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Game Design: 8.078

Artwork: 8.858

Sounds/Music: 8.337

Other Aspects: 8.416

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There are 258 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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30 days ago
One of the hardest tables to rate in all of pinball, as it has some of the most unique and coolest design/rule choices and also some bafflingly flawed ones. I've played probably 200-300 games on GB and still, at first plunge, have no idea if a game will be 30M or 1 Bill+. Every other game I've played this much I at least have a range expectation.

A big part of this is hitting the "Start Scene" skill shot on ball 1. No skill shot should ever have this level of influence over the trajectory of a game. Your other option is going through Slimer, which registers maybe 10% of hits on most tables I've played, and gives completely random returns on a very drain-prone layout, so lighting modes this way is borderline impossible unless Slimer registers hits correctly, which I've only seen on HUO tables. Also, in competition, if the game is playing tough, the video mode will totally break a game with its very easy 80M, especially if no one lit scenes from the skill shot.

But then on the flip side, the sheer amount of strategies, shot variation and difficulty, visual enjoyment and fulfillment from hitting shots all over the table keep me coming back...only to deal with the huge flipper gap, the fact that a held bonus with multipliers can be worth many times the score put up over all three balls of a productive game. Oh yeah, and the Scolari Brothers are the worst drop targets in all of pinball. But I keep playing it.

Pros: There is stuff to hit everywhere, maybe the best shot variation in all of pinball. There's also shots you don't want to hit, so control on the fly is a must, since it's pretty hard and dangerous to trap up in most play, and the flipper gap makes post-passing and dead passing way more dangerous. It's so hard, but playing well on it is like defeating a nemesis that uses countless dirty tricks, you feel doubly rewarded.

Cons: The flipper gap, Scolari Bros not dropping unless hit with glancing shots, placement of the captive ball next to the pops which gives totally unavoidable STDM drains, absolutely bananas scoring system that does not remotely reflect game play at least 25% of the time, the stupidly unhittable spiral ramp that's sometimes required to complete modes. the angles of the scoop returns. I mean, it's almost comical how much is wrong with this table, but somehow that's part of the package.
42 days ago
This is a classic game. I don't mind the gap. Its a grail theme for me.
3 months ago
The machine is beautiful, with a great use of the art and moments from the early films.

But I don't care how many quarters I dump into this machine, I cannot last for more than a few minutes per ball since those side drains are so damn hungry. Seriously, unless you modify the tables to stop the insane amount of lost balls, it is nearly unplayable.

Someday I'll find myself getting into this machine, I see them everywhere but I just rarely try anymore.
3 months ago
Best slingshots in pinball. Makes the game so entertaining
4 months ago
This is definetely one of John Trudeau's best designs.

The layout has very interesting shots. My favorite one being the left ramp. On this version the ramps are a lot better than on the Pro as they're made out of metal and are not connected. On top of that this game has an actual physical lock and magna slings which are interesting features. In terms of gameplay both versions are pretty similar though. And bashing Slimer is a very cool feature on both versions of the game.

Playing this game is pretty difficult but for me that just increases replayability in this case.

The rules are good and I especially like the Storage Facility Multiball just like Midnight Madness.

What kind of limits the replayability for me are the sounds, after a while that horn from Ecto-1 and "Okay, who brought the dog?" got a bit old. But other than that I'd say the sound improved in comparison to the SAM system with these (few) SPIKE games.

In terms of artwork I think this game couldn't be better especially given that a movie franchise is attached to the machine.

All in all this is a very well looking, difficult and nicely themed game. It is probably best for casual players and above.
5 months ago
I love ghostbusters and this game is a perfect representation of the theme. Super fun layout, really cool and approachable rules, but check it out for yourself
7 months ago
This was a must have on my wife's list so I couldn't get any more pinball machines until this one was in the collection. I really loved the idea of having this game because it is so unique and the theme is just incredible.

** Before you continue you have to read the whole thing **

Owning it was an immediate disappointment because the ball just flies all over the place, it hops the rails, the slingshots are not predictable, and the flippers are a mile apart. I like a challenge so I set out to play a few more games and try to learn how to play it well. No luck! The movement of the ball was just not fair.

** Breakthrough! Mods are the answer! **

I really wanted this to be special for my wife so I started looking at a few mods and asking her what she would like to have on the game. Through this process I came to know about the plastics that keep the ball on the playfield, oh my. Some plastics, green slime, a big twinkie, and a Color DMD later... now we have a game. How did this game ever get through testing without plastics necessary to keep the ball on the table?

