The Getaway: High Speed II

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Game Design: 8.278

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Other Aspects: 8.298

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Found 324 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 324 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
Not sure there’s enough in the rusleset for me to want to own one but damn is this game always cool and always a blast. Music is awesome, plays fast and such a memorable early 90s game. There’s always a few of these at shows and events because people love it so much.
26 days ago
I liked it then, and it's still on my wishlist now. So it's going something very right.
Think I might prefer High Speed. But it's close
42 days ago
Got this one by accident in '95. I was looking for a High Speed, but I couldn't find a decent one. I wanted one that was working...ended up finding a Getaway in PA. It's hard to explain how happy I am to have the Getaway instead of a High Speed.

I played High Speed a lot as a kid. I wasn't great, but good enough to win some free games and keep me busy for a few bucks while all my friends spent money trying to beat Double Dragon or something.

I did eventually strip the entire play field top and replaced/cleaned what was necessary...right when that last Van Halen album came out...maybe 2012?

Besides having the Diamond Coat, which is great, The Getaway just has more going for it. The main ramp is way less finicky, and there's just more to do. It's an example of the sequel improving on the original. I played this table a ton when I got it. What keeps me interested isn't the high score, but just getting a Super Jackpot can be a real challenge. That's my goal every time I play it. The points are a bonus, but it's also really fun when you get off to a good start. Lights flashing everywhere. Love the Super Jackpot sounds as well.

The music can get repedetive, but I love classic rock so I really don't mind. But if I didn't like ZZ top, it would suck. (Who doesn't like ZZ TOP?)

To me, this is one of the best games out there. Prob not Top 10 anymore, but Top 40 or so imo. Honestly, I haven't been able to play all of the awesome new tables yet. I prefer the WPC 90s pins and this was one of the first. As far as The Getaway is concerned, if you want speed this is a great one. That's probably why I grew to love this game. It also means you can die that much faster. And you're bound to have some bad games. The skill level is high because of the fast pace. Get good at the left orbit shot. The right one helps too, and you really only need to learn a couple of shots to get really high scores in this game. It's deceptively simple, you just have to stay alive. And make some shots.
47 days ago
very fun and fast game
58 days ago
Nice fast pace to match the amazing theme. There are so many little things about this machine that make me excited for it every time I step up.. revving the engine before launch, the gear launcher, zz top, the big loud fast and fun main toy.

Working towards redline mania by increasing RPM and having to shift gears with the launcher is such a fun addition to gameplay and a clear easy-to-understand goal to work towards.

The game is amazing fun and definitely a favorite, but there are a couple aspects that knock it down a few points for me. The center of the playfield doesn't have a lot of shots to aim for and even the ones that are there are not satisfying to hit. Accurate orbit shots are big on this game, so an off-day can amount to a lot of frustrating brick shots to the posts. Reaching redline mania is really satisfying, but not incredibly hard to do, so its kind of easy to walk away from this one for a while after achieving this goal (I typically prefer mode play and aiming for wizard mode over points and high score.. I think this might not be an issue for players who play more for points)
64 days ago
This is one WPC I really didn't care for, which is strange because I love High Speed. Sometimes sequels just to add up or make sense.
78 days ago
Run the redlight
84 days ago
Use to own the game! Great fun for kids! I do find it too repetitive at times. It’s fun and very fast flow!
4 months ago
Hyperloop is cool... had fun with it for a few weeks.. but it didn't keep me wanting more for a 90s game.. much preferred TOM flow.. and game code... zztop was cool for a theme song.. but that too got super repetitive
5 months ago
This one is just okay for me. The loop is fun, but not nearly as good as the Hyperspace loop on Star Wars Premium/LE. Rest of the shots and layout are okay, not great.
6 months ago
"The Getaway" is a machine that moves fast, from the theme to the audio all the way to the gameplay. The game is a nice shooter with a great toy in the Gear Shift plunger (which plays a role in the game even when you're not using it to shoot the ball into the playfield at the beginning of at turn) and the Supercharger Engine which roars to life at the very top of the table and awards you 1 million with each spin on its "belt". The two side orbits are easy to hit and I love the inner orbit loop which takes up the center of the game. The only issue I have with the game is that the rules don't seem very deep and you can hit Redline Mania with ease. Also, depending on your tolerance level, hearing a re-worked version of ZZ Top's "La Grange" can begin to grate. However, it's saved by some great audio (the Supercharger Engine is insanely cool) and the Jackpot and Gear Shift cues are excellent. Overall, I really grew to love this table. It's an engaging table, immersive as hell (a blower, when it works, is a nice added touch), one anyone can play and come to master with a little hard work.
7 months ago
Great game another fast Ritchie game. Love the supercharger and the fast and frenetic play. The music is great. The only con is I don’t like the 3 bank drop target in the middle, it stops the flow of the game and could be better positioned. Quite a simple layout but great fun when the red light is flashing as well. Another keeper.
9 months ago
Love it, since my youth until now!
10 months ago
Love the game. It’s a fast game that nicely fits the theme. The multiballs are intense!

