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Other Aspects: 8.086

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9 days ago
This game is difficult and has a ton of variety. It almost has too much variety which makes it difficult to really learn.
55 days ago
I really like this game and am trying to get better at it. Sometimes the scoring is a little confusing to me. Not a lot of cheap drains though and lots of replayability with using the different houses. One ding for me is that with so much source material to work with there is really just the one toy in the dragon.
73 days ago
Once I learned how to get into Black Water Multiball, everything changed for me on how I felt about this game. Choose Martell and you get an extended multiball. Learn that and it may change for you if you don't know how to get into that. I love this game. It is very complex and I've spent hundreds of dollars playing it. I think I prefer the Pro over the Premium but will play either.
7 months ago
I think most reviewers have covered the cabinet art and translite deficiencies. Alternate translite is an instant improvement to the machine. ColorDMD is an absolute must, as others have commented. Where it really doesn't have a lot of toys on the playfield, the game itself (latest code is a must!!!) more than makes up for it. The light shows are amazing, even if Blackwater Multiball can be a bit much from the strobes. The game has a ton of replayability. Every time I play, I'm finding a nuance that I missed before.

I played the LE (without colorDMD) and was not impressed with the animations, and felt like I couldn't see the playfield, as the upper playfield takes up a ton of space. It is unfortunate that you lose out on a multiball, but the pro just seems like the better purchase, in my opinion.
7 months ago
Games played: ~50

Everything is very close to the flippers and so there are only 5 (6 with the ram) shots to hit, each of them with almost the same witdth and targets around it - which is a bit boring.
In terms of toys the game is absolutely bland and the ram is just a prettier captive ball (that doesn't even work as well as a captive ball).

Definitely one of the most interesting ways to have a mode based game.
Choosing between the houses with different perks is an awesome idea and well executed (now even better with the code update).

Awsome lightshow with memorable moments like blackwater and winter is coming.
Good animation, although sometimes a bit hard to see with everything being in one color.
Every house has its own color + winter is coming so there's 8 different colors used. That's a bit too much too much to differentiate when not knowing the game too well, so a few more inserts would have helped a lot.

Fast and combo heavy. The gameplay itself is not that instersting. Just shoot a shot and the ball returns to the flipper. That's it.
A bit easy because of how wide the shots are, but very punishing if missed.
The rules dictate what shots to hit and so the game becomes very much focused on not hitting any unlit shots and instead hitting the correct shots in time to progress and complete features.

Awful awful translite. Cabinet is boring with it just being photoshopped characters.
Playfield is better but still not that great (e.g. with the random green in the middle and the focus on cogs).

Very energetic callouts. Goes well with the fast gameplay and serious theme.
Music can get pretty intense as well.

It's GOT and they captured it pretty well with the houses battling against each other. Also provides the intro music and some snow/ice theme bits which is nice.

Great game to explore over many many games with the different houses providing different ways to play the game.
Since it's an easy shooter it's a welcome change to those games with (some) difficult shots and simple rulesets.
9 months ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 6 - average

* New software giving each house a button ability among other updates make this the best software update ever in my eyes
* Normal Steve Ritchie flow in all the ramp & orbit shots feels very smooth and satisfying
* Dragon shot is a tough shot which is fitting for extra balls
* Love the added call outs on the new software
* Blackwater multiball easy to achieve which is good for beginners

* Playfield on the Pro does look somewhat barren and devoid of toys
* Poor looking animations without the color dmd
* Art is quite average if that bothers you
* Pro missing the Castle Multiball of the Prem/LE which is disappointing

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* This title really benefits from color dmd as animations are hard to make out on a standard dmd
* Pyramid mod
* Lannister and Stark flags
* Battering Ram from Mezel Mods
* Alternate Translite of some kind
* Ideally a side rail set that has Lannister and Stark to match the cabinet

