Flash Gordon

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Game design: 7.917

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Other Aspects: 8.072

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3 months ago
My absolute favourite game ever! Always such a challenger and rewarding when you do well. Good scoring balance between the two playfield levels. Control is key and playing this game will make you a better player. Emperor Ming awaits!
3 months ago
Great looking game with a gorgeous mirrored back glass , double level playfield & I loved the cheesey 80's movie , but this game is so brutal I have never really been able to Enjoy playing it
3 months ago
This one cost me a fortune in quarters when it came out! It was a bear!! I eventually learned how to play it (and improve my pinball skills) which definitely improved my outlook on the machine! This was also my first multi-level machine so I am somewhat biased. This is not a good one for "newbies" due to it's difficulty, however! Rather, this one is good for honing your skills. Today, I would gravitate over to it if I found it in an arcade.
7 months ago
This is a fun, brutally hard pin. It has simple, well balanced scoring, with a few strategies to employ to maximize points. There are many things to shoot for. I love lighting the spinners and listening to the sound effects as I shoot them over and over again. The in-lane drop targets are great to shoot, and like the wood beast itself, present danger with every attempt. The upper playfield is challenging. The ball doesn't stay up there for long, but it is a critical aspect of the game. The art package is excellent, and the sounds are well done for the time. Overall, an excellent pin that truly has me saying, "Maybe just one more game."
9 months ago
Not a fan of this game. The upper play field is poorly designed. No fun factor at all for me.
9 months ago
I dont usually enjoy upper playfields but this game is better than most
10 months ago
Very hard but fun machine. Artwork is great. For its time it must have been amazing.
11 months ago
Played for the first time this weekend; game has the "one more try" vibe to it and I did just that. Game is tough but not in a badly designed way but in a good way. It seeks to improve your pin skills with every game played as you learn the nuances of play. Well done! Artwork is excellent.
11 months ago
A true classic. Hooked up a sub and now it's my favorite machine. Sounds on this game are the best. I like the 2 levels of playfield. Best theme ever. Doesn't get better than this pinball machine in my opinion. They need to remake it!
1 year ago
I really like this layout and the way the ball flows. Good variety of shots and all are satisfying. 2 spinners, inline drop targets, 3rd flipper. Not an easy pin to approach and play, but after a few tries, I really found a rhythm and it was still a challenge. Great sounds. I love this era of pinball and Flash Gordon is one of the tops. Always fun to play this one whenever found.
1 year ago
Probably my Holy Grail pin.
the art is a bit busy--but most of the pins from that time are.
the game is brutal and unforgiving and then you want to play one more..and then one more...and then one more....
1 year ago
Beautiful looking game, brutal and cruel to play. Rewards concentration and skillfull play more than any pin I've ever played. Still, it has some very tight shots, lot's of unusual shots, it's very hard to control the ball and the outlanes are greedy. Once you learn it a littie bit, best strategy is to knock down the row of drop targets on the lower right to get the extra ball that's behind them. Still, bring a lot of quarters. Fortunately the ball save is very generous (JUST KIDDING THERE IS NO BALL SAVE). All that said pulling off a good game is very satisfying and this is one of my favorite pins of all time.
1 year ago
Very tough pin to play but satisfying when you finally eat her down. Good music and lots of nostalgia
2 years ago
What's not to love about Flash Gordon?! Awesome layout, exposed pop bumpers, inline drops for bonus multiplier, "Emperor Ming Awaits!," the spinners; an awesome game that is brutal and punishing for making poor shots! People complain about the linear flippers, but I actually like them. Rebuilt, they are not as sloppy as some people say. Compared to Williams of that era, they are a bit, but compared to the previous style Bally, they are a bit more precise.

The upper playfield is challenging, and your ball doesn't stay up there for long, but the 15 seconds of 2x playfield with lit spinners and the lit bank of drops is worth it. There are also two opportunities to collect bonus. You can really rack up your score this way. A basic set of rules, but you'll kill yourself trying to line everything up, and that's a good thing.
2 years ago
Phenomenal Bally game with a perfect ruleset. Scoring is balanced between playfield values, ripped spinners, and huge bonuses (and exciting bonus collects!). Lower playfields often have pointless close quarters death targets up the middle, but FG just has drop targets to the sides that you can actually shoot. The upper playfield has tough, long shots and the ball is never up there for too long. There's nothing pointless on this game, you shoot pretty much everything! That's kind of rare for an old solid state game. Inline drops are still one of the coolest things in pinball, and they're the first thing you shoot during every ball of Flash Gordon.

