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Game Design: 8.449

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Other Aspects: 8.436

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There are 393 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
I don't know about the talk that the space shuttle saved pinball back in 85 but I know this one paved the way for the great 90's machines, can't see the day coming that I would want to sell this for something else and the regret that would surely follow might be too much to take "i'm watchin ya"
8 years ago
Classic Lawlor layout
Visually appealing
Likely the coolest toy ever
Great shots

Scoring isn't the greatest
Rudy is pretty damn creepy

The takeaway: Really fun, all-time classic, but not for everyone.
8 years ago
There's a reason Funhouse is a classic. One of the best all around games ever made.
8 years ago
This is one of the pins that captured me when I was younger and I still find it to be a great game that can entertain for hours.
8 years ago
I hate to say it, my wife was right, this is a really fun pin to play. The only thing wrong is the price is high.
8 years ago
At first i didnt like much this game but after playing it a bit more i can say its now in my best , i wish to own it one day !!
8 years ago
Just about the perfect table for me. Great shots, great rewards and the scoring makes sense to me.
8 years ago
Funhouse is one of those timeless classics. It is an original themed game, which I'am partial too and has all the elements of a "keeper" pin. Good theme, attractive artwork, good rule set, well thought out play field layout, great shots and most of all just fun to play.
8 years ago
One of the best games ever made
8 years ago
Edit. the more I play the more I remember how much I love this game!!
8 years ago
I just love smacking that dummy in the face! His taunts really warrant an assault, and hearing that dummy scream after the two million shot is so worth it! Also, some of the weirdest music I have ever encountered from a Pinball machine.
The two-plunger system is pretty cool, and the trapdoor shots are quite challenging. It can get a little repetitive, but the timed goals make up for it, such as superdog or frenzy. One of my favorites to play.
8 years ago
Great game, great rules, great flow.
A jewel on my wishlist even if I am not a big fan of theme and Artwork.
8 years ago
I literally played this over and over one day for around 4 hours straight. It's got that "just one more game" bug about it. Im a fan.
8 years ago
Classic. Game is brutal. Sometimes, ball times are under a minute. Lawlor games are always like that for me.

Anyway, this game wasn't on my want list, but I got it as part of a multi game deal. At first, I thought it would be a good 'flip' opportunity for me, but now, I think of it as a keeper.. It's a really fun game that is challenging enough to have high repeatability.

I'm trying to think of something I don't like about this game, and I can't.

While it can be really challenging, getting a top score is really satisfying!
8 years ago
Great talking head pin. Rudy is a freak but that really adds to the attraction. As always, I like the Lawlor design and Youssi artwork. Had the chance to play FH the other day in Eugene, Oregon at Chicken Bonz. Broke my heart to see such a classic in such disrepair. The operator ought to get out of the business!
8 years ago
On my wish list!
8 years ago
Love the Funhouse. Did not like the flow at first but playing it a lot made me like it more. A bit repetitive but I love it when Rudy calls me Biff! And it's always satisfying to shoot a ball in his mouth while he's sleeping. A classic for sure.
8 years ago
Tough shots and fun to play.
8 years ago
This is probably one of the best non-DMD pins created. This makes sense since it is one of the last alpha numeric pins. I love the colors and theming on this game. The game really needs LEDs and it will pop quite well. I wish they made a DMD conversion for Funhouse, it would be a great addition!

The game can get semo-old after a long time, but still great lastability.
8 years ago
I love this game so much. I just want to keep playing it over and over... Rudy is perfect. His commentary makes the game a ton of fun.. Plus when you get that trap door 2 or 3 times in a row, nothing feels better. This game is definitely on the top of my list for my game room.
8 years ago
Sorry..... Life's too short to have to listen to Rudy.... I don't get how anyone can play this game and not be incredibly irritated by him..... No wonder most of the ones I've seen through the years had a broken Rudy.....
9 years ago
Pat Lawlor and team finally comes to full bloom with this game. What a package! The entire environment of the game just pulls you in. Rudy as a character is fully realizes antagonist and you will find yourself talking back to him quite a bit. Seriously.

The Pros:
Long shots on the left, short ones on the right. However, this game does not suffer the lack of shots from either flipper. The right flipper has fewer shots than the left, but the lock is crucial to this game and the mirror can be bounced off the hotdog. Pat took good notes from the Whirlwind design. Double plungers are a good design and topping out Frenzy before starting multiball is a great way to boost your score. Multiball and the Mirror wizard modes are not out of scoring range of each other. Loading up the trapdoor jackpots is never easy, but the rewards are worth the effort.

The Cons:
Fixing Rudy can be a real chore. Who knew brain surgery on a mannequin could be so labor (and parts) intensive. The left plunger can be difficult to judge a launch with adding a bit of lock to the skill involved. These items are minor though.

The Takeaway:
What a great table. It may not be as deep as most DMD's, but the ruleset is so well designed within the table that you never seem to notice that you are playing a alpha-numeric pinball game. The best single word for me to describe this ruleset is balanced. This title makes you remember that pinball is fun. Rudy taunts you, but when you get him, you get him good! Some people are creeped out by Rudy (what is it with all these emotionally fragile pinheads that are out there??? C'mon, it's only pinball!). He's a mannequin. Mannequins are creepy! So what do you do to creeps? you hit them in the mouth! Preferably with a steel ball.

Update v1:
This game has long legs. I keep on playing it and it keeps on challenging me. Love it. After TZ, Lawlor's best.
9 years ago
Fun game. Great flow. Very good pin.
9 years ago
Way out of my price point, but one of my all time fav pins. Rudy kicks a**!
9 years ago
Fun game I don't love it.
There are 393 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 11 of 16.

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