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Other Aspects: 7.303

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There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 months ago
A previous reviewer got it right: it's average in every way. Everything about this machine is okay--not bad, but not particularly good either. It's not too hard and not too easy. It's got all the normal features you'd expect in a pinball machine and it's fun to play, but on the other hand there's nothing special about it that sets it apart.

I don't care for the art package. Looks too much like a political cartoon (remember those? They were in these things called "newspapers"). I understand they were going for the cheesy feel of a game show and they did it, but it didn't appeal to me. That was the one aspect I actively disliked. Everything else is fine. Acceptable.
1 year ago
Bally game show is, in my opinion, shockingly good! I don’t understand the hate it gets for the most part, and I’d overall fun little system 11 game!
Features one of the largest and (IMO) most fun center ramp shots. This could have easily become a drain monster and highly annoying, yet it succeeds in becoming an easily combo-able yet fairly safe shot for some points.

This game is definitely a target shooting game, and if you don’t want to shoot them, you can hit the alternating loop that spots letters, which is a nice touch.

I like the idea of collecting items for locks, as well as a small reward cash out.

Art is pretty solid, though not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sound is overall decent, and is straight out of, well, a game show.


The right ramp (when not lit) leads nowhere, and the shot itself isn’t particularly great.

Loops can lead to SDTM drains sometimes.

Lighting loops for 2 million each at the center ramp can break the game and give a ton of points instantaneously.

Big bucks shot doesn’t serve much of a point in the game.

A solid tournament strategy is to hit the center ramp over and over again to collect rewards.

Overall, this is a pretty fun system 11 game, though it has it’s flaws, while being one of the only game show themed pinball machines.
(Edit: fixed wording and formatting. My opinion has not changed)
2 years ago
Not too many shots and the main center shot is close to the flippers so many SDTM if you miss the shot. The rules save this one, as it is kind of fun to try to win prizes, but the actual shots are meh.
2 years ago
I like the machine a lot but I find it hard to hear the music and sound. I is somewhat changing but not too hard. I like the artwork a lot.
4 years ago
An easy game to overlook. The problem with a ramp entrance at the center of the playfield (see Fish Tales) is that it can turn into a drain monster. This game adjusts for that problem with a wider entrance, and with the ability of a weak shot to skip the loop but still make it back to an inlane. Otherwise the playfield has nice long shots. It's a well executed and approachable game I'd be happy to see in any arcade or game room.
4 years ago
Not a fan of the art style. But, its okay for what it is meant to be. Just I'm not a fan of it. The theme doesn't excite me, but it does make for a decent pinball theme to be honest. The TV, Trip, Truck standups are scaled to be worth more depending on how many targets they have. Center ramp spins the light wheel, which rewards points. Has some callouts, not a lot... The sounds effects are not the best, not the worst. They are passable... In fact... Everything in this game is passable. Not the best, just barely middle of the road. From Layout to the fun factor. Nothing will wow you with this pin, but its fun enough to play for a few games. Would I ever want to own one... Sure, if I had a collection of like 200 pins.
5 years ago
Fun to play but gets repetitive. The rules are simple but it gets repetitive. The sounds are decent but it get repetitive.
5 years ago
Good for a few games at the local arcade. The rules are extremely cut and dry. Nothing stands out on this game. Collect the trip, cruse, car, and tv. Showcase Bonanza! Rinse & Repeat, a lot!
5 years ago
Having fun with it, a few fun shots. Doesn't bother me but the call outs will get stale after a while. I enjoy the "split" ramp in the back, kind of a cool way to create that.

They basically filled the theme perfectly with the pin. Whether you like it or not, they definitely nailed it.
5 years ago
This is kind of an oddball game. Odd theme that was adequately integrated into the game design. It is entertaining to play, but not a (game) show stopper by any means.
5 years ago
I can’t believe how low this game is ranked. I think this is a real gem and would love to own one. The theme is great and I love the timeperiod artwork. The rules are so clear and simple: do “x” win a prize, shoot a ramp to collect your prizes.
I also enjoy the repetitive games how music. It’s perfectly done and the voice sound bits and audience applause is a great add.
Also a great safe family/kid friendly theme and art.
7 years ago
Not a deep game by any stretch of the imagination (not many Sys11’s were, right?) but I think the theme carries this one—it is executed quite well. From collection of prizes to the blinking applause sign, I think the game is a blast. A nice wide open ramp in the middle—very welcoming to novice and expert players alike. The “Spin or Nudge” feature of the ramp is a bit confusing as displayed but a very interesting attempt at something different. The characters are a bit dated, as is the art, but it’s a product of the time period. Music leaves a bit to be desired, as it is one of the weakest System 11 sound packages, but that may be attributed to the fact that it was trying to recreate a "cheesy game show" feel. All in all, I love the attempt at “difference” that these 90s Bally games offered while operating under the Williams umbrella…they really attempted to set themselves apart in look and feel from the Williams games of the same period.
8 years ago
Much more interesting ruleset than I initially had thought. There is a certain rhythm to the game that is very satisfying. The multiball is a bit disappointing because there aren't multiple jackpots, but hitting that one jackpot feels great. I find the callouts quite clever and the overall sound is entertaining to me. I tend to like this era of unlicensed pins, so this definitely fits right in. You can find this for a reasonable price,and it's definitely worth it.
9 years ago
Much like Dr. Dude, I *REALLY WANT* to like this title, but I just can't get into it. It's not terrible, it's very playable, but I want it to be one of those games where I am sitting at my desk at work, itching to get out so I can rush home to play, and it just isn't one of those games for me.
9 years ago
Really fun game,definitely a good family pin,if you can find it at reasonable price its worth it
9 years ago
This is a fun game with a good (and slightly cheesy) theme. The over the top lighting and artwork have a Vegas vibe to them, and this machine looks pretty good in action. The music is catchy but a bit repetitive. It feels like music that could actually be on an 80's or 90's game show and it fits the theme perfectly. The game show host's call outs get a little old after a while, but they are initially entertaining.

