Foo Fighters (Premium)

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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Foo Fighters". The group itself ranks #9 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.813

Artwork: 8.78

Sounds/Music: 8.288

Other Aspects: 8.699

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Found 84 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 84 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
This game is so well done! Music themed with a overlord monster. Shots have amazing flow with great coding. Stern hit a home run when Jack made this game.
26 days ago
Absolutely have a blast every chance I get to play this. If it was a top 20 favorite band for me I would definitely have it in my collection.
38 days ago
I have put over 100 plays on the Premium and it is absolutely in my top five pins of all time. It brings me pure joy to play this pin. It shoots so well and to just watch the ball move around the playfield is great. The animation, artwork, code ( .99 at this point), and shots are exemplary. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is a big moment in the game like the building in Godzilla or T-rex head in JP.

The upper play field is nice and the dead post is always very cool when used correctly. There is plenty to shoot for and after a handful of games the rules become clear. I like that the Overlord is basically the Cirqus master in Cirqus Voltaire with multiple multiballs hiding in hitting his shot over and over.

The game isn't difficult overall I find it to be in the same difficulty as Avengers IQ but no where near TMNT and Houdini. I'm not the biggest Foo Fighters fan I like some of their songs and they work great with this pin. Though I feel the the extraterrestrial theme really works great on it's own and you don't need to be a huge Foo Fighters fan to like it. Again it's just a ton of fun.
42 days ago
Have only played on location, but this game is an absolute blast!! Not a huge Foo Fighters fan (however, still hope they eventually add a whack of callouts from the band), but the layout/design and rule set of this game rocks!! Despite there being a premium GZ, SW, LZ and JB right beside the Foo where I play ..this is the one game I spend most of my time with and never tire of. Well done Jack D and Stern!!
43 days ago
Great first game, but missing lastability
44 days ago
I’ve never been so addicted to one game. It’s a gem. The flow is absolutely incredible. Band theme pins are always a little repetitive but battling the overlord makes it so much more. This machine will not be going anywhere.
45 days ago
When I started going through the actual ratings ie 1-5 balls, realized that it was starting to rate higher than IMDN & GZ. Loved the theme…maybe its music meets sick artwork, aliens and 70’s cartoons I grew up with?

The upper playfield was cool but not worth the premium over the pro IMO.

more to add shortly-
47 days ago
Fun, fun, and more FUN! I love this pin. I found myself singing, jumping around and playing air guitar between balls. Fast, flowy, kinetically satisfying. One of my favorites ever!
54 days ago
I really liked this game. Wouldn't be surprised if overall score puts this above my top favortie games like Met. The layout is just awesome. The dead post was way cooler than I expected for such a simple thing. I really like the alien thing and pretty much everything with the theming. Seriously, this is the best music pin, maybe even better than Met.
59 days ago
One of the best games on the market
63 days ago
What a flow beast, and just plain fun. At .99 code at time of writing, so there is more to come. Wasn't a FF fan, but the game is so good the music is growing on me.
73 days ago
Foo Fighters is just a terrible theme, just like Rush or even Iron Maiden. Stern was hitting HOME RUNS with ACDC and Metallica. Where is Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Prince, Beastie Boys, stop doing this fringe themes please. You could make a case that this game is not Foo Fighters but an Attack from Mars remake. Fun game but not into the theme.
74 days ago
For me much better: Godzilla, Iron Maiden, Jurassic Park.
3 months ago
I played this at expo and it was kind of fun, easy to get into, but I didn't quite understand the goal or what was happening. The game just kinda goes and you either like it or not. I love the art, the animations, design, all cool. The music obviously good, it's Foo Fighters but that only takes a game so far. The shots are good, it's fun in the higher models, but it feels like it grinds down quickly. This is a pin I'd play out there in the world but I'd never play it enough to keep it around. I love FF and this is one of the best integrations of pin and band but I think the "stern experience" ruins it.
3 months ago
Played many games.
Just don't like this game.
Game flow at 1st was fun but quickly became boring.

Pass 4 me
3 months ago
Jack Danger has done a brilliant job on his first real pinball, it’s a great flowing game with great shots! It’s an instant winner and look forward to some more innovation from Jack Danger in his next pinball.
3 months ago
A very solid pin ! Great flow and great Music sound. One of my favorite Pinball .
3 months ago
Hard to find something that hasn't already been said about this machine, but I'll add to the conversation.

