The Getaway: High Speed II

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Game Design: 8.319

Artwork: 7.595

Sounds/Music: 7.694

Other Aspects: 8.332

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Found 364 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 364 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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13 days ago
Fun and fast paced game. Glad I finally got one. Not your normal pinball game. Shift gears!
74 days ago
Really interesting gimmicks, but there are relatively few shots that feel genuinely good and the music and sound effects are very tiresome. I'm sure this was a great game for the time, and it's easy to find a machine to play these days, but I don't go straight to it when I see it on location.

The supercharger shot is really neat, but loses a bit of luster when you've seen it a few times. I do think it has some of the better visuals and screen mini games from this era.
89 days ago
Not deep, but fast and furious fun for the family. My tenth game and finally one that maintains my interest for me (play and modding) and also friends and family.

Back glass, meh, cabinet art...hmmm...everything else is really solid. I can see this pin sticking around in my collection for a while.
5 months ago
If you asked name 10 pinball machines I will say this machine in the first 5 its a unique machine with good artwork and details and a really fun one to play with!
5 months ago
This is by far my favorite WPC game.

I love the classic layout inspired by the original High Speed. The Supercharger is an awesome addition to the layout and such a satisfying shot to make. The game has a lot of flow though its loops. It plays very well for a game with only one real ramp.

The game is also fairly difficult to play which makes it very replayable, especially for an "older" Williams game.

The rules are straight forward and Red Line Mania is a very nice goal to achieve. This game might just have the single best Super Jackpot to collect. It is so much fun when you get there.

The artwork looks good. Especially the playfield is nice to look at.

Overall The Getaway: High Speed II is an absolute classic and a fun game. I think this is a pinball machine that can be enjoyed by pinball players of all skill levels.
9 months ago
The Supercharger is still pretty cool and the light-topper is great too! Great game, definetly play it if you find one!
9 months ago
Downside; repetitive sound, background and cabinet are not really the most artistic.

But; I appreciate the simple rules of this game and the supercharger is a really exhilarating feature.

This makes it a fun game to play.
11 months ago
A fun game so fast that one tends to lose sight of the ball. Certainly not the deepest rule set, but a game that a play daily as it never gets boring. Red line mania is Adrenalin pure.
1 year ago
Just picked up a Getaway. One of my childhood favourites. It's fast and fun with great flow. Theming is great and the DMD animations are well done. Definitely a 90's classic.
1 year ago
This game is so fun.

Its its standard release, the playfield art is not overly impressive, but effective. I always found the BG a bit yuck & the cabinet art is fine. Audio on it has some great moments, but if your not a ZZ top fan your gonna get annoyed. The gameplay though is excellent & the turbo charger is exceptional. Another game that can be taken to a Premium level with custom mods such as the mountain, color DMD, police car, model donut shop, model tree's etc. The DMD game is one of the best around also.

The game is a bonadfide classic
1 year ago
Nothing like the highspeed ball in top gear. Top 5 game in my opinion
1 year ago
Fun theme, love the shift gears and speedometer play files lights. Sound outs are great and builds the excitement as you you go pas the red light. A fast play and very fun machine.
1 year ago
super fast,unforgiving,pure adrenalin,i love it.i am addicted.
1 year ago
I love this pinball. It is fast full of play of light. Ability to make several changes to make it even more attractive.
1 year ago
The game that brought pinball back from the dead for me. It never gets old, and it should be in every serious collection.
1 year ago
This game is definitely an SS classic! I love the supercharger ramp, it never gets old, but I really don't like the supercharger mode. I always lose my balls in supercharger mode for some reason. The animation is a little silly, but cool that you can actually switch gears! All in all this is a great game that I'll probably never sell!
1 year ago
I have owned this game for 4 months last year. I came back to the hobby with this game after some years without any pinball at home.

The build quality is good, far better than modern pins. The art is ok for the playfield and the dot, nice on the box but quite awfull on the backglass.

The shots are fine but there are not many... the main toy is amazing! The top loop is fun do repeat on and on. My personal record is 8 in a row, it is really satisfying above 3 I believe. Another nice combo is to right orbit multiple time in a row, really great if you do it two or three times!

I like very much the sound and light when you get the jackpot.

The video mode is also fun and lucrative and you can get an EB on it.

Code is not very deep but it is satisfying to shoot. A cool game to own is a large collection but not for a one pin at a time man like I am...

I have really appreciated this game but get a little bit bored after some months.

I now own modern stern pins which are, i think, more suitable for home play because of the deepest code.

Note: The game was equiped with a pinsound which is a blast on this game. Music and sound is so good with this add on!

Note 2: there is an Easter egg, secret mania. When you lock the second ball, at donut heaven, push up and down the gear stick multiple time to start it.
1 year ago
One of the best machines of its generation. Simple rules make it easy to learn, but the most important shots are somewhat narrow and off to the edges of the playfield, making it a great challenge. A lot of potential for super high speed gameplay if you can master the top loop or right orbit. The super charger is very exciting, and the gear shifter forces you to take your hand off the flipper for a second every now and then, which is scary and fun.
1 year ago
This is a fun game. The supercharger is exhilarating. I feel like this game is a bit on the shallow end but it's a lot of fun. I don't love that the shooter is replaced with a "gear changer" but it works for the game. It's not my favorite DMD era game, but it's a good one.
1 year ago
I owned this game years ago and I just bought another example. I think one of the things people take issue with regarding HS2 is the repetitive sound. My replacement machine will have a Pin Sound board upgrade and I will be installing Mr Tantrum's awesome customized soundtrack which really improves the audio which is what I think most people argue is why they don't love the game. Yes, a pin sound board isn't inexpensive but it does really improve the audio and experience of the game.
1 year ago
I just love the flow and speed and joy of getting that ball going. The rules are simple enough yet so satisfying. I like the BG just fine, but it's not really among the most artistic, nor the cabinet. But the playfield is quite beautiful, specially when lit up. An all time classic and one of Steve Ritchie's great flow machines. I thought this was going to be my dream table, but after owning one for awhile I traded it towards a Godzilla. The truth is the rules are not that deep and after hitting red line mania there's not much left to do. It's a super fun game, but if you can only own one or two machines, the new games have much deeper rules and modes that will keep you coming back to play more. The ZZ Top is great music, but even that gets old after a few months. I still love the getaway, but I had to lower my score after owning it because it's a bit too simple by todays standards. It's also a loud kind of obnoxious game (as most Ritchie games are), so better in a bar or arcade than living room. :-)
1 year ago
Getaway is a great game to own as it is difficult, but has some fun shots. Very solid pb and well built. Video mode is a fun way to earn some extra points.
1 year ago
It’s a straight up fun and cool game.
1 year ago
Great theme, a classic pinball experience
1 year ago
Great game, great features, gearshift and awesome sounds.
There are 364 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 15.

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