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There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
I know it's a popular machine, but every time I get near it I want to rip that puppet head and speakers out of the cabinet. The sounds are of good quality, but I HATE them.
2 years ago
Pros: Rudy might be the best toy in any game ever. Pop bumpers are surprisingly valuable and add an interesting level of strategy to the game. All of the shots in this game feel great. Multiball is incredibly fun to play. The simplistic rules of the time make it so this game is very easy to pick up by newer players and still loved by more experienced ones.

Rudy breaks really easily and is difficult to put back together.

This game ushered in a new era of pinball where all of the next games from Bally/Williams would be outstanding and this game is definitely one of the best games they released. This is a must have game for anyone.
2 years ago
FunHouse, the game that really got me into pinball, at least knowing rules and understanding pinball can have progression and goals to achieve in order.

The theme/layout stand the test of time. Love it!
2 years ago
A must have for any collection. Not often that a machine makes fun of you while playing. Shots are good and progressive skill shot is a nice challenge. Certain shots can be punishing. Rudy makes this game.
2 years ago
My favorite game hands down. I never get tired of jamming the ball down Rudys throat lol
2 years ago
An incredible classic. What can you say? Its not deep by today's standards, but I think this is one of the greatest, most relevant pinball games ever made.
2 years ago
Love this game. Rudy is the central toy and does a great job of leading the player through the game.The playfield is well laid out with some great skill shots the game is also visually beautiful and bright with a set of leds added
2 years ago
One of the greatest games ever made. Another Pat L original with all the great mechanics that we all want and love. You really cant get a better game than this one. It is an older game, pre DMD but it does not seem to matter. The game is so well done you do not want the extra distraction.

Plus hitting Rudy in the face is FUN!
3 years ago
Another Pat Lawlor classic Funhouse is a very fun pinball machine to play. Known for the first pinball machine to have human animation. I love how the theme is integrated into Rudy's head. Rudy gets upset when you don't leave. Hey your having fun. Like many early pinball machines it is limited in depth but what it lacks in depth is makes up for in creativity, ingenuity, and just overall fun. Initially, Its tough to understand what to do but after a few games when you understand the ruleset it becomes extremely fun trying to make those all important shots. These have skyrocketed in price lately which shows in ability to keep up with the times even when newer games like Star Wars and Iron Maiden are coming out. I Highly recommend this game.
3 years ago
This is my all time favorite game! Rudy is the main driver of the game. without Rudy it wouldn't be as nice of a game. Fun! Fun! Fun!
3 years ago
Ugh...what could have been. "Funhouse" looks SO good and Rudy is incredible to look at even though he's creepy as hell. The sleep sequence is haunting and the game looks even better with LED lights installed. My gripe is that the flow is off. Shots are near impossible to make save for the two top-left tunnels. That center shot is annoying and is pretty much based on luck. Putting a ball into Rudy's mouth is fun but that gets old quick. I WISH this game played better. It looks like a ride when you get on, then just plays really clunky. Shots look accessible but really aren't. There isn't much appeal. All atmosphere and looks and no substance. What a shame.
3 years ago
Funhouse is mesmerizing and amazing. There is something almost hypnotic about this pinball machine. Possibly the ultimate Classic of all time it is absolutely Top 5 ever for me, it is pretty much the complete package.
3 years ago
One of my favorite games of all time.

The flow, the sounds, the shots, the pops and of course, Rudy!

Once I'm playing this, I quickly forget that this is a pre-DMD game. Nailing the loop around Rudy's head from the upper flipper repeatedly, then following up with a shot down the trap door or shooting it right down Rudy's throat is has got to be one of the pinnacles of layout design.

I love skill shots too and this game has two plungers, both with skill shots to master.

One of the simple things I love is the sound the pops make. The distinctive "discord" they have is perfect for the slightly dark/bizarro funhouse theme.

And somehow, as simple as it is, Rudy's eyeball animations and callouts never get old to me. Always pestering you enough for that "one more game."

A classic that'd I'd love to own one day.
3 years ago
Rudy mouth shot soo satisfying.
3 years ago
Up there on my wanted list. Really enjoyed playing it on location. Its kind of creepy and surreal but I like that.
3 years ago
This is my first real pinball. It was the first one that I paid above my budget. The first one that drew me in and the first one that draws me back! I don’t have a whole lot of experience with different machines but I do know that this machine is something special! Will I have it forever? I don’t know! But it is definitely a machine that drives me crazy and draws me back for one more game! I have bought newer machines that I am very impressed with but when you think how a 28+ year old machine can still stand the test of time, kick my ass, and laugh at me while it’s doing it, is pretty darn cool! Hope this helps! Mike
3 years ago
An absolute classic. Simple rules, all goals can be achieved in a short period of time, yet still has a ton of replay value. The best interactive toy in the history of pinball, Rudy. Outstanding sound package and callouts.
3 years ago
Have definitely put a lot of time on funhouse. Great coding and artwork. Game just isn’t a good value in my opinion. Great game just to much of a price tag.
3 years ago
My favorite game of all time
3 years ago
I have played this game many times and aside from being a boring game, in a large collection it is OK. I would not pay anything near the price some are asking for this game.
3 years ago
Classic, great quality game. A must have.
3 years ago
Not much excitement to this game. Don't find the shots that rewarding. The game plays too simple.
3 years ago
Awesome pin , real character that Rudy. I Sold FH to a friend to get room but missed it too much so bought it back. Who cares about room anyway..
3 years ago
Rudy? WTH? This guy(?) is the jacked up cousin of Lady Elaine Fairchilde from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. They probably hang out in that Museum Go Round on the weekends. They both have a complexion that says, “I got drunk on antifreeze and passed out face down in a snowbank which resulted in frostbite and permanent tissue damage.” All jokes aside, this game was pretty innovative for its time. I think most of this machine’s high rating on Pinside is due to nostalgia and just the sheer number of people that have been exposed to it. It’s a good game, but I don’t consider it a great game. Lighting design, kooky music, sound effects and the big smack talking dummy head give this game most of its charm. Shot variation, mechanics, and ruleset were ahead of its time. I think Funhouse set pinball design in a new direction. Kudos to an innovative, yet creepy machine. It will always hold a place in pinball history.
3 years ago
Put a lot of money in this machine in the early nineties. Rudy is the main attraction, and I know I have said more than one snarky comment right back at him. So fun to beat the ball on and down his mouth.

Really innovative game for the time. I had never seen anything like it before. The sound and playfield work together fantastically. In fact, I would say that you need to be in the mood for a fun house experience as the game and sound are quite manic - as you would expect from a game of this name. I cant play it for long periods, but I definitely keep coming back when I find one.
There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 16.

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