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Game design: 7.871

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Other Aspects: 8.255

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25 days ago
I'm so torn on this game. The shots are pretty satisfying, but the rules are repetitive. The ball spends too much time in the pops and the magna-slings and Scoleri Bros are mostly annoying. But, both ramps feel so good when you can make them. Positively, I can say that the art is fantastic- it's a pretty machine. The choice of call-outs and mission modes from the movie shows excellent theme integration.
48 days ago
I love this game. The slimer shot is great. I like the pop up Sceleri brothers, and the ecto goggles are awesome. Great theme, just fun
53 days ago
As much as I love the Ghostbusters Pro machine in my collection, I was surprised to find that I didn't like the Premium as much (I have yet to play a LE). The machine I played was beautiful and I was really excited at first, but I felt that the ramp shots were not smooth. These were shots that are very smooth on my machine. The machine was appropriately leveled and well maintained too. Still a great game, and I can't fathom thinking this because I definitely prefer the Premium layout and artwork, but I'm happy with my Pro.
61 days ago
I've had this machine now for 6 months or so - it's really tough, perhaps frustratingly so at first. However just like all other machines, you learn which shots are high risk and adjust your game accordingly. Definitely needs an after market airball protector, but everything else is great. Sounds, callouts, music and artwork are absolutely superb - I'm a huge fan of the movie and this pin is themed exceptionally well. It has plenty of toys and gimmicks and above all else its fun to play.

I have only one criticism and yes it's a common one with this game... that's with the scoring. I've had some seemingly killer games on it yet scored relatively low - whereas some games I've thought went badly (or were shorter) but the scores were exponentially higher. Sometimes there is so much happening on the playfield it can be hard to work out exactly what's going on in relation to the rewards - especially since it is not constantly displayed on the DMD. A little tweaking of the scoring (and displaying it) would be a great fix in any future code update (if we ever get it)! :)

Anyway, I think it's a brilliant game - I've generally tended more towards Bally/Williams games, but with this and X-Men LE (also love it) now in my collection I am slowly becoming a big Stern fan.
68 days ago
GB is super fun but also can be super frustrating to play. The layout, shots, art, DOTs, music, sounds and speech are top notch. The magnets used for slingshots can sometimes whip the ball right down the outlanes. Flipper spacing is a little wider than most. Early playfields had issues which hurt the title when it was released. There are a few tweaks make the game great and to keep it from tearing itself apart. I wish this was Sterns first LCD issued games. Movie scenes would have made this icing on the cake.
81 days ago
This game was not enjoyable to me. I really tried to like it. Very frustrating to shoot ramps and have the balls fly off or come back down. Scolari Brothers were very problematic, like hitting brick walls. Modes should have been designed to come up randomly. Stern got cheap and also did not support the code.
82 days ago
Beautiful game, but the big space between the flippers kills me. I wish this great as it looks great, but I don't have much fun on this. I usually play a few and move on -- I've never gotten into this much where I've played for hours straight.
89 days ago
Wow, to each his own I guess on this title. I love this unique layout especially the subway ramp shot. Just a fantastic themed game. From the floating Slimer mech to the Subway to the Scoleri Brothers this game is packed full of fun. The fact that some folks crapped on this title because of a couple minor issues early in production is really sad. The entire art package is just fantastic as are the call outs and animations. I think the only tiny knock on this game could be the scoring balance but I have high hopes that will get addressed in a future code update. This game is just a ton of fun with lastability.
3 months ago
I find it challenging but still very fun. Especially for me, a newbie.
3 months ago
Much better than the pro. Subway lock system is just awesome. Basically the pro with a ton of amazing ad ons. Would love to own this game.
4 months ago
This game has been in my collection for almost a year now. Bought it NIB and played it a lot the first 6 months, then got mad at it. Wide flipper gap will frustrate a player with a low tolerance for drains, lots and lots of them. However, if you stick with it and grind through it to learn how to shoot and control the ball, the game will become fun again. My scores are inching upward, and my game play is improving as a result of playing this game. Not a beginners game for certain, but play it enough and it really grows on you.
4 months ago
Big ghostbusters fan. Have tried multiple machines- not for me. Siren sound gets obnoxious. Lay out is too dark in some places and blindingly hazardous in others. What is up with a peg between the flippers? Possible someone put a gasket in to intentionally divert ball to sides, or could have been bad luck. Still, huge amount of cheap drains- middle and sides. Layout was good, lot of things to making it interesting. Flipper distance seems destined to fail which does limit enjoyment.
4 months ago
This pinball machine is pretty cool. Theme is very well integrated. The playfield design is top notch, the overall ambiant is fun. Good ball flow with a high speed. This game can be frustrating sometimes, big space between flippers a lot of ball bounces, ... Still waiting the next code update to see some improvements that could increase more the fun factor. Captive balls rules on the left side need to be better. Maybe one or 2 new video modes? . Actually there's 2 : "Don't cross the streams" and "Negative Reinforcement on ESP Ability". The first 1 is fun but too easy to win. The 2nd one is just luck and you'll probably never play it because it's so hard to get more points that DCTS mode.
Multiball starts is really cool, and even better with a shaker.
The learning curve for the skillshot is pretty long. A lot of possibilities, and it depends on which strategy you wan't to apply.
Definitely one of the best Stern Pinball machine, but the Premium is a must!! A lot better than the pro!
5 months ago
The theme is VERY important to me. I look forward to the game play over and over. The art is fantastic. There is alway a new way to play the game and score points
6 months ago
My absolute favorite game of all time. Hard to play but so much fun. I could play for hours and never get bored. Love the theme, the music, the shots, the play field, everything.
6 months ago
If you're a fan on the original movie, the game is fun. Won't go down as one of my favorites, but it had some challenging shots and easy to understand rule set. Great music and sounds.
6 months ago
Full loaded playfield, excellent sound. Theme acts as a magnet for me.
6 months ago
I cannot believe how different the LE is compare to the PRO...It's an other pin completely and fun it is .
7 months ago
Love the gimmicks and toys. The theme is an easy win. I hate the flipper gap, but makes it a good challenge.i would own one of these if I had a bigger collection. Fun game, but definitely a rough playing game that will frustrate casual players.
7 months ago
I have owned this pin for quite some time and have logged hundreds of games. To be honest, I bought it more for my kids (who loved it on location) than for myself, but over time, it has grown on me and I have played it more and more. That being said, for the reasons below, I do tire of it and it will probably be the first in my collection of 10 to be traded out.

