Ghostbusters (Pro) (Stern, 2016)

Ghostbusters (Pro)

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Game design: 7.411

Artwork: 8.795

Sounds/Music: 8.052

Other Aspects: 8.002

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16 days ago
Such an awesome looking game!

If I was a better player, maybe I'd even be able to enjoy playing it too! :)

I've only played this machine a handful of times, but my ball times were fast. There are a ton of cool shots to hit, and I've only been able to scratch the surface of a few of the modes. I'm slowly learning where the high risk shots are here.

The sounds, music and animations should do any ghostbusters fan (or pinball fan in general) proud. The humor is great as expected. Hearing Ernie Hudson (Winston!) make the call outs is great, but he sure doesn't sound like he did almost 35 years ago!

I hear that there are some mods that bring the difficulty of the game down a bit. This is great, because though I'm a bit of a masochist, that's the only way I'd consider having this as a machine the whole family might enjoy. It'd be pretty frustrating for a newbie who didn't like a challenge.
23 days ago
Tough but fun machine. Shots and callouts can get more repetitive than other machines considering the early modes and pin difficulty, but once you spend some time and get the shots more clued in, its a tremendous ride.
48 days ago
This is how much layout can matter.... The premium had a much better layout
55 days ago
I own a GB pro that is heavily modded by Pinball Refinery, so some of their work is reflected in my scores. The side rails, lock down bar, hinges legs and coin door are all power coated metallic purple. graphic blades, lots of lighting mods, air ball protectors and the center pin to reduce the SDTM issue. I have to say I LOVE this pin. So many fun and challenging shots, great looks, great theme, one of my all time favorites for sure. I can understand without the fix for the SDTM issue it would be very frustrating, but with that issue solved, this is a great pin IMO. probably will never leave the collection.
74 days ago
would own this if i had more space
74 days ago
I've waited over a year since I brought my GB home to rate it. It's a hard beast for me to pin down and I still go from elation to frustration many times in an extended gaming session. I will argue that some of GB's flaws add to its substantial charm and unique game play. It forces me to play differently than I play any other game. I feel that optimizing my score is constantly in jeopardy not from missing the correct shot, but by MAKING the wrong shot. An obvious example is hitting the right captive ball to bring up the Scoleri targets. If you mishandle the ball on a skill shot and accidentally hit an unlit shot then you have no one to blame but yourself for squandering a significant opportunity. In almost every mode you have to plan your shot progression (at least the last two shots) to prevent starting the "wrong" mode next. Less obvious, do you collect a lit jackpot on ball 2 for, let's say 15M, only to get Loopin' Supers started on ball 3 with a measly 1M jackpot, easily costing you 100M or more? Or, let's say you light both multipliers and all three Storage Facility locks. Can you thread the needle and lock your balls without hitting a multiplier target on either side of the left ramp and risking timing out the multiplier to little gain.
GB IS frustrating. It is also rewarding. It is flawed in that the ladder modes do seem somewhat linear. However, it has several challenging, unique, and rewarding shots. But several shots can send the ball out of control, airborne, or even lead to an inlane to outlane jump. Then there is the amazing art package. Yes, it can be both frenetic and somewhat schizophrenic. At the end of the day, what clinches it for me is that it definitely has that "one more game" addictive quality. YMMV.
3 months ago
I've been playing pinball regularly for about 5 months and this is the first game I would buy if I had $5K to blow. Highlights for me are the theme, art, sound, and layout. Yes, the center drain is cruelly wide, but consider that incentive to learn to nudge.
3 months ago
I've played this pin many, many times in hopes that I've been missing something, but I have never found it fun to play.

THE GOOD: The sounds are cool, and the general theme works for me. Who doesn't love the original film/song/branding? It's awesome. The concept of the double entry ramp is neat, and I don't mind the video modes on this one. I suppose the bumper awards are somewhat of a cool use, and the random screams are the coolest!!

THE BAD: Because the important shots are tight and sometimes hug the sides of the playfield, the wider gap between the flippers is just poor design. I also find the rules to be all over the place, especially with the ridiculous focus on skill shot and scoring imbalances (video mode). There are also the design issues of the left loop and right ramp entrance being so tight and the side rails (metal bars) that promote jumps. I lose a ball unfairly about every 5 games on this machine, which is ridiculous. Lastly, the main toy, Slimer, is lame and doesn't work properly half the time.

I have all my own machines set up to be as difficult as possible, so I love a challenge, but this game is filled with flawed design. Yes, it is different, and different is often good, but, again, I see the differences in this one as flaws.