What To Look For When Buying
* Condition of the ramps, particularly the right one
* Battering ram plastic commonly broken but the mod is recommended anyway
* The more mods already added the better
10 months ago
Now that the software for this game is complete it takes the pin to a whole new level. Could the side art and translite be better? sure. The speed, flow and game play are excellent. Every time that I play i find it challenging and immersive.
10 months ago
Nothing too special or unique. Would be less appealing were I not a fan of the show.
11 months ago
I have not played the premium so I went into this game not knowing about any features not on the pro but on the premium. I had a ton of fun with this game. The rule set is great and probably the best part of the game.this is definitely a great tournament game.
1 year ago
Finally had an opportunity to play GoT pro and I walked away thinking this is a cool, immersive and deep machine. I watched the entire series and following the rules and understanding the game is straight forward. The feature of being able to select what house you play, the speed, flow, smoothness and complete experience make the pin fun and adventurous. The updated/complete software makes this machine really interesting and a joy to play. Hope to add this to my collection someday in the future.
1 year ago
A good pin that feels like what would happen if the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings pins had a baby— but somehow, it’s not nearly as good as either.

Nice fan layout with some absolute death shots thrown in, but I like the ramps and find the pick a character immersive and interesting.
1 year ago
Great game. Love the different benefits and strategies depending which house you choose. Makes it such an amazing game.
1 year ago
I'm a big fan of the show, and this pin is quite immersive, so fans wont be disappointed. I do feel that the LE has a lot of desirable features on the pin that really make it a "must-buy" over the pro, however.
1 year ago
GoT is a real fine pinball game. It looks great - and plays even greater.

The choice to run each play under the banner of different noble houses combined with a great variety of shots, goals and multiball makes this table interesting, intense and very entertaining. The whole theme of GoT is cleverly and successfully interwoven with the different features and graphics of the game. That goes for the whole sound package - both music and effect sounds/call-outs - as well. Incredible playfield altogether with what I think is the most exciting miniplayfield ever.
Other entertaining playfield features are the sliding battering ram bash toy and the metal sword that acts as ball lock release.
The highly detailed heraldic signs and knighthood-like imagery on playfield together with convincing lighting and flashers
add another level of awesomeness to the mix. On top of that the game has a real memorable video mode and dramatic animations.
As a comparison, although different in playing style and theme, this tale of monsters and heros outshines Medieval Madness.

The two main reasons I gave this game a few low points are:
- Cabinet and back glass art come across as disappointing. This is the kind of uninspired pictures you usually find on the backsleeve of a DVD-cover.
- With everything else almost perfect the rattlelike, uneven movements of the winged dragon gives this playfield feature the impression of a cheap battery operated china toy. A few more dollars spent in production could have given it a more precise and solid pattern of motion. With the dragon being pretty much the hood ornament of the playfield, I think it would have been worth it.

I repeat; this is a really great pinball game. Obviously a superb choice both for a small collection and a larger lineup.

