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Other Aspects: 8.432

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There are 397 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
A true Classic, Never gets old, One of the best pinballs ever made.
10 years ago
I really enjoy smacking Rudy in the kisser, but overall this pin is a bit difficult for me. Many of the shots are very hard to hit. I still don't understand the concept of the clock running out and the park closes? Perhaps I havent played it enough to appreciate it.
10 years ago
Not the perfect pin for someone who only wants one machine. It's not my favorite pin, but I always keep coming back for more torture. Rudy is ruthless, and I love him! You either love this game or hate it and I "love to hate it". I can see why this game is rated's gonna be in my collection a long long time.
10 years ago
FunHouse is my number 1 favorite pin. It is fun, yet simple. It requires a degree of skill on hitting the ball that is only acquired through continuos play. The challenges while simple are varied making Funhouse a very entertaining and exciting pinball machine. The mylar that covers the clock numbers tend to bubble after years of play giving the ball an artificial movement. Rudy's jaw and eyes movement are pretty funny and the jaw seems to stand some pretty hard shots. In multi-ball getting the ball into the trap door is a challenge, but a rewarding one. The eject hole is too close to the right flipper, but you can stop the momentum of the ball by merely holding the flipper in the up position. The prizes awarded through the mirror challenges are fun and each one of these prizes present a different challenge. Finally the left ramp to the steps gives the game a different feeling as you are trying to obtain the most coveted prize - the extra ball. Funhouse is a great pinball.
10 years ago
What can I say, the wife made me sell it! She stated he looked too much like "Chuckey". Rudy is that creepy ( which I found very cool). Not a deep rule set but fun. A game that at the time ( I had many from the top 20) that got more then its share of play. Very good looking but Rudy can be difficult to fix if not working correctly. If you buy one, look very carefully at the condition of the play field and cabinet as they got well used. I would re buy but forbidden by "she who must be obeyed". I would definitely place as a top 25 game.
10 years ago
One of my favorite "older" pins. Love the Rudy character although my wife finds him creepy which will probably keep me from being able to add Funhouse to my collection. Great use of speech and interaction with Rudy.
10 years ago
I really learnt to appreciate this one over time. Makes you work for the big points. The only thing I'm not fond of is the artwork, it isn't bad, but it really doesn't stand out either. Anyway, this is a real classic
11 years ago
I don't really get the theming on this pin and I wish I did. Rudy is cool, but there isn't a whole lot going on that screams "Funhouse" to me. I never get tired of hearing, "Get yourself a hot dog!" though. It's one of the best of it's time, just wish the theming was a little better.
11 years ago
This is definitely my favorite pinball machine from it's time period and the gameplay is superb, Rudy is creepy!....the game is aptly named as it is quite fun.....lots to do here....the only reason I won't add it to my collection as I rebuild my collection is because I am going to go with just modern games due to limited space but if I get more space I will own it again....I've heard that Rudy breaks down fairly often on this machine. I don't know if this is true or not but I owned a Funhouse pinball for 2-3 years and played it fairly frequently and never had a problem.
11 years ago
A true classic in every sense! This game never gets old for me. One of the few alphanumeric WPC games, this title was ahead of it's time. Rudy is still one of the best toys ever on a pin. The only downside is that the rules aren't terribly deep and you'll find that you are repeating the same cycle on longer games.
11 years ago
This is a game you won't be able to walk away from....ever. It was a fav of mine for a while. Got to play it “live” for the first time in Vegas. It's fun but it seems to always hit the same shot multiple times which gets a bit redundant. Rudy is funny. I quote him all the time and people look at me like Im an idiot. Fun game, hit that trick door. This is a game you want to spend a lot of time with and learn how to hit shots (otherwise you'll repeatedly hit the tunnel and that sound will never leave your head). Who doesn't like clowns?
11 years ago
Have you ever played a pin when you were a kid and then played it years later and it just wasn't that good? This was NOT the case when it came to me and this pin! Very fun game with a great toy "Rudy" that adds a lot of personality to the game, in more ways than one. My wife thinks the Rudy head is a bit creepy but think that is because of how so many wooden dummies were used in horror films. Who knows? Over all I highly recommend this game.
11 years ago
Really not my cup of tea. There are so much better 80s and late 80s pins.
I found it astounding, that so many people really adore this machine.
11 years ago
Great really! Can't get tired of Rudy... A novelty in its day and a classic pinball machine today. At least as cool and not so hysterical as TAF in my book. A Pat Lawlor's design that may be alittle easy to beat for the advanced player but as in all Lawlor's pins there's lots to do . It can certainly occupy a permanent place in a home collection.
11 years ago
This is indeed one of the more interesting and slightly creepy gimmicks in pinballs that I have played. I do enjoy this game quite a bit and I love hitting Rudy in his stupid face! This table takes a while to get into, but once you do, it grows on you and is worth the time spent on in IMHO.
11 years ago
I'd play it if given no other real choice. About the best thing i can say. I really try and try to play this and figure out why people like it at all. I've played it a few dozen times and still don't get it. Not even a good pin for pre dot matrix. Mousing around, Comet, F-14, High Speed, are all 100% better.

The playfield sucks, No shots are that interesting, with the Rudy shot being misserable, the flow after the initial plunger shot being probably the worst in pinball. Playfield is unessasarrily cluttered, for absolutly no reason.

I'll keep trying but in my book, this is by far the most overrated pin out there, really a pity it makes the top 100 list.
11 years ago
Funhouse is great,good play,very funny Music and a lot of Fun.Rudy is a very good Gimmick.I love it.
11 years ago
I never tire of playing Funhouse....Great game...It deserves its high ranking!
11 years ago
i can't stand the theme, annoys me, that impressed.
11 years ago
great game in its day but just ok compared to newer games
11 years ago
Totally biased on this.

It was my first pin.

I the beginning I loved it, later on I was more or less annoyed by Rudy and bored by gameplay.
I the end Rudy really scared the hell out of me so I sold it before he got my soul.

In some dark and stormy nights I still hear his freaky voice calling me 'buck-o'.
11 years ago
Funhouse is a highlight in Pat Lawlor's laundry list of pinball designs. Rudy, the star of Funhouse, needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. The toy head is huge and way cool! Kind of a pain to service when it isn't working though; solenoid-powered eyes get stuck, making Rudy look truly disturbing. The gameplay is very good for that era, with some nice flowing shots. Combo shots to Rudy's mouth feel great. Very good backglass art, comic-book style playfield art, catchy music, memorable moments (sleeping Rudy), and some of the most loved quotes in pinball ("Hey Bucko, your up!"). Rudy has a lot of personality. No surprise at pinball shows, Rudy is the unofficial mascot. Very family-friendly theme, and some very light stop-and-go gameplay for novices. Overall, a very good game for a machine released before the blockbuster DMD era.
11 years ago
Its amazing that the older Funhouse can hold its own against much newer games.
Rudy is the best toy EVER. Innovative/revolutionary for the day, clever by todays standards, and central to the game not like most others.
Pre-DCS sound is a bummer but can be lived with. My game came with an incorrect sound board that eliminated much of Rudy's vocals. Once corrected it made a huge difference.
A definite keeper and the best Pre Dot matrix game.
Lastability ranks with TZ.
11 years ago
The talking head voice annoys me to no end. Very repetitive. Other than that, it's a pretty fun game.
11 years ago
Wish it had more depth to the ruleset.
There are 397 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 15 of 16.

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