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Flight 2000

Pinside rating

This game received 64 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.210 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #228 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.318

Artwork: 7.311

Sounds/Music: 6.441

Other Aspects: 7.256

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Found 36 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
One of my favorite old school pins. Love the space theme. There’s enough going on on the playfield to keep it challenging. It is difficult to get some big points as the drop targets prove to be challenging to hit in sequence. This is a no brainer keeper in any collection.
5 months ago
Fun game, a good "one more time" game. The multiball is rewarding. Art package is ok. Nothing special. The speech is archaic but does the job. A good fun early as stern. Give 8t a play.
9 months ago
The ball walker is a blast. Game is a bit "easy" but it's just a terribly fun game. Enjoyable and I believe it has a very low barrier-of-entry to newbies in pinball.
As always killer artwork.
10 months ago
Fun Playing Classic Stern.

One of the many Space Themes from the late 70s/early 80s. In terms of the Sterns I'd rate Meteor a tad higher than Flight 2000 with Galaxy finishing in an honorable third.

Cabinet artwork is good -- colorful blues and yellows catch the eye. Backglass is nice; I'd probably appreciate it more if I was more of a celestial guy. The artwork and detail on the playfield is very nice -- I like the variety and mix of colors.

Sounds are better on this game than Meteor -- more of a variety and the speech component adds a new element.

Gameplay is good overall. Highlights include ripping both spinners -- bonus if you can sweep the three bank drop target on the right. Hitting the proper numbered drop targets takes aim but luckily the playfield does not punish you too much with a drain if you miss. The action of the locking mechanism is slick and fun to watch. It does take up a lot of space and somehow makes a wide body pin feel small when playing.

Overall a fun game. Cool sounds, fun spinner shots, and drop targets to aim for. It also "feels" like a Classic Stern when playing -- hard to describe in words but definitely an asset for me.
11 months ago
This is one of the few games older than I am that I really enjoy. There is one at Crabtown USA not too far from where I live and I always drop a quarter in. The main star of this show is the fancy launching mechanism in the upper left corner of the playfield. It begs to be completed every time I play. I never really got into the scoring on this game, but it's always fun to drop in a quarter, try to launch the ship and get the multi-ball.
1 year ago
One of the last Harry Williams playfields, and very underrated today. There is one very long progression, with what is, for the time, a nice multiball payoff. The ball lock and special act much like ramp shots without actually being ramps. Apart from that, you're playing for bonus and multiplier like every other early SS, and with the generic space theme and robo-voice, the overall vibe is a prime example of a "stereotypically 80's" pin.

It helps to take to heart the Williams "the ball is always wild" philosophy: Trying to catch and cradle to take sniper shots on this game is often considerably riskier and more frustrating than flipping up to let it roll off the tip, then hitting immediately off the pass. Plus, by blocking much of the playfield away from direct flipper control, the game more explicitly encourages you to not try to force your way through the progression and take happy accidents as they come; you can avoid hitting that difficult 5-4-3-2-1 bank and do most of it with the inlanes. Likewise, "LAST" is easier to achieve by letting the lock sequence get you there than by trying to muscle the ball all the way up the playfield. A very elegant game for a discerning player who isn't too worried about this style of game going out of fashion.
1 year ago
have had this for about 6 months. if it is dialed in and ball walker works good without rebounds or hangups it
is a lot of fun to shoot. love the spinners . sounds are cool and robotic voice is perfect for this
theme. probably my favorite pin that i play the most at home. getting the multiball is tough
to get but satisfying when you do. definitely a keeper for me. ive come to find out i enjoy the
early ss pins the most. didnt think that would be the case when i got back into hobby but a pleasant
2 years ago
This is actually one of my favourite classic Stern games. There is nothing more satisfying than completing BLAST, completing OFF, locking two balls, completing the countdown from 5 to 1 and then locking that final ball. Once you have multiball, you can then start working towards the next one whilst all 3 balls are in play and that's great fun. I also like the fact the spinner value and bonus multiplier carry over from ball to ball - not something you'd want in every game but it's nice to have that so you can increase the values gradually across all three of your balls. Theme is pretty generic but works well, art is typical. Good classic game.
2 years ago
Getting multi-ball is an incredible feeling with the amazing three rocket stage sound effect. Unforgettable.
2 years ago
Fun game, great Classic Stern!
2 years ago
Love this game. Unique ball walker to set up multi ball. Some people knock the voice, but I find it perfect for the space genre. I see it mor akin to the arcade wizard of wor rather than a speak n spell. Anyways, difficult to achieve multiball on 3 ball game, keeps you coming back. Love the artwork, especially the backglass. The woman in the cryo tube rocket is beautifully drawn and perfectly captures the future concepts back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
2 years ago
What makes it great:

