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9 days ago
First time I played this game was a pro at an arcade. I wanted to love it, but found it very challenging and poorly done. Then I pushed ahead and had an opportunity to play the LE with quite a few mods. This game was well-done and I loved the iron throne and upper playfield. Game is very difficult to complete modes, but has me coming back to the machine over and over. I hope that Stern will update the code to account for more of the final seasons with additional modes for each house and updated scenes. Only wish this was built now instead of 2015! Unbelievable game!
10 days ago
Played this game with my friends at the Asheville Pinball Museum. It was really fun but we all felt it could have been more fun. The upper castle level was easy to reach, but hard to maintain.
21 days ago
GoT got me back into playing pinball. Any game that starts a bug into this hobby is awesome and GoT delivers. Gameplay, sound and fun factor are off the charts. Only negative is the art package leaves a lot to be desired. Other than that, amazing
26 days ago
Some surprisingly tough shots, but a great ruleset that makes me want to keep playing. The upper playfield that feels really good and controllable. Multiballs are exciting and challenging to reach. A lot of variation of strategy between the various houses you can choose to play as.
29 days ago
Enjoy this pin a lot. Keeps me coming back
5 months ago
It's a beautiful gane with an excellent theme. The toys and artwork are phenomenal.
7 months ago
I love the code on this game. I also love the variability in terms of how to attack the game. Always moving towards Hand of the King, but different routes. Sometimes, I change strategy and start shooting the spinner when it gets up to a high value. I do wish the art had been darker and more medieval. Overall, love it.
8 months ago
owned it got bored with it upper playfield too big decent game
10 months ago
Beautiful looking game. With excellent gameplay.
11 months ago
I cannot get over how large the upper playfield is on the LE and how much it takes away from the game. I played 5 games, liked the game, but I can't stand the HUGE upper playfield. Artwork and lighting id great. GOT seems to me like the lastability will go away over time and this game will fade into the background.
12 months ago
I'm a GoT fan and a pinball fan so this is a good combo. I love the challenge of getting to the iron throne, it's just the right amount of hard. The rules are deep and enjoyable. I like the mini playfield and enjoy the shots. The dragon shot is deadly and satisfying.
1 year ago
Fun game over all and multi flippers and levels make a game more interesting.
1 year ago
great game
1 year ago
This game just did not do it for me. Ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp....and so on. It just seemed like a lot of ramp play. This game has a great theme and could have been amazing but it just isn't. The lighting is good, playfield is nice, the cabinet is nice, the display sucks in my opinion. Animations are hard to understand what they are and repeat very often as does the sound features. Too repetitive for me. Some people love it, I had mine for 30 days and I was done with it.
1 year ago
I own a GoT Premium and it's a beautiful game, but gets the least play in my household. I've never seen the show and I think that's probably why I'm not drawn to it as much as my other games. I know that I need to spend some more time learning the rules. GoT is a fast game and quickly destroys me, so my lack of skill is probably one of the reasons I haven't rated it very well. I hope to play it a lot more and will possibly come back and revise my rating score.
1 year ago
a nice game but not a great one. I just cant get into the game and all the houses to complete
1 year ago
A little bit better than the pro version, has more to do, and more toys+ Better art!
1 year ago
Artwork is substandard, sound is awesome, leds are too bright during modes... Blinding.
1 year ago
Premium is the best of the bunch. Period. Love the upper playfield and the additional strategy that comes with it. Had this for about a year and really enjoyed it. As a fan of the source content it is even better! Super fast game, sometimes too fast but in a home environment that frustration just makes you want to play more.
1 year ago
One of the deepest rules sets out there. Tons of lastability, amazing light show, love choosing which house you want to start as.
1 year ago
Upper playfield takes up real estate but doesn't offer anything much. The pro is better. :)
1 year ago
I really like GoT for a newer stern. This is the first game to have a strong departure from the "classic" pinball rules, where strategy can make a huge difference in score (versus just completing modes to get to mini/wizard modes for big points). Which house to you pick to start makes a big difference on how you play the game, which houses do you try to bring to multiball make a big difference, the order of houses completed makes a big difference, etc. Also, the game shoots really, really well, and the physical ball lock is a nice added touch. I would definitely enjoy owning this game at some point (and the Pro over the Premium, even through I love the lighting effects on the Premium.)
1 year ago
Way underrated game. The upper Playfield is a must for this game. The pro is excellent too but the upper Playfield is just so much fun!
1 year ago
Well this was a surprise package for me. Theme was good but mainly thought I'd get it as my wife is a huge fan. Surprise was I actually love this game. Very immersive with great links to the show. Very good ruleset and one of the best mini wizard and wizard modes I have played. Keeps me coming back for one more and then another game.
1 year ago
Played it...didn't care for it. First, the upper playfield is a fine idea. I love these because it invokes memories of The Twilight Zone, Black Knight and Haunted House. But what's the purpose? It's just an upper playfield. With a neat looking dragon to make it "cool". That's it. The rest of the game is highly uninspired. Nothing but a ramp that hits the upper Field and a bunch of columns that do random crap like spit the ball back at you a half second later. Additionally, this sucker is a drain monster due to a ball that seems to float endlessly, then bounces HIGH off a bumper and continues to float. This kills any momentum the game was supposedly meant to have. I might play it again to see if it's just me but this didn't leave a great first impression. Surprising since Stern rarely puts out a bad table.
There are 113 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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