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Game Design: 7.977

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Other Aspects: 8.044

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There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
I have a collection of 34 games at the moment and right now this is my favourite. this is a strong theme and a strong player - great earner on location and very reliable, haven't had any issues yet. deep rules, nearly every shot to me is satisfying. if you like flow, this has LOTS of it. everyone should have a GOT pro in their collection.
2 years ago
I prefer the faster flow of the pro over the LE. Main gripe with game is the art/graphic layout and typography. There’s some stuff you can blame on HBO approval, but then there is just a lack of taste. Can’t complain, the novels are also pretty ugly judging by the covers. Would be a prime candiate for a compete overhaul of the PF and BG art; PF looks like a treasure map from a coloring book. I’ve seen local independent pro wrestling flyers with better Photoshop skills on display than the back glass. Yikes. Would never put one in my house because it looks so god awful, but I love to play it on location.
3 years ago
Why did I think this game sucks???? I am so glad I got to play this game over and over and over again. It really was such a pleasant surprise! The Art is absolutely terrible. However the game play is there! It shoots so nice, Steve is the king of flow! I loved every second of play time. I would own one in a second.
3 years ago
Great game! Original layout and deep rules.
Playfield is nice, lightshow is one of the best. And it doesn't have this cheap Sten feeling. Music does the job, you know it's GOT and the pin screems what you have to do.
Backbox and side art could really have been better, but you can find cool alternative drawn backglass.
Animations are just awfull, and the red dmd makes it worst.
A true Stern masterpiece that will put your nerves on edge.
3 years ago
In the 6 months I've owned this game, it's been the most played game in my collection by a huge margin. Honestly, I was so turned off by the game's artwork, that I didn't think this pin would stick around for very long. However, the art package has kind of grown on me, but I still wouldn't call it great.

The depth of rules and scoring strategies on this game are awesome. I love having the choice of houses before the first plunge. Each one plays a little different, which gives this game lots of life in a home collection. There are so many ways to play and little scoring nuances that have to be learned in order to put up large scores. The "Hand of the King" mini wizard mode is very achievable and the rules of that mode are impacted by which houses you complete to get there. The final wizard mode is a challenge to get to, but it's certainly achievable to decent players with a little luck and some controlled play.

The playfield layout is very flow heavy and both ramps can be backhanded. The battering ram shot to get the Super Jackpot is super satisfying. Especially since you can hit it over and over again until the timer runs out. What a rush! The dot animations are great, but a ColorDMD is essentially a must on this title.

This is a super fun game that has a mediocre art package, but it makes up for it with excellent rules, deep strategy, and flow. It has a "just one more game factor" that's off the charts.
3 years ago
A top pin, fast flow, deep rules and the shots feeling is 100%.
I love playing tournaments and this is one of the top tournament machines
I really dont get the ratings here - every good player says that the pro is the better version and after watching the market here in europe: no owner wants to sell their GoTpro, the offers go to zero !!!
3 years ago
After finally having this game in my collection, I can now say this is a really great game. I've fallen in love with the show, so that helps. Shots are fun and feel great. The new code update really helped to polish things up, and add even more to the strategy. Lightshow is excellent, and art isn't that bad in person. Give this game a shot!
3 years ago
I respect this game for the deep rules and strategy that it has but I just can't get into it and I don't know why. I have no interest in the theme but that usually doesn't stop me from enjoying a good pinball machine. I simply cannot get into this one and I never have much fun while playing it. May edit this down the road if something clicks but for now something just doesn't feel right about this game.
3 years ago
I find myself skipping this pin for others that are more fun.

Update 10/16/2018: I still skip this pin but... I know now that the ruleset is ridiculously deep. I think that if the local on-location pinball joint had a premium or LE, I'd play this more often. This has to be one of the ugliest playfields ever. I may stream this in the near future and get someone to walk me through the ruleset. Regardless of my like/dislike, I'd like to be able to put up 100-200 million consistently on this pin. And I love the show so...
3 years ago
I played this machine and didn't do well, but I couldn't stop playing. The code was deep which I liked. This is a game that I hope to get one day. People complain about the cabinet art work. Easy fix, put in in between two others pinball machines. As for the backglass, change it out.
3 years ago
Fast game with a deep rule set that is well suited to home use. Strobe effect makes it hard to play at points. You can lose track of the ball when it goes off. the midnight madness is a cool feature.
3 years ago
Artwork is very ugly and uninspired at best, how it's possible to mess a beautiful and strong theme like GOT and create a machine who looks like a Xena warrior princess machine? I think the designers don't watched the show and it's a BIG mistake. The artwork reminds the Youtube video Game of Thrones 90s intro VHS style, and it's not good at all.
Playfield and shots are boring, classic, uninspired. No toys or magnets at all if we forget the Dragon kicker, much less fun and wow factor than the War machine kickback. It's the much simplest layout we can find on a modern machine. Annoying ball hop at the flipper bats make the game hard to play smooth and flowy. It's clunky and for a game designed by Ritchie, it's really a shame (SHAME!)
Lightshow is flashy and colors are fluorescent, hmmm.. the theme is Game of Thrones, really? Again, big mistake.
Musics are good, but sounds are really bad and very repetitive. Callouts are ok but there really are not many. The game seems unfinished and botched (bugs, no sounds for some jackpots, and a few same sounds on the 3 differents multiballs...). The game lacks great sounds when you finish a mode or start a Wizard, it's flat and not really exciting.
Rules are ok but it's not nearly as intense as TWD, IM or Met.
Clearly a big disappointment for me, i'm just glad i didn't buy this machine.

