Fish Tales

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Game Design: 8.094

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Sounds/Music: 7.433

Other Aspects: 8.207

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There are 440 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
Fish Tales is a fun game.

The layout very innovative with the boat in the middle and the gameplay has a very nice flow to it. All of the shots feel satisfying and I especially like the shot to the left orbit through the spinner. The game has one of the best toppers of all time. It is even better than the new Stern toppers in my opinion. That fish is looking so great.

The rules are not very deep. There's basically just the multiball, it's jackpots and the four fish you have to catch and tell tales about. That is one of the funniest ideas of any game. I love hearing that "Get outta here!".

Playing the game is very much fun although it can get a bit repetitive after a while. But trying to collect those jackpots is not that easy and often drew me back towards this game.

Overall Fish Tales is a very fun game which will probably be most suitable for beginners and more casual players. It is also a game through that I have learned to become a better player.
29 days ago
Very good mark ritchie game
72 days ago
This is one I keep going back to when I see where it ranks here. I am not a fan of the layout and the gimmicks in this one and over the years that has not changed. Williams did a great job in this time period with some unique themes. This one isn't for me, but I totally get that for some people this theme is perfect.
3 months ago
Great Pinball. Very Fast.
4 months ago
This was the 1st machine I owned and I never tire of it
5 months ago
This is my newest pin, and was on my list as a machine to own. The theme is just so awesome and original, as is the gameplay. The smaller slippers certainly add challenge, however there are plenty of ways to get high scores. The topper looks great, though I do have mine set not to smash its tail.
The art is bright and has character. Highly recommend LEDs, with matching coloured ones under the fish at least.
The boat in the middle reminds me of the elevator in Who Dunnit? Though I rather the boat. It is iust fast and smooth, while allowing control.
Seriously just a great game, highly recommend!
5 months ago
When you hit the Captive Ball, 90% of the time, the ball goes down the middle. Thats the only flaw but otherwise, its a good one!
6 months ago
Good game, the atmosphere pleases everyone
6 months ago
Maybe I'm biased a little, but Fish Tales is one of the most, if not the most, fun pinball of all time for me. It just scream light family fun and everybody come back to it, even if you complete the game easily. Goofy humor, funny music, rules easy to understand for the newcomers: a great pin.
7 months ago
Family friendly game, great flow, loop shots are fun, Very challenging if game has the shorter lightning flippers. Much easier to play with the standard length Williams flippers
7 months ago
I installed a new boat plastic and protector and it broke on the posts the first ball I played 10/10 would shoot jet skis again
9 months ago
Just picked up a Fish Tales to bring one back to life. I always enjoyed playing thjs out but never took the theme seriously because I am not a big fishing fanatic. What I forgot is that ALL B/W from this era have such a high quality feel to the game ( solid cabinet, flippers and slings) that you realize your playing a game from another time and place in pin production. Diamond Plated playfields seem to last inexplicably long. It is still perfect after about 40,000 plays is my guess.

FT has a very basic rules set: Hit the boat ramps, load Multi Ball and stack modes to increase playfield values. The music is campy for sure and it is a simple game in general....but the posts provide real risk reward and the variety of shots keeps the game from being too repetitive ( at least for the era!). Overall the game is great in a big collection and a nice call back to B/W prime. There is a reason you see them EVERYWHERE even today. Timeless theme, kid friendly, and its always a riot to see that fish kick on captive ball shots ( gotta get that solenoid just right in there !).
10 months ago
This game is a blast! The music is catchy, and then sort of annoying, but will get in your head and you can't shake it. I thought it played well - I've only played it at the Pinball Museum in Las Vegas, so it may not have been in the best shape. I'm really hoping Chicago Gaming Company remakes this.
11 months ago
Not my favorite. I’m not a fan of tables where I lose sight of the ball on the upper most part of the playfield. Was ok to play, played a few times probably not interested in playing again.
11 months ago
Great competitive game, hard to master and can be brutal if you don't hit your shots. As a home owned game it gets quiet repetitive, sold mine but still love to play it at locations when competing. Love the theme.
12 months ago
A 90s classic machine and a favorite for many and rightfully so. It's a fun machine especially hitting the left and right ramps is very satisfying. It's not one of my personal favs, but I can see why many people love it.
1 year ago
When I got into this hobby, being I love to get offshore and fish, I had my eyes on the pin since day one. Finally acquired one and glad I did. Needed a little love and after wards, this is a fast fun game. The wife actually has some games on it and enjoys it which says a lot. She doesn’t veer from Terminator 2. Rules are easy to understand, shots are fun and satisfying to hit. Love the call outs and music. This will not be leaving my game room.
1 year ago
I hate fishing but I like fish tales. This game had complex rules for its time. I love the boat shot and the video mode. The music gets annoying after a while, but I kept the volume pretty low. I enjoyed this game while I had it, but I don't really miss it now that I traded it
1 year ago
This is one of those games I just walk right by without even thinking of playing. The theme the layout…its just not for me.
1 year ago
An often overlooked game. It’s fun and can be played casually or deeply explored with more serious play.
1 year ago
This game is tough but fun. The sound and music are absolutely perfect for this game, and really draw you in. If you can't play this game with the volume cranked up, you are missing out. The ruleset is shallow but fun and challenging. Obviously, the topper is the best topper ever made for any pinball machine. I would love to own this game, and I'm kinda hoping CGC gets around to remaking this one.
1 year ago
Fish Tales is a pin that made my short list of 90's games to get around 10 years ago. I only played it on one occasion, but fell hard.
Never able to time it right for many years when it was everywhere for 3k, I finally got one this month and I am now obsessed with it!
It's very much still the honeymoon so I'll try to take it easy, but I've had MM and AFM in the past and FT is right there in my book.
Fast and brutal games are mixed with magical pinball experiences you don't forget.
Lots of flow and different ways to score big when yer rolling and a game design that just works so well with the layout.
Just had my first game over 200m and it was a rush!!
She is also one of the best looking pins ever.......just gorgeous!!
When I even think about hitting the captive ball it it.
Every shot satisfies when lit up for high scoring and extra ball is earned.
I love everything about this pin!!
1 year ago
Not worth the hype. Play bc of what it is. Don't play it much bc of what it is.....
1 year ago
Great simple game.

The rules are not deep at all, but there's some different things to do like going for the super jackpot, collecting fish, boat frenzy, ... I really like going for the super jackpot as it seems attainable but still poses a challenge to actually achieve and score big points. Locking a ball is very satisfying, but other than that there's not really any toys except maybe for the topper but that's not really a toy.

Flow on this table is amazing though. There's not that much shots, but they're all very nice to shoot. The shorter flippers also pose an extra challenge and ball times are often not that long.

The theme is simple but fun. Catching fish is something everyone understands and most people can get into. The music is outstanding and callouts are great as well.
1 year ago
My first pinball, I should never has sold him
There are 440 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 18.

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