4 slings, so tons of lateral ball action
Sweepable drops with a special score for it
2 spinners
4 banks of drops
Great speech
good pops that help you or hurt you
Henry Williams in his prime
Very good art from Doug Watson

What's missing?:

Hurry ups (like black knight)
Changeable inlane lamps (like black night)
Changeable rollover lamps (like firepower)
3 years ago
For its age, I could go back to this title over and over. I enjoy the difficulty of achieving multi-ball, and I like the speech it has (first Stern with speech). I think I will keep in my collection, but if another great title comes my way, I'm sure it could be parted with.
3 years ago
Very rewarding to make it to MB. The right spinner to 3 drops shot is great.
4 years ago
It 's a very funny and challenger pinball. Really I do not like the backglass neither cabinet.
4 years ago
Flight 2000 is a very challenging game with a straightforward and easy to understand rule set. It's a big widebody so you have lots of long shots. It has a 3 ball multiball that seems to lead to nowhere other than playing the 3 balls at once. The multiball trap is very unique and fun to watch. If you get a hance to play one, do it. If you like it, go buy one! Flight 2000 is a lot of fun.
5 years ago
Fun pin. Super hard to get MULTIBALL. Boring artwork and sound but fun to play and lots to shoot for. Keep coming back to play
5 years ago
Talk about a complex way to start multiball with not enough payoff. You could make 16 shots everywhere on the playfield, or if you just want points you have shoot the right spinner forever and ignore multiball. I don't even think multiball is the second thing I'd go for, lighting the left spinner up is. The lock mechanism takes up WAY too much room and isn't even an exciting toy, it's just a couple lanes with a solenoid. Awkward is maybe the best word to describe this game.

I love the art all around at least, but this one just isn't for me.
5 years ago
This reminds me a lot of Firepower by Williams, which was released the same year. It has a similar feel to it, but I actually prefer Flight 2000 more... I like the table design and table art more, and the multiball on this table is quite unique and cool. I tend to not care as much for early 80s machines, but this is one I quite enjoy do its general simplicity. Once you manage to get a 5x multiplier on this table, get ready to watch your score bloat up big time. The sound on this table is also pretty decent, all things considered. I feel like this is needlessly underrated, and I'm having a hard time understanding why Firepower is so much more highly regarded.
5 years ago
Which was first talking? GORGAR OR FLIGHT??
5 years ago
Achieving multiball is the main driving force behind the game, which can be challenging to reach. The artwork on this one is one of the best of the classic stern games, especially if you like space/sci-fi themes.
5 years ago
Haven't played this one in a long while. .i was 8 when this came out and i remember playing it allot in my aunt and uncles bar. was fun when i was younger and i remember having to lock the mutliball section which was cool back then but i would have to give it some play time now to see what i think
6 years ago
Well multi-ball used to be much harder to get :)

I restored this machine and it was pretty abused. Took me a while to get it going, and I'm so glad that I did. What a fun machine. Some of my friends like it the most of any other pins I have.

It has some very gratifying shots to make after you get used to it. Up the right spinner values and burn it up. The bonus point multiplier is a tough shot (for me anyway). Firing up the left spinner to capture the ball never gets old.

Think I'm going to keep this one.
6 years ago
Just as I wonder why aren't late 70's EM's more advanced, I ask the same question in regard to SS's such as this. Like the game overall, but realize it could have been so much more...
6 years ago
My 1st wide body. I like this one a lot.

pretty much all about the multi-ball. And it is a challenge to get it. But pretty satisfying. Also I love the ball walker and everyone that has come over gets a kick out of it.
There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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