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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Game Of Thrones". The group itself ranks #72 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.078

Artwork: 7.475

Sounds/Music: 8.023

Other Aspects: 8.278

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Found 121 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 121 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Wow super underrated game. I thought it was amazing what a blast.
5 months ago
Game of Thrones is a great pinball machine.

The layout is very nice and the flow is very nice, especially on the left ramp. In terms of toys the Premium version is better than the Pro as a result of the interactive throne and mini-playfield. Although the mini-playfield is in my opinion interrupting the flow of the game. The sword on the ramp, the battering ram and the dragon with the kickback are very good as well.

In terms of gameplay I prefer the Pro version over the Premium as a result of not having the mini-playfield's interruption of flow. I love playing this game and playing through the ruleset is a lot of fun. The Blackwater Multiball is very enjoyable too, just like Winter is Coming.

The artwork is alright. The playfield looks about average and the animations aren't that good since there are mostly scenes from the series they used.

All in all this is a fun game with an interesting set of rules. I think the game will most likely appeal to more casual players and of course fans of the series.
6 months ago
Both models of GOT (Pro and Premium) are two very underrated machines. The rules and gameplay are just excellent on both models while the Premium shines when it comes to visual appearance (also, the upper playfield on the Premium is a nice addition). Nevertheless, both machines are among the most addictive games I have ever played in pinball and they are just so much fun (as long as you like the theme and understand the rules)! I also own a GZ Premium which is a very good game but honestly, my GOT Pro still gets the most plays!
9 months ago
So and so, average game for me and I dislike the theme, old fashioned
1 year ago
This rating is based on the premium. One of my top 3 Stern DMDs and top 3 Steve Ritchie pins. This game has the only upper playfield that I like to date (haven’t played Scooby Doo at time of posting) and the theme integration is top notch. The callouts and the music do an excellent job of relating the game to the theme. The code allows for multiple ways to go about playing the game which really helps with longevity. Playfield art leaves something to be desired but the rest of the art works well for the LE and the Premium.
1 year ago
I don't like this game. Feels very crowded, upper playfield is uninteresting. Has a great theme and some good ideas with the different houses but I would pass on this one.
1 year ago
Owning the pro version always made us wunder how the premium would be like. So we’ve found one
I must say…it’s even better!! The top playfield is such a great extra gameplay. This one is just great. Artwork is super although I think the pro playfield colorscheme is nicer. But that probably is personal.
1 year ago
Unfortunately a miss. I felt the playfield was limited and repetitive. So much could have been done here but I don’t feel that the theme was fully explored.
1 year ago
Played at Pinball Republic, Croydon, London.

I spent a long time playing GoT Prem. Not sure if I like it, or just find it enjoyably frustrating because the version in PR was so prone to outlane drains and I was practicing my nudging. By the last games, I was practically dragging it across the floor to stop the drains.

The layout is relatively interesting due to the battering ram shot and the large, prominent upper playfield with full-sized flippers. There’s a LOT of code, which is great, but requires some figuring out.

Not terribly impressed by the cabinet artwork, playfield artwork and backglass, Sadly, it’s a bit generic film artwork. GoT is also packed with plastic ramps - again, I’m not a fan.
2 years ago
I found this hard to make the ramp onto the upper playfield even with a good hit on the left flipper. Hard to tell if some of the lock was being rejected too under the upper playfield. Have not watched one episode but can see what others are saying about the art / theme being cut and paste with generic shields- I like the choose your house / clan- good Dwight rules and went for the add a ball being a novice. I’m sure this would be great in a home setting for lastability. Upper playfiled looked fun and managed to get up there a few times - Dragon with flapping wings is cool and lit shots made it easy to follow the rules.
2 years ago
I thought I would enjoy this game more than I actually did. After playing a few games I was not left wanting more. The callouts and DMD animations all seems a bit weak.
2 years ago
Yet again, it's worth updating this rating, as I now like this game a lot, especially the premium, but I'll play the pro too. The layout belies how much is going on here, and the depth of the code is borderline ridiculous for the era. I'm generally not much of a deep code person, but I think this one does it right- you can still do really well by focusing on the multiballs and lit shots, but getting a better sense of things like houses and such provides more focus and makes it easier to set up the huge point shots.

