Fish Tales

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Game Design: 8.058

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Other Aspects: 8.168

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There are 425 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
I hate fishing but I like fish tales. This game had complex rules for its time. I love the boat shot and the video mode. The music gets annoying after a while, but I kept the volume pretty low. I enjoyed this game while I had it, but I don't really miss it now that I traded it
30 days ago
This is one of those games I just walk right by without even thinking of playing. The theme the layout…its just not for me.
35 days ago
An often overlooked game. It’s fun and can be played casually or deeply explored with more serious play.
39 days ago
This game is tough but fun. The sound and music are absolutely perfect for this game, and really draw you in. If you can't play this game with the volume cranked up, you are missing out. The ruleset is shallow but fun and challenging. Obviously, the topper is the best topper ever made for any pinball machine. I would love to own this game, and I'm kinda hoping CGC gets around to remaking this one.
45 days ago
Fish Tales is a pin that made my short list of 90's games to get around 10 years ago. I only played it on one occasion, but fell hard.
Never able to time it right for many years when it was everywhere for 3k, I finally got one this month and I am now obsessed with it!
It's very much still the honeymoon so I'll try to take it easy, but I've had MM and AFM in the past and FT is right there in my book.
Fast and brutal games are mixed with magical pinball experiences you don't forget.
Lots of flow and different ways to score big when yer rolling and a game design that just works so well with the layout.
Just had my first game over 200m and it was a rush!!
She is also one of the best looking pins ever.......just gorgeous!!
When I even think about hitting the captive ball it it.
Every shot satisfies when lit up for high scoring and extra ball is earned.
I love everything about this pin!!
66 days ago
Not worth the hype. Play bc of what it is. Don't play it much bc of what it is.....
69 days ago
Great simple game.

The rules are not deep at all, but there's some different things to do like going for the super jackpot, collecting fish, boat frenzy, ... I really like going for the super jackpot as it seems attainable but still poses a challenge to actually achieve and score big points. Locking a ball is very satisfying, but other than that there's not really any toys except maybe for the topper but that's not really a toy.

Flow on this table is amazing though. There's not that much shots, but they're all very nice to shoot. The shorter flippers also pose an extra challenge and ball times are often not that long.

The theme is simple but fun. Catching fish is something everyone understands and most people can get into. The music is outstanding and callouts are great as well.
82 days ago
My first pinball, I should never has sold him
89 days ago
I always had a lot of fun playing this game back in the day.
3 months ago
It's fantastic!
4 months ago
I love this game especially since I love to fish. I can play this game for hours and it will always be in lineup. It is great enough to be a stand alone game.
5 months ago
Super fun high score game!

This game will make you feel like a boss with easy high scoring!
Almost would pass on owning it due to the Bass Pro shop feel it has….but I’d make an exception for this machine it’s just that good in game play.

Damn it’s fun to play!! Shoot the boats and jet skies!
5 months ago
Fast paced, fun, and timeless. Our family has owned this game since it’s release and I never get tired of playing it. This game was certainly a catch for designer Mark Ritchie.
5 months ago
Nice game
5 months ago
It's totally original, that's what I love about it. Not a movie, not a band. Just well done, and fun pinball.
5 months ago
Really enjoyed my first time playing this machine, will continue to play on location and learn it better and will revise ratings as needed
5 months ago
Love this game
6 months ago
First played as one of the machines in the FarSight Studios simulation collection - Loved It! Then sought it out in real life and continued to appreciate it even more - a great game - a tad repetitive with the ramps - but they sure are fun when you have the rhythm down.
6 months ago
I had recently played this and I now want to get one for my self.
6 months ago
Very interactive and great theme
7 months ago
This is our favorite machine that we own in our collection. We are STILL finding better ways to strategize our gameplay and after hundreds of games it has not gotten old at all!
Fun rails, the captive ball is a favorite of mine, and easy to understand the rules and where to shoot next.
We love this machine.
8 months ago
Awesome pin!
8 months ago
As a fisherman, the theme drew me to Fish Tales. Everything about it screams fishing…catching fish, exaggerating fish sizes, and dealing with annoying waterskiers just to name a few. First couple plays, you notice it’s no easy machine to master. The boat ramp shots can get repetitive if you get into a rhythm. Multiballs are earned. This game makes good use of the DMD with the waterskier video mode. Top part of the playfield might be too busy for some. Not the deepest game, but the difficulty brings people back. I like the game, but it doesn't have that "one more game" feel to it.
9 months ago
To me, this game has it all. Ive owned most of the 90s Williams games and this one more than any other keeps me coming back. Balanced scoring, multiple strategies to get high scores, fast, challenging, and fun. Plus as an avid fisherman, the theme does it for me. As a bonus, it also has a killer topper that would cost about 1500 bucks in todays market! A favorite back in the 90s and still a favorite today. Im on my third Fish Tales, finally got a really nice one, and it would be the last game I ever sell.
9 months ago
This game is fun.but it could be a drain
Monster and its hard to master.
Overall very good game
There are 425 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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