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Pinsider Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
11,817,579,560 2017-11-19 location 3 #1
“10.7 bil HOTK”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
10,292,543,110 2015-11-17 location 3 #2
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
8,824,035,940 2015-11-21 location 3 #3
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
7,800,000,000 2016-03-17 home 3 #4
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
7,797,977,930 2016-02-12 location 3 1.22 #5
“Harbor Town Pub, San Diego. Largely due to a MASSIVE HOTK.”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
6,855,836,080 2015-11-14 location 3 #6
“Score set at Arcade Legacy : Bar Edition. Completed Hand of the King. All factory settings. ”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
6,405,632,460 2016-05-01 location 3 1.25 #8
“Completed the Iron Throne. Made a point to keep my combo multipliers up. I didn't intentionally go for any huge hurry-ups, if they happened, it was without me knowing. One or two EBs at most.”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
5,700,347,470 2016-08-23 location 3 #9
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
5,182,577,780 2018-09-25 home 3 #10
“Got through Hand of the King, but scored horribly. I was two shits away during a mode from completing the final house for Iron throne when I lost it. Did have one extra ball, so not tournament scoring. ”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
4,802,445,290 2017-05-25 home 3 #11
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
4,565,678,860 2015-12-28 location 3 #13
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
4,470,160,860 2016-04-03 home 3 #14
“Stacked WHC and Wall MB. Started with GJ, then Martell, Stark, Lan, etc. Great game!”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
4,313,893,660 2016-04-10 home 3 #15
“Missed IT and the HOTK hurry up. Mainly from the super stack. ”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
3,606,762,920 2016-01-23 home 3 1.18 #16
“After 1st ball had 2.8 billion and an extra ball. Had to take a little rest ”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
3,334,700,080 2015-11-15 location 3 #18
“AT Eighty-Two in LA. ”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
3,200,000,000 2015-12-06 home 3 #19
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
3,107,181,490 2016-10-25 home 3 #20
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
2,587,651,770 2018-07-31 home 3 #22
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
2,587,195,790 2017-03-23 home 3 #23
“I almost got to the main wizard mode iron throne but I couldn't defeat the last dragon on house Targaryen. Had multiple super jackpots, winter has come and jackpot on hand of the king. ”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
2,189,378,220 2015-10-23 location 3 #25
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
2,188,478,720 2015-11-12 location 3 #26
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
2,158,243,760 2017-04-24 location 3 #27
“@ SunRay”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
2,136,894,350 2016-02-22 location 3 #28
“extra ball”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
2,028,658,010 2016-03-02 home 3 1.21 #31
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
1,850,000,000 2015-12-05 location 3 #32
“Only about my 5th game on it at the Replay Museum. First 4 games were terrible then I pulled this off. Lots of Blackwater Multiballs, but not sure I ever got Wall Multi. I did get Hand of the King and maybe activated Winter is Coming?”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
1,765,723,020 2016-02-02 location 4 #34
“One of my first games one this machine, no idea what I was doing but it felt good :-)”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
1,760,358,670 2016-07-15 location 3 #35
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
1,751,198,900 2017-11-06 location 3 #36
“I always want to know what my 3 ball score is. This was before my extra ball. I forgot to take a picture AFTER my extra ball. I don't recall where it ended up. I had been stuck at 500-600M playing Tyrell; this was my first attempt at Martell.”
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
1,501,890,870 2016-10-19 home 3 #38
on Game Of Thrones (Pro)
1,469,039,310 2015-12-21 location 3 #39
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