cool but rules aren’t. That one sound is also extremely annoying.
6 years ago
I liked this one simply because I loved Gilligan's Island as a kid. Played this one a lot at the Las Vegas pinball hall of fame. Simple rule set, funny sound effects, cool "jungle run". Just a simple fun game to play.
6 years ago
Pop culture at it's best!
6 years ago
I have a large collection of many higher rated games, but I still enjoy playing Gilligan's Island, particularly as a palette cleanser (some here would clearly argue as an enema). Yes, it's very basic, but I bought it for that reason -- as others here have stated, it's a good entry-level machine for family and friends. A buddy with a collection that includes TZ, AF, and other top games has had this for years, and I always came back to it after time spent battling the other machines (and after a number of drinks), and I began to crave having one for myself. It's fine as the only machine in a household of novices, otherwise it works best in a collection. It's not a gimme to get through Kona, and it's always fun to do a few rounds to try and get there. It's not a competition-oriented machine, nor is it about playing for points as much as for the clear and understandable yet reasonably challenging goal of collecting the ingredients and nailing Kona. I mean really, anyone walking around comparing points on games is being a bit silly anyway, nor is it fair to complain about broken switches or other mechanical details. Play a working version of this, with expectations tuned to what it is, and enjoy!
There are 48 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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