Pros: “La Grange” (perfect music for theme), simplicity, supercharger is very cool toy, intensity of multiball & redline mania, overall game speed, always want “one more game”.

Cons: low number of shots, cabinet and backbox artwork is only okay.
10 months ago
I owned this game for a while but was not a keeper for me, at least for a small collection. The turbo charger is a fun gimmick for new players. I found the shots to be surprising tough, especially the most important ones. I did like the use of the rpms for advancing the game and using the plunger to shift gears. After a while the game started feeling too linear and unforgiving. I definitely walked away feeling discouraged a lot after playing this game. I do appreciate how silly the theme is when you think about it, perfect for an arcade setting.
1 year ago
A solid game. Very fast. The rules are straight forward and don't have much depth. You are either working through 5 gear awards or you are working towards your first or subsequent multi-ball. Otherwise you jam on the loops or ramp to get more points. I've owned mine since 1998 and it's not leaving.
1 year ago
Owned getaway many years ago and have just recently bought another one to put in the collection.
This machine plays extremely fast and smooth the shots are not to hard yet still requires a bit of practice to master. The supercharger really adds to this machine when you get that baby cranking with the music pumping it really draws you into the game.
Great longevity in this game i just want to keep coming back for more & more one of the best Williams machines i have ever played love it
1 year ago
Love me some Steve Richie, they call him the King of flow and this games has it. Also the game features the hit song
"La Grange" by ZZ Top, what more could you ask for????
1 year ago
Great fun, the supercharger or whatever its called is a really cool gimmick/toy.

Not many difficult shots, plays fast, the video mode is a little more satisfying than most.

I really enjoy the "shift" feature!
1 year ago
I’ve owned this pin for 5 months now. It rarely gets played. That being said it’s my wife’s favorite pin. :)
1 year ago
Game needs another ramp. Fun for a quick game or two, but can’t play for hours on end.
1 year ago
The rules are easy to follow but always give the player something to try for. Between advancing gears, collecting stop lights to enable locks, locking balls, hitting the supercharger, etc., there is plenty to do. Hitting the outer loops is a tough enough shot to make this game quite challenging. It's hard to beat how fun this game is.
1 year ago
Great looking game fast nice flow rules are ok too
1 year ago
Fun game! Zz top music is awesome. Love the super charger and the video part is fun too! Neighbor just got the game and I'm really enjoying it.
1 year ago
I finally got a chance to play "The Getaway: High Speed II" and I must say that this machine is FUN!! I cut my teeth on the original HS and wasn't sure if TG:HSII would "wow" me but I really like it! The kept the best parts of HS, reimagined the board with some popping tricks and did something wonderful: they made a game that I now am in the hunt for! It's a fresh take on a classic giving a whole new experience but with a familiar feel! It's closing in on 3 decades as a design and it's still a favorite!
There are 324 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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