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Game design: 7.588

Artwork: 8.865

Sounds/Music: 8.196

Other Aspects: 8.123

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2 days ago
This title you really need the premium or le. Well worth the upgrade.
17 days ago
Just added to the collection and enjoying the game immensely. Theme integration is very good, and the game is simply beautiful. Makes my Stern Jurassic Park look empty by comparison. While the flipper gap increases center drains, it makes this game challenging. Game rules are complex, but understandable. Love it - this game will stick around for a while.
37 days ago
One of my favorite games. Deep rule set that takes a while to fully understand.
38 days ago
Not the Ghostbusters pinball experience I was hoping for, but a decent effort. The rules can be confusing with quick flashes of cluttered information appearing on the DMD which you're supposed to read and understand in seconds. Absolutely HATE the wide gap fliipers, thank Christ Trudeau is gone forever.

One of the best light and sound shows in recent years. Creates a wonderful atmosphere that makes you feel good when you hit stuff....even if you have no idea what's going on.

Certainly a game you'll enjoy playing, but I feel a little disappointed.
44 days ago
Love the theme, yes the flippers are too far apart, so what. Paid more than retail for a used pin and it was worth it.
56 days ago
Dream theme for me. I just do not find it really fun to play. I don't know why, I prefer looking at it to playing it. Not bad but not great in my humble opinion.
66 days ago
GB Pro is a pin that the theme just really does it for me. I’ve been a GB fan since I was a kid. This is a pretty fun pin to play. Can be tough with the ball drains and the wider flipper gap. I have the plastic ball diverter peg on mine which makes it way better in my opinion.
4 months ago
Just got this game today and have put over 30 games on it.i must say as many have stated they flipper gap can be devastating on some games but overall this game is amazing and truly a world under glass.i wish stern put in this kinda effort on every pin bc you look at the pro of this title. I cant think of a more jam packed pro.overall this game deserves to be a top 25 game all day long.this one will not be leaving my collection Anytime soon just for the nostalgic effect and the rules are very deep .a must have mod is the center post plastic definitely makes the game more fun.
4 months ago
Games played: ~20, >200 on Pinball Arcade

Interesting in concept but the execution is abysmal.
It's a widebody, and here a lot of the shots are off to the side instead of in or close to the center.
I have no idea why they allowed the designer to put Borg outlanes on both sides of this game IN ADDITION to a giant flipper gap.
The angles in this layout are so bad that it needs a ball saver to compensate for both of the scoop kickouts!
Toys/Gimmicks are a big miss as well. Slimer is allright i guess.
Scoleri targets are stupid when there is such a wide flipper gap.
I'm not sure why exactly we need 3 captive balls stacked on top of each other that are held in this mech when hit.

Very good ruleset with very distinct modes, good goals and wizard modes.
The mode ladders are linear but it fits well with momorizing the shots and not worrying about what exactly is lit.
There are a lot of values for hurry ups, jackpots and other things to build up over time and collect.

Exceptional lightshow and display work.
Nothing more to say here. It just makes sense that this is the last game before they switched to LCDs as they were creating more and more interesting animation.

Enormous outlanes and giant flipper gap just don't go well together and so the game is more frustrating than fun.

Really good artwork. Just very enjoyable to look at.
Cabinet art is just ok tho, since there is not much going on compared to the playfield.
The city skyline sculpt along with the left building and the plasic in the back is awesome.

One of the best music and callout packages.
Just the catchy music with the diffrerent callouts at the start of the game is impressive.
Sounds are pretty good as well, except for the timer beeping noises. Those get annoying quickly.

Movie theme, so whatever. Catching ghosts is something that I can understand without having to care for the movies.
Otherwise the game is still enjoyable with the music and scenes that make sense somehow.

If it weren't for all those layout problems, the game might actually have a decent layout with some interesting shots.
It's a shame because art, rules, display, sound and lighting are all incredibly well done.
4 months ago
It's hard to drive by my local watering hole where this machine currently lives and not stop to get in a few games. Although it can be tough with drains, there is not much more satisfying then hitting multiple loops on the left ramp. Love the call outs and the accuracy with incorporating the scenes from the movies. I have yet to play the premium model, but for a Pro this game does not disappoint. Hope to make a part of my collection soon.
5 months ago
It’s the first pin I owned, and it’s still a favorite in my collection.

Pros: theme, art, sound, music, rules (Modes), multiballs.
Cons: Cheap drains. Overall difficulty. Hate the Scoleri Brothers targets!!
5 months ago
I’ve owned this title 2 years..before and after the final code update. The code update obviously doesn’t change the geometry of the game itself which is what makes this title less fun to play than most.

