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Found 394 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Awesome game.
7 years ago
Great game and way ahead of its time.. Love hitting Rudy..Ouch.. One of the best before dmd games..
7 years ago
This is one of my all time faves. I'd LOVE to own this classic. Rudy for president!
7 years ago
After putting more than a few games on this table, I still can't see why this is a popular game. The playfield has an odd layout. The doll head is kind of fun, but overall, maybe something to play once in a while, but there are other games that far more keep my attention.
7 years ago
Rudy the talking puppet boy is a wonderful adversary in this gem by Pat Lawlor. Rudy is a polarizing figure -- some hate, some love him. I enjoy his comments throughout the game and love smacking him around. The Rudy Gulp and Sausage Bonus are simply perfect!

Funhouse has a few negatives: the extra shooter lane and inlane make the lower playfield narrow, and the obstructions on the middle right side of the playfield add to the feeling of being cramped. Very few shots can be hit from either flipper, so passes and the cross-playfield ramp figure big into getting the ball where you want.

Despite those minor gripes, I consider Funhouse just about the best playing game before the introduction of the DMD. Rudy is the King of the Alphanumerics! I always play Funhouse whenever I have the opportunity because it is always fun to smack Rudy silly.
7 years ago
One of my favorate pins ever, lots of variety and great fun to play, music is excellent, and ruddy never becomes annoying which considdering how often he speaks, just shows how well executed the feature is. The backglass is one of my favorates also and really captures the theme.
7 years ago
I love Funhouse, this is always going to be one of the top classics. This game has a real fun theme with lots of different things going on.
7 years ago
Took me a short while to get into this pin but after a while I really enjoy playing it. I just purchased one and love having it in my collection. Very cool toys and ramps. Double plunger is great. Difficult to find in great condition. Overall awesome pin.
7 years ago
Great classic game. It has the SYS 11 feel to it, which is a plus to me. Playfield layout is great, music too and replay factor is also there for me. Rudy is a great toy. Once you bulletproof the head it will work forever.
7 years ago

This game is definitely in my top 3. Smacking the crap out of Rudy is probably one of the most satisfying shots in pinball.
7 years ago
An absolute gem of a game, one of the last Alphanumeric games but they packed a lot into it. A great game that is always worth a play, even if it is just to hear Rudy's taunts!
7 years ago
This is a very FUN game! Ahead of its time. Nice shots. A great staple in a collection.
7 years ago
Funhouse is a classic. There's just something about that talking head that draws me in. A good combination of challenging and satisfying shots.

My rating is based on machines of that era so it may be higher than others.
7 years ago
Leaves me a bit 'meh', don't understand why people love it so much. I played this back in the day when it was released, it was certainly good for it's time, but not great. Today it leaves me a bit flat.
7 years ago
This pin is an old favorite. Loved it back in the day. LOVED shooting the ball down Rudy's throat after all of his snarky banter. Whenever playing it in recent years, however, the fun and the ball flow just didn't seem to be there. I cannot explain why other than that is it not aging well and the machine needs to be well tuned for optimum play.
7 years ago
I love the theme of this game, but the layout hurts it. I don't like games that severely limit shots to 1 flipper over the other. It kills the flow.
7 years ago
What can be said that has not already? With FH, Lawlor ushered in a few era of pinball rules, design and toys. Would have liked to see more cohesion of Rudy in the artwork...he looks different every time he's drawn in the art package. A very accessible game for players of all ages...its stop and go nature give novice players time to breathe and examine the aura of the game. It was the game that drew me into pinball, and still captivates me to this day. It may not have the legs of 90s DMDs, but its a watershed game that I hold very dear.
7 years ago
This is a good game but I wasn't overly impressed. There are some cool shots and funny call outs by Rudy, but the ball drained really fast on this game. I love the double plunger feature. Extra points for that. I could see why some people love this machine while understanding why some aren't impressed either.

That said, I would add this if I had a medium to large collection for sure.
7 years ago
I like FH... I don't LOVE it.
I think this is in large part due to the repetitive music and annoying callouts from Rudy. I get that he's there to taunt you, but he does get under my skin a bit.
I think the theme is fantastic and Lawlor did a great job on the layout and toys.
I won't own one, but I do enjoy playing one when I see it.
7 years ago
I really enjoy the game but Rudy freaks me out !
7 years ago
What a great, classic Lawler game! I love Rudy in the back of the machine circus barking and helping you along the way. For an early 90's game, it is right up there with the best of them.
7 years ago
Ground breaking for this era of machine. Great looking machine with interesting shots. Love the machine dearly, but after a while - regardless of your ability - gets a little repetitive. Great sounds and Rudy abusing you is always amusing. Wife finds him a little creepy and lack of ball saver puts of the non pinhead. Better in a mid size collection
7 years ago
Funhouse is a great game with a simpler, multiball oriented rule set. It does give you the mustard with the mirror awards and modes. It's one those pins where you are battling a foe, like BK. That makes it satisfying to beat the pin's personality. Beating on Rudy and making him scream is great!
7 years ago
This, along with TZ and TAF are the trifecta of Lawlor greatness. This is a game that I come back to again and again.
7 years ago
Simple rules but addicting. A little plain at times. Needs more objects to shoot for.
There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 16.

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