The Getaway: High Speed II

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Other Aspects: 8.307

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There are 347 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
One of the best machines of its generation. Simple rules make it easy to learn, but the most important shots are somewhat narrow and off to the edges of the playfield, making it a great challenge. A lot of potential for super high speed gameplay if you can master the top loop or right orbit. The super charger is very exciting, and the gear shifter forces you to take your hand off the flipper for a second every now and then, which is scary and fun.
30 days ago
This is a fun game. The supercharger is exhilarating. I feel like this game is a bit on the shallow end but it's a lot of fun. I don't love that the shooter is replaced with a "gear changer" but it works for the game. It's not my favorite DMD era game, but it's a good one.
3 months ago
My favorite pin of all time for playability. I just love the flow and speed and joy of getting that ball going. The rules are simple enough yet so satisfying. I like the BG just fine, but it's not really among the most artistic, nor the cabinet. But the playfield is quite beautiful, specially when lit up. The ultimate players pinball, imo.
3 months ago
Getaway is a great game to own as it is difficult, but has some fun shots. Very solid pb and well built. Video mode is a fun way to earn some extra points.
3 months ago
It’s a straight up fun and cool game.
3 months ago
Great theme, a classic pinball experience
5 months ago
Do Ritchie games really need a cheerleading squad? Personally, I have avoided rating both the High Speed games simply because I felt they speak for themselves.
My take on this is: how do the high speed games stack up against all the other games Steve Ritchie was involved with.
I believe they are superior to many of his licensed IP designs.
High Speed and The getaway: High Speed 2 have a non licensed theme, based on most every kids favorite thing, car chases with fast cars. This open theme doesn’t limit itself to a particular IP, (Dukes of Hazzard, Smokey and the Bandit, Blues Brother, etc.) instead it sets up a basic car chase plot and it can be anything the player wants. Nobody walks up to it and says “I wish this was JUST a Fast and Furious machine.”
It can be though, if you want it to be, through the power of IMAGINATION!!! …and maybe a few toy cars, stickers, and a mug shot of vin Diesel taped to the backglass.
Don’t do that, people…
Because it’s Steve Ritchie, it’s expensive, but because it’s not The Addams Family, it’s not stupidly expensive. That is the other reason the High Speed games are superior, value for money.
Why do people pay twice the price for one particular pinball machine over another? Many reasons we all probably know and don’t need to go into.
If you buy this instead of the grail machine, you won’t have the adoration and worship of the community but you’re going to have lots of money left over and a really dang fun game.
Convinced you yet? No? Good! I am not here to sell you a machine, just encourage people to look at pinball for is gameplay and funfactor instead of its cash value.
I’d throw around words like flow and feel, but every machine is different. If you play one that’s been beat to snot, chances are it has no flow anymore and feels like dried crusty finger grease.
Instead, I recommend you try The getaway: High Speed 2, preferably well maintained, and see for yourself. Back in the day it munched your quarters and left you wanting another go. Even on freeplay High Speed 2 hasn’t lost its charm or frustration level. The ZZ Top(ish) music, the sirens, those ramps!!! Wow!!! When you get a good game going, it’s too satisfying to describe!
I could say “that’s what Steve Ritchie games are all about”, but it would be more accurate to say that’s what Williams pinball was all about in the 1980s and 1990s. Ritchie simply nailed it more often.
A quick word about the original High Speed.
Many people treat it like the lesser of the two games because it came out much earlier and lacks some of the bells and whistles being introduced in the later system 11 and WPC games. Don’t believe them! High speed is not an inferior version, it’s a completely different game and is just as good. Some collectors and fans have both of them placed side by side in their game room and wouldn’t part with either one.
5 months ago
One of my favorite games of the '90's.
5 months ago
Nice, but vert average. Nothing special to really enjoy this one more than another.
6 months ago
Awesome game play/rules, awesome music....just an awesome game!
6 months ago
Love running the red light!
6 months ago
Great game
7 months ago
Instant classic. The oval pinball chute that spins the ball in a loop is awesome. I'd be happy if this was the only pin I owned. Epic machine.
8 months ago
Fun and solid! This one is a keeper!
Also recommended for new pinball players. Easy to get in to and not to complicated rules.
9 months ago
I really like the feel of this machine.
Fun to and tight.
And absolut keeper for me.
Run the redlight and redlight mania
9 months ago
I FINALLY got this game working properly with the help of some good people near me. This game was near butchered and frankensteined with many wrong parts.
I really enjoy this game which is pretty quick to play especially next to my two wide-bodies. There are plenty of challenging shots that I still have not learned. I think the theme is great and the designers really got this down better than most games of the era. Everything about it is about speeds and loops.
Its pretty easy to get the multi-ball up and running and have often done it multiple times during a game but man, I really want to get all three balls into the super-charger at one time!
10 months ago
It is good, like the original High Speed better.
10 months ago
Such a fun game! I love the engine on the table!
10 months ago
Very fun pin, great shots, fast and the Master; Steve Ritchie. Yeah, its not deep but tell me what pin in this era that was deep as they are today.
10 months ago
This game is a bit overrated in my mind. The supercharger is cool, but it doesn't add anything to the gameplay really. The rules are quite basic, with only a few simple modes and the final red light mania mode Getting there is quite easy since you simply need to hit the orbit to build rpm and shift gears up to the 5th gear. There's good flow to be had at times and the upper loop shot is fun and challenging, but the lack of depth in the rules is a turn off for me.
1 year ago
Not sure there’s enough in the rusleset for me to want to own one but damn is this game always cool and always a blast. Music is awesome, plays fast and such a memorable early 90s game. There’s always a few of these at shows and events because people love it so much.
1 year ago
I liked it then, and it's still on my wishlist now. So it's going something very right.
Think I might prefer High Speed. But it's close
1 year ago
Got this one by accident in '95. I was looking for a High Speed, but I couldn't find a decent one. I wanted one that was working...ended up finding a Getaway in PA. It's hard to explain how happy I am to have the Getaway instead of a High Speed.