Update: the fourth best Stern game, after Spidey, LotR and Deadpool. Originally I did list this as their 2nd best title, but that was before I played those last two titles. However, GoT remains a very good choice for a premium collection.
1 year ago
Played on location, good feeling with this game despite the lack of toys on the Pro version. Love the ball lock mechanism with the blade and the Dragon's kick back. Animations on the DMD look really outdated for a recent release. Willing to play more when the occasion comes.
1 year ago
This game is alright, but I was expecting more. It didn't help that I had just played LOTR and that blew me away, so this felt a bit underwhelming. There are plenty of shots to hit, but I didn't feel all that interested in hitting them after a few games. I guess the game may have more of an impact had I ever watched a single episode of GOT and understood the hype.
1 year ago
I play a lot of pinball and I REALLY had high hopes for GOT as it's a dream theme for me. This game is just not fun to me. It's challenging as the speed "flow" really keeps you on your toes (so if you like having the ball back at your flipper immediately this game will diffidently make you happy. But failed shots are punished quite harshly. It's a drain monster as well. Left or right outlane appear to drain about equally. The LED's are too damn bright. OP's need to adjust that to turn em down. It's just lacking a certain fun factor and now I fully understand where the phrase "Game of groans" comes from. I walked away very disappointed. I've never played an LE/premium before but it just has to be better than the Pro?
1 year ago
Played several Stern games this weekend, this was clearly the weakest of the bunch. My wife and I were bored to tears playing it with the only positive I can truly state was the lighting was pretty good. The playfield art is uninspiring and the dragon toy on the upper playfield doesn't do much. As fans of the show, the early seasons in particular we were thinking of purchasing one but glad now we did not. We did not even finish playing but just plunged the final shots and let them drain.
1 year ago
I had high hopes for this as I love the books and show but I can’t seem to get into it. The art is horrible, just looks like clip art. The light show looks awesome though. I do like the idea of playing different houses and having different functions but had no idea what some of them did when I first started to play this game. I get the rules now and respect them but not super intuitive. Don’t get me wrong, I like deep rule games but the average player should be able to tell what to shoot for. I watch players mash the lock bar button anytime it lights up. This is at my local currently with a gotg and Spider-Man and no one plays it. Just nothing to keep me going back.
2 years ago
I have a collection of 34 games at the moment and right now this is my favourite. this is a strong theme and a strong player - great earner on location and very reliable, haven't had any issues yet. deep rules, nearly every shot to me is satisfying. if you like flow, this has LOTS of it. everyone should have a GOT pro in their collection.
2 years ago
I prefer the faster flow of the pro over the LE. Main gripe with game is the art/graphic layout and typography. There’s some stuff you can blame on HBO approval, but then there is just a lack of taste. Can’t complain, the novels are also pretty ugly judging by the covers. Would be a prime candiate for a compete overhaul of the PF and BG art; PF looks like a treasure map from a coloring book. I’ve seen local independent pro wrestling flyers with better Photoshop skills on display than the back glass. Yikes. Would never put one in my house because it looks so god awful, but I love to play it on location.
2 years ago
Why did I think this game sucks???? I am so glad I got to play this game over and over and over again. It really was such a pleasant surprise! The Art is absolutely terrible. However the game play is there! It shoots so nice, Steve is the king of flow! I loved every second of play time. I would own one in a second.
2 years ago
Great game! Original layout and deep rules.
Playfield is nice, lightshow is one of the best. And it doesn't have this cheap Sten feeling. Music does the job, you know it's GOT and the pin screems what you have to do.
Backbox and side art could really have been better, but you can find cool alternative drawn backglass.
Animations are just awfull, and the red dmd makes it worst.
A true Stern masterpiece that will put your nerves on edge.
2 years ago
In the 6 months I've owned this game, it's been the most played game in my collection by a huge margin. Honestly, I was so turned off by the game's artwork, that I didn't think this pin would stick around for very long. However, the art package has kind of grown on me, but I still wouldn't call it great.

The depth of rules and scoring strategies on this game are awesome. I love having the choice of houses before the first plunge. Each one plays a little different, which gives this game lots of life in a home collection. There are so many ways to play and little scoring nuances that have to be learned in order to put up large scores. The "Hand of the King" mini wizard mode is very achievable and the rules of that mode are impacted by which houses you complete to get there. The final wizard mode is a challenge to get to, but it's certainly achievable to decent players with a little luck and some controlled play.

The playfield layout is very flow heavy and both ramps can be backhanded. The battering ram shot to get the Super Jackpot is super satisfying. Especially since you can hit it over and over again until the timer runs out. What a rush! The dot animations are great, but a ColorDMD is essentially a must on this title.

This is a super fun game that has a mediocre art package, but it makes up for it with excellent rules, deep strategy, and flow. It has a "just one more game factor" that's off the charts.
3 years ago
A top pin, fast flow, deep rules and the shots feeling is 100%.
I love playing tournaments and this is one of the top tournament machines
I really dont get the ratings here - every good player says that the pro is the better version and after watching the market here in europe: no owner wants to sell their GoTpro, the offers go to zero !!!
There are 128 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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