Pros: Pretty fun when you get on a roll, challenging enough to keep game times reasonable. Upper playfield is awesome! Fun u-turn shot and the different physics of the small space make it engaging and breaks up the focus in a positive way. Definitely uses the upper field better than BKSOR.

Cons: The general layout is uninspired, I've watch folks in competition put up over a billion on a ball by knowing how to set up a mode and multiplier and then repeating one or two shots over and over, so it's kind of a "breakable" game in that way. The huge point shots maybe get a little too huge.
2 years ago
if you loved Game of thrones the series, you will love Steve Richies pinball machine. Great shots.
2 years ago
Game of Thrones is a very fast and fun machine. The artwork is great and the animations, sounds and lighting are perfect if your a fan of the series.
2 years ago
Love the books and show, but I just do not find this game to be fun at all.
3 years ago
Recently added this game to my collection and ots great! Rules are deep shots are great. This machine does not get old. Different strategies depending on what house you want to take. Great overall game!
3 years ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying (This review is for the LE)

Number of shots - 10 - Very High

* Sheer depth of gameplay by trying to master playing as each house
* Callouts are badass
* Theme integration really good
* Latest code takes this to another level
* Light show is pretty impressive
* Tough playing upper playfield a good challenge

* The orbit on this model in comparison to the Pro
* Using castles to complete modes. Lucky you can revert to the Pro method
* Certainly less flow overall
* Extra ball shot moved to the right orbit

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* ColorDMD’s a must on this title, animations are massively improved
* The topper is one of Sterns cheaper ones and better than some recent efforts
* Mezel Mods Battering Ram
* Lannister and Stark flags a nice touch
* Stark or Targaryen speaker cutouts depending on your model

What To Look For When Buying
* Check for broken plastics as only only way to replace is by buying a complete set
* Cabinet artwork isn’t damaged or bubbled as it’s common, especially where the lockdown bar fits
* Wear under the upper playfield
* Condition of the plastic ramps, in particular the sword ramp
3 years ago
I love this machine! I think it's a pinball made for players because we have great deep rules and you can choose your strategy at the start of the game. The upper playfield is well integrated with nice shots and doesn't effect the speed of the game so much.
I don't like animations and cabinet art of the premium version. Talking about toys I think the designers could have done a better job.
3 years ago
I’m drawn to this game for the theme and it does a good job of keeping me playing, but I also feel that there are aspects of it that could have been done better. The deep rules are good but the playfield and artwork is just so bland I just don't feel it does the theme any justice. Toys are also pretty lacklustre really. I will probably keep playing it though because GOT
3 years ago
Let me start by saying I only watches the first season(i know) so I cannot really say how well it follows to the show.

I got this game after a year or so of really wanting to try one out. I only put a few games on premiums out in the wild. The playfield and theme really drew me into this one. When i first got this game I had regret I wasn’t able to do much and i felt overwhelmed with what was going on. Once i sat down and learned the rules and the advantages to playing as each house this game really opened up for me. I finally started to see why so many people call this game a keeper. There is so much to do and so much strategy for blowing up a big score. This game does not get old because there are 7 different ways to start this game off the bat.

While it is your standard fan layout the game does not play like it other fan layout games IMO. The upper playfield adds a ton to this title and I’m not sure i would enjoy it as much without it. Not only does it bring more shots to the game but it also has its own strategy for incorporating it to your game. I am really pleased I added this one to my collection and after adding a Color DMD (helps some with the poor image quality) and a Topper(why not) this one will be in my collection for the foreseeable future and maybe even find its way onto my keeper list.
3 years ago
Upper pf actually adds to the game. Well balanced- you don’t spend much time up there, but when you do it’s worthwhile, but it doesn’t overpower the rest of the game. Make sure you disable the adjustment that lets you complete a house just by hitting a few upper pf shots. That’s a terrible rule and it’s much better if that’s off.
3 years ago
The game is a decent game with great artwork and a great theme. It is challenging and I will go to play this machine when in the mood for a good challenge.
3 years ago
This is most definitely a VERY UNDERRATED player's pin. I feel bad for casual players who bought this because they liked the show, with no intention of reading the rules....over, and over again.

