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There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
This game is what brought me into the hobby of Pinball collecting & not just the video games. There's no better incorporation of animatronics into any game in general than this one. You can never get sick of this game, it's so funny & so much fun! 'Hey Biff, play again!!' Rudy is an icon.
5 years ago
Love love this game
5 years ago
Classic for a reason. Rudy is an ingenious toy and ever bit of him is used between bashing him, shooting into his mouth when he's talking, Rudy yelling at you, his eyes following the ball on the ramp. I haven't looked into how the snoring effect is done, but it's awesome. Not many single toys in pinball are more effectively used. This is one of those late alphanumeric games that feels closer to the DMD era than the early solid state era. If I have two complains, there isn't a ton worth shooting at all times and I think most people agree the game doesn't have the staying power that many later games do. It does get a bit repetitive.
6 years ago
This game centers around the talking puppet head that is very interactive. The trapdoor shot and rudy gulp shots are very satisfying. The steps second plunger shot sets these up nicely. Another pat lawlor classic, though it's not as easy to come back and play as his Twilight Zone masterpiece
6 years ago
I always wanted to play and glad I did. Fantastic light show by even today's standards. Rules aren't super deep but its a classic. Fun for a small collection. Rudy is a great toy. It's fun to smash a smart ass. The two plunger set up is a set up to line a good shot for Rudy. Cabnet is meh. Very addictive.
6 years ago
Very fun to play. It never gets old trying to shut up Rudy by sticking a ball in his mouth. I love how he insults. Although there isn't a lot to shoot. There is a good variety and different modes to entertain. Trapdoor shot is rewarding. The second lefty plunger for the game of chance is a unique part of the game. Its cool how the clock advances. At midnight enables Rudy to fall asleep as the funhouse closes. Only negative is that it gets repetitive quickly.
6 years ago
I'd be hard pressed to think of a better designed, integrated and executed toy in all of pinball. Rudy tracks your ball with his eyes, calls out individual players' names, and heckles you during gamplay. That's not even mentioning the ability to bash Rudy on the pf, put him to sleep (the snoring is a sight to see), lock balls in his mouth, and the eventual ball-belch and manic scream. On top of all this, there's a dream team of designers who conceptualized everything from layout to rules to sounds to mechanics.
6 years ago
I'll be able to say this more as I play the real-life counterparts of these machines, but this is a much easier table to play on Pinball Arcade than it is in person. On this game, it is pretty simply to hold balls on flippers, but that doesn't translate to the actual table. Additionally, the upper left ramp of this table in the game seems much easier to time to get the ball either hit to Rudy, or into the trap door, both of which are important to getting points on this table. I managed 87 million on this table in PA, but on the actual table in just two or three games, I only topped at a paltry 3 million. Funhouse is a classic table with a pretty nice soundtrack and a good design. I think it's mostly acclaimed because many people associate memories at the arcade with it. Not having any of those memories with this table, I can objectively say that it's a solid table, even if a bit redundant. Most of what you need to do on this table is simply advance the clock to midnight, and get the ball into Rudy's mouth as he sleeps (heh heh...). It's easier said than done though, because as I said, it can be hard to time the shot.

EDIT: The more I play it and other machines, the far less impressed I am by this one. I just don't see all the appeal at this point. It's not a bad machine by any means, but it feels... "sluggish" somehow? Like the games seem to drag on? I don't know. I can do without it, really.
6 years ago
It can be a bit confusing too a newcomer with the timer. But give it some playtime and there is an amazing amount of depth.
6 years ago
Who doesn't know FH? Who hasn't played FH. I played the hell out of it and it still doesn't bore me. Is it alive? Yes it is, everyone who ever played my FH is talking back to Rudy. A stupid plastic toy is more alive then Chucky will ever be. Funhouse is cool, Funhouse is fast, Funhouse will be #1 in my book!
6 years ago
Funhouse is a great game on theme alone! Who doesn't love a creepy puppet head that talks to you while you play the game?! I love the theme of Funhouse but it falls short for me in shot department with ramps feeling very repetitive and other shots feeling very difficult to hit for beginners or amateurs.

