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Other Aspects: 8.456

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There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
I know what people like this game so much. It's the first for many features that were to come. My problem is that although this was the first, it's just not perfected like the later games in the generation. Play it to understand the history but go get a later pin.
5 years ago
I had this game in my house growing up. Really fun game.
5 years ago
FunHouse is pretty much a perfect machine. Unique and fitting music, great sound effects, the best gimmick in pinball, an obvious goal with side goals to keep it interesting, and a great table layout. The table also contains the deepest character in pinball, Rudy. At first he seems to like you (besides weird jabs here and there) and then as it rounds closer to his bedtime he becomes increasingly cranky. When you wake him up (by shooting a ball in his mouth) he fearfully pleads for you to stay away from the trap door, and when you shoot a ball into the trap door he let's out a huge scream. What could possibly be down there to garner such a violent reaction from Rudy? Who knows?
FunHouse was one of the first machines I got good at, but unlike easier machines like Scared Stiff and Bride of Pinbot, FunHouse requires a certain finesse that continues to challenge experts.
5 years ago
My 1st Pin! Absolutely one of the best out there! Great light display,sounds, keeps you coming back for more.
5 years ago
RUDY! Best playfield toy ever IMO. I just love this game, especially Rudy taunting you as you play. Great fun and I can't wait to own this title again.
5 years ago
One of the best games from this era. Just an overall really fun game with a great theme.
5 years ago
Rudy is a fantastic toy. lucky who owns this pin. Love it.
5 years ago
I finally picked up one of these beauties!! For the year this game came out, it is pure genius. Rudy is a fun character to have on the playfield taunting you along the way. Some complain on the side of Rudy, but since the game is basically about him, I like it. The music is fun and the voices are also a nice touch. Some of the shots are very difficult and that keeps you coming back to try and figure them out. I really enjoy the game and plan on keeping it for a long time.
5 years ago
Not my cup of tea. I just do not get this machine. Maybe I should try harder but for now....not for me.
5 years ago
One of my favorite Pins. A classic machine with tons of strategy and a high pressure multiball. If you like pinball, do yourself a favor and go play this machine.

The only thing I kinda dislike is the dummy voice is a bit annoying, but I play with headphones on most of the time.
5 years ago
My first pinball machine. I kept it for a long time. Still miss it some days. Gameplay is a bit simple, but fun for the era. Great light show. Love the call outs.
5 years ago
I didn't get to play a well maintained machine but it was on free play at an arcade and no one was playing the pins so I got about 45 minutes on it straight. I actually didn't like the game the first couple plays and thought no wonder but after a few games I really got into the game. There are a lot of shots to aim for and the call outs are funny. It got really addictive. I hope I can find a deal on one some day but I can see why it commands top dollar it's a really fun pin.
5 years ago
Finally got my hands on one. All I can saw is that it was worth the wait. Playfield layout is sublime. Very addictive due to this. It's got that 'just one more game'. A classic that will stand the test of time..
5 years ago
A classic game that will stand the test of time.Does not get any better than this.Buy one now as the price keeps going up
5 years ago
Best game ever made in my opinion.
5 years ago
Great game!!
5 years ago
Must have for any pin collection. No dmd and it still holds up! This one is a keeper
5 years ago
As far as I'm concerned Rudy is still the best pinball toy ever. Period. Gameplay is very well balanced for both speed and challenge of the shots that need to be made --- not too hard and not too easy. The game's flow is decent but the two machines I've played both had issues with airballs. The game has great lastability because it never gets old to hear Rudy mocking you, or having the urge to bash him or make him swallow a ball. Great lighting effects for its time. FH will always be a sought after classic pinball machine.
5 years ago
Classic pin! Fun pin that lacks depth of newer pins.
5 years ago
I had added Funhouse to my collection a few years ago and given its condition, played it sparingly. Was ugly and clunky. Glad I waited to rank it. Just recently completed a playfield swap and refurb on it. New ramps, lighting, playfield, flipper mechs, etc. really changed the game from a dog to a gem. LED OCD and GI OCD restored the original mood and light show.

This is how Funhouse would've played on route 25 years ago! Fast, fun, challenging, insulting. It's now a keeper and if I only have time for a game or two, I'd be as likely to play this as my Twilight Zone or Scared Stiff.
5 years ago
A unique and fun game! Truly one of the best Williams classics! I regret ever selling this game.
5 years ago
one of the best classics i had rudy for twenty yrs played it far less the last ten but evry time i did i remeber what a great game it is... he seemed alive to me and i felt like i was playin him,i really miss funhouse alot! great game keeper if u like rudy and he dnt freak u out..great flow great rules,very fun,fun fun...if you wer to rate funhouse in the early 90's it would get a ten but by todays standerds it gets a 8 plus or less ,hard to rate great old machines to newer ones, the olds ones set the standerd!!!!!
Re edit fun house is by far one of the best top 10 machines of all time, no machine is a 10 but this is close, played it on location recently and it is missed, and is great!!#Rudy
5 years ago
I was always turned off by this game due to that creepy head. It has some name I forgot. After having played every other game in the arcade I gave it a shot and I am glad I did. It was a really fun machine to play. Lots of good shot, good flow, nice layout and somewhat funny comments. There's a bit much clutter on the right side of the field but overall a very enjoyable pinball experience. So next time you run into this pinball machine, don't be afraid of that creepy head, it doesn't bite, it only swallows the ball.
5 years ago
There's a strong argument to be made that - all things considered - this is the greatest game of all time. Obviously the theme, artwork, gameplay, music, innovation are all as good as it gets. But, more importantly, it bridges everything that is great about old pinball with new pinball in one game. If I only could keep one game, this would be it.
5 years ago
I got to play this pin at FunSpot for quite a while and it was really a good game. I had obviously heard about it and can remember playing it as a kid, however this was my first time back as an adult. Hands down my favorite part of this game is the sounds design. Specifically the callouts. I guess it could get tedious after hours of play, but I really enjoyed the heck out of it.
There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 16.

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