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There are 21 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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23 days ago
Game of Thrones is a great pinball machine.

The layout is very nice and the flow is quite nice, especially on the left ramp. In terms of toys the Premium version is better than the Pro as a result of the interactive throne and mini-playfield. Although the mini-playfield is in my opinion interrupting the flow of the game. The sword on the ramp, the battering ram and the dragon with the kickback are very good toys on all versions.

In terms of gameplay I prefer the Pro version over the Premium as a result of not having the mini-playfield's interruption of flow. I love playing this game and playing through the ruleset is a lot of fun. The Blackwater Multiball is very enjoyable too, just like Winter is Coming.

The artwork is alright. The playfield looks about average and the animations aren't that good since there are mostly scenes from the series they used.

All in all, this is a fun game with an interesting set of rules. I think the game will most likely appeal to more casual players and of course fans of the series.
6 months ago
WE love the show and we love the game. It is different than any game we own. Fast and fun!
6 months ago
This game is a blast, its a rush, its intense and the variation keeps you coming back since the code update in 2019 the pin is absolutely complete. Definitely a keeper within my collection the depth the modes the multiballs and callouts keep me involved in this pin, and it ties into the HBO series perfectly.
7 months ago
This is a rules game, a ‘thinkers man’ style of a game withTons of strategies and lots of breadth. The rules are not intuitive so it takes time to digest and learn, but they work very well with the layout. I’d even say this is probably one of the best rulesets in all of pinball.
9 months ago
Nhill pinball museum
9 months ago
GoTLE is a very well done Steve Ritchie pin. The layout is straight forward and very well implemented. Software is complete and the rules are well done and easy to understand. Being a fan of this genre, the fun factor is amazing and the intensity adds to the atmosphere. The upper playfield is fun and adds that extra multi-ball and allows for modes to be completed as well; great integration. A stand out in any collection.
2 years ago
This one was not for me. I like the theme and enjoyed watching the series. However, I have never been a huge fan of upper or lower playfields and this pin has a huge upper playfield with full flippers. The code integrates the upper playfield well but the overall layout doesn't work for me. That said, I can understand why some people love this game. It is a great game for what it is. The full RGB color lighting is amazing and I love the cabinet art which is a dragon blowing fire. Call outs are plentiful but I don't believe they are the real actors. I could be wrong here. I'm not a fan of the mirrored backglass on the LE and the playfield art is just ok. Overall the game looks good but lacks the type of pinball flow that I enjoy.
3 years ago
Don't waste your time with a Pro. The upper playfield is awesome on the LE.

You have to be a huge fan of the show to understand what all is going on during game play and challenges.

Also, find some good reads on how the game play works. It's quite complicated to take in but fantastic once you see the (Lord of) light.
4 years ago
Game of Thrones LE is a very well-designed game by Steve Ritchie. It has smooth flowing shots, incredible lighting effects and one of the best upper playfields I’ve had the pleasure of playing. The upper playfield is large and has two full size flippers that allow you to handle and control the ball to shoot the three standup targets as well as the two back exit shots and a left loop. This upper playfield design is the type of upper playfield that should have been incorporated into Steve’s more recent release “Black Knight: Sword Of Rage” pin. In fact, I think that this pin would have been the perfect Black Knight 3000.
It has a pretty deep ruleset, and one of the things I like most about it is that when starting a game you can choose different strategies to work your way through each game.
The playfield toys (Dragon, Throne, Sword Lock, Battering Ram etc.) are great and fit the theme well.
The lighting is amazing but can become overwhelming at times especially the strobe effects during multiball jackpots. And the shaker motor integration is fantastic especially when you hit a Super Jackpot. I highly recommend installing one.
The armor on the LE is beautiful with a smooth glossy black finish and gold dragons inset behind the cutouts on the sides.
I’m a bit disappointed in what Stern is calling a “Mirrored BackGlass” though. It’s just a translite with a small amount of gold foil that has been glued to the back of the glass. Shame on you Stern!
Overall, I find this to be one of the best pins that Stern has released in a very long time and plan on keeping mine.
4 years ago
First time I played this game was a pro at an arcade. I wanted to love it, but found it very challenging and poorly done. Then I pushed ahead and had an opportunity to play the LE with quite a few mods. This game was well-done and I loved the iron throne and upper playfield. Game is very difficult to complete modes, but has me coming back to the machine over and over. I hope that Stern will update the code to account for more of the final seasons with additional modes for each house and updated scenes. Only wish this was built now instead of 2015! Unbelievable game!
4 years ago
This game is truly amazing. The graphics on the LE package are out of this world. So smooth and great. I purchased this game with 40 total plays, so it is brand new, and works like it. Every gizmo and gadget functions as desired and the fun for amateurs and advanced players is well balanced!
5 years ago
I cannot get over how large the upper playfield is on the LE and how much it takes away from the game. I played 5 games, liked the game, but I can't stand the HUGE upper playfield. Artwork and lighting id great. GOT seems to me like the lastability will go away over time and this game will fade into the background.
6 years ago
I own a pro and I have played the LE. To me the LE lacks flow and the upper playfield takes away from the game because it hides where your shots go. I don't feel like it adds much to the game as much as it hinders it. Still a very good game but I think they sacrificed gameplay for gimmicks.
7 years ago
Another Ritchie masterpiece. The depth of strategy in the game is amazing and it's a well suited pin for home players. Start modes right away, go for locks, build your playfield multiplier, how do you start? Owning the game gives you plenty of time and options to figure it out. Great shots, fun backhands, and high risk/high reward type shots gives this game a unique feel. Playfield artwork is sub-par, but the LE backglass and side art is an amazing piece of hand painted fantasticness.
7 years ago
I've owned my LE for nearly a year now and it's my go-to game if I want a longer, more challenging game to play (that or my LOTR). The rule set allows you to approach from different angles to achieve the best score - and when you get toward the Hand of the King you can really blow the score up.

