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Other Aspects: 8.292

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3 days ago
Very Important Tip Here!: I bought my Premium with the floating center post mod that adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. It plays amazing and is more thrilling with the center post saving the day or being purposefully used for some interesting ball action. Once you play Ghostbusters this way, you will not want to play it any other way. My review is based upon gameplay with this mod.

The GB playfield layout is one of those very special ones that just makes you want to play it again! This game has challenging shots that reward you very nicely which is why this game is so addicting. If you have this game easily accessible, you will find yourself stopping to play it every time you pass. You will be tempted to push that start button again after every game too.

The ecto goggles on the premium are so fun! You will find yourself checking them to see who is there all of the time.

The magnetic slingshots are the coolest ghost effect going next to the ecto goggles. It is the sounds the game makes while the slings are in action that complete the effect. This reminded me of the under playfield magnets on Addams Family that blew me away back in the 90s.

The art of Zombi Yetti is amazing. You find yourself just staring at this game in awe.

If you have the funds, adding a colordmd to this game makes a big difference as the animation dots on this game are so excellent! You will find yourself looking up more with color adding a depth to the image that is so much better than plain red. I went with the led version and very happy with the bright high contrast color image vs. the lcd version.

This game is getting bolted to my floor!
58 days ago
I'm rating this on the New code, I never played it with the old code. The game does take some "tweaking" to play better.. IE air ball deflectors, moving the slingshot robbers on Prem/LE games, and lowering the RH ramp with a shorter hex.

So some on location games may or may not give you the best experience.

I never really thought much of it on location, but my wife loved it. So we got one.

After I was able to tweak it for "fun" play... this game really is a blast. Great theme, great sounds, good ball time

And the LH ramp shot is the best I can think of.

Call me a homer, but this game fits in well, even with Sterns quality misgivings.
3 months ago
Love this game. Can get enough actors to voice a pinball insert Ernie “hold my big ass Twinkie”. The music doesn’t feel repetitive. The light shows are amazing. It is another one of those games where the animations are to good for the game not to come with a color dmd. On the negative. Too many ball pops, I’ve seen too many with a bad flipper, and I wish it had more toys.
3 months ago
but are you really judging this game for the space between pinballs? I hope not because this is an absolutely fantastic game, yes it was true the lower part could have been designed better but we are complaining about nothing. are magnetic slingshot a problem? I think they are absolutely brilliant, many think that they have not been added to other games because they are not liked, in reality I think this is the only pinball that must have them, where else is that effect of the ball possessed by a ghost needed? do we want to talk about art? perhaps the most aesthetically beautiful pinball ever made, all three versions are beautiful, the ecto-1 on the side is beautiful but the must is the LE version with slicer and the green painted metal parts. great game, don't misjudge others' comments, try it.
3 months ago
Good game but no really fun i will play aigain for change my rating
4 months ago
I mean. It's ok.

In a lineup of similarly rated games... I play Pirates, Thrones, or Get Away first... And more....

