Foo Fighters (Pro)


Foo Fighters (Pro)

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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "Foo Fighters". The group itself ranks #8 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.477

Artwork: 8.738

Sounds/Music: 8.213

Other Aspects: 8.437

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Found 118 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 118 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
Instead of what could have been another band pin loosely based on detached song themes or the loose through-line of a tour, the Foo Fighters game went fully into left field by making a machine that asked a question: what if the Foo Fighters were the stars of a goofy Saturday morning cartoon?

Combined with the ideas of a new designer and an inventive and passionate supporting team, this produced a game that is fun and funny. It is an absolute joy to play again and again and again.

(Of course, I also liked the Foo Fighters before this, so I may be positively biased there.)
23 days ago
playing this pin in location near my home, it was set up for a long time in 0.96, and while i was asking (& asking) the distro, they finally updated with the 1.0... i admit that i have no interest in the theme, but than it works with the pin, and its OK for me... the layout from JD is fresh, i like how it plays (having played it to a friend house, i prefer the PREM/LE with the mini playfield), its fast, with lots of combos, and few nice ideas (as the ball save up post)
24 days ago
Man love the flow jd knows his stuff! It's a keeper!
34 days ago
When it comes to stern games, I believe this is probably the best modern stern. Not only is it a fun game with fantastic music, but it has multi balls and other modes that are easy for beginners and still those more difficult ones that even I have yet to achieve. Being able to play the game and find fun for all skill levels is key in opinion.
42 days ago
Scooby Doo Artwork and fighting aliens. Not a Game not for me.
84 days ago
played a premium on location a couple times and ended up buying a pro with plans on modding it-put in shaker and a little bummed but feel new codes and callouts will help that part of the experience.

Went back to premium today and it was steeper pitch but also not level so everything was pushing hard left.

I really like the speed and flow of the pro (I am at 6.8) a little better and think the value proposition is there for sure.

The right ramp/area 51 is still not consistent enough but that is my skill..
Left ramp backhand is the ticket as the right flipper can be done but miss it and its a drain monster. The upper loop and crossovers are a blast! Made it to austin with bot frenzy and continue to dig in further.

After playing a bunch of stern, jjp, spooky, american and my old faves from bally williams and gottlieb, I think this pro will stay locked down @ home for a long time?….especially with the upcoming code and factory mods.

Update in comments only as no game should be a 10 IMO but with new code, this is as good as it gets!
Love the new song Nothing at All, the callouts are excellent ( and don’t think it is too much) very directional and help people of all skill levels. Crossover ramps and combos can really make things fly. Was my #3 behind 007 and IMDN but since code almost all I now play. Will see what happens with new 007 code which is hopefully soon. On location still draws a lot of plays and if you like it fast…pro seems quicker than premium to me
85 days ago
Not the game for me. Maybe it’s the theme but I can’t seem to get into it.
3 months ago
I played the Foo Fighters pinball machine and liked the music and rule integration of the van driving to different cities if you hit the left ramp shot to bring some play variability into the game. Also, many of the shots were kinetically satisfying and loved the different angles this game uses for the different combination shots.
3 months ago
It’s just fun! The S shots, the music, and great artwork all make for a top notch game. I still enjoy this as much as any other machine after playing it for a while. I keep coming back and turning up the volume. One of the most enjoyable machines available today.
3 months ago
A great take on Rock Band pin, that doesn't feel so much like a random celebration of a band, but a game that has fun with it's theme by taking the band and making them into saturday morning cartoon characters fighting against aliens. This is one of the most flowy games out there, fast paced and just so much fun ball paths your ball zips around in. Such a fun theme with great tunes rocking out the whole time.

The only negative I have with the game is the main game city modes just are kind of bland. It's just your typical hit the currently blinking shots, advance, there really is no unique modes in this game that feel thematic essentially. All the steps just feel very simple with no real narrative or reasoning behind whats going on. Perhaps the flowly design of the game limited the creativity on modes? The game still is apparently WIP as of .99 code, so it will be interesting to see if they flesh out more unique gameplay. This isn't to say it's bad, cause it's not, the flow and feeling of flipping speed is just fantastic in this.