There aren't enough useful rules written yet to utilize the upper playfield to any great extent, but I hope that will eventuate soon.

Sound on the Spike system is loud and enjoyable, with enough call-outs to not be too repetitious. Music is appropriate, lighting can be blinding, but integrated well with the shaker during multiball.
7 years ago
I resisted this game as long as I could; GOTLE is my first LE. What sold me on the game were the rules, sound quality, lighting effects and playfield layout. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to lighting, but the color-changing inserts really blew me away. "Winter is Coming" is a very cool lighting effect. I really love everything about the game except some of the callouts, which I can improve with Pinball Browser.

The upper playfield is a huge addition, and I don't mind the ball disappearing from view while I shoot under it. If my shot was too weak, I'll know it and expect the ball to come back. My only real complaint about the upper playfield is that the castle is kind of cheesy-looking. I know that it's made to survive airballs, but it would have been nice to have a 3D-printed facade here. I'm sure the after-market folks will take care of this.

I don't understand comments like "the upper playfield doesn't add much". If you know the rules, it adds a lot! Modes can be extended and completed there, and it adds a multiball. Plus, playing multiballs on multiple levels is a rush! The Pro is nice, but I'm glad I went for the full game.
7 years ago
Found a GoT LE on location and got to put around 12 games or so on it. Fast & fun; I enjoyed it but can't say that I'd give it a thumbs-up.

Although I'm a huge fan of the shot, I can't say I'm a fan of the pin. Played it in a bar/restaurant and couldn't hear a word of what it was telling me. The light show is horrid! Flashing LEDs almost gave me a seizuure - at times couldn't see the ball at all. The gimmick with the blacked-out flippers is terrible [edit: looks like this is not a gimmick but a flaw in the firmware? - Flippers would periodically power down resulting in a drain if the ball was anywhere near]. Really, what's the point there.

As far as the playfield goes - great toys and theme. However, it's all ramps and orbits.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad game. I'd pay to play it again. Definitely wouldn't want to own it though.
8 years ago
Great theme and cool theme integration. I have the LE and I'm not a huge fan of the characters on the backglass but the artwork itself is top flight. The game looks great and plays great. The upper playfield might be my favorite one any machine (better even than FGY). It will be in my collection for many years.

The video mode is a total fail...
8 years ago
Game of thrones LE is a really fun game, great shots, flow, and rules out of the gate. However Id actually take the pro over the le even if the price were the same the upper playfield is huge and isnt really fun so doesnt add to the game. Of course it covers up some of the pf art so thats a bonus!
8 years ago
Fast, bright and fun. A combination of the Star Trek lightshow with a Lord of the Rings theme. The LE is a very different experience from the Pro, the upper playfield affects gameplay significantly. The game does not feel as deeply integrated into the theme as it could be, maybe more voice actor callouts could tie it in deeper. The game is easy to play, but very difficult to master. It should be in my collection for a long time, I've had probably 20 DMD pins and this is the first one my wife likes. Go figure.
8 years ago
For people who play pinball to have fun, this game is just incredible. I've read all of these books and watched the TV series, and after several dozen games I still have little idea what's happening during game play. But who cares? I'm not playing pinball to learn more about books or TV shows. I'm playing pinball to have fun, and to that end, this game is wonderful. The more that I play, the more that I'll figure it out - which makes it a game with lasting intrigue. The working upper play field, a myriad of player decisions to make through each game, a wonderful light show, robust audio... I couldn't be more pleased to have this in our living room (our sixth NIB Stern LE, it takes the place of our Avengers). The thinking behind this game design is genius, anyone with modest pinball experience (and a good attitude) will recognize that and want to own or play this game. Over and over and over and over again.
There are 21 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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