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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Game Of Thrones". The group itself ranks #52 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.977

Artwork: 6.65

Sounds/Music: 7.705

Other Aspects: 8.044

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This is "Game Of Thrones (Pro)".
The other version is: Game of Thrones (Premium/LE)

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There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
fast and good flow on this one...really like it
one of my best machine
5 years ago
very good flow, fast and fun machine !!
5 years ago
Game is a blast to play, with so many different options to shoot for. When you hit your shots its very rewarding.
5 years ago
This game is a hit and a miss. It has great strategy, some fun shots, and I love the strategic choice. However, the game has a few major flaws. First, the sound gets annoying. The only music i hear its the GOT theme over and over.
Also, this is possible the worst looking machine I have ever seen.
5 years ago
Not my favourite modern Stern, but better than the Premium version. I find that the target between the left side loop and Dragon is much too close to the flippers making it a dangerous insta-drain if accidentally hit it (I can manage the Dragon kick-back though, go figure), My reactions these days aren't quite quick enough to cope! Very bright and flashy game. I'm still having trouble understanding the rules, and why I occasionally suddenly double my score!
5 years ago
Love this game. Instant favorite in my collection. Where pinball should be in this day and age. This package is clearly the result of years of experienced design. Fun, fun, fun.
5 years ago
Very good game! Rules are deep and strategic. The different way of playing due to the different house are really interesting. I just want to play it more to understand everything. The Two way of multipliers, the Iron Bank, The choice to active or do missions, The way to choose one or two missions, the money to spent for bonus, etc... This make me feel that we have a real good game in hands.
I don't really like the game of thrones series, but i like fantasy world.
Such a pity that the dot animation are so bad, it really seems that they just convert movie into dot matrix... If you don't have seen the series you may not understand. Now that i saw this, dot animation seems less bad for me.
Backglass is quite ugly too, i don't think they spent a lot of time on it... Fortunately, play field is good, and the rules and gameplay are so so good that make forget this.
5 years ago
Super fast lots of ramps code is there can't stop playing got
5 years ago
This is a fairly early rating, I have about fifteen games on the machine. This machine looks like it will be a top ge for years to come, phenomenal layout by the king. The artwork has been much discussed, I don't find it bad at all. The game shoots and flows great. Good light show that would be ranked higher in my view if another version of this game did not have an even better light show.
5 years ago
The light shows are absolutely stunning--even on the Pro model. I can't imagine how they'll be on the Premium/LE model. Very smooth gameplay. There aren't too many toys, which in this case is a good thing. Definitely my favorite new Stern after Spider-Man.
5 years ago
I had the chance to play this game in a pinball museum/arcade. The artwork is so-so in my opinion, seen better, seen worse. The game flow is pretty good but somehow there isn't much to do. I must have shot a dozen consecutive balls up the ramp but the novelty wears off quickly. The battering ram is kind of cool but that's pretty much it as toys are concerned. The flashers are really annoying and hurt my eyes, that's why I gave it a 1/6 on lighting.
An OK game that's fun for a while but nothing that sticks out of the crowd. I quickly moved on to Metallica and MM which where the machines next to it.
5 years ago
This game is somehow so much better than the sum of all its parts. Artwork is pretty bland, the fan layout feels a little uninspired and it seems to lack variety on the playfield but damn if I couldn't walk away from it. It's just such a fun machine to play, so fast but not at evil as Acdc, a good rule set you can pick up rather quickly and some neat new features like collecting gold, wild fire, trading items and some interesting video modes. For the money it costs it wouldn't get a buy out of me over a more classic machine but I can't argue that this machine is just a fun fun machine to play.
5 years ago
i have played only 3-4 games and so i will update the gameplay rating later
The layout is not my taste, i find ramps and loops locations too lower in the pf. i thought this would be a fast pin and finally it is not so much, you must be precise otherwise the return in the flipper area is requires a minimum control of the ball.
Playfield artwork is good but playfield looks empty, 2 nice ramps, a dragon figurine and that's quite all.
Stern borrowed the lock system of the lord. great innovation!!!
i can't believe the new button location to switch on/off the pin. Dumb.

Édit: rules are very good. Still learning new code 1.21 with some display improvements. Game is really fast as long as you can make shots in a row. It's The way to make big score. You need to lit at least 2 houses and choose battles between them and multiplicate The pf. I Did not make The final yet but The Hand of The king is a blast to play
5 years ago
very good pin , fast , difficult , already played almost 30 hours ( played 4 hours in a row this morning , without being bored at all , just tired -) , really enjoyed it

an excellent recent Stern , complex deep rules ( you can choose your house ) people can t judge this pin just after playing it less than one hour

reminds me the living adventure and story feeling i a with the lord , a top 3 Stern for me with lord of the rings , thinking about buying it

