Flip Flop

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Game design: 8.253

Artwork: 7.857

Sounds/Music: 2.461

Other Aspects: 7.898

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There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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67 days ago
I used to play this game at the Circle K on my Pepsi route in Vegas. Great game, will owe one soon. Fun game.
11 months ago
So, although the theme is not one that is a must have for me, I feel like it really integrates very well from backglass to playfield and to the cabinet art. It’s a fun pin and instead of drop targets, it has the fans that flip/flop. It is pretty simple to understand, but pop bumper placement and the out lanes makes for short games. As others have mentioned, the bonus count cadence is pleasing. Overall, a fun well-integrated theme and game.
1 year ago
My favorite EM, backglass art is so cool and game play is fun.
2 years ago
flip the targets then flop the targets, unique game that I really enjoyed playing. really improves your nudging skills. should be ranked higher but the theme holds it back
2 years ago
I like games with interesting bottoms. I fell in love with Old Chicago. I tried this one because it had an interesting bottom and I thought the flip flop targets would be interesting. It turns out the bottom didn't add much to anything and the only real thing to shoot at is the flip flop targets. The backglass has great color and art, but I think a lot of people could be offended by the Native American on the glass. I hate, and I mean hate the horse shoes on the cabinet. Probably the worst cabinet I've ever owned. The game plays okay, but after I put a lot of work into restoring one, 10 games told me that this wasn't a keeper.
2 years ago
Such. A. Cool. Game. I love that all the DMD-heads will miss this one because they find EMs "slow and boring."

-Absolutely awesome artwork! The whole game is beautiful. Backglass has tons of rich color
-Such a fun layout!!! I typically HATE symmetrical pins but this one just feels right. Absolutely brutal, yet ridiculously easy!
-Perfect game for newbies/non-pinheads, yet impossible for pinheads to walk away from! This game (along with Andromeda and Barracora for me) defines "one more game" appeal!
-the flag gimmick is REALLY cool and works perfect. So fun to get all the flags up and then back over with the mushroom bumper. You don't see that on new games!
-The outlanes are awesome. I love that you have a better shot at saving your ball on them than the inlanes! Really neat idea that worked well. Make sure your game has fresh, bouncy rubber for it to work right tho.
-Rollover galore! No drops (the fans are kind of like drops I guess) or spinners but enjoy those rollovers.
-Feels like a solid-state in terms of speed and power, with all the charm and chimes of an EM!

-again, I'm not a fan of symmetrical decks and wonder if something could have been done to avoid that here.
-WAY too easy to roll this deck. I probably need to adjust my settings but it’s just very easy as a 5-ball game. Still, 3-ball seems too short on this one.
-Easy for inserts to be cupped on this one. If you're buying one, be aware that you should look for this
-Typical low-quality EM Bally lamp holders. Be prepared to replace some.

I love this game and love how inexpensive it can be. Find a nice example, and enjoy pinball purity at it's finest.
3 years ago
Fast Player with Good Flow and a Great Backglass
3 years ago
Simple and fun. I love flipping the farm animals and then hit the reset to flip 'em all back in place. Not sure about the lastability but it sure was fun for a few games I played on it. 4 flippers, 2 kckout holes and 2 bumbers provide plenty of action.
The outlane arrangement is unique with the bounce back. If the rubbers are new and the playfield is waxed and in good shape this works amazingly well. I had something like a 80% success rate getting the ball back into the inlane. A little nudge at the exact right timing and it works like a charm. I had pretty long ball times for an EM. If the rubber has the wrong "bounciness" or the playfield is in poor shape this could be a drain monster.
The art work is above average but nothing to write home about. If I had more space I would own one of these machines. Certainly one of the better EMs.
5 years ago
For an EM a very interesting game - very fast and unique. It gives you the chance to get the ball back into play after it passed the outlanes. You need to work physically and use the "bounce-back outlanes"...a real challenge but it can work! Try to play it if you get the chance.
Has a very colourful backglas - I can understand that some don`t like it, but I think it is not too bad.
5 years ago
Great game for its a age, with a cool gimmick.
5 years ago
I love the game but something makes me hate the backglass. I love nip it's glass by the same artist but there is just something I hate about this one. Great play, meh art!
6 years ago
I like this game and artwork. It definitely has a 70's feel to it. There is only one other game that I can think of that has the flip targets, so it is unique. This is a good game for beginners, that is not extreamly fast.
8 years ago
Flip flop will give you some of the shortest pinball games you have ever had. This table can be a true demon. Simple, but not easy is the motto here.

The Pros:
You had better be on point with your pin-skills. This game takes no prisoners. Flipper traps, nudging on the inlane/outlanes is something that this game will make you master, or eat you alive in the process. Upper flippers and pop bumpers keep the ball flying. Dick White's Politically Incorrect artwork makes the whole table shine. I think it's his best work other than his childhood nightmare clowns.

The Cons:
This game would be too easy if it wasn't too hard.

The Takeaway:
Nudging in the arch, nudging in the lanes, don't forget that this game is all about bonus... so don't tilt! A fantastic deck to test your temper and your pinball skills. Very very simple. Very, very hard. I love it!

I love the cadence of the bonus count (it's just like Captain Fantastic). The tempo makes me do the happy pinball dance. On the downside, it would be nice to be able to EARN double bonus as compared to the game's programming just give it to you on balls 3 & 5. The only safe place on this entire table is above the flag-barn (new word) and adding up the bonus from the tic-tac rollovers.

Update 2: This game has me by the short and curlies...






Do the happy pinball bonus dance!

Update v2:
When someone comes over and wants to play a game that is "fast and slow". This is the table I introduce them to. They may look at me funny at first, but once they play a few balls, they "get it". The name of this game is "survivability through control". Because you can't rely on most traditional ball trapping skills, your on the fly and drop catch techniques become paramount. You have to work with what you have and in many cases, this means you have to send the ball back up the PF in a non- controlled/ reflexive manner. This may infuriate the DMDheads, but all you have to do is watch a true on the fly player like Daniele Acciari or Andrei Massenkoff and you will see the value of mastering a deck like this one. If you think this game is too easy, TIGHTEN THE TILT!

And don't fergits...

Do the happy pinball bonus dance!
There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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