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There are 431 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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34 days ago
I have never given this a real chance and I just put a good amount of time into it. I think it's one of my top favorite games. It doesn't get boring, the sound effects isn't too annoying or repetitive, it's entertaining, it's easy to get into, but it's hard to master. I truly enjoy this game. I've seen the 2.0 version gameplay and I feel like it kinda ruins this game.

I think the sound quality and corny lines are fitting for this game. It feels like you're playing some kind of derelict machine in an abandoned theme park. I thoroughly enjoy every bit of play on this machine and I think it just always holds up.
38 days ago
Fabulous. Creepy! Addicting! To me it
comes in a close second to my all time fave ‘modern’ game, Pinbot.

Once you enter the funhouse, you’ll want to go back for more!
80 days ago
very neat&addicting pin...lots of fun shots/modes...really like the skill shot set-up for the left plunger...
3 months ago
I've tried so, so, so hard to like this pin because it's such an icon, but I just can't. Funhouse is like an actual funhouse at a carnival. It looks super cool on the outside, it takes your money, and then once inside you realize that it has no thrills to offer. You're quickly exiting, wondering if it started yet, then you realize that was it. Yes, it's true, one of pinball's greats has probably THE worst layout of all time. Shots are from 11 to 12:30. What can I say? People are a sucker for the head. If you like that, then Roadshow has two of them, and a vastly superior layout after Lawlor probably learned what not to do here. Whitewater has a similar layout that illustrates just how maddening this title is.
3 months ago
The first pinball I ever bought
4 months ago
ICONIC pin with tons of charm and character! Rudy is probably the most iconic original character created for pinball!
5 months ago
I really like this game, it was the first new game I played. Rudy barking at you was impressive at the time. Super satisfying to hit the pinball in Rudys mouth. Fun table u should play it when you see it.
6 months ago
Popular game but I never understood why. It's okay to play but the theme is hokey and it's not a fun Pin to play.
6 months ago
Funhouse looks great and is a classic. For me playing it gets too busy with the lights and takes the fun out of it. That said, I do respect how classically awesome this one is.
6 months ago
FunHouse is an all-time classic. It's theming is iconic and evergreen since it's a classic concept. Overall a timeless Pat Lawlor design that stands the test of time. One of the best pure pinball games, not reliant on modern screen technology. Very creative.
7 months ago
Excellent unlicensed Lawlor design. Gameplay is fantastic. This is another WMS game that was easy for newbies to understand (like High Speed). Many will say that "it's a System 11" and it "isn't as deep as a Stern." Well this isn't 1990 either. What Funhouse did for pinball was exceptional. There is a story and a point to the madness and I believe those games that adopted this strategy were rewarded handsomely. Advance the clock to midnight, put Rudy to sleep and hit the ball in his mouth. Genius. All that said, avoid the FH Rudy 2.0 kit unless you want to buy mine.
8 months ago
One of the true masterpieces of the 90's. Not as deep as Monster Bash, AFM, CFTBL - but just as memorable
9 months ago
Classic game that will be around for a long time....
10 months ago
Rudy was the coolest toy ever when this came out, and he's still the same annoying dummy you love to hate. The game feels a little pinched/narrow though, and could use better indicator lights of what does what. You play this game because of Rudy, not for the layout or rules, and I feel like I'd like to have more ways to interact with him or just a bit more room for more varied shots. I still wish I bought one back in the day when they were cheap though.
10 months ago
I can understand why this pin was very popular back then, but to look at it now: very simple gameplay with not a lot of shots. Interesting for a while, but after a 50-60 games it is just boring.
11 months ago
Wow. Played this a lot on location, but didn't get the full appreciation until owning one to really go through everything without the noise and distractions in a crowded venue.

Just an amazing game, the music, sounds and effects are incredible, particularly after hitting the trapdoor in multiball.. just love it.

So much to do, coded combo 3/4 way are amazing to shoot for. Gangway rules much like freeways in High Speed can be quite rewarding. Just love the shot between the pops. Rudy gulps, extra expressions and blinking during the game with the home rom update. Steps shots, Mystery mirror variable, just so much going on with variety during the game.

One of the times in pinball creation where it seems like the whole team created something magical. the mechanics, PF design, sound, music, software/rules, art.. just knocked out of the park in every aspect.
11 months ago
A well known classic that just never really worked for me. I just find it overly crowded with that entire right side just being so intrusive and so close to the lower play field flippers. Without ball saves around that time and such tight space, the game always to me felt unfair with ho difficult it could be. I know folks love it, and it has lot of neat gimmicks and gameplay attached, but I always hated the layout of it. The theme also is kind of creepy and odd? It's a nightmare with creepy doll? Is he gonna kill me? Maybe in my sleep. I dunno... oh he's asleep now? Put some balls in hi...... nevermind. This is a classic that I just never understood the love for, it felt like the gimmick of the head really got folks to go nuts over it when I preferred that left land shooter stair
12 months ago
This was my first pinball machine and I regret selling it. Rudy is the best - love how his eyes follow the ball. Love how he talks to you. Love how he calls everyone a different name. His character is one of pinball's best ever! Does it have all the bells and whistles that today's games have? No. But this is a classic and one of the most fun games ever made.
1 year ago
A far better than average game for its era. Neat innovations and toys. Doesn’t feel very deep though.

When put next to better modern games and other classics doesn’t see much play. A game here, a game there.
1 year ago
This game was my favorite as teenager playing in the arcades. Rudy is hilarious with his speech. the replay factor on this pin is high. If you can play this pin do it, you wont regret it one bit!
1 year ago
Who wouldn't love a pinball where you can make a creepy marionette head choke on a pinball with sounds to match!
1 year ago
I bought this game after regularly playing a poorly maintained game at the local arcade, now playing a restored version it’s totally different. Good theme, great call outs and now you can upgrade to Rudy 2.0!
1 year ago
Super fun game time and time again. It’s always one of my top 5 “go to games”
1 year ago
As my avatar might suggest... when I was getting back into pinball in the early 90s after being mostly a videogame kid in the 80s, this game really got me good! Endless quarters. Rudy is creepy and incredible. So many people hate the disturbing aspect of Rudy but the fact that a pinball game can create such a strong reaction really says it all about why this is a timeless classic, and Lawlor rightfully a legend. Yes, the gameplay can get a bit repetitive, but Rudy makes up for that, big time, Biff!
1 year ago
Always a blast to play this, if for no other reason than to have creepy Rudy watching you. He reminds me of the ventriloquist dummy on the old "Twilight Zone."
There are 431 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 18.

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