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Game design: 7.507

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Other Aspects: 8.034

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29 days ago
I’ve loved this game since it came out but this new code really takes it over the top. This is a top 10 game for me it’s fun, challenging, deep and has last ability in a small collection or otherwise. The graphic design work by Zombi Yeti is sick too! It’s just great pinball.
35 days ago
A keeper!!! Owned this twice, will own it again!
59 days ago
The last of the DMDs, in its way, Ghostbusters also was the 'last' of the unfinished machines, waiting nearly four years for "complete" code, and in true Stern fashion, was built on a then-35-year-old theme. If it was the last of the breed, it isn't quite the greatest, but the machine's eccentricities and bombouts early on have proven to be glitches more than fundamental flaws.

Let's start out with what works on this. There's a ton of cross shots on this machine, including a stop and start ramp with a diverter, pop up toys, a swing down toy (Slimer the ghost) and a variety of movie-callout toys from the public library to a ghost storage container. I *like* the flipper gap, it's unusual to have much variation on this these days. It seems odd not to have an upper flipper on this layout, given the number of shots available especially on the left side. The Are You a God wizard mode, now accessible by operator setting directly with the new code at startup if so configured, it an extremely satisfying tiered wizard mode. There's a good variety of multiballs and things to build throughout the game.

The animations are modern direct capture video with some admirable original work by the Stern team, although they're still somewhat lackluster in the end on the DMD. The resolution doesn't quite do them justice and there's a, shall we say, lack of flow in the way they're put together. The lack of Sigourney Weaver is a real downside. But they did manage to capture the manic comic flow. It still feels like something from the original film is missing.

Parts of the design are classic Stern flubs, though; the lack of visibility in the bumper areas, clunky return shots from the library and captive balls, erratic outlanes and slingshots.

I've occasionally praised some machines as being better than the sum of their parts, and Ghostbusters is the opposite: I really like individual parts of this machine in isolation, but somehow they never seem to come together.

Parenthetically, I think Stern missed an opportunity here: since this machine came out along the time of the all-woman reboot, they could have included alternate startup code to allow the modern characters to show up in the animations (and maybe an alternate translite) with an operator setting or a user sequence at the start. That would have made it more unique instead of just a throwback.
61 days ago
Awesome theme! Jam packed playfield!
The flippers can be maddening at times, but overall the game is great.
69 days ago
One of the best still! New code was an awesome fix. This is one pretty pin as the artwork is phenomenal!
81 days ago
Plays fast. Theme was very well done.
3 months ago
Great game!
3 months ago
Great pro package but Premium is much better with ecto goggles, magna slings, moving slimer, extra ramp. Recommended to save for the Premium.
4 months ago
Love the theme, and with latest code, gameplay is excellent. not a fast flowing game, but you know what you have to shoot at all times, which makes it fun for everyone.
4 months ago
The Gap though:(
4 months ago
gap, airballs, Super Jackpots that aren't super. meh.
4 months ago
Big GB movie fan. And was looking forward to this pin. It is good but still feel a little disappointed
5 months ago
Ghostbusters is one of those pinballs I always make a bee-line for.
The theme resonates with me (and most people I suppose). The call outs vary and keep you entertained, as do the different toys scattered.
I just find it a highly enjoyable table, with great shots, and some long ones.
Ball time (for me) vary immensely. Most common ball drain is straight down the middle..
Certainly a table I'd like to own one-day.
5 months ago
Love my GB! This game is a game I just simply can’t get rid of. Wonderful shots, SUPER JACKPOT!! Loopin fun on the pro model is a blast. Ties in to the movie wonderfully and just an all around fun game!
5 months ago
I understand the hate everyone is giving this about the problems out of box. Stern should have tested better and fixed the issues. BUT! With an air airball plastic, new springs on scolari drops and some plastics on the outlanes. I love this game! The art is some of the best I’ve seen, the new code is much better and the flipper gap doesn’t bother me at all. The call outs are good and the music fits. I don’t see this one leaving for awhile.
6 months ago
I actually like the game, despite a the hate. The flippers are super wide and SDTM drains happen relatively often, but is always something I look forward to when I play on location.
6 months ago
If you like a lot of lights, this is for you. I liked it but it was a bit much for my wife. Overall, I really enjoyed this game though. There are a lot of moving parts, ramps and multi-ball was fun too.
7 months ago
Probably the best Pro version of a game that Stern has ever produced. It's packed with features and unique shots. The theme and it's integration in the game are very well done and is something that appeals to all ages. Few games are as fun when you get deep into the game and few are as frustrating as well. Aside from a few questionable playfield design choices - this game has a lot going for it and keeps me coming back for more. I've owned it for 3 years and have no plans of letting it go. The new code just made it even better and feels like it's finally complete.
7 months ago
Great came, just picked one up. Cant stop playing it. Good family fun so will fit in nicely. New code is unreal.
8 months ago
I had this pin when it initially came out and was done with it after couple months even though in the beginning I loved it...
Grabbed one at the end of production halt as I gambled on the code update...
All in baby ....and got paid off....
Code does make a game.
8 months ago
I’m glad I stuck with my Ghostbusters pro (purchased it when it first came out). I personally enjoy the pro over the other versions as the flow is smooth as butter. Also, the game keeps a good rhythm in that the player does not have to deal with the unpredictable sling magnets that send the balls flying down the middle.