Funhouse is the one of the ultimate shooter's games with hard, precise shots and a good overall design.
The artwork and theme on Funhouse rank among my favorite pins. The blue, red, and yellow colors are vibrant and alive and fit the theme perfectly.
Good ruleset with understandable modes and goals.

Restrictive layout - Funhouse does not have the flow I prefer in my pins. There is only 1 ramp and most of the shots on the playfield can only be made from specific flippers. Much of the upper playfield is taken up by Rudy's gigantic head.
Hard to maintain game (as I understand).

Funhouse is a fun game to come back to on theme alone, but I don't think it holds up well in a small collection or on it's own. You will quickly become familiar with all of the shots and how to chain them together. This will feel rewarding for a while but can make the game feel repetitive in a short time.
6 years ago
good theme and an awesome toy, but the game play is only decent and it was not quite as fun for me as some other classics.
6 years ago
The game's overall theme is that of a funhouse, which doesn't do a whole lot for me but it's definitely unique. Advancing the clock and going after the multiball is challenging and fun. It has somewhat of a deeper ruleset but then again I feel like it's dominated by a single mode. A tough choice between the early Pat Lawlor games as to which is best. FunHouse is definitely one of the top early WPC games around. Rudy does get on my nerves from time to time but I think that's really part of the game. Overall this pin has a great theme, music, layout, and is seriously fun!
6 years ago
One of the games that got me hooked on Pinball. Not the best, but always a good time
6 years ago
Really fun. Well made. I could go on all day. The only bad would be there is a lot to keep working. Stay away if you have Coulrophobia.
6 years ago
Modelled around a very attractive theme, FunHouse is an enjoyable game with a slightly befuddling ruleset.

- the artwork is great, playfield and backbox
- Rudy is a very interesting pinball toy
- second plunger adds a bit of the new to a pinball game
- 3 flippers
- the clock on the playfield is a very well sought out concept for this game

- rules are a bit hard to get by, took some time to figure the game out
- lack of toys, Rudy dominates the playfield
- alphanumeric (possibly one of the last alphanumeric pins made by Williams in 1990), would love to see this one on a DMD
- Rudy shot only accessible through the third flipper; it's an okay idea, but it's really hard to get the shot in, you focus too much on getting the loop to the third flipper, etc.
6 years ago
you big sausage

I love getting to midnight
6 years ago
Great all around! Classic game.
6 years ago
A good game but a little repetitive for me and the 2 shots with third flipper are difficult coz very close. Otherwise a very good game for this generation
6 years ago
Funhouse has an addicting draw to advance the clock to midnight so you can make Rudy choke on a ball. All in good fun. Field is unique in that there is lots of interesting shots. Over all a top game any body would be luck to have in their collection.
6 years ago
Finally got to play one in great condition. Wow, what a blast. Loved it! Fun game but might get old after a bit. It's a bit overrated.
6 years ago
One of PL's best games ever! I installed a new playfield, ramps and plastic set in my game and it looks and plays like new!
6 years ago
Very original theme but requires patience. Shots are generally not easily made and the game isn't a fast flowing one. Lawlor's Roadshow has a few similar shots, as well as two talking heads and is much smoother. Still a great game.
6 years ago
Love the Fun House Theme! Spent many hours and quarters playing this machine back in the day.
6 years ago
This was the first pin I bought, mostly due to nostalgia reasons. It's fun to play but there's not a big variety in shot targets. If any part in Rudy breaks it's pretty difficult to do maintenance on him as well as find parts these days, but if you are somewhat handy you can fabricate your own parts. I love how Rudy calls the different players by different names as well as the playfield and cabinet artwork. Just looking at it lightens my mood. Who doesn't have fond memories of a carnival? I also like the callouts and taunts Rudy says. Some people find the machine creepy because of the way the eyes follow the ball around the playfield but I just think that is one more cool thing about the machine.
There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 16.

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