No matter how much I play Ghostbusters -- and I will try again -- I just cannot see this machine as a good player. I'm willing to bet that it is in the Pinside top 30 mainly because of buyer's blindness.
3 months ago
As someone who grew up in the 80s what is not to love. Great theme lots to do with great sounds lights shots etc..One of the better pins to be released in last 3-4 years IMHO.
4 months ago
A lot going on with this machine , the ball disappear often between ramps and tunnels, it a fun game but it gets very bright and the ghost screaming is a bit much
5 months ago
First week impressions: The first night I was already thinking of reselling this machine. The straight down the middle drains prevented me from getting anywhere. I only started liking the game when I started getting aggressive with swinging the machine and movie it around to catch a lot of the straight down the middle drains. I still don't like one of the cups that has a tendency to fire it down the drain. I am starting to like the machine a lot more. A center post might be preferable for people that don't like bumping the machine around. The game would kind of suck if the legs were super tight and the tilt mechanism was set to be sensitive. The graphics are good and the playfield looks great in a dark room. The sounds and callouts are good. They got voice work from Earnie Hudson and it is great. It would have been cool if they had gotten the whole cast but never happens anymore. The music is good. AC/DC is the only that I can think of that is clearly better. Overall, I think it is a pretty good game so far with the exception of the straight down the middle drains. It really needs a center post or loose legs and tilt. But what do I know, I just play for fun. I am not a huge tournament player or anything but the game doesn't give itself a chance to put you through its gears with how short the games can be. The audit on the machine put the average game at 1:24. That is pretty brutal. All that code and modes put together never was even seen by most.
5 months ago
Great pin overall! Center drains can be a problem, but this just makes the game more challenging and doesn't bother me. After all, these are built to eat quarters. I find the ball tends to jump around the playfield on hard ramp shots, but some mods out there can help with this. Artwork is fantastic along with the game play and lighting. Rules and the game can be more challenging for the little ones.
5 months ago
I was very excited when I met this game first time. Lot of new gimmicks and toys, coloured modes etc. But that enthusiasm disappeared quite soon. Sorry.
6 months ago
After a lot more games with this, I've taken it off of my wish list. The theme is amazing, the modes are neat, the art and light colors are outstanding. The problem is that the game is just too damned HARD. I never feel like I got my $1.25 play time out of it at the arcade. The flippers are too far apart (further than any game I've played) and the ball frequently hops over the rail into the drain, and shots that say fail ramp go right down the drain. This machine is designed to quickly send players packing. It needs more gimmicks and the layout feels uninspired.
6 months ago
I love playing this game as a child of the 80s. The Slimer toy draws me into playing a game or two whenever I walk by one if these.

I think the Pro is the way to go on this game. It doesn't have the wow factor of some of the next level toys when you see them, but the wow factor wears off quickly when you see how they add to gameplay - which is not much frankly imho.
6 months ago
The gap between flippers is too wide. I played several games and spent a lot of money. The ball drains too fast for my liking. It has fantastic sound and theme is great. However, the gameplay is boring and not fun enough to ever want to purchase or drop coin.
6 months ago
This is an outstanding game.. Fun and the theme is great. Deep ruleset it doesnt bore quick. Fast and furious but also punishing because of the wider flipper gap. Better make those shots count. Playfiels is top and full.. Lots of mods available. 1 great slimer interactive toy... Rest playfield toys inactive but still good. Great sound and lighting.. And watch out for the banshee scream.. First time it will scare the shit out of you.
6 months ago
While I love the playfield art more than any other Stern ever produced, I can't get over two things. First, the thing is just stupid greedy. It's not fun to drain balls all the time. I've played at least six different GB's and they're all drain monsters.

Second, and this could be so easy to fix in a software update, why isn't there more variety in the starting modes? BORING!

I do love the ramps, the playfield layout is quite nice and the shots have a nice variety. I won't drop quarters into it but I'll always play it for free if I get a chance. Someday I will own one and put it on route - not because I like it, but because I think kids will like it.
7 months ago
Ghostbusters is a theme that everybody can get behind. The ghostbusters theme is awesome during gameplay and the sounds effects are great. The rules are pretty fun and trying to get to the final wizard mode is hard.
7 months ago
I do not own this game but I play it often on location. It's a fun game that at times can be frustrating with the SDTM and flipper gap. I think the theme and artwork is top notch with good sound. The Slimer toy is great, I really like the way it lights up as if it was glowing. Right ramp is ok, it would be nice if it was a full loop but I guess they did the best they could with the Pro.
7 months ago
great table if you have patience and ball control. also, plays much friendlier with the center post ball drain protector to make up for the obnoxiously large flipper gap. great theme for pinball.
7 months ago
I really wanted to like this. I'm a ghostbusters fan and a Zombie Yeti fan. The artwork is fantastic, the music and sounds are great. And there's so much on the machine. It really looks the part. But I just don't enjoy playing it. I find it very frustrating and it feels clunky. Every time I see one I have another go at it but I just keep getting frustrated.
8 months ago
I love the Premium, can't abide the Pro when I see how much they took out.
8 months ago
Fantastic theme and art ruined by a ridiculously wide flipper gap, cheap drains and not great code.
8 months ago
I purchased this title w/ full intention of this machine being a keeper for quite some time. Though myself & others really tried to embrace & enjoy this machine, it only lasted a month in the lineup. The most striking aspect of this game is the beautiful lights & artwork & that's where it ended w/ me. It's rules were linier w/ repetitious mode placement. W/ every game play, "We Got One" or "Who Brought The Dog" was constantly the few first objectives & that got old very quick. The flipper placement was an odd setup positioning, as the gap between the flippers was 1960's EM ginormous. The casual player would find it difficult to have a decent game. Though this is pinball & pinball (no matter what) is supposed to be fun. This machine w/ it's hype & $4500+ price tag just doesn't come through. I wish you well in YOUR pursuit for the perfect machine!
There are 169 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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