I played High Speed a lot as a kid. I wasn't great, but good enough to win some free games and keep me busy for a few bucks while all my friends spent money trying to beat Double Dragon or something.

I did eventually strip the entire play field top and replaced/cleaned what was necessary...right when that last Van Halen album came out...maybe 2012?

Besides having the Diamond Coat, which is great, The Getaway just has more going for it. The main ramp is way less finicky, and there's just more to do. It's an example of the sequel improving on the original. I played this table a ton when I got it. What keeps me interested isn't the high score, but just getting a Super Jackpot can be a real challenge. That's my goal every time I play it. The points are a bonus, but it's also really fun when you get off to a good start. Lights flashing everywhere. Love the Super Jackpot sounds as well.

The music can get repedetive, but I love classic rock so I really don't mind. But if I didn't like ZZ top, it would suck. (Who doesn't like ZZ TOP?)

To me, this is one of the best games out there. Prob not Top 10 anymore, but Top 40 or so imo. Honestly, I haven't been able to play all of the awesome new tables yet. I prefer the WPC 90s pins and this was one of the first. As far as The Getaway is concerned, if you want speed this is a great one. That's probably why I grew to love this game. It also means you can die that much faster. And you're bound to have some bad games. The skill level is high because of the fast pace. Get good at the left orbit shot. The right one helps too, and you really only need to learn a couple of shots to get really high scores in this game. It's deceptively simple, you just have to stay alive. And make some shots.
1 year ago
very fun and fast game
1 year ago
Nice fast pace to match the amazing theme. There are so many little things about this machine that make me excited for it every time I step up.. revving the engine before launch, the gear launcher, zz top, the big loud fast and fun main toy.

Working towards redline mania by increasing RPM and having to shift gears with the launcher is such a fun addition to gameplay and a clear easy-to-understand goal to work towards.

The game is amazing fun and definitely a favorite, but there are a couple aspects that knock it down a few points for me. The center of the playfield doesn't have a lot of shots to aim for and even the ones that are there are not satisfying to hit. Accurate orbit shots are big on this game, so an off-day can amount to a lot of frustrating brick shots to the posts. Reaching redline mania is really satisfying, but not incredibly hard to do, so its kind of easy to walk away from this one for a while after achieving this goal (I typically prefer mode play and aiming for wizard mode over points and high score.. I think this might not be an issue for players who play more for points)
There are 347 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 14.

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