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Game Design: 8.053

Artwork: 8.875

Sounds/Music: 8.366

Other Aspects: 8.409

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This is "Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: Ghostbusters (Pro) (regular version)

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10 days ago
Who you gonna to call? Ghostbusters!

One of my favorite themes of all time, it just reminds me of everything that was awesome in the 80's. Fun game with lots of great shots, music and callouts all in a modern Stern package. I never get tired of hitting Slimer. Zombie Yeti art is fantastic.

If you get a chance - definitely play! Don't see often on location anymore.
11 days ago
Overall a very fun game with a cool layout. Captive ball, drop targets magnetic diverter and some great skill shots. New code really improved the rules and puts this game where it needs to be. The LE also the ghost hologram target with animations, and magnetic action slingshots. This game is tough but fun.
12 days ago
One of the few games where all of features on the premium are great, but they make the game more difficult to play.
19 days ago
Looks like a million bucks...plays like $2.50. The stupid flipper gap and brutal gameplay ruins a stellar theme, art, and toys. This could have been an all-time great, but it's just not fun to play. Everyone wants to love this game and then they play it. ALong with TMNT, this is one of the most disappointing pinball machines ever made.
51 days ago
It’s a bit of a drainer but still fun. I’ve had it for a few years and it doesn’t get old.
72 days ago
Would play it again, and again, and again! The machine, once you've mastered the mechanics, will make you feel like an unstoppable powerhouse, especially if you activate triple multiball stacks and 6x playfully multipliers. I played this on the Xbox, but in one of the versions, the lights do glitch out, not wanting to turn on after activating the Scoleri Brothers. Overall, a great game!
5 months ago
Game Design:

Layout: I think the playfield is very well laid out. There are lots of fun shots to make, and there are appropriate consequences for missing your shots. The right ramp is extremely difficult to hit, and the left scoop is possibly more difficult to shoot than it should be (at it triggers the most "basic" modes/scenes in the game). Also, the space between the two flippers is known to be wider than many other modern games. I don't think this makes the game either impossible or even unfun. It's perhaps extra challenging? The ball-save is generous perhaps to account for this. I understand people mod a post between the flippers. I think that is totally unnecessary and would never do that to my game. But for these reasons, I could not give the otherwise outstanding layout a perfect score.

Rules: The rules are clear and fun. This is a very mode-based game. You hit shots to start modes (scenes) based on the movie. The modes are in groups and you must tackle them one at a time (per group). How to complete the scenes is clear, and there is a "wild card" shot you can make to help avoid some of the most difficult shots needed to clear the scenes (particularly the right ramp). Clearing the groupings of scenes starts mini-wizard modes which are fun and satisfying. Completing all the scenes starts the final wizard mode, which is appropriately difficult to accomplish.

Toys and Gimicks: There is a Slimer bash target that you can cause to "fly" over the left side of the upper playfield. It's cool but nothing amazing. The left ramp has a small "subway" feature where the ball goes below the table before coming back up and feeding the right flipper. That same shot locks the balls when lit. The lock is obviously the ghost storage facility. There's a Stay-Puft in the back right that lights up but otherwise doesn't do anything. Hitting the right captive ball triggers the Scoleri brothers pop up targets. The Scoleris are the only thing I don't love about the game, as they block shots and won't go away unless you clear the both quickly in succession. And hitting them puts you at risk of draining the ball through the wide opening between the flippers.

Game Play. The game and shots flow well and logically. I've owned this game for over a year and still love playing it all the time.

Artwork: The artwork is vibrant and fun. It's a bit cartoony but fits the theme, and the characters all look like their real-life actors. I think the backglass for the LE version (which is the one I own) is pretty great.

Sounds: Sound makes or breaks a game for me. The sound here is awesome. The Ghostbusters theme song is iconic and fun. I never get tired of it. The rest of the music in the game also generally comes from the movies and sounds great. There are great voice clips from all four of the lead actors. The Bill Murray quips are hilarious. I especially the love the tilt warnings. Ernie Hudson recorded a lot of speech specifically for the game and it's all extremely well done with the right level of enthusiasm and energy. I love/hate the screaming ghost that takes over the machine on occasion. Very clever!