Once you get the rules down, boy oh boy, this sure is a fun one and should be much, much higher in the top 100 list in my humble opinion.


Code / Rules: It's very refreshing the sort of strategy that goes into so many decisions - which houses to fight and when, when to apply your house's powers', when to go for a multiball vs trying to complete another mode, etc, etc. Lots of fun little choices, and very cool that each house has very distinct rules and challenges going for them. The code on this is incredibly solid and fun.

Light show: Some really cool stuff going on here. Winter is coming with the back glass getting in on the light show fun makes this one really stand out from other games.

Playfield art: Really good! Matches the theme well.

Shots: Shoots really nicely and very smoothly. Every shot is very makeable, however you do need some skill. My wife just rockets it into the targets 3-4x in a row and gives up every game lol. She is the definitely of a casual player and hates this game.

Upper playfield: I don't get the people who think this takes away from the game. It literally adds about 30 shots if you consider all the combinations, and adds strategy in some modes. To me it's actually one of the better upper playfields I can think of.


-Animations: Fugly. Some of the WORST, and I mean WORST animations I can think of modern Stern games. Wow, this one could have been a classic had it been made a year later with better animations on a nice big TV screen. What a missed opportunity. It's too bad Stern doesn't do that stuff when they remake games as Vault games....not that this one probably sold enough to warrant that treatment, I digress though I have no idea.

-Call outs: The call outs are also really weak. If it's an actor I can't tell who. Apparently it's the hound for the male voices but I can't tell the female voice at all. The music is just OK with the theme playing over and over, and occasionally another song playing if you hit a mode or multiball.

The cabinet artwork (on the Prem at any rate, the one I have): I mean really, I guess it's not a huge thing as my games (and most people's) are in rows, but the fact that the bone guy (no clue what his name is), the Wildling with the bone face mask is on both the SIDE and the back glass, wow, they couldn't have the Starks / Lannisters there? You know, the people the show is actually about. One of the sides has bone face dude and a wildling woman I DO NOT recognize from the show, and I watched it pretty religiously. Maybe it's the woman who did the call outs....they were like we'll get her to do a 2-1. The other side is a wooly mammoth. Had I not known I probably never would have guessed that was Game of could have been a National Geographic pin for all I know. I'm not sure if "horrible" is appropriate, but it's certainly very disappointing.

-Light Show: This is also a con. The light show during Blackwater multiball is way too much (and probably other parts, I turned it down pretty quickly), unless maybe you are playing this at a rave on about 30 hits of LSD. It's not even choreographed really and I assume it is just meant to blind you / test to see if you are an epileptic. It's funny (sort of) that it has an epilepsy warning in several places. The good part about this is you CAN turn it down in the options. Thank god....out of the box it was actually a turn off and obnoxious.


-Toys: I *guess* the Iron throne is kind of cool and so is the dragon (I love when he flaps his wings and the lights and the machine shakes, nice choreography here) , but they are more like decorations and don't add anything to the game....although I suppose that's true of a lot of toys, maybe even most

Overall fun: 8.5/10

DESPITE the weak call outs, the animation flaws, the disaster cabinet art this one is REALLY fun. It's a breathe of fresh air to be honest... I would take it over quite a few Stern games of recent years, and if you have played it like I have and dismissed it pretty quick, do yourself a favor and learn the rules. It makes you think and is not just a "shoot red arrow here", "shoot blue arrow here" (although of course it has that lol).

What frustrates me the most about this pin is it wasn't made a year later - it would have been incredible if it got the big screen treatment (and better cabinet art!! It's terrible).
4 years ago
This one is growing on me.
Was very boring when I played it a handful of times a few years ago. But recently it seems to play much better post code update. The speed and the flow is there. That’s one really smooth and cool lock shot.
I would imaging having this is even more fun in a home environment with the new ruleset that allows you to approach from a number of strategies.
4 years ago
the best pin ever
There are 121 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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