Ghostbusters (Pro) (Stern, 2016)

Ghostbusters (Pro)

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Game design: 7.444

Artwork: 8.824

Sounds/Music: 8.102

Other Aspects: 8.004

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This is "Ghostbusters (Pro)".
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17 days ago
I want to love this game but cant
35 days ago
I have only had this pin for a few weeks and have to say that the size of the flipper drain is huge and killing the flow for me, will get back and review once I have given it a fair go.
50 days ago
Best game I have play. I want it for my collection
51 days ago
This game makes me a better pinball player
56 days ago
I’ve tried to like this machine as I’m a big fan of the theme. I wanted to own, but couldn’t get into it.
58 days ago
Ahhh Ghostbusters. My absolute dream theme. When I saw the game announced I knew I'd have to own one at some point. Had a five hour drive to collect my first super modern pinball machine and sadly the results were a mixed bag with this one. Let's start with the positives. Beautiful looking game, bit too pink maybe? But yeah stunner with amazing Zombi Yeti art work. Cool slimer toy and some sweet looking city based pop bumpers. The sounds and callouts are pretty great. Great dots too. So what's wrong with the game? I just hated the gameplay. I find it a cruel drain monster. You often drain through no fault of your own, just relentlessly cruel. There's a wide flipper gap and you will be fighting the machine often to try to manipulate the ball away from it. The flow isn't the best and it feels kinda clunky at times. The right ramp shot is ridiculously tight. The linear mode progression bores me. You'll start with 'Okay who brought the dog' mode most games in order to progress towards Mr Stay Puft and it just gets old, fast. It's such a shame that this game didn't grab me, other than a Back to the Future remake I can think of no better theme for me. All that said it has it's fans so perhaps I'm missing something. Not a game I miss at all though
79 days ago
I wanted to love this game so much as the theme is awsome but to me it's full of clunky shots that just arnt satisfying to hit maybe they tried to put to much on it feels crowded just not that much fun to play
87 days ago
I actually love this game. It keeps me coming back for more punishment. I've had this now for a couple of weeks and was waiting to review it. The flipper gap is a little much(have longer flippers on the way to even it up), and the right ramp is tough. To me, things like the right ramp and having to nudge as it comes out of Gozer is what makes it fun and challenging. If I want long ball times, I'll play my Spider-Man which I love as well for different reasons. Had a choice between this and DP Pro and chose this. DP was a blast to play, but got through half the game on my the fifth time ever playing it. This one will take me awhile to complete which makes it's lastability that much more. The theme is great and the art and callouts match perfect for me. Some complain about the ruleset being linear, but I'm ok with it. Choose your shots carefully for what mode you want to do next. If you want a different mode, play better and get to it.
3 months ago
A truly phenomenal game. You really need to give this game a chance. The first time I played it, I really didn’t like it. It is a very brutal game. Art is excellent and so is the layout. I dig the callouts and rules too. Feels great to play. One of my all time favorite games.
3 months ago
Not a bad game, but mildly disappointing after the hype that preceded it.

Layout has its pluses and minuses. Love the left ramp, don't love the right one. The entrance is just too thin.

The software is good, but feels almost as lineair as Roadshow. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but does hurt the replayability.

The huge flipper gap and greedy side lanes make the game feel unfair at times.
4 months ago
Looks really good
4 months ago
owned it at one point got rid of it drain city.... ball jumping all over the place otherwise pretty fun game
4 months ago
Just purchased NIB Pro version and albeit some tweaking and Slimer issues I really love this Stern pin. I'm not the biggest Stern follower and the new SPIKE system has it's +/- going for it but when your put an artwork package that's top to bottom insanely awesome couple with and iconic movie such as GB with actor call outs and music ...way to go with this one Stern! I'll add I LOVE the huge space between flippers, the challenge is superb and folks who (own) and have less than stellar pin skills players in the family... well, they'll be learning how to control shots instead of simply ball smashing, what it was meant to be (call out to LOTR with 45mins on ball 1, then 2 on although it's still my 2nd fav Stern)
5 months ago
This game kicks my butt. Aside from the tough drains, the game is a pretty good all around package.
5 months ago
One of the most beautiful games and art packages you will ever see on a pin and the theme is just huge with such a great following, unfortunately, whilst the shots are satisfying, the linear ruleset drains a lot of the fun out of the game and the SDTM shots from poorly setup location games and what feels like a gulf of a flipper gap, make this sometimes a little less than fun. Maybe more code will get it there.

