Fish Tales

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Game design: 8.057

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Other Aspects: 8.164

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There are 377 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
I really enjoy hitting the ramps on this game. They're just so fluid and satisfying. The reel ball lock is also quite neat. The music certainly fits the theme, but it really doesn't do much for me. The gameplay more than makes up for it though!
24 days ago
Pretty fun to play a game or two, but the center ramps are just too dominate a feature. I like the ball lock a ton, but can’t get over the center ramps/Newton ball contraption in the middle of the playfield.
41 days ago
Game didn't flow at first but after playing it a while I found myself getting in a groove and making shots. The ball lock and multiball is a nice touch. Also the dot matrix game is alot of fun. Great playing game would recommend
43 days ago
Not a fishing enthusiast myself but doesn't seem to matter for this game. It is a lot of fun to play but gets very repeatative very quickly. Hard to imagine a fishing game being a good choice for a fast and exciting game of pinball, given that fishing is actually the most pointless and boring waste of time ever created by man. Fishing for food, yes I understand. Fish for fun? Where's the fun? Thankfully, this game isn't a realistic simulation of fishing, it's a trillion times more fun. I wouldn't own one, but I'd throw a pound or 2 in one to pass a few minutes.
44 days ago
fun game, fun shots. not a fisher man, but being from the midwest, this machine still spoke to me. the plunger/fishing rod is a cool little feature, and when the fish on top starts talking, you know youre getting a decent score
50 days ago
Great fun playing it.
63 days ago
Theme is okay for me. Fun to play casually with a group.
64 days ago
I own this pinball machine. This game is just a lot of fun to play! It has a fishing theme and everything on the pinball machine is about fishing. A simple, yet well thought out game. I've not had many problems with this pinball machine until recently - some board problems, that are typical to any machine of this age. When working, I can play it for hours!
68 days ago
My very 1st pinball! Very fun game even for the moderate fisherman. Great speech, one of the best video modes, nice art. Just overall fun machine!
3 months ago
At first I found this game very frustrating as a newbie, but the more I played it the more I liked it. It is now probably my favorite game at The Game Preserve's Webster Tx location.

I am still not an excellent player, but getting the rhythm down looping around the ramps is lots of fun, and the multiball is simple to get and fun.

The soundtrack on this game is great. This is the only game I have looked up on youtube so I could hear the main song since I had it stuck in my head at home. Callouts are fun, not annoying.

The fish topper is fun, hard to look at when playing, but you can hear it going, which is a nice indicator that you are doing well.
4 months ago
Good game, nice call outs, and arts.
5 months ago
Personally not a fan of fishing (although many family members and friends are into it), but I love this game!

I really enjoy the ‘hillbilly music’ and call outs, the unique playfield layout is fast and smooth, the animations are fun, and the fishing reel is a very cool toy. Comic-style art package is also top-notch.

Pros: layout, flow, sound package, art, fun-factor

Cons: nothing for me...although I can see how some may find the music repetitive and/or annoying (but I enjoy it)
6 months ago
How can anyone have thought it would be a good idea to base a pinball theme on something as boring as fishing.... but boy did I spend a lot of time trying to master this machine - never got around to it.
Has some nice shots - lots of concentration and skill needed as it goes FAST.
Lots of fun - using the flipper button and screen to play a video game, the wagging fish tail.
6 months ago
Another great machine full of art work from the Williams crew, never get enough of the details.
Game flows so nicely and the combo-shots during game play can be fun and a great laugh, but it gets old.
6 months ago
Such a fun, and great entry level game for people of all ages and skill levels.

I always want to play this, each time I see it, but at the same time a few games will definitely hold me for a few months.

Shots are easily findable, repeatable and fun!

Artwork is playful and fits the theme and era exceedingly well!
7 months ago
Owned fish tales for 2 years and couldn’t justify keeping it any longer. Can see why so many love this machine i just couldn’t get into the game play whilst it does play quite fast and the boat is pretty awesome when you get in a roll it just doesn’t have that x factor to keep wanting to come back for more. If you have young kids this machine is awesome if you want a game with complex code and playability i didn’t find it in this machine. Short ball times hamper the games longevity in my collection so it was out with the old in with the new
7 months ago
Fish Tales isn't a very deep game, but it's fun! It definitely has that one more game feel to it. It has great shot flow. Not overly hard to achieve multi ball making it a fun game for casual players as well as serious players. Great game from a great era in pinball.
7 months ago
Rock the boat has to be one of my favorite modes. I love shooting those ramps back and forth. This game has a special place since I have been playing it for some time over the years. Every time I see this pin I will be playing it. Its too bad that the one location that had this pin closed down. Looks like I need to add another pin to my collection!!!
8 months ago
Classic Game that is a an instant 'go-to' when I see it in the field. The motorboat shots add up and the skill to nail the left ramp under pressure always is rewarding for me. Its not a game that people can compare to with modern machines - but it is up there with classics of the 90's.
9 months ago
Fun and fast game. But not too deep. Gets kinda repetitive hitting the boat over and over. But... the theme and animations make up for it and keep it interesting and re playable. There are a couple nice and challenging combo shots to try to pull off.

Wouldnt mind having one someday, but i think the current asking price is a bit high.
11 months ago
Underrated in my opinion.
1 year ago
A friend of mine had this in his collection. Just looking at the cabinet and play field makes you want to get your line wet. Its a real lunker for family fun.
1 year ago
A well deserved classics. Great theme with a lot of fun shots to make. A true keeper!
1 year ago
I'm not a fan of zipper flippers but I have been fond of this game since the first time I played it , this is one that has that just one more game feeling for me , Love the theme too
1 year ago
I remember that game from seeing/playing it in the arcades 20 years ago.
The theme never worked for me and I hated that "metallic" noise coming from the just did not fit

20 years later-just recently-it happened that a friend sold a good example with great playfield condition (nicely polished parts, new rubbers, new ramp..) for a good I had some space left I decided to give it a try and sell it soon in there it was:

- maybe the theme. As I´m not into fishing I don´t care much about the whole theme

from initally negative to neutral/positive:
- I hated the metallic noise of the topper-did silence it down as recommended in the forum by just adding a rubber ring on the plunger-works great now and the flapping fish works as a kind of shaker shaking the whole machine -nice effect afterall!
- I hated the music of the game at the beginning-but it fits the theme and in the meantime I kind of like it.

- I love how it plays: It´s a fast game with (not too) many shots. Like to hit the boat ramps or orbit in a row..get the roaring monster fish, rock the boat, feed francy, incline the captive ball and hit it...
- It´s one of the games which triggers the ..."ok, one more game..." feeling for me (it sits next to top rated games like TZ, TAF which not always generate that feeling as this game does...)
- I do like the artwork. Nice backglass and playfield artwork.

So in overall i really had to grow on that game and it will be a keeper for a long time - one should give it a try and not care about the theme!
There are 377 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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