I can’t thank Stern enough for doing this massive code update. The game is now wildly fun just can’t stop playing it. The new code also added a new mini game in the DMD screen and many cool features. The game also has the “God mode” wizard game that we have so much fun trying to beat each other (great competition mode). With the God wizard mode available at my choosing I feel like I have two pinballs wrapped up into one. The God wizard mod availability as a second game selection has now set a new standard that Stern should place on their other games (a mediocre player like me never see wizard mode). It just adds to the choices, possibilities, and fun for every level of player to experience the wizard mode as it’s own game. This pin is now a A+++ category for fun and challenge (it allows you to fully customize difficulty for all the different modes). This is now my favorite in my collection.
8 months ago
A great game. Flipper Gap isn't an issue, just play better. The outlane ball jumping and airballs though, that's an issue. Right ramp shot is tight and satisfying. Amazing themeing, sound and lights. A true great! Downside is starting the modes if you struggle with the skill shot, but it isn't the end of the world. I'll own a Ghostbusters eventually.
9 months ago
Played the Pro and found it to be a lot of fun. Loved the toys and especially the theme. The ramps were difficult shots for me and my balls kept draining down the center. I enjoyed this game a lot and would consider purchasing one. The fun factor was definitely high.
9 months ago
No much fun playing GB. The art is nice, as well as the theme but there is something wrong with the playfield and the rules. Compared to other pinball machines on location, the lastability is not so good and people initially attracted by the cool theme quickly end up playing with other games.
10 months ago
I really hope I can come back to Ghostbusters in time with some code fixes and other issues.... a gorgeous pin but just a mess of a game. There's a free pinball night at my local arcade and I must have tried this one 50-60x... and have yet to find an ounce of fun. It's pretty bad when you can play it for free and no one wants to. Of every game there this one is one that never has a queue....

Edit. I've played this one so many times now. I don't get it. Get how is a top game that is. One of the scoops shoots straight down the middle at least 1 of 2 times. Flippers way too short. I get "player pin" concept but this one is just too much.

There's also a crazy scream at one point (librarian I think) that you can hear from the washrooms in the arcade, with music blasting and no other sounds from any other machine audible. That alone (unless was an option to turn off) is a reason I'd never own this... 10x lounder than any other sounds in the game. I noticed it when I played it at a showroom a year ago too, there were salesmen working and I turned the volume to almost nothing and then that went off and everyone in the showroom stopped talking and looked at me. It was THAT loud...

Any high rating given here is from looks / theming alone. Which they did a great job on. This pin is just not fun. Maybe owning it and taking a copious amounts of Xanax?
There are 228 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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