Great for operators, a real coin muncher.
5 months ago
Certainly my favourite Stern, and one that doesn't have that "cheap" feeling.
One of the best playfield ever, going for drawing was a great idea and Zombi Yeti nailed it. Backglass are kind of ugly, as usual with Stern, and cabinet has nothing special, but at least, the car looks better than the Slimer used for LE (sorry Mr yeti).
Sound is excellent, certainly the best I've heard for a themed pin, and a true delight for the GB movie fans. Animations are good too.
Now, this game is frustrating but rewarding too. Once you get the flow, drains are less an issue. I love it and I never miss an opportunity to slide a coin when I see one.
One of the rare Stern pinball I'd certainly own one day.
6 months ago
Such an awesome looking game!

If I was a better player, maybe I'd even be able to enjoy playing it too! :)

I've only played this machine a handful of times, but my ball times were fast. There are a ton of cool shots to hit, and I've only been able to scratch the surface of a few of the modes. I'm slowly learning where the high risk shots are here.

The sounds, music and animations should do any ghostbusters fan (or pinball fan in general) proud. The humor is great as expected. Hearing Ernie Hudson (Winston!) make the call outs is great, but he sure doesn't sound like he did almost 35 years ago!

I hear that there are some mods that bring the difficulty of the game down a bit. This is great, because though I'm a bit of a masochist, that's the only way I'd consider having this as a machine the whole family might enjoy. It'd be pretty frustrating for a newbie who didn't like a challenge.
6 months ago
Tough but fun machine. Shots and callouts can get more repetitive than other machines considering the early modes and pin difficulty, but once you spend some time and get the shots more clued in, its a tremendous ride.
7 months ago
This is how much layout can matter.... The premium had a much better layout
7 months ago
I own a GB pro that is heavily modded by Pinball Refinery, so some of their work is reflected in my scores. The side rails, lock down bar, hinges legs and coin door are all power coated metallic purple. graphic blades, lots of lighting mods, air ball protectors and the center pin to reduce the SDTM issue. I have to say I LOVE this pin. So many fun and challenging shots, great looks, great theme, one of my all time favorites for sure. I can understand without the fix for the SDTM issue it would be very frustrating, but with that issue solved, this is a great pin IMO. probably will never leave the collection.
8 months ago
Really fun game, this pin is just a must in my game room ! It’s a difficult pin but i have a great pleasure to play on it ! Love the theme too !
8 months ago
would own this if i had more space
9 months ago
I've been playing pinball regularly for about 5 months and this is the first game I would buy if I had $5K to blow. Highlights for me are the theme, art, sound, and layout. Yes, the center drain is cruelly wide, but consider that incentive to learn to nudge.
9 months ago
I've played this pin many, many times in hopes that I've been missing something, but I have never found it fun to play.

THE GOOD: The sounds are cool, and the general theme works for me. Who doesn't love the original film/song/branding? It's awesome. The concept of the double entry ramp is neat, and I don't mind the video modes on this one. I suppose the bumper awards are somewhat of a cool use, and the random screams are the coolest!!

THE BAD: Because the important shots are tight and sometimes hug the sides of the playfield, the wider gap between the flippers is just poor design. I also find the rules to be all over the place, especially with the ridiculous focus on skill shot and scoring imbalances (video mode). There are also the design issues of the left loop and right ramp entrance being so tight and the side rails (metal bars) that promote jumps. I lose a ball unfairly about every 5 games on this machine, which is ridiculous. Lastly, the main toy, Slimer, is lame and doesn't work properly half the time.

I have all my own machines set up to be as difficult as possible, so I love a challenge, but this game is filled with flawed design. Yes, it is different, and different is often good, but, again, I see the differences in this one as flaws.

No matter how much I play Ghostbusters -- and I will try again -- I just cannot see this machine as a good player. I'm willing to bet that it is in the Pinside top 30 mainly because of buyer's blindness.
9 months ago
As someone who grew up in the 80s what is not to love. Great theme lots to do with great sounds lights shots etc..One of the better pins to be released in last 3-4 years IMHO.
There are 185 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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