The lighting is fun and the light show is spectacular. It's a bit hard to play the game in a dark room as some areas are not well lit under those conditions. I've owned this game for over a year and never get tired of playing it. They really nailed the theming. It really feels like a legitimate extension of the movies. Overall I think this game is incredibly fun! Now that I've written my review, I think I'm going to go fire it up and play a few games!
5 months ago
I played the Pro version many times at different venues over the years and thought is was fun but too expensive with the center drain issue. I finally got a chance to play a Premium version and really felt the game was much easier and fun to play. The play field layout feels completely different than the Pro. I finally picked up a Premium for my home collection and with some fine tuning, adding some time to the ball save this game really shines. I added the center post mod, which many people frown upon but its removable and really saves those SDTM drains. My kids play this much more with the center post and with any game you own customizing to suit your level of skill is what matters. The music and call outs are top notch and lighting is probably the best ive seen!
6 months ago
The wider flipper gap is the only major defect I find with the game other than cleaning struggles with disassembling the playfield
6 months ago
I know this game is either a love or a hate for a lot of people. I appear to be squarely in the love camp, thou it makes me so angry. "I can't stay mad at you Ghostbusters!" The theme and call outs are a strait home run for me. The shots are some of my favorite. I do think the ball can spend a little too much time in the pops but i still love paying it every time it see a pro or premium version. If the flipper gap was just a little kinder the game would be a 10. even with the flipper gap i love this game and from time to time i am rewarded with a game that makes me feel like a pinball God. Even when i want to turn the pin over I still love it and can't wait to plunge the next ball. I should have bought a pro when everyone was dumping on this game, now sadly it is out of my price range. I hope to own this some day and be allowed the courtesy of cursing at it in my own home.
7 months ago
Love the theme....artwork is nice, but just not one I could get into enough to consider for home use.
7 months ago
This game got me hooked on the hobby again after a long time away. Thank you Stern for putting together a great package on this game. Great them and thoughtfully executed with solid code and great shots/gameplay and playfield
8 months ago
This is one of the few games that I've played where I got less than 10 flips on 3 balls. That's right. There are shots that feed straight down to the drain. This is a deal breaker with me. Let a new player play this machine, and they will be instantly disappointed in pinball. Bad design. The sound is horrible. The screaming is distracting, and terrible. Caused an Autistic family member to be in distress. Terrible flow. No flow as a matter of fact. You just hope to hit something and score a little bit. I'm a HUGE fan of Ghostbusters. No one wanted to love this more than me.
8 months ago
I don't understand the recent demand for this game. I'm a big fan of the GB theme and ordered a Premium immediately when this title was announced. I was initially impressed with all of the fresh ideas and mechs as this was the most loaded game from Stern in a while. Unfortunately, the novelty wore off quickly. The only satisfying shot for me was the subway ramp. I didn't care for the odd flipper angle and I grew to hate the magna slings. The magna slings seemed cool at first, but added too much randomness so close to the flippers. They would even regularly hold the ball and then backhand it out the outlane. This was basically the machine telling me my game was now over regardless of how well I was playing.
On a more personal note, being a big fan of the film, I also felt that the theming missed the mark in a lot of ways. The machine looks nice in general, but the focus is a bit off, like it was made by a team who had never seen Ghostbusters before being tasked with making the game. I know there were (much) later code updates that improved some of this, but I sold my game long before those came out, and have never felt the need to revisit.
9 months ago
When Ghostbusters came out in 2016-2017, I was rather new in getting back into playing pinball. My playing skills sucked. And I hated this pin.

4-5 years later my playing skills have improved. I got to spend some time with a Premium this weekend and managed to get a real nice score. Now I want a Premium, but the prices are busting my budget.

Cool game. The artwork. The color choices used. This was at the Rocky Mountain pin festival so I can't comment on sounds or music.

I am going to hang a Christmas stocking out and hope Santa will be good to me.

I love that '59 Caddy on the cabinet.
10 months ago
Super fun. Great looking. Great music.
10 months ago
This should be in top 20 for sure.
11 months ago
I completely deleted my old rating. This game we originally hated because of the cheap drains built into it with the scoops ejecting the ball SDTM and missed ramp shots coming back SDTM and flipper gap, etc. Well, the code changed and improved and instead of playing brand new games at the shows that were not tweaked in, we started playing games that people had tweaked in, had ball saves activated for the scoop ejects - even those were adjusted to hardly ever go SDTM. The game grew on us more and more. It was quite a transformation in our opinion on it. Eventually we wanted one and bought one.

