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The Flintstones

Pinside rating

This game received 196 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.595 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #139 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.792

Artwork: 7.185

Sounds/Music: 7.492

Other Aspects: 7.585

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 5 of us have rated this game.


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Found 108 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 108 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
I had a chance to buy this game that was just totally refurbished and could not turn it down. Surprisingly, I have really enjoyed this. Certainly not a modern game by any means, but a lot of fun. Pinball friends of mine always play this game when they come over. Certainly a lot of game for the money. Multiball is a challenge, particularly the super jackpot. Alternative back glass choices are fun.
45 days ago
Hated the movie, Love the machine. Underrated game. Yes, simple and a little childish, but good shooter, with good flow.
75 days ago
This is just a really fun game with that "one more game" feel. It has nice shots, callouts, and sound. I can pick other pins out with better features of each, but flintstones really mixes it up well and brings it all together in a fun package...and at a low price.
3 months ago
A pretty straight forward "feel good" kind of game. First timers usually overlook the prompt to "go for the strike" to shoot at the bowling pins. The ramps feeding to the flipper crossover is unique. The mixer at the top is neat but POTC mastered this feature a little better. They did a great job landscaping the playfield between the score apron and the buildings on either side.
6 months ago
Mr. Slate would rate this game ROCK solid! Uderrated for sure should be a top 100 game. Fun for all ages
1 year ago
This is a top 50 pin. But only after changing to the alternative backglass and playfield overlay

Turns a 6 into an 8 oddly enough

Just my opinion

And for the price it's a 10
1 year ago
Yabadabadoo!! Challenging shots and good rule set. Even though based on the movie its the same music and theme as the cartoon. Bowling night, lodge night, Dino, and of course “Hay Mr. Slate how about a bonus?” Very family oriented machine and play.
1 year ago
Great family game. I am impressed with the sound quality. The kids love it.
1 year ago
Probably belongs in the top 100. Unique layout makes this game really fun. Not the deepest rule set but enough to keep me coming back. Cartoon arts package is a must.
1 year ago
I love the play field, the houses, the vibrant colors and theme. most are in great condition because they aren't as popular to play, which makes them even more tempting to a home collection.
1 year ago
This game exceeded my expectations significantly. Lots of things to do. Some really good shots. Good ball flow. I especially like the ramps. This is a fun pin to play that is also very family friendly. My only complaint is that it is themed on the mediocre movie rather than the classic animated show.
2 years ago
very fun pinball
2 years ago
Super fun very under rated game fun for all ages the sounds are hilarious the game flows very well from shot to shot I wanted one as soon as I played it my 11 year old son had me buy the movie because he likes the game so much he's now a flintstones fan I don't think he's ever seen there cartoon until last week with all new led lights and a few extra light mods it completely updates the whole game
2 years ago
The Flintstones was my first pin and served it's purpose well as an entry level game. Despite the movie being fairly dreadful I have a nostalgic soft spot for it so the theme, whilst not the best doesn't bother me really. It's not deep but has a couple of cool tricks up it's sleeve. The ball passing round the back of the flippers is super cool and the bowling is brilliant and pretty tricky to get strikes one after another. I found I wanted to move onto something different after a few months of ownership but I did love my time with the game and if I saw one in going for a good price I'd always be tempted to have another one. Overall a solid pin. 'Go for the strike!'
2 years ago
There's not much to say about this game. It's difficult at first, but once you've got it, you've got it. The rules aren't so deep, and a couple of the modes aren't so great. The playfield looks fantastic, especially if you have the cartoon art instead of the live-action art. The live-action art on the playfield and the backglass date this table, hard, but those little stone buildings are cool no matter what. You probably want it in your collection if you are nuts about The Flintstones. If not, it's so-so. There's just not enough here to warrant more than a couple dozen plays.
2 years ago
I bought Flintstones because it was a good price but I ended really liking the game it has great sounds and music, cool toys, and decent rules. The artwork could be better but I do really like the cabinet artwork.
3 years ago
I had to have this game after playing at a show. The theme is done really well and the sounds are top notch. If you remember, the movie was a huge success and McDonolds hyped the crap out of it. It is the reason we have the McRib today!
The movie may have been forgotten and the sequel a flop, but the game is timeless. I love just about everything in this game: The flow is fast and fluid, the modes are fun and comical, love the smart ramp integrated into the apron, the bronto neck that spits the ball out is awesome!
Lighting is a small issue with this game. Luckily there loads of mods you can do: light up the bedrock houses, light up the bronto neck, light up the apron, pop bumper rings, spot lights for the rock crusher and I’m sure others.
The bowling within the game is a cool addition. I haven’t taken the time to actually focus on winning the bowling game. Looks like I have more to discover yet.
I would recommend this game to anyone! Recognizable theme, family friendly, and super fun.
3 years ago
If you read most of the Pinside comments on this game you'll see a few points that repeat fairly often: underrated; fun; nice gimmicks (side-switching ramps, bronto, bowling, machine); and would've been better appreciated if based on the cartoon instead of the movie. I agree with and echo all of these points. On the other hand, I disagree with the comments complimenting the music and call-outs, which I think fall short. Overall however this game has quite a bit going on and probably deserves better notoriety than it has. And frankly, I'll bet that exactly the very same game -- if the art and voices were from the show instead of from the movie -- would be much more widely loved than it is. Anyway, even with the movie art and voices, it's enjoyable to play. Not sure about lastability for many years in a home collection, but definitely worth playing periodically if available.
3 years ago
Quite simple repetitive pinball with few modes, but greatly designed for flow and instant fun. In many aspects very similar to Creature (which is good). The feature that ball goes on the flipper you just need to is fckin great idea and its big shame it isnt used on other machines.

