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Game Design: 7.647

Artwork: 8.874

Sounds/Music: 8.282

Other Aspects: 8.179

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This is "Ghostbusters (Pro)".
The other version is: Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)

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There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
I am shocked at how much I enjoy playing it. It is amazingly well done with some very cool shots. I think this might be welded to the floor!
11 days ago
Who you gonna to call? Ghostbusters!

Everyone told me to buy the PRO which is probable the easiest to find - none are easy to find, people hold on to this game. Just came last week so I may update. One of my favorite themes of all time, it just reminds me of everything that was awesome in the 80's. Fun game play with lots of great shots, music and callouts all in a modern Stern package. I never get tired of hitting Slimer. Zombie Yeti art is fantastic.

If you get a chance - definitely play! Don't see as often on location anymore either.
18 days ago
To be clear, Ghostbusters is my favorite movie of all-time.

My 4 1/2 year old son became enamored with Stay Puft a few years ago, eventually it dawned on me that I should show him the actual film he's in.

He's HOOKED. Our home is filled with GB toys, merchandise, you name it. When our GB Pro arrived I felt like the hero of the day!

This game just draws you in, the lighting, the art, the theme. I wish the back glass was a tad better but it's far from awful. Cabinet graphics are nice. Scoleri Brothers pop-up targets give me MM vibes, which is a good thing. Slimer bash toy is neat! My ONLY gripe is that I wish Stay Puft had a more prominent role or more interactive toy than just a bobble head on the play field. Oddly enough, you see very little of Ecto-1, my guess is that they assume the cabinet art and topper were enough.

The new code update helps this game in leaps and bounds, music is great. If this game released with a color DMD I think it'd rank even higher than it is now. I've played premiums and pros at several locations, both are fantastic. I'm sadly a late adopter to this game and as we all know, the premiums and LEs are just priced so much higher than a pro (some cases being 4k plus). There just comes a time where I have to admit defeat and ask myself "is that subway ramp, magna sling, and slimer movement worth that?"

The answer is no. Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to have a premium/LE and I kick myself for not being in a position financially to grab one during release. That 4k plus valuation though, man...I can get another pin for that! (2 if you're not picky). The art blades on this really pop and as always Zombie Yeti knocks it out of the park with the artwork. The modes are just so awesome! Spooked Librarian, getting Ecto-1 to the Sedgewick, Okay Who Brought the Dog?, Spook Central, you name it. I would have liked to see a little more done with the DMD mini game however.

I think the only real major thing I'd change (and I know I'm likely in the minority here) is if they offered a vault or alternate revision but themed after The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, just to tug at my childhood heart strings.
21 days ago
Overall a very fun game with a cool layout. Captive ball, drop targets magnetic diverter and some great skill shots. New code really improved the rules and puts this game where it needs to be. This game is tough but fun.
22 days ago
Freaking fun! Love the theme. Honestly havnt noticed the wide middle gap as most of my drains are side drains.
Color dmd really adds to the game as does mudflaps music code mod.
65 days ago
This is such a solid game. I have spent so many of my hard earned quarters on this machine alone at my local arcade.

the shots are very tight but extremely satisfying when you make them, the game modes are awesome and to me feel well thought out. everything about this game is fantastic.... Except... man this is just one of those games that has a couple SDTM rebounds or shots. those are absolutely brutal, but when you are having a great game you are on top of the world.

The artwork is fantastic and the light show is just beautiful. I also really love how the game will turn off all lights too to flash only the red arrows or the jump scare. I will not lie. I completely thought the game was broken or just shut off on me until that happened and I did jump.

This is a beautiful game, Amazing theme, and Great sound effects. It's not just a game, its an experience every time. I hope to own one in the near future.
78 days ago
It's a lot of fun. Challenging at times but great fun.
82 days ago
Mejane le clap’s champion
3 months ago
Great fun game, I play this at a local arcade and love it. The call outs are hilarious and are a great asset. The color and artwork are great and the light show works well. You can get cheap drains but there are plenty of ball saves. I find it an easy game to play and very enjoyable. I also don't find the larger gap between the flippers a problem at all. Plenty of fun here.
6 months ago
it's hard to not to like this game. Ghostbusters is a great theme and the design is really a nice combination of older games and newer games. Play it for the "scream."
8 months ago
A really attractive, colorful, bright machine with a lot going on and plenty of rules to back it all up - and of course, a great theme that is very well integrated. As a game it feels very complete and solid.

GB is a difficult game, but not really any more difficult than most modern Sterns - though it's tough to argue that a standard flipper gap wouldn't have been an improvement. For a good game, you'll need to do some quick, aggressive nudging... and have a little bit of luck. This title really seems to hinge on that latter element more than most, which can be frustrating or rewarding depending on what side of it you're on. I lose balls down the outlanes as much or more than SDTM - the low inlane/outlane guides really are a design flaw.