It's cool. Hitting slimer is cool. My 6 years old daughter LOVED this game.
4 months ago
This game is one of my favorite modern machines. Shots all feel fluid, fun, and fair. Challenging game, drains will happen, but it's fun to play and improve on. Theme and use of theme is great, good music, great animations and details. Great to pick up and play, and build upon. Highly recommend!
4 months ago
Ghostbusters Premium is one of the most beautiful worlds under glass of all time. The toys truly pull you into the world of GB. The artwork by Zombie Yeti again was a homerun and in my opinion, is one of the best in pinball. Dwight Sullivan thankfully went back to revisit this with the help of others at Stern because initially the code was a bit confusing and lackluster. However, with the revisions made, Dwight knocked it out of the park and gave this game the fun ruleset it deserved! Sure the game can seem a bit linear sometimes but there are different routes you can take to achieve multiple tasks. The skill shot, a double skill shot for that matter, is always challenging and feels good every time you manage to hit both! The left ramp that leads to the subway under the playfield and also is a physical ball lock is always fun to achieve! Storage Facility Multi-ball has one of the most exciting intros in all of pinball. The fact that the callouts in the game are directly from the movie is fantastic. Ernie Hudson also was on board to do the custom callouts for the game and was a nice touch as well. My two gripes with the machine you ask? Well, the layout with the huge flipper gap is a challenge in itself but I could get past that. Worse in my mind was the wire form in lanes in which the balls constantly hop over into the outlanes. Luckily for us, the mod community has made plastic covers so this doesn’t happen. The right ramp, while fun to hit when you do, is a pretty poor design but from what I understand, owners have made tweaks to make it more attainable. And while the magna slings are one of the coolest ideas in years, they aren’t integrated in the greatest manner and they can really be a soul crusher when you are having a great game. Even with those flaws, the game is still a blast to play and is a dream theme for me. I will absolutely own one of these one day!!
5 months ago
Own an le. Love it. Lots of cool shots also tough ones thanks to stern for making those updates big difference lots of fun.
5 months ago
I recommend to save and purchase the Premium as it is worth the extra cash. Probably would be better if they had done normal flipper size or added a 3rd but I won’t change it. Would Be better with kickback launchers for both outlanes. The theme is amazing and I still have not heard all the callouts after 800 games! They must have put every line from the movie in. It is great once you get the airball protector for the left ramp and dial it in. Make sure the one you purchase also covers the 2x and 3x multipliers or you will get many airballs. My premium does not have issues with ball hops over outlanes. Also needed to adjust right orbit rollover and shorten scoleri brothers springs. The game can be frustrating with many sdtm shots but you learn to deal with them. Very fun game with an amazing theme!
5 months ago
I really wish they could’ve secured photo rights for this backglass. The cartoon look isn’t my favorite. But it’s a wild ride with tons of options. Not the hardest game out there but still one of my favorites.
6 months ago
Wow. Talk about a game with tons of straight drains. Admittedly I have to lighten up the tilt settings to have any sort of playability. Maybe it’s my skill level (not great. Not bad) but I find the play can be tough especially with short ball saves. Is it just me or is the distance between the flippers wider than normal?! Seems like it needs a center drain post (I think that’s what it’s called) or bigger flippers! ;) I felt the same way when I first played Houdini
6 months ago
This game has grown on me and has really pushed me to focus on shot accuracy. I'm a casual player and this game punishes missed shots. There are too many airballs but simple mods can help with this. At the end of the day this is the game I continue to seek out and come back to.
6 months ago
Against all odds Stern got just about everything right on this machine. They used actual callbacks from the original movie rather than improvised fakes. They went with a classic pinball animation style rather than photo-realism (such as avengers). They were able to get rights to pieces from the actual soundtrack. Etc etc.... The play field isn't the greatest in pinball history but it's got enough unique-ness to make the game fun rather than the same old boring left ramp - right ramp configuration. definitely not my favorite game but considering all that could have gone wrong with this one, Stern basically hit it out of the park.
7 months ago
It's good. But not that good
8 months ago
A beautiful fast game!
8 months ago
I play on location several days a week. The location has approximately 20 pins (rotating them regularly) and I almost always have to drop a few tokens in Ghostbusters. I’ve also played it pre-update and post update. The new update is a big improvement, but I like the pin just as much pre update as post.

It’s definitely one of the best “world under glass” pins. It’s just plain fun and to me that is what’s most important. Bashing slimer? Fun. Slamming that spinner? Fun. Hitting that steep ramp? Fun. Hearing the classic sound clips from the movie? Fun. None of that is all that original, but as a package it works together so well.

I sometimes advocate for non-licensed pins, but this is one that is so great due to the license with the license implemented almost perfectly. It’s definitely a game that I would love to have in my collection at some point.
8 months ago
Game is beautiful and true to the theme, but I just have a hard time getting into it as a pin. So many frustrating drains including rail hopping to the out-lanes. Some great shots, but also so many punishing bounces that will send the ball right down the middle of the extra wide distanced flippers.
It does have some cool usage of the shaker motor throughout, and thought the presentation through some of the modes was very unique. One mode in particular kills off most of the lighting for a very dark and haunted feel, but my problem is that it makes the ball very hard to follow and that doesn't do you any favors in a pin that's already unforgiving with drains.
While it's a pretty package that's busy with lots to do, the whole thing just feels evil and don't find myself enjoying it when I play.
8 months ago
This game is great. I’ve kept it through the old code because theme held me. But with the new code it’s perfect. It is a hard player but factory settings on code allow more extra balls and ball save time. I highly recommend this game now as the deepest wizard mode is possible to reach but just far enough to make it rare. Artwork music and then are what kept me there in the first place. Great pin!
9 months ago
This is an odd game. Very original. Short ball time with wide flipper gap. Never really got into it, but am keeping it. It is fun to play once in a while. Looks amazing.
9 months ago
This game was great before the latest code and now its even better. Putting the game in "Are you a God?" mode is so great
10 months ago
A fun game, but as a novice player it took a while to figure out how to play it. That and the two copies I've played the sooner dragged on the playfield and counted a hit automatically.
10 months ago
Ive had my GB Premium for 18 mths now and it never gets too old ! The call outs are awesome and the game plays deep ! The new code ( finally ) keeps this game fun !
Not moving this one out my games room anytime soon .... 100%
10 months ago
Great execution in fitting the movie’s theme to pinball. Bonus points for Scare Mode.
10 months ago
I really enjoy playing this game. It is very difficult to play because it is so fast and there is a larger then normal gap between the flippers. Couple this with magnets that throw the ball around and you find it is difficult maintaining any kind of control. I like hard games though especially for home use. The art, music, and gameplay are great. One of my favorite machines and I've owned nearly all of them. My one knock it that it is linear but there is so much going on it doesn't seem linear in the same way Road Show does. I highly recommend this game to anyone on the fence. You won't be disappointed.
There are 205 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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