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Game Design: 7.988

Artwork: 6.648

Sounds/Music: 7.709

Other Aspects: 8.055

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There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
If you like Game of Thrones, I think you'll like this pin a lot. As for me, I just wasn't feeling it. I thought it was a bit hard to hit some targets and well, I never watched the show so I didn't know what I was doing.
5 years ago
Awesome game. Not sure why so many people bash it (any version of it). You have to play it a while to understand it. I think it offers a lot in game play and depth. There is a lot to do with houses, hand of the king, etc. I do have to say, the premium is a superior game in everyday. the castle, colored lights do a make a difference. Plus, the premium playfield being blue and the back glass look a lot better than the pro and limited versions.

A lot of folks write how much better the pro is. It's not. The premium has more going on and more variation. In any case, it's still a far better game than so many old school games everyone raves about that hold your attention about 5 minutes.
5 years ago
The ruleset just kills this for me. They fixed some of it with the first code update, but that launch code was garbage. The multiple multiplier thing is just convoluted. I don't care about the theme, but the layout is great, and the shots are fun to hit. Rulesets matter, and this really just bums me out. Potentially a very good design just ruined for me. And just to be clear, I have played this one with the new code, and I still think that it is murky and unnecessarily complicated.
5 years ago
Really a great game - everytime that you play it can be different. The strategy components really make this game a lot of fun. If you are looking for a "hit this blinking light" game you will miss the beauty that is in this game. Code is excellent. Shots flow well. Yes artwork is lacking and sounds can be a bit repetitive but don't let that scare u off. A great long-term complex game which will provide years of fun for those with the patience to really dig in and figure it out...
5 years ago
One great game and I actually prefer the pro on this game; plays much faster then the premium and just plain fun
5 years ago
Artwork is hideous. This felt cheap and offered even less than a usual PRO does....Music is outs the same. Game play was nothing great.
Walked away from this quite disappointed as i love the show.
5 years ago
There should be two versions of "pro" at Stern. "Pro" and "Pro-lite". If Metallica and Ghostbusters pro models are compared to this pin, then this is the lite version.

I liked the flow of the ramps but everything else was a real yawner for me. Theme, lighting, toys, skill shot were meh. Too many better models for the money. It's not as bad as Avatar but not better than Star Trek. For me, in terms of fun, it's on the Transformers level.
5 years ago
GOT pro is a great entry in Stern's lineup. Fun and flowy game.
5 years ago
I think the pro is more fan than the LE, the mini playfield on the LE just slows down the gameplay. I have two issues with the pin bringing down my rating, first the flashing lights in some modes make the ball nearly impossible to see in a semi-dark room, second the lack of variation in the fan layout of the game just seems too repetitive. It seems like the rules were put in place to offset the repetitiveness, but it still feels lacking.
5 years ago
To me this game is basically like No Fear 2.0 but with 2 flippers.
Good flow, some fun shots and enjoyable once the mojo is flowing.
5 years ago
Great game, but don't watch the show or dig the theme.
5 years ago
Steve Ritchie designed GOT with an upper playfield, and removed it for the Pro. This makes the Pro a very different game, and opinions vary on which version is more fun. While I prefer the Prem/LE to own, I think the Pro is almost as fun to play and you get about 90% of the rules and scoring with it. The Pro translite is uninspired, but it's easy to replace. Pro owners will have fewer problems with the orbits, since the VUK and diverter are not there.

The Pro suffers from bogus ratings, so ignore the ranking. Dwight Sullivan rules and Steve Ritchie speed make it a great pin that doesn't get old.
5 years ago
Absolutely love this game!!!
5 years ago
Really disappointed with this game
5 years ago
The more I play GoT, the more I like star trek... I consider ST to be Steve Richie's masterpiece.

GoT rules may be more complex, deeper... and still I am not a big fan of the ram and dragon hurling back the ball at max speed. ST is fast while GoT is too fast for my aging reflexes. GoT Artwork is bad. Really bad. Light show is too much. Video mode is bad...

It does have the Richie genes, making it enjoyable. It does have this "one more game" feeling. But I do prefer TWD or ST over GoT.
5 years ago
Playfield Layout: Simple but effective. This is a great fan'esk type layout. Its not a typical left ramp / right ramp combo fan layout and the orbits are wicked fast.
Rules: Fantastic rules that fit the layout extremely well.
Toys: Not many toys, but the dragon kickback is wicked fast and better than iron monger. The dragon hold shot is very very satisfying too. Sword lock shot is great fun.
Gameplay: Gamplay is smooth and top notch. No cheap gameplay, very skill based, smooth ball returns even on missed shots.

Playfield Art: Is decent. has some bad, has some good. I like the detail to the lanes and the dragon shadow. But the rest is average at best.
Backglass: absolutely horrid backglass. Good thing there's alt backglasses! the hand drawn animated backglass that is around looks great.
Cabinet: Really really poor cabinet art. Photoshopped characters, just doesnt look that great.

Animations: Not the greatest animations for mode progression. But all the other animations are great. and the display info for combos and scoring is fantastic. Color DMD is a MUST > Game changer! Makes the animations in this game completely bad ass!
Sounds & Speech: Rory McCann (The Hound) call outs are over the top some of the best in pinball. On the current version (1.26), there's a lot of speech and sound effects missing from modes, winter has come, HOTK SJP hurry up.
Music: Music is decent but nothing to get excited about. House Targaryan music and IT is great!
Quality: quality isnt the greatest, luckily spike system allows changing sounds, music, treble, bass to make it more accented.
Variation: Good variety in call outs but really needs more.
Lighting: For a pro, or even modern dmd. Lighting is great. Some dont like the WIC lighting effects, i love it.
Lastability: Hard to say after 3 mos of ownership, but its a fun as F*ck game that has all sorts of strategy and keeps me coming back.
Theme: I love the show and the rules and progression really compliment the theme but thats about it.

