Ghostbusters (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2016)

Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 7.872

Artwork: 8.807

Sounds/Music: 8.203

Other Aspects: 8.268

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This is "Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: Ghostbusters (Pro) (regular version)

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There are 152 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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13 days ago
So torn. Not a dad game but lightning is so hard to see and the shots are just too finicky for me.
22 days ago
An awesome theme, rules are pretty good (could use a code update)
Visually amazing, check this one out
29 days ago
I have tried to like this one, play it every time I see one as it is such a beautiful looking pin. Wish the play matched the beauty, but it doesn't. The more you play it the more the good looks becomes clutter, and the majority of the shots are just not all that much fun. Reminds me of a J-Pop pin, style over substance. If you were a super fan of all things Ghostbusters I can see how you'd be enamored, but this one is just not for me.
37 days ago
After reading so many negative reviews I didn't expect much when I had a chance to buy a GB premium. I must say I was pleased with the game in general and it had enough difficulty and challenge to keep it interesting. The over all entertainment value (for me) was very good for a pin that I initially bought at a good price to flip but it turned into a keeper. GB deserves more credit than it gets.
56 days ago
A modern clasic!
62 days ago
Admittedly, Ghostbusters was a dream theme for me being one of my favorite comedy movies of all time. I've read the mixed reviews but after a month of owning a Premium, I love it and think it is a long term keeper.

The artwork and everything about the aesthetics of the pin is top notch. Ditto for the music and how the theme is integrated. The Premium has more toys and things packed into then just about any Stern pin I've ever seen. A lcd color screen would have been icing on the cake but it is still a great game without it.

It is necessary to tweak the game a bit with outlane protectors and possibly a center post given the oversized flipper gap (really the biggest flaw in an otherwise great game). If Stern had vetoed Trudeau's oversized flipper gap before this game is produced (and they hadn't had all the pf qc issues) , this is easily a top 10-15 all time pin.
66 days ago
Needs a code update but Family love the pin and theme. I liked the game so much I upgraded my pro for a Premium..
73 days ago
Worst pinball game I’ve ever played. You can’t see shit on the playfield
83 days ago
This game is super fun! Not much not to like on this game other than the occasional air balls. Great game!
85 days ago
Beautiful machine, with lots to shoot at. Airballs are the killer in this one. Even hitting the subway shot dead on, I'm blasting buildings behind the ramp. I love the way it looks, and I'm determined to come up with a ramp cover mod, so this stays in the collection. This is one of the machines that could benefit from a colorDMD, too, but it doesn't look promising. Fun callouts, and the music and sound effects are well executed.
3 months ago
Once all the issues like airballs are addressed, it’s really a very fun game.
3 months ago
Great game to play, extremely difficult IMO and not for the player who just wants to bang away on the flippers. I played a premium with tons of mods that seemed to block a bit of the playfield, but still very hard to get a flow going with the speed of the game. That being said I want one. The artwork is gorgeous and the toys and sounds are great ! For sure one of the better Sterns made.
3 months ago
Waaay better layout on this version, than ön The PRO!!! This and Batman 66 are up Therese with Twilight Zone, and MM, and CV, and AFM!!!!
4 months ago
I cant remove a point for this game. A ton of fun, a ton of shots, very deep. A keeper for me and what a beautiful machine.
5 months ago
If its tweaked (slimer, outlanes, pke ramp, scolari drop targets) and all parts works flawlessly then this game is a blast.
Very fast and and butt kickin - but absolut addictiv.

Hope the code update in summer will bring it to the next level.
5 months ago
Art package is top drawer, I love the subway shot. I just wish the game was more fun than frustrating. Lots of very cool features and multiballs are great.
5 months ago
When I first saw this game, I nearly passed out. My first thoughts were, “What a beautiful game, Zombie Yeti killed it........Wow, what a packed playfield, Stern didn’t cut corners on this one.” In the end, all of this was true, but there was a few big problem that destroy this game from being fun.......The code, playfield layout and music forced me to sell it within a few weeks. I just couldn’t take how frustrating it was to play this game, pinball in suppose to be fun, not annoying. Constant drains and annoying music made me want to shut this game down as fast as I turned it on.
6 months ago
fun game. when I first played this at TPF last year it was a drainer but w some software updates it has become a really good game.
6 months ago
Ok. I’ve had my GB Premium since the time the Premiums initially shipped in 2016 and up until now I’ve hesitated to post a review, because what I have to say has mostly been said before in other very thorough reviews. But…here goes.

