FunHouse (Williams, 1990)

Pinball Rudy starts the Great Chicago Fire

Written by JamesCreelman, published May 12th, 2013. 4 comment(s).

There is something odd about the pinball game Funhouse. Not the obvious, a game with the goal of putting a red cheeked man-child name Rudy to sleep so you can put balls in his mouth. No, not that. Anyone who has lived in a dorm room has been the victim of that classic gag. What I have uncovered is much worse. Take a close look at the artwork, all the way to the right. You will notice a sign that says the funhouse is located in Chicago. Now look at the bottom center of the image. There is an old-timey camera with the initials C.F.D on it. Chicago Fire Department. Why would the fire department be recording Rudy? Well you see, Rudy started the Great Chicago fire. I know this sounds crazy, but how else can you explain that camera? This firefighter is gathering evidence, trying to make a case, seeing if Rudy says something to incriminate himself. You are probably asking yourself, “Don’t detectives look into arson, not firefighters?” Good point, but I can explain. What Rudy did was so horrendous that this FORMER firefighter quit the department to work the case full time, but not before he stole a camera.
Rudy did something horrible. We all know this. Look again at that artwork. He is trying to use hypnosis to keep these people quite. That’s why he has that giant watch. The strong willed in the audience dare not look at him, they are fighting to stay out of his control. Two brave kids have their ears covered to avoid his spell. One can’t keep from crying. Can you blame him? Unfortunately some in the audience are in his trance. They are transfixed on the watch. They can’t keep their eyes off of it.

You might be asking yourself why did he do it? Simple, because he is a monster.
The Funhouse is a sham. Its not much of a funhouse at all. You just spend all the time hanging out in front while taking orders from a big talking head. You never get to go inside. All the time at the funhouse is spent at the entrance. Have a hot dog, you sausage.



5 years ago
Point of interest, CFD are the initials of the father of Larry DeMar, who did the software and was VP of Engineering for Williams pinball. He told me this during an interview someyears ago.
Don C.
5 years ago
Nice info, Don, thanks! I was just starting to believe this great story by James too!
1 year ago
Great story James.

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