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There are 397 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
Funhouse is one of those games that I LOVE everything about...except playing it. Actually it's not that I don't like playing it, but I don't enjoy it as much as I wish I did. I love the theme and artwork, but the layout and fun factor just aren't quite there for me. What is even more strange is that I love other Lawlor designs from this era, so I'm not sure what it is exactly. I have played it quite a bit and it has grown on me a little over time, so maybe with more plays I could come to love it.
9 years ago
Sorry, I can appreciate the importance and impact of Funhouse. But...I really did not like the game at all.

Own(ed): Yes

Times Played: 100s

Trap door shot was fun. Cool skill shot.

Very clunky playfield where all of the shots are at wierd angles. Not much to do except advance the clock and put Rudy to sleep.

Very overrated and overpriced game.
10 years ago
Great game, but not "awesome, must have" for me. Great theme, but a bit too much Rudy. Additional funhouse type features could have been added or made more prominent. I enjoyed playing it, but I will never add it to my home collection. Too creepy having a talking Rudy in my home.
10 years ago
A fun game to play at times, but it gets a little tiresome. It's difficult to get the ball to the upper left flipper, which makes the high scoring shots a bit too difficult to obtain. Not a friendly pin for beginners.

(EDIT) After putting in a little more time into this machine, I'm a big fan. It's still brutal, but once you figure the shots out and understand the flow of the game, it's a lot more challenging and gun. I'm only leaving my original post up as a means of showing that sometimes it takes multiple plays and more understanding to appreciate a pin. Great game.
10 years ago
To me Funhouse *IS* pinball, the epitome, the defining game when one wants to simply explain the game of pinball without many words. The first time I played one I knew I had to have one.
10 years ago
I am bias as this is THE game I payed as a kid. I actually still find it hard. Amazingly rewarding because of it. Truly one of the greats.
10 years ago
Many original shots. Shooting the ball into the mouth is always entertaining. Maybe a little monotomous in game play after a while, but a pretty good game considering it was made in 1990.
Definitely a top-30 game.
10 years ago
Probably still my favorite pin. How can you not enjoy shooting a ball into Rudy's mouth to start multiball? The steps plunger, the trapdoor, the upper flipper, just enough toys but not all gimmicks. The bar I worked at in college had this pin, spent a lot of quarters after-hours on it. Will add one to my collection someday.
10 years ago
I can't stand this machine. I just don't see where it is any fun
10 years ago
One of those games that you either love or hate, and I swing to the latter side... Rudy is an annoying little s**t in my opinion, and the artwork is terribe... when the game looks as bad as this and has the annoyance factor that Rudy adds, the gameplay and strategy take a back seat because I just don't enjoy playing it.
10 years ago
Great game an all time classic!
10 years ago
I like this pin. But I hate/love Rudy. I think that's the point though. A lot of technical hits and ramps are fluid. The rule set is also very creative. Trying to reach midnight and putting Rudy to sleep is always a treat. Its a little cluttered to the right of the playfield but thats Pat Lawlor's style. It doesn't deter from the fun. Nice pin to have in the collection.
10 years ago
I love Funhouse. I do want this one in my gameroom. It is the best pin from the alpha numeric era. Cyclone second. The Rudy toy is great. I find myself cursing him and blaming him for my shots!!!! You need to own this game problem is they usually want too much.
10 years ago
Funhouse is my #1 machine! It never ceases to be fun. Probably the best value of any top 20 machine.
10 years ago
The Best Pinball EVER made!
10 years ago
Wow. What a classic. Funhouse is everything I expected it to be.

The table I played was pretty fast, and all of the shots were equally challenging and diverse -- nothing beats a good Rudy Gulp! And, it's a very challenging board -- 3 million is a pretty good score.

As far as artwork and layout goes, this game's cartoony, blueish look is hard to beat. It's a gimmicky game, and I found myself hitting newly discovered shots each time I played. The music becomes repetitive over time, but it's not that bad. As far as the best part of gameplay, I'd have to say it's getting to Midnight to put Rudy to sleep -- Rudy being the focal character (antagonist) of the game, who lingers near the top center of the board. But, once Rudy's out, draining pinballs in his agape mouth to start multiball is a hard to top accomplishment

This game's not for everyone; my friend didn't really enjoy it as much as I did. But, we do agree that Rudy alone made the pin a very enjoyable and easy game to pick up and play for an extended period of time, especially when the beers are flowing, the jukebox is jumping and the bar is hopping.
10 years ago
Fun pin with a great playfield layout. Very well designed with a good amount of shots an pretty open playfield. Simply a classic.
10 years ago
FUNhouse is a classic. Rudy is no joke. He talks smack and doesn't care how you feel after.
Rudy isn't invisible and it is fun smacking him in the face with balls!
10 years ago
Played this for many hours in college and still crazy over funhouse. I cant wait to have this in my collection
10 years ago
i've seen this machine thrashed a complete playfield and rudy replacement. if you can find a well playing FH....this is one of williams classics (imo). never get tired of rudy getting 'sleepy'. love working for the multi ball and super jackpots on this machine...a real players game.

after more gameplay, i've realized the great lasting and 'fun' factor this creative machine has to offer. more points to a 'crazed' and outstanding williams machine!!
10 years ago
Rudy is evil.
10 years ago
Okay, so I did not grow up on this pin playing it for countless hours and am now looking back with impossibly fond and fuzzy memories of the golden days. I instead have taken to playing this game every chance I can on location and have waited months to rate this game so that I wouldn't miss a thing. Verdict? Funhouse is HARD, those shots are long and tight, and you have Rudy harassing you all the while. Is it fun? I'm not sure that fun is the right word, but it does keep you coming back because it gets under your skin. Pat Lawlor is a genius pin designer and innovator, and this game is worth a little time from any pinhead. Not my favorite of his system 11's, but a very successful game from a legend. Flowjunkies beware, this game is a shooter's pin, and it punishes harshly for sloppy shots and ball handling.
10 years ago
pretty fun pin. would like to play this one more and get to know the ins and outs
10 years ago
Great game alot of Skill shots, very fun in a larger collection
10 years ago
This game gives you a kick when you succeed to get the ball in Rudy's mouth. Not so easy because the mouth is opening and closing while Rudy is snoring.
A good game although it should be played in a bright place instead of a dark pub because the cabinet has not enogh lights to my opinion. (With exception when Rudy is asleep ofcourse, the Funhouse is closed then)
There are 397 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 14 of 16.

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