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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Game Of Thrones". The group itself ranks #72 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.991

Artwork: 6.718

Sounds/Music: 7.734

Other Aspects: 8.043

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There are 151 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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23 days ago
One of the greatest themes as I’m a huge fan of the show but this one falls flat for me. Artwork, sound, layout, toys and rules were just not there. This one made me sad and after several games I moved on and didn’t look back.
66 days ago
I am honestly shocked that this is a game from 2016 because it honestly feels like it should be much older than this. The visuals, the music, and the voice overs feel so clunky and half baked to me that it is a serious turnoff. I am a massive Game of Thrones fan, from the books to the show and everything in between, this does not feel like a particularly good execution of such a popular theme. I think the house selection and the scene selections is very clever, but the ruleset is so complicated on how to execute the better combinations or how things are different between them take many many playthroughs that most people will likely never explore those intricacies. The playfield and art package are really low effort and make for a really unattractive machine. I will never understand how big names like this get this sort of treatment, it seems like it should've been so much easier to make something more appealing. Flow is very good on this pin and shots are interesting and the lanes numerous, but the entire package is just missing that special luster.
74 days ago
This is the game that I play more on location than probably any other game. The variation and strategy based on house choice brings a high level of replayability and challenge for me. Post-passing is dreamy on the pin I play regularly and the ability to nearly make any shot from either flipper gives you options and really allows you to stack modes and set up multiballs. I really enjoy playing this pin.

Pros: Flow, good use of lights/ability to read the playfield, numerous strategies, rewarding mini-wizard and wizard modes, great game to introduce new people to pinball

Cons: The artwork is lazy, missed opportunity for cool mechs (White Walker pop ups?), no side quests aside from acquiring gold for awards, Winter Is Coming hurry up strobes can feel seizure inducing
5 months ago
Game of Thrones is a great pinball machine.

The layout is very nice and the flow is very nice, especially on the left ramp. In terms of toys the Pro version is good as well the only missing thing is the mini-playfield which is in my opinion interrupting the flow of the game. There is still a throne (albeit a static one), the sword on the ramp, the battering ram and the dragon with the kickback.

In terms of gameplay I prefer the Pro version over the Premium as a result of not having the mini-playfield's interruption of flow. I love playing this game and playing through the ruleset is a lot of fun. The Blackwater Multiball is very enjoyable too, just like Winter is Coming.

The artwork is alright. The playfield looks about average and the animations aren't that good since there are mostly scenes from the series they used.

All in all this is a very flowy and fun game with an interesting set of rules. I think the game will most likely appeal to more casual players and of course fans of the series.
5 months ago
One of my fav games of all time. I had this at home for a couple years and should never have sold it. I think Steve Ritchie really knocked it out of the park with this game. I personally vastly prefer the PRO.

There is just so much going on in this game - it's got the perfect ruleset in my opinion. It's complicated, but not esoteric like AC/DC song choices or the Elwin games. It's strategic. There is a sense of progression through any path you take. Everything works up towards something big. There is a huge payoff if you can bring the game consistently in any direction.

For example, no one seems to go for it purposely in competition due to it being so dangerous, but Winter is Coming is one of the coolest game mechanics in pinball. And I say that even though I have said many, many bad words during it. It's a painful hurry up with strobing lights that make the playfield very difficult to navigate, but completing enough of them gets the Winter Has Come MB, which you rarely ever see. But it's there, lurking, threatening to interrupt your regular play at any moment. I love it.

I love the combo multipliers too. It really encourages fast but calculated play. I was a vastly better pinball player after having this game at home for a while.

I generally preferred the Martell path just for the add a ball, but regularly saw folks using other paths with great success. I love that there are choices and consequences to all that. For instance by picking Martell in the beginning you are then at a disadvantage for HOTK. It's just brilliant.

The only sad thing is that I have played many GOT on location that were in bad shape. It's disappointing knowing that there are probably a lot of folks out there who have tried it and not liked it as a result. It's a brilliant game.
6 months ago
It is so much more to this game than I first anticipated. It doesnt look like much with photoshopped backglass/playfield art. However, when you start playing it, learning the rules and playing around with the different houses.. holy crap what a great game! I really could not stop playing it! 8/10 (would be higher if art was better)
6 months ago
This game is terrible. I am a huge game of thrones fan( aren’t we all) and this is such a disgrace to such a great series. How can Stern get LOTR so right and this so wrong.

Shots are terrible, toys are terrible, call outs not great… bad bad bad. Ps this review is for the pro. I actually got a free game because I hit the replay and gave it up to some Poe schmuck
7 months ago
If you appreciate the theme this Pin will without doubt be a lot of fun with solid theme integration, immersion and good callouts. The game has a deep rule set and is very fast paced. The possibility to choose the house you play for and the different advantages associated with each house is a great implementation which increases longlastibility, complexity as well as the overall fun factor a lot. If the artwork would be aligned with the great gameplay it would probably rated much higher.

A fast paced immersive game with a lot of action and good rules that I really would recommend especially if you are into the theme!
7 months ago
Excellent, fast game. Fan layout, doesn't look like much but great rules and game play. When you figure out the scoring and the houses, the game really takes off. If you like FAST games, this ones for you.
8 months ago
Top theme, layout and code (rules). Not a lot of toys or gimmicks but I like the simplicity not a lot to slow down action.