The Pro doesn't really have any mechs except Slimer and Scholeri Bros (now kept to a minimum thankfully), but there's always plenty to do. There are some tight shots for sure, like the right ramp, which seems really wonky at first, but eventually grew on me a lot. The ball spends a lot of time in the pops, but otherwise no complaints on flow - very fast and fun, sometimes too fast.

Music and callouts are top notch and varied. They really brought together the first two GB movies in a nice way.

A pin that was passed over by many when it initially came out, but as time goes by, and with the completed code, I think this one is here to stay.
9 months ago
I’m personally not a fan of the artwork, but I know I’m in the minority. I love the modes, the challenge, and especially the callouts.
10 months ago
I only wish there were more movie scenes in it…like how JJP’s work or newer Stern titles.
11 months ago
Great game, in my opinion the ramps are better than premium version, and I can't stand the sdtm draings from the magnetic sling shots of the premium. For once...a pro is better than the premium.
11 months ago
I completely deleted my old rating. This game we originally hated because of the cheap drains built into it with the scoops ejecting the ball SDTM and missed ramp shots coming back SDTM and flipper gap, etc. Well, the code changed and improved and instead of playing brand new games at the shows that were not tweaked in, we started playing games that people had tweaked in, had ball saves activated for the scoop ejects - even those were adjusted to hardly ever go SDTM. The game grew on us more and more.

The game is packed with fun stuff and lots of interesting shots compared to the more modern Sterns. The premium is packed more and we like that one better. The last major code change was a good one. Once the game is tweaked in and adjusted properly, it plays pretty well.
11 months ago
As a big fan of the movie, I was always interested in the game. The more I played it the more I liked it, especially with the code update. The music, sound clips, and DMD animations are spectacular! There are a lot of different modes and goals to keep the games entertaining for a long time.
12 months ago
It made me smile like no other game- shaker motor fitted so really added to the gameplay and is maybe swaying my opinion at this point. I was worried about the flipper gap being a novice but really enjoyed it. Great flow and loved the left ramp- sooooo repeatable even for my mates who aren’t pinheads- all agreed it’s an excellent game like G.Stern said “ Easy to play ; difficult to master” Animations were great too and loved the slimmer toy- no stupid magnets but a few air balls down the left outlane; otherwise it felt fair and approachable- generous ball save on the code- no need for longer flipper bats (if the tiltbob is lenient). What a game!!! Will buy one eventually….. Did I mention the art is the nuts? We’ll done all involved
12 months ago
I’ve played Ghostbusters on both the Williams app and in real life in a local arcade.

This is a great pinball machine, which looks brilliant in person due to the colourful artwork and wide array of playfield toys. I love the animations and, when the game gets going, it gives a real feel of Ghostbusters. 10/10 on theme.

The gameplay itself is fun due to the array of shots and things to do (early on, this can be setting off a mode, capturing ghosts or activating extra functions through the scoops). It can feel a little repetitive and linear, as the Scoleri brothers and ‘Who brought the dog?’ come out every time, but this is definitely an above-average pinball machine.
1 year ago
The fact that this game is going for $2K over MSRP should be a good indication on how much fun this game is. The art, callouts,music, and code make for a fun game. I wish stern would create more games like this. Best thing to come out of the 2016 ghostbusters.
1 year ago
Love/hate relationship with this game. It's the first pin we bought so admittedly some sentimentality keeps it around, but there are plenty of times I want to throw it out the window. Theme immersion and callouts are fantastic, and game objectives are straightforward enough. But it gets a bit more chaotic than I like at times and I can only really point to the right orbit as being a "satisfying" shot. Scoring is a hot mess imo as well.
1 year ago
Played a few games on this machine at a brewery. It was fun, but didn't get chance to figure out rules and the toy is cool but not sure how it fit into the scoring system. Definitely need to know rules to score well as you can seem to do a lot without scoring a lot of points.
1 year ago
The premium and the pro really are two very different games with different qualities, I think the pro is faster then the premium but the premium has more toys but they are both equally fun to play and I have owned both at the same time for that reason!
1 year ago
I was a little disappointed in this game. Feels like a cheap toy and doesn't play very well.
1 year ago
Wanted to like it but this game can’t handle the speed of the silver ball.Even with the all the air all mods it still lacks that nice flow.
1 year ago
Picked up my GB Pro 4/21. The game is fun, challenging, and has great code with the 1.17 update. You can adjust the settings and difficulty as necessary. I can have 10 bad games and then hit the billions out of nowhere, and what a great feeling! Being able to start in GOD MODE is awesome, as it is like playing a mini tournament game with friends and family.

I passed on STh, JP, DP as much as I loved the theme the integration of theme sucked. Ghostbusters should be how Stern integrates all their licensed themes: with multiple call outs from the movie, music, art, etc. It feels like you are the 5th Ghosbuster. This game is a keeper for certain.
There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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