The game play is significantly better and I have learned how the slingshots work. This game is a work of art and I am happy to have it in my collection.
7 months ago
This is a game I truly wanted to like from the start. Awesome theme , amazing mechs, and a really unique playfield. Really good games transport you to another world. This game makes me feel like I am in the GB movie in NY city ….well done!
But you start playing and realize this game is hard. The straight down the pike drains are real. Shoots need to be mastered , and you MUST make good decisions in the risk reward of many key shots in this game. Classic Trudeau dystopia.
So, it takes a while to love this game. That is why the price has climbed and climbed and climbed. It literally took players time to realize how deep the game play is and how rewarding it is to master shots. Prediction: the premium will rise in rating ( the pro is really good too), and if you put a color dmd in this game it is money !!
7 months ago
I am going to give two reviews, of sorts:

Me: This feels weird. I don't enjoy the targets. I really cannot get into this. Why are the flippers so wide?

My Daughter: This is awesome. I have been here playing this for an hour. You must add this to your collection!!!

This one was tough to rate. I really love the theme. The above reaction story has played out across about a dozen people I have played this one with. It seems like if you love the layout this is a perfect pinball to you. If the ramps, flippers, and targets feel oddly placed, this one isn't for you. Overall the look to this, sounds, lights, theme, is just fantastic. I really wish the feel was more to my liking as the game itself looks amazing to play. I would say this is a must play to simply see where you fall in the feel for it. .... and honestly the theme and hitting slimer is really cool!
7 months ago
Why this game is not in the top 20 is beyond us!!?? Yes it has a wide flipper gap...get over it, or buy a centre post! Yes the magnet slings cause some chaos....think of it as 'ghosts' messing with you.....and yes the outlane outs from the ball bouncing off the wire frame sucks....well....yeah! That is sh%t....but come on......what a wonderful game...
9 months ago
this game is so hard its bullshit....
but i still like it a lot
10 months ago
Great fun. Theme is top notch. Rules and flow are accessible yet challenging. Definitely has that “one more game” feeling.
11 months ago
Fun game, hard but rewarding.
1 year ago
"Who ya gonna call?..."

One of my dream themes, which I am lucky enough to play locally, I definitely want to own one someday, and bought a translite for my wall in the meantime. Zombie Yeti is maybe the best in the business, it looks amazing.

Ernie Hudson is amazing to have on call outs along with clips from the movie. I love the DMD animations (end of an era before LCD really kicked in). The game is tough at times, owing to that flipper gap, but only leaves me hungry for more.

Some of the greatest names for wizard modes here, and shooting the right ramp to "Save NYC" gets you excited like no tomorrow to see those streams crossed.

A more challenging machine for sure, but it gives you that one more game feel every time!
1 year ago
This game is amazing and is definitely in my top 5 games!!!
1 year ago
Probably my favorite stern pinball machine ever made. It is absolutely a dream theme and they did it right. I have a premium in my collection with the most recent code and proper adjustments to the game. It’s obvious how amazing the art work is, there isn’t much need to defend that. On gameplay I can see how some people can have issues with how it shoots and how hard it can be but that makes me enjoy it more. Truly learning the shots and rules on this game makes it excellent, the left ramp isn’t as smooth as a pro but it’s much more satisfying to hit and watch. Overall I think a lot of people need to give this game more of a shot and truly appreciate the rules and shots on this game
1 year ago
They nailed the theme and the callouts. The game plays fast and punishing with many feel good shots. It plays tough and at times frustrating but as the old saying goes play better.
1 year ago
Honestly dont know why this game is rated so low, in my opinion definitely top10! I guess too many ratings from when the old code was still in place? Maybe..
1 year ago
This game is run of the mill pinball. The sounds drives you nuts after a couple of games and the layout is so so at best. The flippers placement in this game is literally the grand canon of pinball. The theme is the only thing this game has going for it and that was ruined because the designer is a disgrace to humanity!
1 year ago
One of my favorite games I own. Love the newest code update, it made the game incredible.
1 year ago
Who you gonna to call? Ghostbusters!

One of my favorite themes of all time, it just reminds me of everything that was awesome in the 80's. Fun game with lots of great shots, music and callouts all in a modern Stern package. I never get tired of hitting Slimer. Zombie Yeti art is fantastic.

If you get a chance - definitely play! Don't see often on location anymore.
1 year ago
One of the few games where all of features on the premium are great, but they make the game more difficult to play.
1 year ago
Fun game. I added it to my collection.
1 year ago
Looks like a million bucks...plays like $2.50. The stupid flipper gap and brutal gameplay ruins a stellar theme, art, and toys. This could have been an all-time great, but it's just not fun to play. Everyone wants to love this game and then they play it. ALong with TMNT, this is one of the most disappointing pinball machines ever made.
1 year ago
It’s a bit of a drainer but still fun. I’ve had it for a few years and it doesn’t get old.
There are 258 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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