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Found 394 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Just a classic table it was a head of it 's time in 1990 and is still fun today. Another Lawlor gem that will never seem outdated.
7 years ago
I have a love / hate relationship with this game. When I first saw it I didn't care for the looks. But, play this and it becomes addicting. Fun game. Still don't like The rudy head look...but I get past that and I find myself considering it someday.
7 years ago
Over rated maybe for nostalgia
7 years ago
Great game. Love 3 flippers and the extra flipper on left as most 3 flipper are on right. Great shots that are satisfying. Can see it was a forerunner of Adams. Like this one. Then I got a TRON which is a very good ripoff of this machine. Modern stern in 2011 beats the 1991 , but Funhouse is a classic
7 years ago
Rudy is creepy !
7 years ago
I used to play this pin before I knew anything about modes, or skill, or scoring. The game haunted me as a child. This was my first pin and I love it. Rudy is a great playfield toy and this is a Pat Lawlor classic! I highly recommend this pin to any avid collector. Premise is fairly simple, but when it gets going the game goes nuts and is a big adrenaline rush!
7 years ago
Funhouse is as close to a perfect pre dmd pinball machine as you can get.Theme,play and artwork are all flawless. I own one now after searching for 4 years and it's not leaving any time soon.
7 years ago
This game came out when I was still in high school. I grew up with an old EM machine (Paddock) in my parents basement, but this pin got me "re-hooked" on pinball. It's really responsible for kick-starting the '90s pinball resurgence as a whole. I love Addam's Family, Arabian Nights, Attack From Mars, and a few others from this era, but Funhouse is my hands-down favorite. What an awesome design! Everything about this machine works so well. I love that some (usually anti-clown types) are creeped out by Rudy - a perfect blend of funny and weird. Game play is tough and rewarding, keeping you coming back for more. The "puke" multiball alone makes it worth owning!
7 years ago
Rudy will haunt my dreams for a lifetime. I love funhouse and believe that it's a pin everyone should try. Yes, it can get old after awhile and it doesn't hold up to some of the top pins, but for nostalgia, this is king.
7 years ago
got this one its a keeper!
7 years ago
Fun and interesting game. Would love to own it but Chucky creeps out my kids. Hey Biff get yourself a hot dog.
7 years ago
This is a great game! Music works with theme well. Rudy is funny but i had nightmares about him when i was a kid!
7 years ago
So much fun! Lots of shots, some are tough. Mulitball is great. Love the gameplay and the modes. Would have played another 30 times at the place I was at...tons of fun!
7 years ago
Funhouse was a bit of fun. Added another dimension to the playfield with and evil dude on it, starting back at you. Wire-ramps were a cool touch, running across the playfield. Good looking machine. Used to put coins in it and then move on. Perhaps more time on the machine. Looked like a quality machine in 1990.
7 years ago
So much fun Rudy is evil and Awesome LEDs look great in this pin.
7 years ago
Haven't played one for a while but I sure dumped alot of quartets in it back in the day.
Edit:Got a chance to play a very nice one and it sure was fun...I need to get me one!
7 years ago
I remember playing this on a ton back in 90 when it cam out. I loved the Rudy head and his wise cracking comments. Classic Lawlor fun stop and go action that was very interactive. It is by far my favorite alpha numeric pin (even though it's a WPC 89 game) and it stands up to the test of time at least for me with satisfying shots and good rules. It was one I have wanted to find for some time and I am lucky enough to have it in restored condition. My nephew already put dibs on it.
8 years ago
This is just one excellent piece of pinball. Always fun to play with Rudy. And his rules are a nobrainer, so perfect for a small shoot out after work.
This one will never leave my home
8 years ago
Funhouse is one of the best looking most charming games ever made.

I'm not sure it's the most fun game to play though...

* amazing art, lights, sounds, music, and toys for the best theme integration and choreography of all time. Period.
* great programming and rules

the entire layout:
* 2 very spaced apart cellar shots means a lot of stop and go for a non-DMD
* very narrow field of shooting, it feels like 1/2 of the playfield has been removed on the right -- which means it feels like "not a lot to do" -- especially with the left flipper
* low ceilings for the lower playfield makes this a very difficult pin to play... You can spend a lot of time trying to wrestle control of the ball (over and over). You can't really "shoot on the fly" this pin in anyway. It's trap and shoot. (which isn't my favorite pinball to play)
* low ceilings over the outlanes makes for weak inlane play. Typical Pat L. design...
* no drop targets, no spinner, no horseshoe. (yikes!!!)
8 years ago
Probably my favorite childhood game next to Pinbot. Can't beat smashing Rudy in the face and making him puke! Everything gels perfectly in this machine. I really can't find a single thing to nitpick about it to be honest, other than creepy theme. Replay value is fantastic, it has just the right amount of chance and skill balanced, and it has wonderful flow, despite the very tight and obstructed off-center playfield, which is saying something about the time and thought that went into designing it.
8 years ago
Funhouse is so cool for so many reasons... the game is fun, the rules very straightforward, but the real gem here is how much of a pervert Rudy is made out to be with his comments, presumably aimed towards a young kid who would go to a fun house.
8 years ago
This game is a blast to play. I think it is my favorite Pat Lawlor game.
8 years ago
Fun game with reasonably easy to understand rules once you spend a little time playing. It can be brutal at times though but that makes the good balls so much more rewarding.
8 years ago
this game was waaaaaay ahead of it'd time.
8 years ago
Simply a classic. Rudy is the best pinball toy ever. Period. Really takes the 'you against the machine' aspect of playing pinball to a whole new level by adding a nemesis that you really just want to knock the crap out of. Great flow, great shots. Love all the different orbit shots from the top flipper. Rules may be a little shallow compared to some games that came after it, but the fun factor is over the top. Only downside is how overpriced they have become.
There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 9 of 16.

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