EDIT: i update my ratings since i played at least 100 games on the GOT pro i have temporarily at home. The code is good and it's very fun to go for Iron Throne. Once you had a good score on a house, you want to play an other and an other, so lastability is good. Risk and reward, and strategies can sum up GOT. Too bad the artwork doesn't suit the gameplay. The more i play this game the more i like it, but i wouldn't buy this game because of the artwork and the lack of variety in the sounds. However, i understand people who like it, because the code is really good.
3 years ago
Finally I have played the pro version of this game!! I like it a lot! The rules encourage you to shoot for the playfield multiplier ( battering ram), and to stack modes and multiball!!
3 years ago
Game of thrones pro has great rules, good sounds and music, and a great theme. But, the reason I like the premium more is because the pro has very bad artwork and no toys at all.
3 years ago
I'm a huge fan of the series, and the pinball version does not disappoint! I think the dragon is the coolest part, whenever you hit the ball into it's cave, the lighting effects are really incredible. Blackwater multiball is simple enough to get that you can have a lot of fun for a few bucks on location. It's also a really exciting multiball!
4 years ago
What a let down......Best damn show on TV ever.....worst Fan Shape Layout on a pinball ever.
4 years ago
The pro feels stripped down to me. If I decided to buy one I would spend the additional money for a premium.
4 years ago
Opinions on games change and when this came out I didn't like it but over the last year or two I enjoyed it on location and starting looking for one. The rules are amazing and deep while the layout is great Steve Ritchie flow. This is a very solid and underrated title that scores lowly mostly because of some pretty uninspired art.
4 years ago
This game is awesome. I've got some big titles in my collection and most of them haven't been turned on since I got GOT. My only complaints are that the ball save lasts forever and you can only stack two modes. If you're thinking about this one, buy it, especially if you like the show.
4 years ago
I really like GoT for a newer stern. This is the first game to have a strong departure from the "classic" pinball rules, where strategy can make a huge difference in score (versus just completing modes to get to mini/wizard modes for big points). Which house to you pick to start makes a big difference on how you play the game, which houses do you try to bring to multiball make a big difference, the order of houses completed makes a big difference, etc. Also, the game shoots really, really well, and the physical ball lock is a nice added touch. I would definitely enjoy owning this game at some point (and the Pro over the Premium, even through I love the lighting effects on the Premium.)
4 years ago
Far superior to the "LE" version, but oddly void of decent theming save for a randomly-placed dragon, GOT Pro is comprised of basically hitting a series of ramps and tunnels, which help you win "battles" amongst "houses". The issue is that there isn't much to it beyond the maze of ramps in front of you, which has the unfortunate side effect of making the missions feel the same despite the game trying to con you into thinking otherwise. The ramps and targets only really provide you with about a half dozen total shots, which limits the fun. That and the same audio bits just play over and over with generic voice actors seemingly replacing the actual show actors. The dot matrix animations need an upgrade to a video screen DMD because the animations just don't translate well. The only thing that saves it is the gameplay which moves a lot quicker than GOT LE. You have to be on your toes when shots at targets come barrelling back at you at the same speed you hit them. As a shooter, sure, this one might have something to offer but Stern has produced better.
4 years ago
Ok gameplay, but not a fan of the drain shots on the left side of the playfield. Ugliest pin i've seen. Sorry GOT fans :)
4 years ago
Im not the biggest fan of the show and its all ramps.
4 years ago
Revisited this at Knoebels today. Had a blast hitting ramps on a well tuned machine. Not something id buy for home, as im not rich and im limited to a "few" pins, but I love the series on HBO, and the pin was quite fun. very fast, smooth shots, the ramps and spinners were like Butter.
4 years ago
I think I hate this one actually, feels cramped with lots of ramps. Never watched GoT so that does not help to appreciate the theme.
There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 6.

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