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Found 393 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 393 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
All time classic. Spent a good amount of money on this machine back in the day!
6 years ago
Fun game, though Rudy gets annoying after a while. I know thats the point, but gets old fast.
6 years ago
A classic in every sense, and the title that I would choose for the Smithsonian if they wanted one pin to represent the iconography of pinball. It also has the best toy in pinball and is a blast to play! A must-have for me some day!
6 years ago
Way ahead of it's time...a shame this game just missed out on getting a DMD. Rudy is a brilliant toy, never been bettered. On the down side, gameplay and rules can get repetitive.

Would love to add this to my collection along with TZ and TAF, Lawler's 3 classics.
6 years ago
The game is just plain fun!
Easy for novices and challenging for experts.

A blast to play.
6 years ago
Fun game with some good shot. Typical Pat Lawlor - if you like Adams / TZ etc, you'll love this also.
6 years ago
Classic, unique theme that's held up pretty well. The rules are pretty straightforward and that's to its benefit. Shooting Rudy never gets old and the combo flow is surprisingly good and satisfying.
6 years ago
Rudy is one of the best playfield 'toys' in pinball. An animated head that you actually interact with (including choice words sometimes). While the playfield seems to limit the shots to the left side, both lower flippers are heavily used and moving through gangway getting the right orbit is a tough shot. With multiple shots to be taken from the upper left flipper and a left lane plunger, the small cut from playfield space still leaves tons to shoot. This game, along with WW and my past ownership of ES are really making me appreciate Lawlor's skill at making games that challenge in ways different from other designers.
6 years ago
Funhouse is a classic Williams pinball machine that should be added to any serious pinball players collection. Easily one of the best non DMD games ever made. The Rudy toy is totally unique and adds to the magic of this immersive game. Satisfying shots, hidden scoops and dual plungers make this machine one of pinballs all time greatest masterpieces.
7 years ago
I love cleverly themed games, and it doesn't get much more original than Fun House. When compared to other games from the late 80's / early 90's, Fun House is easily one of the best!
7 years ago
I just played "Funhouse" at a bar called "The Sparrow" @1078 East Montague Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405 the other day while business trip. This classic brings back many happy memories. Nice to know that I can still score multiple replays on this bad boy. I must add "Funhouse" to my collection. "I'm not happy with you now!"
7 years ago
I have mixed feelings on this game. This is a classic PLD with great shots and great shots. Unfortunately, it has a creepy clown head on the playfield that insults you. But you can bash him with your pinball. Steven King's IT mixed with great pinball.
7 years ago
This is probably the only pre-DMD game I would buy. I had a good time with it.
7 years ago
Great looking pin with the all interesting head, great lighting, nice flow, can get a tad boring fast but its Funhouse, great classic and worthy of any collection.
7 years ago
So this game is a love hate for me, love Rudy, toys and artwork its just top notch. The whole aesthetic is just awesome, creepy dummy/chucky feel it really really works in pinball and it hits. However it didn't stand the test of time in my small collection, now I would def recommend to own a Funhouse but in my opinion the layout is extremely clunky and the flow is just really subpar. Music gets old fast too for me. And for that reason I rated it a bit lower, just because it doesn't keep ,me coming back and back. Good game, the best toy in pinball without a doubt no debate. A Classic.
7 years ago
One of the best machines I have ever played. Rule set is not too too deep, but depending upon how you go about achieving certain goals will be the difference between a monster score, and a crummy score. This keeps experienced players coming back. All the funny call outs, and great looks, and just fun gameplay keeps the casuals playing too. Very very great game.
7 years ago
A classic game at the very start of the WPC era. Good shots, a funny, interactive character, and a number of modes. Some interesting game mechanics. Always a fun game to play when it's seen out in the wild.
7 years ago
You big....SAUSAGE!

Rudy is the star of this table. His wandering eyes and taunting callouts are timeless, and shooting the ball in his mouth might be one of the most satisfying shots in pinball history. Unfortunately, most 'Funhouses' in the wild are in poor condition, which makes some of the trickier shots even more aggravating. The widebody is necessary for the added plunger lane up to the steps, which is a fun skillshot on its own. The theme is great; the PF art and backglass fit it perfectly, and the Lawlor-esque design is still enjoyed decades later. I grew up on this table, and if I had a dying wish, it would be that more 'Pinmation' tables be produced.

Best part: when Rudy screams after hitting the million plus shot.
7 years ago
Bong Recreation Area

- Rudy! We all remember the menacing talking head that can eat your (pin)balls. He is also a very funny animatronic, there was a REASON they made Road Show...
- Dual skillshots (light crazy steps through skill shot, then use left plunger to choose mystery reward)
- Combine Frenzy with Multiball for a major blast of fun
- Extremely balanced scoring - no errors here!
- Million+ has to be the best Jackpot sequence in an late 80s pin

- Playfield a wee bit tight around the flippers - shot selection is limited because of this, but you still have the great upper flipper shots to make
- Diamond Plate™ anyone?
- In conclusion this pin should be among the best due to it's rule depth, gimmicks, and overall theme
7 years ago
This one should be in the top 10
7 years ago
First game i bought and played with a wicked little head.
7 years ago
Great pin from back in the day. Played this one a lot up at college when it was relatively new. Love the little bastard Rudy. He's such a pain in the ass! But he's likeable anyway. Makes it all the more enjoyable to smack him in the mouth with the ball.

The "animations" are the alpha-numeric animations... which are pretty cool considering the limitations of that.

Might own someday; but could do without.
7 years ago
Fun game Rudy is a real leap in pinball. Very cool game for its time and now. A timeless classic
7 years ago
My number 3 favorite of all time. Making the 'choke' shot is hilarious. "You're making me angry now"... little quips from 'Rudy'. This has the side flipper shot with two loops reminiscent of Party Animal - another favorite not even listed in the top 200!
7 years ago
Awesome game.
There are 393 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 16.

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