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There are 47 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 days ago
Gottlieb classic with a unique following. Wide body Playfield makes this a beautiful pin to look at.

Overall gameplay is true to era w/ bonus and multipliers. A lot of activity focused around yellow drops but upper Playfield is a treat as well.

Played many games and eventually got the timing down on threading the shot to upper PF but typically easier to hit through spinner and off bumper.

Drains common on plunge off right side until I learned how to time the side cabinet nudge (bump). I had game pitched WAY UP which made for “fast wide body play”.

If you are an early gottlieb SS fan a must for the collection.
29 days ago
what a HORRIBLE game. wow. maybe it was the one I was playing and being on site it sucked. wow. just bad. couldn't get into the upper playfield very well. When I did, it wasn't much fun.... FLOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAT city. not sure I could play a game that was worse than this. Rollergames was just as bad, so there is that.

Glad it was free. Couple of games and I doubt I'll ever be back on one of these.
65 days ago
Genie is a King Size Pinball Machine full of Fun! Having all those flippers makes this game very interesting and tactically challenging. The pop bumpers are sparsely positioned for such a big playfield which slows the game down a bit. The targets are positioned all over the playfield making this game challenging. The artwork is really cool and makes one want to play this game. I would have scored this game much higher if only it had more pop-bumpers. In short, this is a fun game and with a big playfield!
69 days ago
Genie is a work of art. It is arguably the best looking, hand drawn pinball art game of all time IMO. The playfield and backglass are both excellent. It is as wide a widebody as they come and that just gives you all the more art to admire.

Genie has a unique mini playfield that is interesting/challenging due to the small flippers, linked A-B-C-D roll overs, and an enjoyable set of drop targets in the center of the playfield that can multiply your bonus. The rules are straight forward and easy to remember and decent for this time period.

As a widebody it has all the issues all widebodies have of this era (floating shots, spacing issues, shot balance, etc.). However, you really don't get a Genie to be the best playing game in your collection. You get it to be the best looking. It won't disappoint in that area and you'll have fun with it at the same time.
12 months ago
At first Genie is a bit of a slow burn... But once you get into it it's a blast to play... Much different feel then the gimiky new machine... Its pin that need some attention if not it becomes a drain monster... I love palying it... Something about it... I guess I'm under the genie charm...
1 year ago
Genie is sort of a gloriously eccentric table, quite imperfect and yet still somehow addictive.

The widebody layout is almost like having one machine on the right side -- with an open playfield and fairly straightforward features -- and a half a machine on the left, with the upper mini-playfield and hazardous bumper-rollover combo on the left almost a throwback to woodrail or at least early drop target designs.

The shots aren't as well designed as they could be; there are lots of angled posts and weird rolls that play differently from other widebodies or standard widths, and the shots are almost all crossovers of various sorts. There isn't really a straight shot on the whole table.

Basically you can go for the bonus by alternating the right, lower drop targets to get them lit, work your way up to 5X, then rip the spinner to try to max out bonus and then collect it at the outhole. That's a fairly straightforward game, albeit one that is hard to control because of the rolls.

Then there's the extra ball game, more of a long player strategy, of getting the A-B-C-D rollovers -- with two places, kitty-corner to one another -- and getting the two sets of drop targets in the mini left upper playfield, playing like an old 2 inch flipper game, and collecting the extra balls. With a max of one per ball, though, it's worth noting on five-ball play you can still get as many as ten balls -- practically an add-a-ball game in that regard.

In this mix is the way the ball flings from one side to the other; you have two spinner shots from trapped flippers, or a short shot at the drop targets, on the right, open side, but a successful spinner shot is liable to kick the ball either over to the mini playfield (where you can work that for a while) or to the more dangerous drop off slopes of coming off the upper bumpers on the far right, where there are some ugly drains (some SDTM on an angle) waiting for you.

It's inelegant but as a package somehow works. There are no curved shots in this game, only thudding line drives, and on a well-tuned game it can play faster than you might think (for slower ones at too low a pitch, it can be plodding waiting for the ball to return).