Update 11.9.16:
Underrated game for sure. Simple layout and design that completely smashes a homerun with its rules integration and flow. Hits on so many levels. It's too bad this game got a bad wrap on its art package because whether your a fan of the show or not, this game delivers to players in strategy, shooting, and overall fun. Currently, the only thing this game lacks besides better art is code - not rules, but overall code. There are no special dramatic sound effects or call outs for hitting hurryup super jackpots nor key advancements in winter has come multiball. A few bugs exist and the center ramp sword lock could be better coded for faster flow during multiballs.

Update 3.10.18:
Still own this game. Thought about selling a couple times but it's just too dam cool. Updated my rating mainly because I believe its one of sterns best 3 for sure to me. Still suffers in the art department. But another reason I boosted the rating is because of COLOR DMD! Holy hell, I had display and animation weak before; only thing that saved the display before colordmd was the good use of scoring and combos. But COLORDMD! has completely transformed the display, 10 out of 10! So if you're thinking of GOT PRO, go for it! just get an alt translite and colordmd; This pin is fast, has some of the best flow in any pin, has tons of strategy, and is just an overall great pin. It could still use some polish in the code department, thats my only knock on the game - rules are fantastic but code needs polish and bugs addressed.

Final thoughts on this game now that it has left my collection after 2+ years. It's an underrated game for sure. Such a blast; one of my favorites in the fun factor and strategy department. The flow is the best in any game ive had or played. It's a players game for sure that enjoys rules and strategy. The biggest knock I give this game is amount of bugs in the code and lack of polish in rules/code. This lack of polish finally started irritating me in a small collection, but man the game is so close to next level bad ass. There's a serious bug in the game where if you stack wall multiball and winter has come multiball, you can get a ball saver for up to 5-8 minutes if you can trigger an add-a-ball at the pops and continuously let all but one balls drain. Use that one ball to hit jackpots - try it as Baratheon and you'll be getting 50M regular jackpots before multipliers. Easy 10 Bil in less than 10 mins and the setup is easier than getting to HOTK. That said; the bug can be mitigated by setting Winter Has come ball saver down to 10 or 15 seconds.
5 years ago
The #1 issue I have with this game is the Artwork. Pretty lame. Good thing you don't play the art, and I'm a player. This game plays so great. It is very fast, and a lot of shots can be hit from each flipper.

While this game looks stripped down next to the Prem or other games like GB, the rules completely make up for that. IMO, if you are a true player, it will take you at least 50-100 games to really see what this game has to offer. A full understanding of the game is really what makes it sing. If you can get past how the game looks, you will love it.
5 years ago
The game is pretty fun and the theme is very original and charming but the backglass design is unsatisfactory as the game plan that is too cold.
5 years ago
I like the theme and am a big GoT fan, but this one just does not do it for me. First the shots are a bit boring, the dragon shot is pretty cool but that is just it. Maybe I did not get through the rules enough to make this one interesting. The lighting is very bright! I had some trouble with that. The modes are nice, the battles you can choose and the blackwater multiball is good. The display seems very bright and red. I think this game would be great with an LCD...maybe wait on a VE.
5 years ago
This game is lightning fast and awesome as you would expect from a Steve Richie design. The rules are really fun and you can approach it in many ways to get different advantages and scoring differences. Art on both the cabinet and playfield could have been a lot better, but still a great game to look at. The sound and lighting is superb, you don't even need a external sub to get this game cranked up. I like the dragon kick back, the multi ball modes are already well implemented and code is really solid from a new release stand point. Hopefully future updates to code will make this game shine even more. I thought ACDC was fast but this game is full of flow and speed. Glad to have it in my line up.
5 years ago
Love the show. I was excited to play the pin only to find that Stern is up to their new tricks again by producing another boring, cookie-cutter pin. It was very boring to play.

Everyone I know insists that this is a great pin. So I have to claim that this is a review in progress and find some time to spend on this machine to see if I can figure out what I am not seeing.

Update: Okay, now I get it. I finally decided to spend some time on this machine and find myself compelled to keep playing it. It seems so simplistic with only a few shots, but the subtleties are some of the best I've seen in any pin and the modes are far more accessible than I was aware of early on. Playing through the modes, coupled with the tight shots reveal an unexpected and comprehensive gameplay experience. The challenging nature of those shots are that much more fun and rewarding during in-depth play. I'm a believer now. So much so that I am going to add it to my wishlist.
5 years ago
The shoots feel extremely satisfying and the rules are innovative. This screams "one more game" constantly....
5 years ago
Played about 20 games with two friends, we really wanted to like it, we did not.
The manger came over while we were playing and told us they just upgraded the game software the day before (2/16/16) so this was as good as this poor game gets.
It had some cool shots but not much up top, really well lit playfield, almost blinding at times. Glass and art are pretty sorry for a new game. Sounds are ok, at least they had what I think we're the real actors voicing it. At the end of the night we spent our "final game" at Walking Dead"

Really hope the LE version is better

I have played the game a few more times and it is growing on me. I still don't like the backglass and animation should be multi color
5 years ago
So I was not planning on it but after reading some reviews by people I trust I took a chance and bought a GOT Pro. I'm really glad I did. Super fun game with really interesting rules, tons of speed and great flow. The art is "okay" but who cares... The gameplay is fantastic.
5 years ago
Played this one and absolutely loved it, but I'm a big GOT fan. Loved the dragon and different houses, very cool.
There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 6.

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