thanks Stern , good job , just after the very nice KISS and the horrible WWE
5 years ago
I just can't get into GoT pro or premium for that matter. The layout feels limited with only a few shots laid out as somewhat a set of vertical lanes , shots. The rules take effort to understand but I'm not getting far into the rules as the game layout Just isn't fun to me to force me to learn the game. I find myself playing Stern Stsr Trek, Kiss and even TWD over GoT. Sure it's s good game but just not for me.
5 years ago
This is a standard stern game. The playfeild looks good, cabinet is cheap looking and the game play is below average. Great theme and was very excited to play it but it is a fairly easy game with a rule set that has more to be desired. The shot set is not hard. Very disappointed as I really was looking forward to this one.
5 years ago
Game of Thrones pinball machine is a blast to play. Good flow and rule set . Scoring is a bit odd . But all in all a very descent pinball machine.
5 years ago
Top 5 Stern game. Very addictive gameplay with the best light show in pinball.
5 years ago
Get certain modes going results in total blindness. PF art is bland. Game has ball flow for certain.
5 years ago
It's a fine game. Nothing about this game really gets me excited, the rules are ok-ish but when the road to victory consists of backhanding an orbit again and again and again..... Bleh. One of the biggest failures is that there is so much they could've done with the theme, and it comes off as kind of uninspired and generic. Art is OK. Opening theme repeating ad nauseam is not great.

The one thing it really does well is making the scoring pretty arbitrary and haphazard through overuse of shot and combo multipliers during multiball- do some stuff quick enough and good stuff happens, good luck doing it again! Pavlovian pinball at it's finest, embrace the chaos. Not really my cup of tea though.
5 years ago
Out of the box, the fame has got to have the worst lighting ever. It literally works against you go mess you up. No a dark room the game is unplayable due to flashers used instead of spotlights.
5 years ago
this game is too much fun. the shot layout and code for the houses and strategies adds a new depth/dimension to gameplay. love 6 balls (still haven't seen all 6 on the pf), and the multi balls (wall, hand of the king, and blackwater) are all extremely fun. One of Steve Richies top 3 of all time imo. make the dragons wings flap!
5 years ago
Great Game.
Super rulesheet !!!
Empty cheep looking playfield and very ugly artwork.
5 years ago
It played really smooth back hands a plenty and has some great rules already in place. Just not sure if I should get a premium or a pro. But if I went with the pro I would defiantly be happy with it and richer :).
5 years ago
We have two GOT at Timezone on the Gold Coast and so I got to put a number of games on both at our last pinball club meeting. Looking forward to next Wednesday when we meet again, so I can give this game another run.

First off I am not a die hard GOT fan, I read the first three books and watch the first two seasons of the show and then it sort of Fizzled out for me. So I don't know if I can really rate the theme integration as well as other die hard fans. What I will say is that the idea of using the modes as a way to battle the families against each other seems spot on and probably the best way to integrate the story into a pinball table.

Artwork is typical modern Sterns- Far to match photoshop - no real character - poor print quality. I guess if you like Stern art style this machine won't disappoint certainly not "Ugly" but no real gem either.

Sounds are always hard to rate when you playing games in an arcade with 7 other pins firing around you. However the call outs seem so so no humour or story progression. I can't remember the music at all, which makes me think it must of been rather bland.

DOT's - The dots are some of the poorest I have seen in pinball, They just tried to put so much detail into the display and it comes off as a bit of mess. The Joust video mode could be so much better for a 2015 game. I know its been said before but after playing WOZ at a friends house recently, Stern really needs to lift its game with DMD or switch to LCD.

Gameplay - Very fast - very smooth are the two main points I took away. The first time the dragon shoots the ball back at you (think whiplash on Iron man) you really know about. The Ramps are supper smooth although maybe a little over used. Most players seemed to go House Of Stark and then middle ramp middle ramp middle ramp etc... I'm sure as we develop a better understanding of the ruleset the game play will open up a bit more. However a lot of the shots seemed to be quite dangerous as the game can be a drainer. Where as looping the middle ramp is a safe easy shot. Multi ball was obtainable in almost every game I played. Multi ball had a very different flow to most games with the sword lock stopping the ball, so you only ever seemed to have 1 or 2 balls on the table at anytime not all 3.

Rules/Scoring - Need to spend sometime reading the ruleset on the current code before next meeting as I still have very little idea of what is really going on. The scoring did seem rather unbalanced with long balls and multiple modes entered producing very little points and then other games smashing 100's of millions for little effort. Will hold final judgement until I can properly comment of this section.

Overall it was a fun game to play with the potential for a lot of depth as the code develops. I couldn't see myself buying one as the just not a die-hard fan of the show and modern Stern's are not my thing. However would certainly be happy to pound out some games whenever possible.

With the popularity of the show and the fast free flow layout of the game, I think STERN has a real winner on their hands. I can easily see this game breaking into the top 20 - 25 on the list based on where other STERNS are rated.

Just saw that my overall rating comes in at 6.6 this is on the low side but only because the art work skewers it down. The game itself plays closer to 8 - 8.5
There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 6.

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