Game could also use more callouts and variety of voice work, perhaps some help with instructional elements here or there as well? Some parts of the game feel like they are missing voice work so far.
3 months ago
Played this a few times at Pincinnati, didn't really enjoy it. Too much going on with the playfield artwork, and not really enough variety of shots. Liked the ball lock in the alien cell, but that was about it.
4 months ago
This game has a very nice layout and flow, but it is too similar to Godzilla. Very beautiful cabinet, translite and playfield artwork. Gameplay is fast, brutal and very repetitive. As with all music band themed pins, I got fed up with the music tracks after about 3 months.
4 months ago
Fun game. Breaks the traditional music theme, which is nice. Definitely has some length to its playtime, but I really don't feel all that invested in it. Some shots work, some are contrived. Not a foo fighters fan, music always seemed generic and formulaic for the timeframe. I wouldn't buy it for the theme, and the "one more game factor" only lasted the first few times I've gone up to this machine.
5 months ago
Played 20 games on this machine on location. Really enjoyed the flow and variety of shots, particularly the upper flipper loops and the left ramp. The game modes I played were enjoyable though I didn’t make it to the wizard modes so can’t comment on those. I’m not usually a fan of music pins and nor am I particularly a FF fan, but the gameplay was still addictive regardless. Would love to play it more.
5 months ago
Well, we made it to 1.0! Bravo!
5 months ago
fun, unique game, especially for location play. I just wish Foo Fighter's music was more of the star of this game than it is with the sound package. seems like they muted the music unfortunately.
5 months ago
Really enjoyable pin! Even though it is fast you can still learn the shots and progress in the story. Art, sounds, display graphics, and layout are incredible. A real winner! After spending 300+ games on it I absolutely prefer the pro model.
5 months ago
(in English below) Ce jeu est fou ! Le plateau est très bien fourni. L'art est magnifique ! La musique déchire et le thème est superbement intégré. Le flux est vraiment rapide. La voix off est sensationnelle, et par moment, elle te pousse même à rejouer ! Le shaker est une tuerie avec ce jeu ! L'overlord est amusant et la zone 51 gratifiante. J'adore voir la bille monter lentement dans cette rampe. Les animations esprit dessins animés sont exceptionnelles et s'accordent terriblement bien avec le jeu. La rampe droite n'est pas simple. La rampe gauche avec le batteur droit n'est pas simple non plus et peut être traitre. La voie de Nate est difficile. Le seul point négatif, c'est le son moyen et c'est regrettable ! Le code demande à évoluer, mais c'est déjà super ! Il y a forcément quelque chose de plus intéressant à faire avec le combotron.

Rough translation : This game is crazy! The board is very well stocked. The art is magnificent! The music rocks and the theme is superbly integrated. The flow is really fast. The voiceover is sensational, and at times, it even pushes you to play again! The shaker is killer with this game! The Overlord is fun and Area 51 is rewarding. I love watching the marble slowly go up that ramp. The cartoon-style animations are exceptional and go extremely well with the game. The right ramp is not simple. The left ramp with the right flipper is not simple either and can be treacherous. Nate's path is difficult. The only negative point is the average sound and that's regrettable! The code needs to evolve, but it's already great! There has to be something more interesting to do with the combotron.
5 months ago
Im amazed by this pin. Fun, amazing layout, easy going, super flowy, feels totally complete. I did not try the premium yet, Im curious how this can be even better. only downside im not a fan of Foo. I played Dp and Jp for the first time this weekend also (both pros) and this was my favourite from this trio (of course this could be different if I would have them in my home for deeper undersranding, this based on like 15 games each)
6 months ago
Cool, unique shots
Takes a lot of inspiration from Deadpool
Fun implementation of theme
Area51 better on pro than Premium

The overall gameplay doesn't grab me quite as well as I'd hoped (I'd expected this to be up there with DP & Godzilla, and it's not, yet at least)
Cool, unique shots
Takes a lot of inspiration from Deadpool
Fun implementation of theme

The overall gameplay doesn't grab me quite as well as I'd hoped (I'd expected this to be up there with DP & Godzilla, and it's not, yet at least)
Pro looks a little devoid of toys; I with the overlord was the same as on the Premium model
6 months ago
Had a good number of games on a local Foo Pro at this point. I tend to have "On" games and then "Off" games with this layout. Get a total flow and then the next game is a lot of bricks into posts and can't quite get dialed in and get a bunch of crummy drains. Layout is generally good and pretty fun to shoot. I've played the premium, and I think the upper playfield is a nice addition over the Pro. The artwork, to me, is better on the Pro. The band doesn't really do it for me so the theme, while well integrated, is a miss. Foo is ok and fall into the alternative scene. I think the integration of the alien storyline was better than "just another band pin" and affords something better to play. The different modes bring distinctive selections from the band and does a good job immersing you into the play of the table.

Overall, a good table I'll play on occasion on location with a band that, unfortunately for me, does nothing to sell it and bring it home. Still, well done execution if you're a fan of the Foo Fighters or if you just want to knock around the Overlord for a few flips.
6 months ago
I like the van on the left ramp and at the beginning of each ball, you can choose a song like walk or everlong. Play it where available.
7 months ago
This is a nice debut game from Jack Danger.

The layout is innovative and there is a lot of flow. Especially the right loop is very satisfying to hit with the "u-turn" back to the left flipper. The Overlord lock is nice too but the butyrate figurine looks a bit cheap in comparison to a sculpted figurine.

The modes are very nice. I like that you can actually choose what mode you're going to play. The Overlord multiball is very much fun to play.

In terms of animations this game is very good and pretty funny. In general it seems that much creativity has had an impact on the final product. The entire artwork package couldn't be any better in my opinion.

All in all this is a very interesting and fun game with superb artwork. It will delight every Foo Fighters fan and be fun to play even if you're more of a casual player.
7 months ago
What an awesome debut full fledged design by Jack Danger. It’s got lots of combos and cross playfield shots, and the ball just loops and crosses around the playfield. It’s a joy to shoot. The weird scooby doo theme on top of the band is strange, but it gives it a narrative that most band pins don’t have. Yeti does another great art package, and even as a non fan of the band, the game is is just fun.
7 months ago
Probably the busiest-looking, most anxiety-inducing pinball ever. It drives away new players before they even touch the plunger. Like playing soccer on a Monet. In terms of artwork, a classic case of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should". It's frustrating, because I really like everything else about the title and how it rolls. Interesting depth to a music theme with the aliens.
There are 118 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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