Cheap drains coming out of the pop bumpers from both the middle and the right side through the gate. Scoleri targets cause the ball to fly back over the flippers or hit the glass. Slimer Bash toy is kinda fun, well timed shots can get a slimer hit and make the left ramp. Right orbit cheats you out of shots since the ball often rides high on the ball guide missing the rollover switch positioned in the worst place.

Loopin Supers is repetitive and makes you play it to progress.

If you like brutally cheap drains and marginally entertaining modes this game is for you. I on the other hand will be selling mine for a Hot Wheels.
6 months ago
This game plays smooth with great art and sound effects. I like that it gives fair ball saves to make up for how wide the space between the flippers is. But I find the rules and shots really confusing and that lowers the fun factor. Once I got a really high score and I didn't even know how I did it. I also am kind of meh on the movie itself so I think that lowers the excitement for me.
6 months ago
I love this game. The flipper gap people complain about is not that bad, it just makes you better. I am biased because of my love of all things ghostbusters, but the music, call outs, toys, light show, they are all perfect. Flipping over to god mode is like a bonus game. This game is perfect
6 months ago
New code really takes this game to the next level. The shots and Modes are super fun and gives you that “one more game” feeling. The pro is more fun to me personally than the premium. Definitely get a ColorDMD and the many mods available to tweak it a bit.
7 months ago
Not my favorite zombie yeti artwork. Video mode is so unbalanced.
8 months ago
Game is super eye catching and fun to look at. Game play seemed kinda repetitive to me. Not saying it’s bad, was just hoping for more. I’m sure the more I play it the more I’ll see from the code.
I’m not giving up on it yet.
9 months ago
For me this is the best theme. The machine has its quirks but the new code made it much better. Most beautiful Stern Machine to date. You can get a bit angry with the larger flipper gap, Is you do, instal the center post mod if not, leave it, since the new code added ball saves for various shots.
9 months ago
Can play this game for hours, love the lights, music, objectives, artwork. This game got me into pinball.
10 months ago
I’ve loved this game since it came out but this new code really takes it over the top. This is a top 10 game for me it’s fun, challenging, deep and has last ability in a small collection or otherwise. The graphic design work by Zombi Yeti is sick too! It’s just great pinball.
10 months ago
A keeper!!! Owned this twice, will own it again!
11 months ago
The last of the DMDs, in its way, Ghostbusters also was the 'last' of the unfinished machines, waiting nearly four years for "complete" code, and in true Stern fashion, was built on a then-35-year-old theme. If it was the last of the breed, it isn't quite the greatest, but the machine's eccentricities and bombouts early on have proven to be glitches more than fundamental flaws.

Let's start out with what works on this. There's a ton of cross shots on this machine, including a stop and start ramp with a diverter, pop up toys, a swing down toy (Slimer the ghost) and a variety of movie-callout toys from the public library to a ghost storage container. I *like* the flipper gap, it's unusual to have much variation on this these days. It seems odd not to have an upper flipper on this layout, given the number of shots available especially on the left side. The Are You a God wizard mode, now accessible by operator setting directly with the new code at startup if so configured, it an extremely satisfying tiered wizard mode. There's a good variety of multiballs and things to build throughout the game.

The animations are modern direct capture video with some admirable original work by the Stern team, although they're still somewhat lackluster in the end on the DMD. The resolution doesn't quite do them justice and there's a, shall we say, lack of flow in the way they're put together. The lack of Sigourney Weaver is a real downside. But they did manage to capture the manic comic flow. It still feels like something from the original film is missing.

Parts of the design are classic Stern flubs, though; the lack of visibility in the bumper areas, clunky return shots from the library and captive balls, erratic outlanes and slingshots.

I've occasionally praised some machines as being better than the sum of their parts, and Ghostbusters is the opposite: I really like individual parts of this machine in isolation, but somehow they never seem to come together.

Parenthetically, I think Stern missed an opportunity here: since this machine came out along the time of the all-woman reboot, they could have included alternate startup code to allow the modern characters to show up in the animations (and maybe an alternate translite) with an operator setting or a user sequence at the start. That would have made it more unique instead of just a throwback.
11 months ago
Awesome theme! Jam packed playfield!
The flippers can be maddening at times, but overall the game is great.
11 months ago
One of the best still! New code was an awesome fix. This is one pretty pin as the artwork is phenomenal!
11 months ago
Plays fast. Theme was very well done.
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