I will add that this is a game where it's especially important to have the tilt tuned just right; without the ability to artfully nudge on balls running down the half-playfield on the left side, or to escape the double outlanes on the right, it can be a real drag, but having the tilt too far down makes escaping these danger zones too easy. It does not play fun if too tight or too losse.

The bright yellow art package is a little unusual for the era, and while there's not much of a coherent story to the theme -- is it 1001 Arabian Nights, or I Dream of Jeannie? -- ou can't figure it out from the art -- it's not distracting to game play either.

I'm not sure this is the first widebody you'd want in your collection but it's a good extra, and as a tournament game it works surprisingly well (although, I might add, somewhat less mercurial if set to five-ball play.)
1 year ago
I remain a fan of Genie as opposed to “I Dream of Genie”. Perhaps it’s because I like the color yellow. I really enjoy playing the game and it’s something special when you crush the bonus and get rewarded with it during gameplay. I also like how the extra balls are awarded with the upper mini play field. The double A-B-C-D rollovers trick you into thinking that accomplishing it is a lot easier than it is. While the back glass is faded on just about every original I’ve seen, the colors are great and the use of the mirrored effect is outstanding. I wish they would have spruced up the cabinet paint a bit more but it fits the era. All in all a fun game that I enjoy playing.
1 year ago
I have been making a point to play more EM games these days and this one isn't bad, but it's nothing special in my opinion. I have definitely enjoyed a number of other EM games way more.
2 years ago
Very fun game. Its challenging to try and get the extra ball, yet easy to keep the ball in play. Play seems slow but its a wide body, and I like it for a change of pace from fast newer games. Its relaxing to play, and has fun and interesting things to shoot for. I play it a lot and I have 17 games. Playfield is well lit and EZ to see. One thing I don't like is the glare from the BG, and I added soft glow LEDs but still has a Glare. if it weren't a widebody Id consider getting anti glare glass.
2 years ago
Beautiful wide body machine with plenty to shoot for. Rules are easy to understand but difficult to execute. Keeps me coming back for more.
2 years ago
I put this pin in the same rare category as Paragon: "Old wide-bodies I actually like." The great art reminds me of a comic book. I would buy it if one comes up near me.
2 years ago
Highly underrated game! It's always a favorite to play over and over by everyone. So much to do and shoot for on this giant widebody. Endless fun! Update with leds and this machine really pops!
3 years ago
Played the version with European code adding the skill shot and ball save. Thought the game played really great. Wonderful tourney game.
3 years ago
I don't understand the fuss. The game plays like every other Gottlieb game: slow and plodding with a wide body which should give you enough space for some good shots -- if only the parts and min-playfields weren't just haphazardly placed on the playfield. The audio is no good either, giving us an indecipherable tune that plays over and over, which is more than annoying. It doesn't make me want to keep playing. The "theme" isn't really a part of the gameplay, either. It's just something that feels tacked on so that Gottlieb can make a sale. They've done better than this.
3 years ago
Can sometimes feel like a bit of a mess, but the playfield layout is so unique that it just stays interesting. It is so massive it feels like three pinball machines in one. Very addictive.
3 years ago
slow and floaty game. makes for a nice change of pace compared to a modern standard size game
4 years ago
A beautiful classic wide-body. Lots to shoot for and pleasant early-electronic sounds. Feel's very EM-like, but with more to do. Overall a surprisingly fun game.
4 years ago
The "Gottlieb Widebody Paragon Equivalency of the Era".
"A game that plays as well as it looks".

No major design flaws, rock solid game.
Timeless System 1 classic game.
Outperforms many modern SS games in terms of required pinball skill and general features.
If you want to kill zombies, this is not your game.

Great variety of game shots to master, including multiple rollovers and drop targets.
Great mini playfield flipper design.
Exceptional flow in order to work the machine and scoring.
Bonus scoring exceptional.
You need to learn this game's "tricks", to play it very well.

Solid sound and tune selections for the period.
Good "twinkling" memorable tunes in line with the theme.
Outstanding playfield artwork.
Historical backglass image, instantly recognizable.
Average cabinet.

