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Other Aspects: 8.451

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There are 393 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
I don't like it. I think its overhyped. I have played about 5 different decks of this one, so it wasn't just one bad example.
To be fair the one @ Lyons pinball was the best example . But , It's not for me but that's the nice thing about pinball. Everyone has different tastes. Some fun shots and the clock is fun. Rudy is annoying. There are better options out there for the crazy price this goes for. I wanted to like it. Just meh..
1 year ago
Great game. Enjoy every single play. Rudi is my best friend
1 year ago
Another Pat Lawler classic. Good enough to be the only pin you own.
1 year ago
a Pinball masterpiece by Pat Lawlor , Rudy mocking & taunting you all through this game never gets old for me
1 year ago
Hey Bucko.
Everytime Rudy calls me Biff, I want to punch Rudy in the face like Goerge McFly knocked out Biff Tannon in Back to the Furture.
Pure classic.
1 year ago
My dream's pinball. My first complete restore for one of the best pinball in Williams' story
1 year ago
My favorite Pat Lawlor game. So much innovation and variety of shots! Someday I hope to keep a Rudy captive in my basement.
1 year ago
Rudy! Love the sound effects and music on this one, the diverter on the ramp makes it fun! Advancing to midnight and starting multiball is fun!
2 years ago
"QUIT PLAYING WITH THE CLOCK!" Rudy's personality simply leaps out of this game. It's fun to make him increasingly frantic as the game develops. I don't think there's a funnier moment in pinball than when you wake him up to start multiball. And when you earn the jackpot or post a high score, the music and light show that rewards you is the best in all of pinball.
2 years ago
“Get yourself a hawt dawg.”
2 years ago
Another Pat Lawlor masterpiece, and no shocker at all that the value on this one is skyrocketing. Reminds me a lot like Twilight Zone, but on a smaller scale. Somewhat creepy, dark, with so much to offer and to do. A very deep game, especially for it's time. And possibly THE best toy in all of pinball with Rudy. Great theme and the playfield screams funhouse everywhere you look!
2 years ago
Owned for a while and I did enjoy it.
Just like newer titles way better.
It's a keeper in a 15 pin collection
2 years ago
Nostalgia factor 10!, Rudy is a marvel for the time. Really love this game and it will never leave my home collection. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a H.U.O and will likely convert the cabinet to be buried in it as my casket. Love this game!
2 years ago
Funhouse is by far and away my favorite pinball machine.

The first time I played this game was in a random arcade on a road trip to Allentown, and I had a blast despite the game being in barely functional condition (not level, weak flippers, eyes not moving, disfunctional plunger, etc.). It says a lot about how awesome a game is when you can have oodles of fun even when the game isn’t working properly. Based on that hour or so I spent playing a broken Funhouse, I decided that I *had* to own one!

The integration of theme and gameplay in Funhouse is perfect. All of the mechanisms, sound, and artwork work together to create a cohesive gaming experience, and it is easy to tell what actions you need to take to advance your game.

Smacking Rudy in the face with the pinball is the singularly most satisfying game mechanism I’ve seen, and I literally cheer and shout when I get a “Rudy Gulp” or “Sausage” bonus.
2 years ago
I have owned this pinball for two years,and it is quite difficult to get bored with it.Yes,in fact,you could say that it is always the same: Force Rudy to sleep,but there are many variations that makes great and urforgetable this pinball. Wind tunnel, trap bonus, frenzy, second splunger....Maybe the best toy out there,but with the possibility to play without paying all the attention in Rudy. Lovely and misterious music and sounds that will make you feel inside a bizarre fairground from the sixties,don't think,buy it if you have the choice!!!!
2 years ago
I used to own one, but I sold it pretty quickly. I like the sounds/callouts and the challenge of gameplay, but the theme never did it for me. If I see it on location, however, I will still play it.
2 years ago
For a pin that was created in 1990 it can stand up and beat most of the newer competitors, it is fun,humorous and was ahead of it’s time. The game keeps you coming back for more and more and you don’t get tired of the of the game play. I highly recommend this game and if you haven’t played it, you should.
2 years ago
Great pin. Remember this from my child hood and had to purchase one later on in life. Had a great time with it as well. Good set of rules that are easily understandable. Purchased one years ago and eventually sold it, I know regret that decision.
2 years ago
Possibly the greatest pin of all time,can play for hours and i love rudy, a masterpiece in my eyes
2 years ago
Funhouse is immensely likeable and playable.
Having spend many adolescence years playing this on its release, I recently acquired my own table.'s was like greeting an old friend. You know exactly what to do.
Secondly, the call-out and the lights are superb, with Rudy naming each player....and of course...Rudy, the star. He follows the ball with his eyes. He snores ad his lips quiver. He swallows your ball, he spits it out.
Even 20+ years it's still enjoyable and a great game.
2 years ago
When i play FunHouse, i don't play to have fun. I play to beat the machine that is talking back to me. Buddy, pal, whatever.. it's a wonderful and personal mechanic that makes you want to come back for more.

Yet, one big downfall. It's limited scoring oppertunies.

It only focuses on putting Rudy asleep. After awhile most parts of the machine become obsolete as the game progresses. This is just a burden, as there were so many opportunities to build on this back-talking machine's theme of being "alive and always watching" throughout the playfield.
2 years ago
I've played Funhouse enough times...or have I? The game is fun and Rudy really is a very iconic game feature. I'd definitely like to have one in my collection at some point if I have the room for it. The last machine I played had a non-functioning Rudy, and the entire experience suffered, but overall, when this game is functioning right, it's absolutely awesome.
2 years ago
I've had this game for 6 years now. While the rule set is far from being deep, it has and continues to be an absolutely joy to play. Family friendly and absolutely a title anyone would be proud to have in their collection. I've had several pinball machines over the years and this one has with stood the test of time. In fact it's earned itself a new playfield. The ability to keep playing and racking up numbers on the board is very satisfying. Not every great game needs a rule set to be a mile deep to be considered one of the greats.
One of the best WPC89's by far.
2 years ago
This game keeps you playing. Until you get Rudy to fall asleep you feel shorted if you cant beat him. So keep on playing til you do. Fun game.
2 years ago
I know it's a popular machine, but every time I get near it I want to rip that puppet head and speakers out of the cabinet. The sounds are of good quality, but I HATE them.
There are 393 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 16.

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