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Game Design: 8.047

Artwork: 8.859

Sounds/Music: 8.364

Other Aspects: 8.396

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: Ghostbusters (Pro) (regular version)

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There are 236 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
One of my favorites it can be tough with drains down the middle but a great game
42 days ago
Great theme, great looking toys and playfield, and lots of fun to play! My family loves it!!
48 days ago
I will once again admit my bias, I love Ghostbusters. From the movies to the cartoon to the even the really cool video game. I wanted to be a ghostbuster when I was a kid(who didn't), and I also believe themes for pinball are one of the more important aspects of a machine(at least for owning one).

This will basically cover pro and premium. There are slight differences in layout, but nothing that majorly impacts the play or feel of the game. Yes, I believe a ramp is different, and that ramp might be better on the Pro than Prem and LE.
The biggest differences are the magnetic slings which are cool and also the slimer. Having slimer move around instead of just dropping down and staying put is better.

I always like to discuss the artwork and this machine might just be one of the best all around looking pinball machines ever. Zombie Yeti did the complete package on this one. An amazing translite, great cabinet art, and an amazing looking playfield. Generally a game at best will have 2 out of 3 that looks good. But, I Would rate each of the art categories as some of the best ever in pinball.

I want to transition to what I didn't like about this game. At first when I played it the code confused me. I thought it was overly complicated and I just didn't like it. However, that is more on me, and not the actual code. While at first it might seem confusing, the code is actually pretty simple. And I like the fact that you can choose different modes to progress through. There is a lot of strategy in this game. Also building super jackpots as well for big points. I really think the code is nicely done as I think it balances the line between deep and too deep. This is a fun game that will have you shooting for a long time to open it fully up, but also seems attainable. I did take a point off, because I do think it can be confusing for casual fans. But, then again with some casual fans they think pinball is just a slot machine that you whack a ball around.

The other area that I didn't like was the flipper gap. When I first played the game it seemed so much larger than a normal machine and just made SDTM drains so much more brutal. However, the more time I spend on this game the more I don't mind the flipper gap. It gives the game character... But, I won't lie... I could do without it, but its there and its not really the worst thing in the world.

I like the layout as well. The designer is a personal favorite designer of mine and I believe no one themed their games better(PT comes close). Its a unique layout and I don't know of any game I've ever played that shoots like it. Its challenging and its fun.

As for the animations and callouts. This is before the modern LCD and animations, but I think the animations fit the classic 90s pinball feel and are perfect for pinball. The callouts a mix of recorded Ernie Hudson and parts from the movies are great. Ernie brings energy and charm to the game and I Think the whole sound package is among the very best ever. It makes me smile and laugh. Again... I love ghostbusters... So I am bias. But, I grin all the time when I hear the music and I finish the quotes for the movie callouts.

The toys and gimmicks are many. You get the slimer toy. Which as I said is better on Prem. Truthfully... if you're playing the game the right way and completing modes, you won't see him that much. Which is fine. The ecto googles are really neat. And I rather enjoy the magnetic slings.

Another gimmick is the lane change light reflection. I don't really like it. I think the concept is cool, but its hard for me to read and I always forget about it as I try to just look at the obstructed lane itself.
Oh and their is a sculpt of Staypuft. Which I really like. I have seen modes of him swaying to look like he is walking and those are cool. But, as is... He is stationary, but he does sway when you nudge the machine. Its a simple sculpt but it adds so much to the game.

A lot has been said about the difficulty of this game. And I do think it can be difficult... But, so can a lot of pinball machines. I personally love playing this game. I play it as often as I can in person. I own it on my PS4 digitally(code is old, but still helps me out knowing hte game). And I do hope to own one for my house one day.

To me this is a dream theme pinball machine and they knocked it out of the park.
49 days ago
Big fan off the movie . Big fan of pinball. so perfect combo
But i cannot get over that flipper gap
54 days ago
The premium and the pro really are two very different games with different qualities, I think the pro is faster then the premium but the premium has more toys but they are both equally fun to play and I have owned both at the same time for that reason!
58 days ago
So brutal! So good! I like it rough
3 months ago
This game hits every note, It has beautiful art everything is fantastic. Minus the flipper gap. But I personally kinda like it. The game will make you play smart, theme integration is fantastic . I can’t stop playing this one. It might drain a bit quick, but it makes you come back for more. Movie quotes and call outs are great.
4 months ago
very good game
4 months ago
Soooo much fun, but also so brutal with the SDTM drains. Never played a fully modded game with all the adjustments (longer flippers, plastics, outlane adjustments, etc...) to help lengthen ball times, but would imagine that would really enhance the enjoyment. This is definitely on the short list to have at home.
4 months ago
Great theme, fun play. Lots of great call outs. If you love the theme you will love this pin. Difficult at times but still fun and approachable for newbies. It's a blast. Nice shootin Ray!
5 months ago
Ghostbusters is a dream theme for me. I want to like this game so bad. Its got a lot going for it. Tons of shots, great artwork, fun callouts but I don't think I've ever played a more infuriating/frustrating game. So many unfair and BS drains. Airballs everywhere. I have only played without any mods so maybe with some of the mods that cut down on cheap drains and airballs its a more enjoyable experience. The flipper gap sucks but its not the main deal breaker. Its more the outlanes. Ball bounces off the metal post in the middle and goes to the outlane, shoot a scolari brother and the ball shoots back at mach speed (sometimes not even knocking the target down somehow) and drains in the outlane, Magna slings grab the ball and just loop it up and over to the outlane, ect. You get to multiball and its like 20 supernova's going off directly into your retinas and you drain all your balls because you can't see or some other BS happens. Just a lot of very short ball times, or if you do have a decent ball going something beyond your control happens and you lose it.

