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The Flintstones

Pinside rating

This game received 197 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.607 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #135 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.799

Artwork: 7.195

Sounds/Music: 7.499

Other Aspects: 7.594

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 5 of us have rated this game.


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Found 109 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
I just bought this game, and like to rate it now, and then again later on.

-Fun game
-A lot to shoot for
-Good call outs
-Easy to get get multi ball
-Bowling adds a new element to the game
-3 flippers and 2 ramps ( I like that)


-Not the fastest game in the world, I got use to No Fear, and that's extremely fast
-Yellow, nothing but yellow on the playfield, Why so much yellow, lol.

After one day, I added colorful LED lights and brighter up the game. Next I will add 2 spot lights, and also just bought the light mod for the dinosaur.

So after having it a short while, I wasn't impressed. I got bored easily and would rather play my other game. I don't know why this game is rated as high as it is. It got very boring very quickly. I wouldn't purchase this game again or drop a few quarters in it. Fast drains, hard to keep a ball for more then a minute or 2 if your lucky, then again maybe that isn't a bad thing, lol

As much bright LED lights I bought, I couldn't brighten up the back glass one bit at all. Very yellow, very boring.
3 years ago
I wanted to love it. I love the theme. It looked great, had lot of toys, great ramps, great animations, lots of stuff to do, but alas none of it was challenging or fun. My general feeling was that the game could almost play itself. Ball times were long and rather dull. Might be interesting to kids for a while, but it's no Twilight Zone. I considered buying one, but passed after playing it. I'd much rather own a System 11 game, Data East, or Sega. Put your $2500 on a Popeye Saves the Earth instead. As a matter of fact, I can't understand why Popeye is so slandered while this dull box manages to avoid abuse. Just goes to prove that ratings are a mess. This one should be rated below Popeye for sure.
3 years ago
It's ok I'd play it if Isaw one
3 years ago
This is one of the best tv show Pinball's. Great family fun!
4 years ago
Another underrated gem from DR Flash. Man this game is just fun. Pure and simple, gets hated for being a license of a bad film but like Congo, I'm sure this will come around eventually and get its due respect. Different theme and art package and this is an undisputed all time classic pin. Although I happen to like the theme, and all the pastel rocks. AND JOHN GOODMAN?! C'mon this game is great!
4 years ago
Very underrated pin. Original art is movie themed, looks much better with custom Flintstones cartoon art.
4 years ago
Good theme. Playfield is a bit full with lots of plastic.
4 years ago
This game is way way underrated. Second best game in my collection. Better that TOM, TZ and STTNG. Easy to follow the game play. The calls out are great and fit the theme perfectly. There is a lot of different shots and you can get numerous multiballs per game. This game won't leave my collection.
4 years ago
Fun game! The theme is awesome if you're a flintstones fan. The rock crusher really doesn't add anything to the game though. It just spins around and spits the ball out randomly. The bronto crane is neat but takes up a lot of room on the PF. The bowling alley is well done.
4 years ago
Put this machine to my brothers House, my nephew loves it, perfect machine for kids. Very funny but the theme never got me attracted too much. Same with cabinet and backglass. However its a solid and one of my most robust machines.
4 years ago
Very under rated pin. Lots of fun to play and a really cool play field. I enjoyed it
4 years ago
The theme would be very nice for a pinball machine but the game and design are definitely below expectations
5 years ago
This game has surprisingly good flow. The redirected ball guides are great. However, the bowling dynamic is weak, and the lack of toys is a disappointment.
5 years ago
Really surprised when i get this pinball a lot of fun playing it ,
This pin is the one you need all the family loves it.
5 years ago
Extremely fun fun game. Makes me laugh even now when I play it. The sound is great for the era - & again just fun. Very attractive & tasteful cabinet & backbox art, the backglass is a dud but nice when replaced with alternate of original cartoon. Playfield art also great & colourful - not so keen on pale colourings of rock houses along the sides or colour on apron - but these can be modded. I keep coming back & very surprised this is not at least a top 100 game - although based on a movie it has more than enough "original cartoon" to be timeless. Big thumbs up.
5 years ago
Kids & people new to pinball seem to gravitate to this pin because of the theme, lighting, & the sounds. It is a very different layout. The diverters that allow the ball to wrap around the apron & back to the flipper that just shot the ball is "Way Cool"! The bowling shot alone will keep a smile on your face, it's a fun shot with great call outs & animation! The rule set is unbalanced & shallow, but who cares! This pin bright! It has great sounds & call outs! It's just simple straight forward flippin fun for the whole family!
5 years ago
This pin is a lot of fun for a short time, I imagine very good if you have kids as there is plenty to shoot for and a lot of toys around the playfield which make it fun. Not one I would probably look at owning but a solid release from Williams none the less.
5 years ago
I was very excited to add this game to my collection. This game is a classic and keeps the whole family coming back time and time again. I had the playfield clear coated and added LED's in the appropriate places...this thing is beautiful now and it gets a lot of compliments. A lot of fun callouts in the game.

That being said, it seems like you are never good enough to play the game as intended. There are a lot of different modes to be played and many of them are not worth the effort...the shells on the side for a 10 second side drain save and the Bronto outlane for instance. However, I suppose those large variety of difficult shots give this game some long-term appeal. The down-side is that newbies tend to only play a few games as it proves to be too difficult for them.

Because I have kids around the house, it keeps me from changing to the adult themed translite and whatnot. But it's just striking the way it is anyway.
5 years ago
Wish it was based on the original. Get the overlay if you buy it.
5 years ago
Definitely an under rated game in the area of fun. Yeah its not a deep rule set but it is fun. Its a game anyone one new or experienced can step up to and have a lot of fun. The movie art has got to be the weakest part of this game. if you can get the alternative art package it really changes the entire game.
5 years ago
The game is pretty fun. The ramp going behind the flipper is pretty cool. "The Machine" in the top corner is pretty interesting and seeing it spin the balls around especially during a multiball is pretty cool.

Now I can't say too much about the sounds as it was turned down pretty low when I played, but I did get a closer listen while another player was playing and it seemed pretty decent.

In the end, it is a fun pin, even if your were not a big fan of the movie, it still fits the Flintstones theme well.
6 years ago
Flintstones is a very laid back, fun pin to play. No stress. Just fun.
I love the integration of the smart ramps. Trudeau is genius here. This pin is great for a beginner to play around on too. Very family friendly. Rule set is straight forward and not too deep. Great looking pin with Leds. Seems like the code could use an overhaul.
6 years ago
I'm not a fan of the Flinstones theme - especially based off the movie. I wish they would have based this pin after the cartoon. However, I do find the play entertaining with a solid playfield layout and nice flow. The ramps are well done along with the bowling alley. Under-rated in my opinion.
6 years ago
IMHO it is a very poor design and implementation for a Flintstones theme. Everybody like FS cartoon but not the movie. I only like the spinning of silver ball above the flipper.
6 years ago
Seriously, this game is better than most titles in the second half of the top 100. My opinion of course, but I always find Flintstones a blast to spend some time with. "Shoot for the machine!"
There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 5.

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