100% perfect side by side partner for Gottlieb Star System 80 Circus which is a lot harder to find in good shape.
Once properly restored, it runs forever, but a lot of them need an overhaul with the PCBs with battery damage, blown transistors, rebuilding power supplies, etc.

I have a used superb playfield just waiting to be touched up and clear coated.
5 years ago
Mabey it's just me but this game just doesn't feel fun. It's to wide, very drab and the sounds are basic. but then again it is fro the 70's and maybe I am biased but the field feels to wide. there's nothing to make you want to play again. it just feels like your hitting the ball around to make random noises happen. theres no progression of any kind, no plot or story to get you to play.

The artwork is pretty good for the time. Even with 5 balls this game just drags on when I play. it feels more like a chore than a fun game.
5 years ago
a great wide body to play,spinner
drop targets ,plus three extra flippers to get to all drop targets,i liked this game alot upon release i recalled it played aliitle slow, probly cause its a wide body but i still like it alot, diffrent playfield from most others at the time...great art package, classic game ,all in all great job gottlieb !!!
5 years ago
My first experience with Genie came on the Pinball Arcade App. Found myself playing it a lot so I went in search of one. The one I found is in incredible shape and is a lot of fun to play. Maybe I'm just bad... but the one knock I would say is that occasionally, I'll get in to a rhythm where I might shoot the ball 5 or 6 shots in a row where it hit's nothing but posts and rubbers with no score switches behind them. Only happens occasionally but I've never played another pin where you could take 4 or 5 shots and not hit anything, even with it bouncing back and forth across the play field. Something with the angles I guess. Only other knock is that the sounds are repetitive but when you consider it was one of the first pins WITH ANY electronic sound at all... it's very good.

The art is incredible on both the play field and the back glass and the cabinet... while very subtle... is completely on point with the theme of the game.

It's a fun wide body with lots of shots and a good rule set... albeit very simple.

Play one if you find... you won't regret it... and you might just end up owning one a short time later.
5 years ago
I'm noticing a bit of a trend... it seems like the older tables tend to be more difficult than the newer ones. Genie is a classic Gottlieb machine, this one with five flippers. Genie is an interesting machine for that fact... five flippers on a machine this old, to me, is unusual. This is a challenging table that really requires you to unlight the "ABCD" lights to get the possibility of an extra ball to keep you going. Even with five balls on this table, it's still difficult to get a very good score. The absolute biggest key to getting a nice score on this table is trying to avoid the bottom left slot area as much as possible... if you happen to get a ball down there, timing a table bump is crucial to get the ball out back in front of the flippers. If you let the ball fall down, more often than not, you've got yourself a lost ball. I was frustrated with this table at first, but after becoming more effective at table bumping on it, I've grown to like it, and think it's Gottlieb's best table in season one of Pinball Arcade.
5 years ago
Played this at the Pizza Depot in Sunnyvale, CA after having played it many times on the Pinball Arcade. Can't really explain why but I really love this game. Probably because it is so hard to master.
5 years ago
Aesthetically, this is one of the nicest Pins I've ever seen... Like the bodacious Genie herself, the game is drop-dead gorgeous.

As for the gameplay, at first it feels a tad slow - but as you get into it - you realize there's tremendous nuance and variety. There is never just one shot option. There is something more cerebral about this game than most. Genie is "baseball" or "golf" - not "hockey." There is time to contemplate. There are starts and stops. I find the simplicity of the soundtrack to be soothing. It is also an extremely well-built game, as Gottliebs from that era were. Get the Pascal board or similar, to realize this game to its fullest.

Love Genie.
5 years ago
A game with quite a lot of potential that had not been used, although for an early alphanumeric it's decent.

- 5 flippers
- extra upper playfield
- some nice artwork on the playfield and backglass
- simple layout, easy to figure your way round the game

- nothing particularly interesting in the game
- alphanumeric (don't fancy them)
- colour schemes on the playfield are a bit dodgy; the genie cloud is wonderful, looks a lot like the lamp trail cloud on TOTAN, but the dominant yellow comes at odds with the theme, overall lack of colour variation
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