I got one of the first premiums to come off the line after what was the longest time I ever waited to get a new pin. This followed the summer of Hell for new GB owners who were getting all those play field issues. I had originally gone in on a MMr but since they would not opt any production information whatsoever back then, I put my marker on GB instead.

This pin is drop dead gorgeous. The art package is stellar and when you take into account all the bells and whistles to include the toys, the modes, and everything that went into it you’d think you had purchased the holy grail of pins. This was one time where I was glad I paid extra to upgrade to a Premium. But is it fun?

In a collection of 10 games this sees little play. The SDTM drains are frustrating as is the annoying action of trying to trap a ball with your flipper and have it shoot up the in lane and around and into the out lane. That ramp on the far right is a nightmare to hit with any consistency, and the left scoop needed several adjustments before it stopped weakly shooting the ball SDTM. Points? Yeah, I can get points in game play but the bulk of my score comes from my ability (or inability when I’m having a s**t game) to activate the “Don’t Cross the Streams” video mode. I almost always clear it and if I can get that three or four times in a game I end up with a killer score. I never set my posts to a more liberal setting because I play (badly) in a local league and the harder the game is set, the better the practice for me. I have all my games on conservative settings. The fastest drains are still with GB. The “just one more game” wears thin after two or three in a row. On the other hand, I can sit there and play AC/DC, MET, TWD, AFM, and my TFTC all night long. The rules are not overly complicated and the modes are fun, as long as you can keep the ball in play. The multi ball is cool.

I have a “Horror” themed game room because, well, it’s in a dingy basement. Halloween decorations (last year I got a six foot animatronic zombie from Lowe’s just after Halloween and at a 75% discount!) and horror themed games are easy to come by. GB fits with the theme. But if I had the opportunity to have one or the other, knowing what I know now, I find myself wishing that I had given GB a miss and got MMr instead.
6 months ago
the fastest I ever sold a stern game. Had an LE. Loved the looks and multiballs right from the go. Two things killed it for me , the air balls and the linearity of the rules. Absolutely the worst air balls I have seen in a game. I understand I could have fixed the air balls with mods but nothing to be done on the rules. Lastly the emotional concerns about insert ghosting on this model did have merit.
6 months ago
Boy, it's amazing with so much great stuff that Trudeau could make this into a stinker. The skill shot is way overpowered since if you don't start a mode you're in gail. The plugne exploit helps, but it's just that, an exploit. Then there is the 3x scoring off the skill shot; again way over powered.

How about all the cheap drains. Yep, we have tons of those. Skipping over outlane guides. Magna slings doing weird things and throwing a ball backwards into an outline? Check.

There is brutal, and then there is cheap. This is the later.
7 months ago
Played both the premium and pro a number of times. It looks really cool but I can't seem to get into it. May be I am missing something but it seems repetitive, doesn't seem to have enough shots or there are just too many gimmicky shots. Almost seems like it should have had another ramp or orbit. Seems wide open, yet cluttered and available space is all taken up for the cityscape looks, if that makes sense. Perhaps I need to give it more time, but something is lacking.
On the other hand I would think this machine would do very well in arcades or for someone playing machines in your lineup, it will draw people to it on the looks and theme and games can be short.
7 months ago
I thought I would love this game because I loved the movie so much and I grew up in a time when it was cool to watch Ghostbusters on VHS and play the soundtrack on cassette. But honestly speaking, I don’t understand the flow of the game or where to make shots. It seems too chaotic to me. And, since every machine I’ve played costs a dollar (which is a lot when your game lasts about two minutes) I couldn’t get into it. I guess I need to stick to simpler machines from the 80’s.
I’m not great with my smartphone so it could just be an age thing. Do love the art and theme though!!!
7 months ago
In my opinion this machine isn't up to par with most of the newer pins available. It felt a little too busy and kind of thrown together for my taste. I was never able to get the flow of the play field down.
8 months ago
Fantastic Game, have owned since new and still have so much to aim for in my personal game play, i don't think i will ever get bored with this game. It is a real fun game !!!
There are 152 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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