And the awesome!! Cartoon like playfield and translite, whole playfield is like small world (like WW), nice and perfect!! Its one of the most beautiful pins from 90s.

In my eyes its one of the best fun/price ratio pins.
3 years ago
An honest game
3 years ago
This was not on my radar, but was offered in trade. Turned out to be a very fun game. The apron wrap around is very cool, the bowling feature is nice, has many "sub games" including a Brontosaurus race, bowling, dino frenzy, and a wash machine feature for multiball. Nice backgound music, good vocals and decent number of shots to make ranging from fairly easy to more difficult. I have only play 30 to 40 games at this point and will update as I play more. Overall just a fun game.
3 years ago
Had high hopes for Flintstones but it fell flat. Don't get me wrong fun title , kinda weak ruleset. Lack of general illumination even when led put in. For what this pin commands price wise lots of better pins to choose from. Best mode is Joe's diner recycles move your car from cftlbl. Decent wpc pin but look else where for a keeper.
3 years ago
Pure fun!!

Updated: while it's a really fun gets a bit old, no variation in strategy. But still a really good game and I enjoy playing it once in a while.
3 years ago
Very fun game. It is very underrated.
3 years ago
I just bought this game, and like to rate it now, and then again later on.

-Fun game
-A lot to shoot for
-Good call outs
-Easy to get get multi ball
-Bowling adds a new element to the game
-3 flippers and 2 ramps ( I like that)


-Not the fastest game in the world, I got use to No Fear, and that's extremely fast
-Yellow, nothing but yellow on the playfield, Why so much yellow, lol.

After one day, I added colorful LED lights and brighter up the game. Next I will add 2 spot lights, and also just bought the light mod for the dinosaur.

So after having it a short while, I wasn't impressed. I got bored easily and would rather play my other game. I don't know why this game is rated as high as it is. It got very boring very quickly. I wouldn't purchase this game again or drop a few quarters in it. Fast drains, hard to keep a ball for more then a minute or 2 if your lucky, then again maybe that isn't a bad thing, lol

As much bright LED lights I bought, I couldn't brighten up the back glass one bit at all. Very yellow, very boring.
There are 108 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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