The game is packed with fun stuff and lots of interesting shots compared to the more modern Sterns. The hologram ecto goggles gizmo is pretty cool and wish that they did more with that. The last major code change was a good one. Once the game is tweaked in and adjusted properly, it plays pretty well. It's not going to leave our collection anytime soon.
11 months ago
Looks great, but big points off for overcrowded playfield.
11 months ago
Fun Game to play. I keeps me coming back. Game play and rules are great. Under rated in my opinion.
1 year ago
Amazing pin, one day I will definitely add to my collection.
1 year ago
One of my favorites it can be tough with drains down the middle but a great game
1 year ago
Great theme, great looking toys and playfield, and lots of fun to play! My family loves it!!
1 year ago
I will once again admit my bias, I love Ghostbusters. From the movies to the cartoon to the even the really cool video game. I wanted to be a ghostbuster when I was a kid(who didn't), and I also believe themes for pinball are one of the more important aspects of a machine(at least for owning one).

This will basically cover pro and premium. There are slight differences in layout, but nothing that majorly impacts the play or feel of the game. Yes, I believe a ramp is different, and that ramp might be better on the Pro than Prem and LE.
The biggest differences are the magnetic slings which are cool and also the slimer. Having slimer move around instead of just dropping down and staying put is better.

I always like to discuss the artwork and this machine might just be one of the best all around looking pinball machines ever. Zombie Yeti did the complete package on this one. An amazing translite, great cabinet art, and an amazing looking playfield. Generally a game at best will have 2 out of 3 that looks good. But, I Would rate each of the art categories as some of the best ever in pinball.

I want to transition to what I didn't like about this game. At first when I played it the code confused me. I thought it was overly complicated and I just didn't like it. However, that is more on me, and not the actual code. While at first it might seem confusing, the code is actually pretty simple. And I like the fact that you can choose different modes to progress through. There is a lot of strategy in this game. Also building super jackpots as well for big points. I really think the code is nicely done as I think it balances the line between deep and too deep. This is a fun game that will have you shooting for a long time to open it fully up, but also seems attainable. I did take a point off, because I do think it can be confusing for casual fans. But, then again with some casual fans they think pinball is just a slot machine that you whack a ball around.

The other area that I didn't like was the flipper gap. When I first played the game it seemed so much larger than a normal machine and just made SDTM drains so much more brutal. However, the more time I spend on this game the more I don't mind the flipper gap. It gives the game character... But, I won't lie... I could do without it, but its there and its not really the worst thing in the world.

I like the layout as well. The designer is a personal favorite designer of mine and I believe no one themed their games better(PT comes close). Its a unique layout and I don't know of any game I've ever played that shoots like it. Its challenging and its fun.

As for the animations and callouts. This is before the modern LCD and animations, but I think the animations fit the classic 90s pinball feel and are perfect for pinball. The callouts a mix of recorded Ernie Hudson and parts from the movies are great. Ernie brings energy and charm to the game and I Think the whole sound package is among the very best ever. It makes me smile and laugh. Again... I love ghostbusters... So I am bias. But, I grin all the time when I hear the music and I finish the quotes for the movie callouts.

The toys and gimmicks are many. You get the slimer toy. Which as I said is better on Prem. Truthfully... if you're playing the game the right way and completing modes, you won't see him that much. Which is fine. The ecto googles are really neat. And I rather enjoy the magnetic slings.

Another gimmick is the lane change light reflection. I don't really like it. I think the concept is cool, but its hard for me to read and I always forget about it as I try to just look at the obstructed lane itself.
Oh and their is a sculpt of Staypuft. Which I really like. I have seen modes of him swaying to look like he is walking and those are cool. But, as is... He is stationary, but he does sway when you nudge the machine. Its a simple sculpt but it adds so much to the game.

A lot has been said about the difficulty of this game. And I do think it can be difficult... But, so can a lot of pinball machines. I personally love playing this game. I play it as often as I can in person. I own it on my PS4 digitally(code is old, but still helps me out knowing hte game). And I do hope to own one for my house one day.

To me this is a dream theme pinball machine and they knocked it out of the park.
1 year ago
Big fan off the movie . Big fan of pinball. so perfect combo
But i cannot get over that flipper gap
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