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This game received 44 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.126 /10


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This game ranks #244 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.24

Artwork: 7.366

Sounds/Music: 5.293

Other Aspects: 7.471

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Found 19 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 19 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Actually fun to play, because the score rolls over it feels fun every time for everyone. There isn’t a sky high score saved. The less sloped playfield also makes the game less frenetic.
1 year ago
This game has a lot of the classic pinball essentials: A spinner, drop targets, kickout saucer, and a kickout lane. It gets a little crazy with the slingshots placed halfway up the playfield; that allows a nifty little double inlane setup. Love the playfield and backglass artwork used in the Classic Stern Era. The most disappointing part of this game is the sound. . . makes it feel like I am playing Meteor 2. Still, a fun playing game and can still be found (for now) at a decent price -- bring one home if you can!
2 years ago
Another absolute classic machine that you could beat - loved and remembered by all. Con Delcos, Perth
2 years ago
Great artwork and speed on this one.
Fun to play and space sounds fit the theme.
3 years ago
Galaxy is a fun, perfect example of the early 80's vibe. It's got a lot of classic "arcade sounds" to it, and as one of the earlier games with a whole-game-flashing light show, it's a fun addition to a line-up. The shots aren't overly difficult, but you get a sense of reward when you hit them regardless. The left side is particularly heavy on objectives (upper loop with kickout, drop targets, and spinner are all left-side items), which makes a backhanded shot very useful when the ball drops to the left flipper.

The rules are relatively simple, but that doesn't take away from the fun of nailing the shots, and advancing through the "planets" as you progress in the game. The carry-over of the drop targets from one ball to the next helps keep the game flowing from ball to ball, which is a nice feature.

My only complaint would be the "background sound" effect, which can get increasingly annoying during gameplay for some people. Thankfully, there's a setting to turn these off, so it's not really an issue. While some consider that sound part of the "charm," many find it progressively ear-numbing as the pitch climbs during gameplay.

The game has some really great artwork, particularly on the playfield area. As a fan of space-themed things in general, I know I'm more partial to the concept than others may be, but I really like how they kept the concept in line with the title. You see planets, stars, some great colors, and it's backed by a black space-like playfield, which in a way is pretty brave. With wood behind that dark paint, wear is easy to spot, so I think in a way it's a bold move. The upside, of course, is that black is pretty easy to touch up and color-match, so there's a bonus there.

I enjoy the game, and would gladly keep it in my lineup for a long time. If you like space themes, this is a great addition to your setup. It works well with an LED upgrade as well, especially if you match some of the colors with the themed, inserts, and plastics. Thumbs up from me on this one!
4 years ago
This was my first game,given by my Wife when i retired! I've done a full LED and pf restore.When i want to just play pinball,or,warm up,Galaxy is where i go! Fun to play,good layout,easy to understand! When you get into the game,it's not as easy as you thought!In four years of owning this pin,i've beat it twice! Game only goes to 1 mil.A keeper for me!!
4 years ago
I played a super-clean LED'd out version of Galaxy, so it was nice to look at (colorful!). While there wasn't anything in particular about the shots or rules that I didn't like, I found myself able to walk away from the machine without much of a fight. If the table was in original form with stock lights and such, I might not have even played it (okay, I always play them, but I wouldn't stand in line to play this one).
4 years ago
Really love this early-ss classic. It is a little on the easy side, but the layout is unique in a way that works.
6 years ago
The "Skill shot" is tough, not easy to land in the little hole up top on the plunge. You can also get a wicked kickout from the left. Lots of fun and rules that make you work for points. Easy to pick up and play, hard to master.
6 years ago
As the first Solid State game I bought (I used to only collect EMs), Galaxy is a keeper! When the game is shopped and set up right is one of the fastest pins ever. The main reason for that is the kickers (sling shots) that are mid-playfield. I personally love this part of the game, as it speeds the action up big time. The theme of getting the planets and moving the multiplier is cool (planets theme was copied by Pinbot, which I also own), and the "memory targets" can be dropped from other locations remotely, such as the stand up targets on the right and the save lanes by the flippers. Have the game set on "hard" and 3 ball because it was too easy to roll over to a million (could use an extra digit). One of the best by Stern in the early 80's.
6 years ago
I give it a six on Lastability because I keep coming back to it THINKING I can do better! For being fairly simple, I find this game extremely hard...
6 years ago
The saucer skill shot and the galaxy collect take up way too much room on this pinball. The only thing really worth aiming for is the drop target bank. I really enjoyed this game back when it was released. Hitting the drop targets to advance the planets and light extra ball and specs was a very addictive feature. But this game is a one trick pony.
7 years ago
Highly prejudiced because this was my first machine to own...but I love the game! I have a family of four that all love to play. It might not be the most challenging, but the rule set is easy to follow and can be quickly explained to an 8 year old. It has two good goals to work toward (spelling GALAXY and advancing planets). I think this is a great family game and nice machine to start a collection for us amateurs. Maybe if I was a better player, I would have started to tire of it, but I havent yet!
7 years ago
Galaxy is a pretty fun solid state pin. I agree with a bunch of others that the display should have 7 digits. I have might set to the hardest settings with just 3 balls to make it more challenging. Overall its a pretty solid pin for the price.
8 years ago
Galaxy is another great layout from Stern and Harry Williams.

The Pros:
A solid layout with an incredibly difficult skill shot. It can be reached from the lower pf as well, but it's a tough saucer to land. Drops and standups on the sides bely how fast this game can be when setup properly. I like the spinner on this game. Pops are dangerous and can send the ball between your flippers in the flash of an eye. I like the slings above the outlanes.

The Cons:
I'm not a fan of the upper kickout. I also get the feeling that this game needs... slingshots and another digit on the display. Maybe someone can hack the roms and get rid of the last digit set to 0 at all times. This game is WAY to easy to roll. Why is the girl on the flyer... not on this game? I really like the bank on the left. The game is begging for another bank to shoot for. As much as I like the skill shot it takes up way too much room on the pf and it starts out at 2k, why bother? Once you reach the last planet, keep on dropping the drops for as many 40k pluto awards as you can stand.

The Takeaway: Set this table up with a steep angle, tighten the tilt, remove the outlane posts, wax it up and when people say this game is too easy...they are right. Galaxy is too easy for a 6 digit display. I put in a 4 player game for myself and rolled all scores by ball 2 on all 4 scores. I ended up walking away bored.
9 years ago
I recommend Galaxy I've owned mine for 5 years . I like the layers of scoring 2x to 5x. plus
a secondary bonus in hitting targets which also move you up on the planets for more points and eventually free balls. For an ealy 80's game its is what pinball scoring is about.
9 years ago
Almost the same sounds as Meteor. Playfield is kinda boring. I like Meteor better.
10 years ago
Another game I used to love playing when it first came out. The slingshots on this one are located higher up than usual on the sides of the playfield, which makes for interesting gameplay at times. Some very good games can be had on this one for a early 1980's machine that has no ramps or any multiball. Interesting artwork on the playfield as well. The sounds for an early SS machine are good, and it flashes the GI at times, I think this was a first in pinball on this game. Knock the side targets down to advance through the solar system, complete GALAXY through the lanes for extra balls and replays. Good use of a spinner too in this excellent game.
11 years ago
Fun machine for a few plays,but pretty basic and not a great machine to have in a small collection. Stern machines always have good sound and it is GREAT on this machine. Fairly poor job on the backglass and cabinet but i like the playfield art.

There are 19 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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