Flying Carpet

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This game ranks #279 in the Pinside EM Top 100.

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Game Design: 6.834

Artwork: 6.608

Sounds/Music: 2.621

Other Aspects: 6.676

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Found 11 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
I put more quarters in this game than any other in the 1970's since there was one in a pizza shop close to home. Bought one and had it in my collection for many years. Great artwork and a fun game to play.
1 year ago
Very frustrating game. Major drains. Wide flipper gap. You make one mistake it’s over. But I keep dropping quarters in. Must play on 5 ball. 3 ball is over to quick. Good game to practice nudging.
4 years ago
EM Pinball Rating.
Absolute blast to play. Reliable machines!
4 years ago
An incredible layout that is unlike anything else that I have seen. Getting the A and the P is awesome (rollovers up top for a safer but less likely to work, go for targets to definitely get them but probably drain). Making pops where all of the points are is really cool because it adds a level of randomness that really keeps you on edge. The double outlane set up makes it so you need to nudge at all times which makes this game an incredible game to practice on.

Only one way to really score, but this is an em. Cabinet art is really lacking.

Just buy one if you see it, you wont regret it.
8 years ago
Poor Flying Carpet - I really wanted to like you, but making me hit four letters as my ball goes through the outlanes is no fun. Also, the chevron shaped layout of the rollover lanes on the upper playfield are not a skill shot - they are just annoying. The concept is neat, but there's no lastability to this Gottlieb EM.
8 years ago
This game was my first top to bottom restoration and the finished product was definitely worth all the effort. The blinkers in the backbox really help make the underrated backglass artwork pop. It is challenging to spell out flying carpet, but once you do, you can really rack up the replays.

The trick to this game is get the P and A lit so that all three pop bumpers are worth 100 points. Once you do, you can really rack up the points.
9 years ago
I played this machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. This machine to shoot for the top in particular required to be well tuned-the machine I played was unfortunately not that way. A pretty good ruleset and lots of skill and nudging required to execute those targets, An odd colour scheme and poor theme syncing of cab/pf/bg makes this a tad disappointing. But nice to play but not a keeper for me.
9 years ago
Classic Gottlieb wedge head from the 70's, but I do prefer the drop target games. This game is all about earning the Special by spelling Flying Carpet, and some of the targets must be reached by nudging the pop bumpers (they cannot be hit by a direct flipper shot). I am not a big fan of the double out lanes by the flippers. That part of the layout seems to be a carry over from many of the 60's Gottlieb tables. One of the first 3 inch flipper games by Gottlieb, it is "average" for that era of single players. One unique feature ins the "cascading lights" at the top of the ball arch activated during play. I kept this game after restoration for about a year and then sold it. Better games to be had, and needed the room. Same old story.
9 years ago
Great game of its vintage.
11 years ago
The team of Krynski and Morrison do it again.

The Pros:
Nudging skills may have never been in more demand than on this table for a game made in the 1970's. Tight shots back to the top of the PF require skill and accuracy. That is... if you can control the ball from the flippers. Your stall/trap skills better be on point. Lots of posts keep this game moving, so wax it up and let that ball fly! Green Genies and Bikini Harems make me want to wear a turban when I play this game. Just like the Carnac the Magnificent.

The Cons:
You had better have fresh rubbers and sneeze sensitive pops on this deck. Otherwise the standups on the top arch may never be scored.

The Takeaway:
Getting the last few letters in FLYING and CARPET are always a challenge and will make you ask yourself... is it worth it to let this ball out the sides? This deck is a player. If your 5 ball game lasts less than 45 seconds... it's probably because you need to work on your pin-fu.

I got a chance to play this deck at 2 plays for $.25 with 3 ball per game. HARD! There are no spinners or drops on this game. It is incredibly fast and the angles of this table are designed to make the ball travel from side to side as soon as it enters the PF. Flying Carpet game has very tight shots back to the top of the PF on either side (ala Volley but with arches instead of a rebound shot). Getting all the lanes at the top is tough as nudging will be as likely to bounce the ball back down the sides as it is to get the ball into the desired lane. Keeping the ball out of all 4 lanes at the bottom (all lead to the outhole) mean that you'd better be ready to judiciously and punctually bump this game when you need to to keep it out of the danger zone. Lots of indirect action to the 6 standups C-N-T-E-G-F above the pops means that nudging opportunities are in high demand from the top all the way through to the bottom of this deck. This is not a game that a modern DMD player is going to "get", at least not immediately. This game is from a different era that uses different techniques and strategies to gits the job done. Don't harsh on it just because you don't gits it right off the bat. It's pinball and at the same time, a different kind of game. This is one of those simple, but NEVER easy games that will demand your respect. Master K made a punishing game that was made to eat your quarters as quickly as possible. Do not expect a game to last more than a few minutes, ever. But I will say that if you give a deck like this some mileage... and when you do see the light, I think you will be happy you invested your wasted youth into it. I know I certainly did.
11 years ago
For only having basic stand-up targets and rollovers, Flying carpet is a good e-m type pinball machine. Good challenge trying to spell out "Flying Carpet" The placement and qty of "special" targets is good. Lighting is good. Backglass art good but not quite A+. Unfortunately the cabinet artwork on sides and on sides of back box is bad and does not match theme, and color selection is poor. This game requires nudging in order to help minimize ball going down the 4 out-lanes. This is one e-m type pinball machine that I would be ok with having in a home collection.
There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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