The amount of shots on the game is crazy, but some are very hard to hit because of the sheer amount of them. Its OK, I just wanted GB to be better. I'm hoping if I keep dumping money into it it'll eventually grow on me, but so far its been nothing but me disliking it more and more.
5 months ago
Ive been playing this game a lot on location and it has really grown on me. Love the theme, artwork, sounds, callouts and just the overall feel of the gameplay. The subway ramp is really cool, and all the shots just feel great. It has just the right amount of stop and flow for me. The wide set flippers do not bother me a bit. I hope to find a premium that I can add to complete my collection.
6 months ago
The left ramp that leads around and below the playfield might be my favorite ramp in pinball. But, did they really need to put in two scoops? So much stop and go on this pin, really detracts from the great right to left orbit and the left ramp shot. Slimmer is an okay toy, but nothing amazing.
7 months ago
very nice looking pin. sounds and music are very annoying.
8 months ago
I've owned this game since new. I loved the game initially, but began to get bored with the gameplay. I went months without playing a single game. I was even looking to trade or sell the machine in order to make room for a new one. That was until I installed the software update. I never realized how much of a difference a single update can make. WOW! I truly feel like it's an entirely new game. New callouts, music, rules, and combos make this SO MUCH MORE fun to play! Needless to say, I am now keeping this one in my inventory. Now, to make room, I'm considering moving my KISS LE. UPDATE...I love this more and more as time goes on and I discover new depths of gameplay. I encourage anyone who has rated this machine to find one with new code and play the hell out of it...I assure you, you will change your rating. This machine should be a top 15...maybe even a top 10.
8 months ago
Decent machine, interesting layout. Enjoyed it, just not a keeper for me. Absolutely hated Mass Hysteria multiball. Wish they had more original callouts. All in all still one of the best efforts from Stern in recent years.
9 months ago
This game is a rush. I did not play GBP without the new code, but with how fast this game is the ball saves included with the new code seam very fair. The only reason this game does not get a perfect ten in my book is the engineering flaw with how much the ball jumps around the playfield when missing the left ramp shot. There are mods to correct this issue, but if basing this review off the original design the random flying balls can definitely disrupt game play. Otherwise a perfect game and in my opinion well worth the extra cost in comparison to the pro model. I can't see it ever leaving my collection.
10 months ago
Everyone should rerate this as the newest code fixed all the things people didnt like. How can you not love the colors, call outs, music and general gameplay.
10 months ago
Most beautiful Stern to date, with a fantastic theme and, with the new code, very fun and less unforgiving. Color DMD is a must have upgrade.
10 months ago
One if the best pins of all time.
10 months ago
A VERY addictive game!

The Pros:

-Fun shots
-sweet modes/rules
-love the toys (the goggles, the swinging ghost toy, etc.
-Awesome upper left ramp
-Awesome callouts, music I alright I guess

The Flaws:

Poorly designed flipper space (even nudging barely helps) which causes very short ball times, and if that doesn't drain your balls the magnetic slingshots hidden under the playfield probably would (which randomly shoots the ball wherever and not only interferes with players control of the ball but also sometimes shoots the ball straight down in the middle of the wide flipper space and drains automatically, jinxing the whole gameplay).


Extremely fun and addictive game that I would definitely put in my collection, but only if I can take away or disable the under-the-playfield magnets.
10 months ago
I’m an 80s baby gotta love the ghost busters
10 months ago
One of the best newer Stern machines made. The newer software really opens things up for rule depth in my opinion.
10 months ago
what can I say
it was to try it and say spectacular
how fun and difficult
fast and beautiful
has it all
In this model I would say that you have to buy premium or limited
my favorite next to jurasik park
11 months ago
Tough pin but the challenge is fun. Hard to keep dumping money into it though.
There are 236 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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