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Game Design: 7.529

Artwork: 7.277

Sounds/Music: 3.767

Other Aspects: 7.546

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There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 months ago
Its a fun and fast game. Multiple ways of winning free games. I like the 70's era art work and theme of the backglasss. Playfield is bright and has an interesting layout. Fun game overall.
1 year ago
Meh. Got rid of this one quick.
1 year ago
My second EM to enter my collection... The pop up and pop, down middle ball saver is a hoot as you really never know if it is going to be there for you.... The swing target is sweet... Lots of fun to play
3 years ago
It was fun back then when it was all we had. It is a typical one in a dozen machine of its era. Colorful and good for a good time but not for a long time.
4 years ago
Fun Fest is a weird gogo-music sort of theme, with an old dude getting down with some hot and swinging ladies on the backglass and music notes scattered through the playfield and artwork. My friend who owns one has replaced the bumper lights with some colored LEDs, and it's a great look - pink and green and all those transitioning colors from the psychedelic era to the disco-pastel era. It's complete with both gambling reels (a swing reel and a credit ticker).

The best thing about the play is it has three "gimmicks", or at least features. One is a pop-up bumper in between the flippers; if it's up it blocks STDM drains, but it's useless for shot making or passing if you let the ball come to rest on it. Two rollovers send it down, two more send it back up. Managing your shot selection around keeping the center pop-blocker up is kinda tricky and an interesting challenge. The seven bumpers (five in upper playfield, two straddling the saucer at the top of the plunger exit) also add a bit of "Fun Fest" frenzy. There's also a kicker on the left outlane, and the big gimmick, a moving target in the middle that scores a value or opens the right outlane gate depending on your timing of a slowly changing indicator light. So it's got a lower-playfield-heavy set of challenges.

My quibble with it for gameplay is in its blocky symmetry. There aren't orbit shots; the left and right high playfield shots go to slings (although you can aim for a target, which is OK). There are no inlanes, although you can effectively close ALL of STDM and outlane drains (if kicker is lit and gate is open) so there's this strange dichotomy that the upper playfield feels like pachinko, and the lower open playfield has some drama to it. It's an acquired taste, and I have vacillated a little on the fun quotient as a result.

If I owned this machine, I'd be very tempted to mod this - rig something that would trigger sound samples with each major target, to get that "go go" theme going. As it is, maybe about 5/8 of a barrel of monkeys worth of fun.
5 years ago
Sound not like your typical em of this era, makes it more interesting. Also, multiple ways of winning free games make it more fun. Also as I have played it more, have realized how fun it is due to the fast play. Five pop bumpers that close together really gets the ball moving.
5 years ago
Has some cool features for its day. Stop post between bumpers. Ball save ejector on left outlane. Ball save gate on right outlane. Moving pendulum target in center of playfield and important hole at the top. A very fun game, perhaps not politically correct artwork for today. But way fun.
6 years ago
I used to play "Fun Fest" a lot in my youth. It is a very good pin for kids and for "the unexperienced", "seldom, once in a while playing" people. The factor "LUCK" is quite dominant - think of: At end of the play, You loose the ball and get "3 times 5000 Points Bonus" <-> get "3 times 1000 Points Bonus" - a difference of 12000 Points ... BUT: "Luck or no Luck" has no effect on "Fun" - and it is a fun game.
7 years ago
cool pin with a moving target,Kind of hard to get the ball to the top with the flippers due to the play field being cluttered in the middle.
9 years ago
Fun-Fest is a loosely veiled attempt at the name of a pinball game and the idea of sexual freedom. I'm alright with that.

The Pros:
Awesome Pointy (Poonty) People by Christian Marche. Alright I know that some of you don't like the artwork so I am going to ask the non-believers to think as compared to feel about this man's craft. I'm going to take a quote from a post that I made on RGP after I heard that he had passed on:

"No one ever produced artwork that said "pinball" at the first glance as much as Christian Marche's pointy people did.

Personally, having been a commercial artist in a previous career. I believe that this look and technique came from the incredibly short timelines that can be handed to a craftsman. This necessity may have bred this look to get the work out the door within these deadlines for production.

Christian Marche also happened to be a consumate draftsman. Space Mission/Odyssey is a shining example of his talent outside of the look that most people associate him with. Our pinball experience is better for the work that this man produced. Especially if you grew up in the 60's and the 70's playing pinball like I did.

Thank you Mr. Marche. Your art made my life better through pinball."

If you look here. He created over 140 art packages for different games in a few different styles. As you can tell, I am a dedicated fan.

On to the game itself:
Swinger plays quite well and if you set it up correctly, you can't lose the ball. This may seem unfair, but you do have to earn it. Risk vs. reward at the swinging target. Make sure that post is up! DC pops and flippers mean this game moves fast when waxed up! The guy with the pink eyes wiping his brow as he staggers away from the dance floor cracks me up!

The Cons:
You had better get those gates/returns/ posts activated or your game is over right quick. I mean 5 balls in less than 60 seconds.

The Takeaway:
A game that is more about skill than one might initially guess.
There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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