Overall what stands out for me is the house selection and different abilities and different rules depending on the house selected. As well as the PF multiplier and combo X rules.

Dwight and Steve knocked it out of the park much like SW top notch design and rules. Subtract some points due to art.
9 months ago
A challenging machine with excellent rules that shoots like butter when you’re on your game. This is one of those pins that will force you to become a better player. These are the types of games that I grown to respect the most. An underrated monster of a pin and flow beast. I’ll never sell mine and it will become more and more sought after as an alternative to the current Stern homogeny. If you’re thinking about buying one and you’re a fan of the series, do it, keep it, love it.
9 months ago
Solid game, but misses the wow factor. I prefer the Pro version without the upper playfield. Game plays smooth and very fast. I regularly hit one of the gold coin targets and drained before I knew what was happening. The game offers lots of strategy choices by picking different houses. I really benefited from watching video tutorials on how to play.

I thought the callouts (especially Blackwater multiball) were good. The animations were good as long as you have a color DMD... Artwork is a let down, but can be improved with an alternate translite.
10 months ago
Lots to do and a great deal of depth. I think it highly underrated as the factory back glass is homely as heck. Its a keeper for me.
1 year ago
So disclosure, huge Game of Thrones fan!
Now the GoT plays a lot like Medieval Madness (which I love). 3 shoots up each lane to qualify for a house battle/multiball madness. In GoT instead of a multiball you go into a battle with a house you qualified. Each house has its own unique mission. It’s cool, but I’m not thrilled by the missions with the same movies scenes everytime.

The multiballs are fun, lots of jackpot lanes feels good to get going. How you get them isn’t the most apparent, but once I get how the triggers work and the visuals align it makes sense.

The lighting on the game is eh…but the lighting in the game in a multiball or snowstorm in winter is coming is terrible… you can’t see the playfield let alone the balls…I get the effect and realism but dang…like I want to see the play not admire the darkness…

The house picking is cool makes group play fun. One thing I don’t like about the game is the dragon “kick back”. It’s cool the dragon tosses the ball back but it knocks the flipper down and has a chance to sink the ball on a bounce.

Overall the theme is great, play is fun, but it feels like a watered down MM where instead of you defeating the castles, they defeat each other! (I mean even the skill shot is from that game)

Regardless the theme keeps me playing and is a eye catcher at parties I have.
1 year ago
Not a very fun pin for me. Played the pro version and was bored very quickly. It is okay but the location I was at had many other machines and I would play pretty much any of them over this one. The shots and mechanics felt very generic and were not exciting.
1 year ago
Only played the pro so can’t comment on the premium. Game was ok at best. Nothing special about the layout. Rules were not easy to follow. I’m sure fans of the show would enjoy the artwork and game much more than others.
1 year ago
I’ve played the Premium version of Game of Thrones multiple times in Pinball Republic and it’s good fun. Unfortunately, it was the Pro version I played at Brewdog in Shepherd’s Bush.

Genuinely, it plays like it’s been in Ramsay Bolton’s dungeon for a while. All the soul of this game is lost from the Pro due to the absence of the upper playfield (and the one I played didn’t have a dragon topper or a colorDMD either), and it could be literally any pinball machine with a fan layout. I played once, went through the replay, and gave the credits to my husband - it was that bad.
1 year ago
Great game, very simple playfield but rules makes it really working, winter is coming again!
1 year ago
At first… I hated this game. With every shot I lost the ball by hitting the posts.
I had to look at five hour walk troughs from @Chuckwurt to get an appreciation for the game. Now it’s one of my top favorites!!
We’ve set up the game to let it choose the house we play. Otherwise you tend to pick the same everytime. And they all have their own rules which is awesome
Only minor thing is in some part of the gameplay the flashings and lightning are dark and flashy. It’s hard to see what you’re doing.
I really don’t get why it’s on the 56th place in the top100.
Only thing I can think of is that people maybe don’t get the game??
I really recommend watching the walkthroughs.
1 year ago
Another Stern game I had high hopes for, but was let down. Layout looks like every other Stern of this era. Easy to make ramps, but not easy to figure out the rules. Would often get battles; had no idea how. DMD display is busy and hard to make out at times. Call-outs get very repetitive and annoying.
1 year ago
GOTpro has a relatively simple fan layout with fantastic: rules, theme integration, gameplay, and sound. These are what make the game top-notch for me. The call outs from The Hound are a nice extra bonus.

Completing the Houses to get to Hand of the King and Iron Throne wizards is a fun, make-able challenge. Stacking modes and multiballs brings a nice strategic element.

If there’s a downside to the pin, it’s the art package. For me, this is minor…I don’t mind photoshopped images from the series or the map and house flags on the playfield. They fit the theme (which is awesome).
2 years ago
Did not like this game.
2 years ago
I owned this game (Pro Version) once, it had to leave because I wanted something new…
From today‘s perspective I have to say that I miss this game a lot!
Every single gameplay is unique, depending on the choice of royalty (houses) to be battled against.
Great pinball, very challenging.
2 years ago
nice machine with good gameplay
2 years ago
Boring. Premium is the only way to play this title.
There are 151 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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