The theme is amazing and funny. Couldn't be better. It is a fun, but sometimes frustrating, game to play. The biggest issues I have are the frequent straight down the middle drains, especially when the magnets fling them that way - it takes skill out of the game and makes it feel more random. Also, there are too many side drains, the worst of which occur when the ball literally walks across the two lanes. Clearly a design flaw in my opinion. The biggest issue is airballs. Tons and tons and not just on the steep ramp. I managed to cut them down by buying an inexpensive airball protector, but it is simply inexplicable to me that Stern didn't address this issue on their own. I own 10 pins and I can safely say that 95+% of airballs I experience among the pins are on this one.

One other big beef (and I sincerely hope they address this on a future code update) is that there is always so much happening on the DMD, so it is impossible to track your score. Compounding the problem (please, please fix this), when a ball drains, the DMD does not display the score(s) of the player(s). So to know where you are from ball to ball or to understand during a multiplayer game where each player stands, you have to hold the right flipper and waste the time going through ball status. Please fix this!!

My only other complaint (but with play time less so) is that each of the scenes is hard to remember, so what to do is not intuitive from looking at the layout. The game makes up for this by its lighting up of arrows, so without understanding the rules, one can simply play by the "hit the flashing shot" rule of thumb and do reasonably well.
7 months ago
The right ramp is impossible to hit. Magna slings are terrible. Don't get me started on the you know who brothers. Mis-designed lower playfield ruined this pin from the start. It's a waste of an amazing theme. The Pro plays better but still has many issues and takes a lot of mods and tweaking to cut down on air balls.
7 months ago
Once this game gets a code update and the long awaited color dmd with some pin stadium lights it will be a must have for all of us 80s babies
8 months ago
So torn. Not a dad game but lightning is so hard to see and the shots are just too finicky for me.
8 months ago
An awesome theme, rules are pretty good (could use a code update)
Visually amazing, check this one out
9 months ago
I have a serious love/hate relationship with this machine. A good friend has one and I play it often. While I go in good spurts I feel like I have yet to unlock it's potential. The reason? There is so much to do and hit. The callouts, animations and theme are top notch. The artwork is hysterical and fun, but the real gripe about this game for's a challenge. And it keeps me frustrated and coming back for more.
There are 175 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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