Freddy: A Nightmare On Elm Street

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Other Aspects: 7.063

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Found 63 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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54 days ago
This game is on my lineup and it is really fun. Freddy spitting the ball out and the multi ball right off the bat is awesome. Freddy talks crap the whole game and the music and singing from the movie makes it creepy. It is a really fun game that does not get much love. If you like horror or love the movie you will absolutely want this game.
4 months ago
Own Freddy and done alot of work on it including adding extra lights to help make the playfield brighter.
Great game and the Final Nightmare multiballs are incredible.
5 months ago
Amazing theme. VERY UNDERRATED. Simple rules but best theme integration of any gottlieb.
7 months ago
Owned this game for a short time and recently played one on location. To each his own but I found the gameplay and fun factor to be the lowest out of just about any other game Ive ever played. I would choose Hollywood Heat or just about any “D” Gottlieb title over this game. Its cool because its Freddy but the layout and rules are just so bad. I see a lot of people call this table underrated but I dont think thats possible. I dont usually review games I dont like but this game to me is a total stinker. Sorry.
1 year ago
The only horror franchise IP out of the bunch. Hits it outta the park. Some issues with parts failing but one of the best horror themed games out there.
1 year ago
This was my first pinball machine. I purchased it because I love the horror theme and enjoy the Nightmare on Elm Street films. It's a good effort to incorporate the Freddy theme into the game....overall as a pinball machine this game falls flat. The playfield toys are intriguing including the CLAW Save between the 2 flippers. It's hard to find a Freddy pin where the CLAW hand on the left ramp actually still has it's fingerknives......most of them are broken right off. I did repair mine with Lexan and a Dremel and some Gorilla Glue......looked pretty solid after I painted it.....never broke after that either. It's just an ok pin for me....the game play is just lackluster and really a turn off despite a good themed pinball machine. Always play a few games when i see it out in the wild but this machine is definitely not a KEEPER and with Prices today it's still a sub $1500 pin IMO. It's just not fun!
1 year ago
This has to be one of the more underrated machines which makes sense being that it’s a Gottlieb, the more i play it the more i love it!
- As a horror fan I must say i could not be more satisfied with the theme, i love that there 7 nightmares (one for each film)
- the furnace shot is your main objective just like in the highest rated pins (Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, Stranger Things) but this one is to the right which is unique and challenging
- Most people would call this a negative but the flippers are slightly to far apart, why this is actually cool is you can activate a claw at the bottom of the playfield to bounce the ball back in play!
-the game starts with multiball which is very unique and always makes things interesting
- Freddy spits the balls and talks smack to you!

- Animation is okay but could be better i suppose
- the left claw flipper isn’t as exciting as it could be but it’s still pretty cool
1 year ago
Cool game with fun toys. Really like the claw ball save, makes things interesting.
1 year ago
It’s A Nightmare on Elm Street.
The theme carries this game a lot further than the game itself.
I’m really not sure what to say about this game... the claw save is cool, the furnace toy/shot is cool, and Freddys head is cool too.
It has its charm for sure, and to anyone who loves the horror genre can overlook its shortcomings.
I really love the cabinet artwork, and I love the theme.
2 years ago
Fun pin if you enjoy the theme. Definitely not a single pin collection, but would have lastability in a 4-5 in my opinion. CLAW save is a cool feature. I think the Claw flipper however is kind of pointless. Freddys callouts and spitting out the ball is an amazing feature. I wish there was a ramp or two. After a few plays I sort of loss interest.
2 years ago
I restored this game to its former beauty. Fixed the claw and center kickback. I just can’t get into it. I feel like Freddy is right behind me. Seriously, no fun. I’m selling this game. Not sad to see it go.
2 years ago
Owned one 15 years ago and regretted selling Freddy ever since.
I like the theme alot as it brings me back to the 1980's.
When you learn the rules the game is quite fun.
Machine must be 100% to truly enjoy.
Art is beautiful and for being a Gottlieb its great.

I will not be letting this one go ever again.

Update game was just to slow and boring to keep after honeymoon. Love theme and art but not enough to take up a spot in my collection.

Freddy's Home
3 years ago
Such a underrated game
3 years ago
Theme is great on this one , if you have a horror collection this game is for you.
Fun early dmd , not much to do but ok for a few games.
3 years ago
I own this Awesome machine we need more horror Halloween Friday 13th Evil Dead come on Stern!!!!
3 years ago
A very good Gottlieb. In my top 3. Art is absolutely beautiful and that is hard to say about any Gottlieb. Modes are lacking and difficult to understand at first, but the code could be increased worse. The head is very scary and was really well done. I don’t think the call outs are bad and I actually love the music and some sound effects. I would definitely recommend.
4 years ago
This is a pretty good pin. The playfield design is a little lacking but there are some good shots and a good rule set that helped the over all game play a lot.
4 years ago
No rhyme or reason whatsoever with this pin. Nothing fluid, very little to shoot at. Reward for launching the ball is multiball...woohoo!
4 years ago
O.K, im in love with the theme, but very fun pinball, sound is awsome.
4 years ago
very fun and very underated
4 years ago
Great theme! Decent game.
4 years ago
Very much underrated. Fun artwork, good sound, and solid gameplay. LEDs are a must to brighten the stock lighting up a bit. Playfield design is somewhat simple and leaves a bit to be desired. Rules are ok.
4 years ago
I think this is a very underrated pin. It was a bit dark but after adding a few light mods it's great!
5 years ago
Fun game. Finally picked one up last month. Game is in amazing condition. It was actually never played. Got really lucky. The game is mint. Plays very fast. The rules are quite simple but pin is a lot of fun. Nice shots. Music is old school. Freddy call outs are cool. Overall in enjoy the game a lot!!
5 years ago
Great game. Some neat things like the glove flipper, claw save and freddy's head that spits the ball out. Its a fairly easy game to play. The artwork is great for the year it came out. The only thing they could have added is some ramps. Overall great game.
There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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