The machine isn't deep compared to other machines from the same era, but there's enough going on to keep the machine interesting. The center ramp shot is a lot of fun and relatively easy to hit consistently. Even a slight miss with that shot will cause the ball to come flying back at you and often results in a drain. There are also 2 very satisfying loop orbit shots that are fun to hit (and fast!) and can help you rack up big points. I've read comments on here about the game being easy and for beginners. I agree that the rules are fairly simple but I've found this machine challenging to get high scores on. I might be a relative newcomer to the hobby, but there can be brutally short ball times. The game can be frantic and a game over 5 minutes can be considered an accomplishment!

Hitting all the prize targets is challenging and it requires some precise shooting. The 2 ball multi-ball is a bit disappointing and underwhelming considering it takes a lot of precise target shooting to achieve. Overall, this is a fun machine with a unique and interesting theme. It's certainly not a top 100 machine, but it's a fun machine that offers a lot that beginners and more experienced players can appreciate.
10 years ago
The theme seems to lend itself well to pinball....I can see why it was picked. There is a lot going on with the title's layout...many areas to hit the ball to....its very busy. After playing a handful of times and getting the jest of what needs to be accomplished...stay away from hitting the center ramp over and over can backfire if you miss! A game that you can have some fun playing, but nothing to keep in a small collection. I will say its cheerful and inviting.
10 years ago
This is one of my favorite pins, I like the cheesy call outs, the artwork, and that center ramp that I can hit over and over and over again. I have a collector quality red prototype and absolutely love it! I have some great 90s pins and this one is the one I usually end my night with :) you've just won a trip and a truck and a color TV and that's not all, a new car! :)
10 years ago
This is a fun pin, the theme is quite amusing and the rules are pretty straight forward to pick up. Maybe not one for the hardcore pinhead but definitely a fun machine.
10 years ago
very funny Bally pinball ! rare to found but a really good pinball alpha that can be in any collection !
10 years ago
Game Show is a simple game that should keep most casual players happy. It's fun and has a silly theme to it. The "APPLAUSE" topper is the best part about the game.

The Pros:
The qualification of collecting all prizes is not a bad way to get the ball around the table.There are really cool shots around this deck. I like the drop target to the gobblehole. Hitting the 1 million point shot from the ramp to the 2 million point shot from the orbits is a great combo. Collecting the prizes from the right ramp is fun. The decreasing score on the multiball jp adds to the urgency of your shots in this mode. The "APPLAUSE" topper is the best part about the game.

The Cons:
You've just won a... ugh... The humor may amuse some. I find it annoying as the teeth on the gameshow host. Qualify for an easy MB... rinse and repeat... This PF would be solid if it weren't designed around the center ramp. The rules on this game are some of the worst for this era. Absolutely awful actually. The "APPLAUSE" topper is the best part about the game.

The Takeaway:
Another game for the kids and Vanna. Serious players will look elsewhere, quickly. The "APPLAUSE" topper is the best part about the game.
11 years ago
I just bought one for a gift and had a chance to play it a while. I liked it and it is fun to play but it's a little easy for an expirianced player. I had long ball times. Great for beginners or a family game. can be had for a decent price.
12 years ago
Thoroughly average in every respect. Kinda quirky cool theme, some decent humor, and the gameplay is kinda fun for a little while. Nobody will ever mistake it for great, or maybe even real good. But hey, it's alright.
12 years ago
This pin is fun as a group. Played it with my younger son and it was fun with him telling me what to do. I do not enjoy that with all pins, but this pin lends itself to that group play.
12 years ago
Believe it or not but i was drawn to this game by the backglass and theme. However, I couldn't get past the game show host and his annoying voice/speech. It drove me crazy after a few games and I just can't bring myself to play it again.
There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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