If there's a single bad thing about FG, it's that middle saucer is kind of weird (and not very effective at holding the ball). There's really nothing at all to shoot in the middle of the game. It does give you a needed reprieve though. This game gets your heart racing, especially during competitive play when the ball can go out on any slight flubbed shot or recovery!

One of the best games ever.
2 years ago
Had a nice one.
Hated it at first, then it was growing on me.
Played it a bunch. Very overrated.
Sold it.
2 years ago
Flash Gordon is regularly described as one of the hardest games out there, and I wouldn't argue with that. I bought this because it is so gorgeous to look at that I wanted to want the game more than I did .... but in the end, i'm a crappy player so its beauty alone was not enough to make me want to hang on to it for very long. i'd get just as much pleasure from it by having the backglass up on the wall, and a lot less space taken up.

if you like single ball games, and you like inline drop targets, wide fat flippers, and early solid state pins without modes or ramps, then you could do a lot worse than Flash Gordon. lovely game but too hard for shit players like me.
2 years ago
Definitely in my top-10 most overrated games.
Just cause a game is hard, doesn't necessarily make it good.
There are only 2 long shots in this game. Fewest amount in all of solid state pinball.
7 shots total. 5 from the lower flippers, 2 from the upper.
2 years ago
Simple but great. Can play it again and again. Love the color scheme and art - however, my favorite color is red, so go figure ... also, love the character generally and really liked the hugely corny movie.
Not an easy game, but can kick its butt IF you know the rules and get luck enough to avoid a bunch of drains. One of my all time favorites. Sold my first one. Mad at myself afterwards. Bought another. Will keep this one for good.
2 years ago
FG is a mean game! Very tough to score big due to the very fast game play, close quarters (lower PF), and nasty outlanes. The art on this game is very attractive on the PF, BG and cabinet! I also love the sounds: very cool background sound and I love how the spinner changes tone as you advance through the game. I would not recommend this title for a novice player; it will just leave you frustrated.
2 years ago
Again, I hate negative reviews, but I feel like I must rate this low. My crazy uncle has this machine in his basement along with many, many 70's and 80's pins. He thinks the world of this game but I could never get into it. In fact I despise the game... its terrible. For me it has no flow, the shot selections stink, its just not fun for me. I know everyone has their opinion but honestly this is one of the worst games of the 80's I've played. And ive played most of them over the y ears.
2 years ago
Very brutal and unforgiving game. It will make you a better player.
3 years ago
Flash Gordon was the first machine I acquired that needed a little "polishing" to get it going. It was simple enough that I was able to work my way thru the issues and fix several electrical problems (not something Id consider myself good at or comfortable with) and had the game up and running several days after I bought it. I found the game to be tough but fun -- I liked the design with the upper playfield. Great artwork, cool sounds for its day. Ended up selling the machine due to limited space but I still seek FG out at shows when I can because I know "Emperor Ming Awaits. . . "
3 years ago
Back when Flash Gordon came out I HATED this game!! I was a kid with a limited amount of money, and this game would drain so quick and easy, ARGHHH!!! A week's allowance gone just like that!
Fast forward 35 years later...I now LOVE this game! Now I own it, and find it VERY addicting and challenging!
I think it was ahead of its time when it was released. This game and Black Knight was the first to do the upper playfield.
Now when I play it still drains a lot, but when you get a good ball going it is so much fun!
Honestly I keep coming back for more, love love love this game and think it's one of the best from its era.
Really colorful playfield and backglass, lots of challenges to accomplish...and of course the WOOD BEAST!!
The Wood Beast punishes more then it rewards hahaha, but I keep going for it anyway.
A great classic movie theme game from Bally!!
3 years ago
When I was first starting out my pinball restoration business all of my pins were for sale as a matter of necessity. The ones I wanted to keep like Flash Gordon I put a premium on. Despite that, the game sold as did other games. Of all of them the only one I missed enough to seek a replacement for was this game. I've had it back in my collection for over ten years now and it is not going anywhere. A great game that keeps me coming back.
There are 75 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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