I love the art, though FF is not a favorite band, I think the music and the tape selection pre-shot really keeps me engaged in the game. Songs that move across the breadth of alt rock and hit a variety of feels. The alien theme is extremely cool and the process of breaking down the wall and locking a ball is fun and unique. I really don't love the upper playfield, but sometimes, just sometimes you get these really fun loops rolling.

Goals are fairly clear and the different cities feature interesting animations and goals, I rarely progress very far in this game yet I feel accomplished each time I leave the table. Far cry from some of the other popular Stern tables where I lose quick and wonder what even happened.

After playing I was wondering where it ranked on pinsides top 100 and I am not surprised to see it sit in the top 10, it is worthy of it!
3 months ago
I bought this game… and I don’t even like the Foo Fighters. But now I’m starting to like the music despite myself.

One of the best layouts of all time. Seriously. It redefines the word “flow”.
3 months ago
Super fun game. Fast. Often short ball times. A nice addition to our small home collection. After playing several games back to back the music gets repetitive a little. At the same time, the game begs you to press START again. Our first premium where we were previously just pro owners of games. Like the upper PF for variation and that right ramp is hard to hit consistently. Overall very happy with the game. We keep playing it over and over.
4 months ago
Cool, unique shots
Takes a lot of inspiration from Deadpool
Fun implementation of theme
Toys look great

Too hard to get Area 51 Multiball on Premium on many examples
The overall gameplay doesn't grab me quite as well as I'd hoped (I'd expected this to be up there with DP & Godzilla, and it's not, yet at least)
4 months ago
Great first outing by Deadflip. I like a lot of what Jack did, making death saves a part of the game is awesome. One of the flowiest games that I have played in a while and even though I am not an upper playfield guy, I don't mind this one. Excellent job by Jack and the team.
4 months ago
One of the best recent Sterns if not the best.
5 months ago
(in English below) Ce jeu est fou ! Le plateau est très bien fourni. L'art est magnifique ! La musique déchire et le thème est superbement intégré. Le flux est vraiment rapide. La voix off est sensationnelle, et par moment, elle te pousse même à rejouer ! Le shaker est une tuerie avec ce jeu ! L'imposant overlord est amusant et la zone 51 gratifiante. Les multiball sont fantastiques !!! J'adore voir la bille monter lentement dans cette rampe, et garder la bille dans la zone 51 pour déclencher le multiball est un vrai challenge ! Les animations esprit dessins animés sont exceptionnelles et s'accordent terriblement bien avec le jeu. L'overdrive est réjouissant ! La rampe droite n'est pas simple. La rampe gauche avec le batteur droit n'est pas simple non plus et peut être traitre. La voie de Nate est difficile. Le seul point négatif, c'est le son moyen et c'est regrettable ! Le code demande à évoluer, mais c'est déjà super ! Il y a forcément quelque chose de plus intéressant à faire avec le combotron. Ce flipper ne quittera jamais ma maison !

Rough translation : This game is crazy! The board is very well stocked. The art is magnificent! The music rocks and the theme is superbly integrated. The flow is really fast. The voiceover is sensational, and at times, it even pushes you to play again! The shaker is killer with this game! The imposing overlord is fun and Area 51 is rewarding. Multiballs are fantastic !!! I love seeing the ball slowly go up this ramp, and keeping the ball in area 51 to trigger the multiball is a real challenge! The cartoon-style animations are exceptional and go extremely well with the game. The overdrive is delightful! The right ramp is not simple. The left ramp with the right flipper is not simple either and can be treacherous. Nate's path is difficult. The only negative point is the average sound and that's regrettable! The code needs to evolve, but it's already great! There has to be something more interesting to do with the combotron. This pinball machine will never leave my house!
5 months ago
I've owned it for a month now and put tons of plays on it. Of course any music pin will be polarizing to players. Foo Fighters is a little risky as there are fewer fans than other classic bands but I'm glad Stern tried to get a slightly more modern band. The songs are integrated well into the machine to help keep things fresh. The flow of the game is unreal. There is a toy and an upper playfield but really the main thing on this is the twisty windy shot flow that gives a lot of satisfaction when you can hit it. This pin may be a little harder to casual players tho as hitting a post or barely missing a shot can easily go to the right outline or stdm. Probably the most frustrating part is getting all the shots to start a mode and draining right away. Then on your next ball you have to shoot all the shots again to start the mode. After spending some time on this and not being a great player it's starting to get a bit repetitive but it still hasn't lost that "one more game" quality for me and I'm interested to see how much better it can get with more code. The artwork and animations are fantastic. The start of bot frenzy made me laugh out loud. This is definitely one of the better modern pins to come out.
There are 84 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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