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There are 393 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
The Good:

Rules are somewhat easy to follow. Shots are fun. The playfield layout doesn't seem cookie-cutter. One of the better pins of this era.

The Bad:

The dummy head is CREEPY, especially with the eyes. Just my opinion. The Creep factor would steer me away from getting one of these, despite the fun gameplay.
The head looks odd in the playfield and takes up quite a bit of space making the rest of the playfield cramped.
There isn't anything distictively 'funhouse' about this pin. The name seems out of place for the theme. The actual gameplay is confusing because it does not really pertain to a funhouse.

The Ugly:

The HEAD! Ughhh.
8 years ago
Great fun; Rudy is a blast. Lots of fun shots to make. Not an easy game by any means. One I will keep in my collection for a while.
8 years ago
Really enjoy this game. I don't find myself missing a DMD on these great sys 11 games!
8 years ago
A game that was well ahead of it's time. I love the talking Rudy. I'm not a fan of the older non dmd games but this is one that I want to own some day.I wish Stern would make a modern day version of this classic
8 years ago
I've owned it for years and there is a reason this game is an all time classic.
8 years ago
You got to LOVE Rudy. The start of Modern Pinballs.
8 years ago
My first home pin, but alas I sold it because in the end it was not interesting enough in my small collection then. I now can maintain a larger collection and sometimes regret selling it. I feel Rudy is the single best playfield toy invented and I love his comments and mechanical movements. Gameplay is basic however and not like the late 90s pins.
8 years ago
A bit boring to me, but I still feel Funhouse definitely deserves to be a pinball classic. With Rudy actually on the playfield and a second plunger, what's not to like?
8 years ago
A pretty neat game if Clowns don't scare you. Great layout and cool callouts from Rudy.
8 years ago
Lot of fun with this classic pinball ! i will never sell mine
8 years ago
a classic. love this game.
8 years ago
Hands down, the funnest preDMD game of all time!
8 years ago
I used to play this game every day before class at a local Diner near Littleton Highschool in Colorado. I was completely obsessed. The music is by far the best of any pinball machine out there... And Rudy is both creepy and amazing. It's kinda like Mr. Bungle meets pinball and I love it. Not a ton of things to complete but fast and difficult nevertheless. A must buy!
8 years ago
Is Rudy creepy? That depends on the person. He can be a bit pushy at times, but he's okay. Another solid Pat Lawlor design. I have this ranked lower than Whirlwind, but its still a classic title. When you get the timing down to hit Rudy, the game seems to open up and points start flowing in. Definitely a game the safer shots are on the left side of the playfield as the right has too many things too close to the flippers for comfort.
8 years ago
A looooong time ago(ok not so long. Fall 2012) in a city, in a country far far away(maybe).
Dresden, Germany, Louisenstrasse.

I enter and the last time I have really been close to a pinball machine was about 14 years ago.

Now germans can be notrious for trying to always be on their best, most acurate or socialy acceptable, morraly correct or idelogicaly defunct behaviour("Les allemands ces foux!" as a good shor term relationship I had with a man in the reception of a cheap(very cheap)parisian hotel told me. Even though I was clearly using my german passport to check in, he's pretty right I think).
Anyway, they place is full but of course no one would play it. No one wants to get caught doing childish things(or anything for that matter, be ready to get confused).

I myself wait a little and then I decide to go for it.

Oh my god. Get my ass handed to me. How hard is this. But then, you really kind of get into a flow and it's actually quite fun and as soon as people are realizing that you can acutally play this thing, they start to gang up on it.
The next time I cam it was already defunct but after that, people where actually using it a lot.
Espcially the guys(We love showing off). One girl gets into it(gets really hooked, having inner conflicts of beauty versus the beast). Pretty cool.


The game is a really eye catcher. Everything lends itself very nicely to the theme of a fun/madhouse.
The music is annoying and blaring(after a while just annoying), qwirky, the lights and artwork, colorful, bright, so everything is pretty Fairground-ish.
We have hidden skillshot, hitting the face(always good), The ball is out of sight, comes back, is going all over the place. All the necessary items of pinball(or "Flipper", "Flipperkasten" as we call it..."Wo ist hier der Scheiss Flipperkasten?" Where is the fucking Pinballmachine?)
There are different modes, the light actually goes OFF(How cool is that!). It seems like it's really neverending.
The head gimmick is usefull, works well, is funny and does something even when not actually played to(how about that STERN people?). This is pretty much a labor of love.

All in all, it's only the ramps and the dropdoor(but there is one) that are really poorly executed. Why did they stop there? Attention to detail people.
I could never really get the grips of when where and why but you want to discover.
The backdrop artwork is shite though. I think.

It seems to be able to take quite a beating. Must have been there forever.

Actually, when the table is dormant it doesn't make too much noise as I remember it but as soon as you play it was always a "heads up". And that's the way it's supposed to be. Right?
That's the magic, the moment, of

ps: I would imagine that this machine will be gone the next time I come there. Something about the way of german love, once it can break things.
8 years ago
I would like to own this pinball .
8 years ago
Funhouse is a game that rates extremely high for me, but still isn't a Top 5 favorite for me. It's incredibly fun, hilarious, and newbies seem to love the game. Like BOP, it can be a bit of a "complete the main objective and do it over and over" game but is still incredibly fun. If you really want to dig into the game, there's definitely more to do. My one complaint would be that (again, like BOP) the playfield can feel a bit cluttered. As someone who also owns Whirlwind, TZ, and TAF, I still love Funhouse but it wouldn't beat out any of those probably. Definitely more ingenuitive than those games, but not more "lasting."
8 years ago
I have played this game a lot recently on route. As I begin to understand the rules the game becomes more fun. I really like the Rudy's callouts. They make me laugh. The game flow is stop and go. For some this is a problem but if you understand the rules and objectives then it becomes tolerable. This would be a good pin in a larger collection. I would not recommend it as a stand alone. Paired up with a game with good flow like Lord of The Rings or Spiderman would be a good strategy. Funhouse is a classic that keeps me coming back for more. I always laugh when I play it. That's the whole point of pinball IMO.
8 years ago
Classic art and gameplay. RUDY is one of the most iconic figures in pinball. Super creative and great platforms layout by the great Pat Lawlor.
8 years ago
Trés bon flipper , plait à toute la famille .
8 years ago
Recently discovered an arcade close to me that has about 10 machines all on free play pay to enter. Played all the machines lots but this was the one i kept coming back to and played the most. Looks great sonds great theme's great amazing machine loads of fun brilliant. I'm not the best player in the world but i would say this machine is great for people who are new to the genre very rewarding can't recommended enough, would love to own one one day.
8 years ago
how about a hotdog
8 years ago
i like that this game has Rudy he is very iconic in pinball very good game
8 years ago
not the best pinball machine !!
i don't like this ponball machine.i played 2 hours in a row and i don't feel the fun to play this machine.
8 years ago
A great effort by Lawlor, very creative in making Rudy the focal point of the game. The shots that you need to make are actually somewhat difficult to make, and the game did not flow as well as I thought it would. Rudy's head takes up a lot of room and really tightens up the shots. Still, the carnival theme, effects and Rudy are very cool, I really like those aspects of the game. Might buy one just for that alone and learn how to master it...but nice ones are becoming harder and harder to find. Without FunHouse there would be no TAF or TZ, which are better games--but this one is still plenty entertaining.
There are 393 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 16.

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