Fish Tales

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Game design: 8.037

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Other Aspects: 8.155

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18 days ago
Fun and fast game. But not too deep. Gets kinda repetitive hitting the boat over and over. But... the theme and animations make up for it and keep it interesting and re playable. There are a couple nice and challenging combo shots to try to pull off.

Wouldnt mind having one someday, but i think the current asking price is a bit high.
70 days ago
Underrated in my opinion.
3 months ago
A friend of mine had this in his collection. Just looking at the cabinet and play field makes you want to get your line wet. Its a real lunker for family fun.
3 months ago
A well deserved classics. Great theme with a lot of fun shots to make. A true keeper!
3 months ago
I'm not a fan of zipper flippers but I have been fond of this game since the first time I played it , this is one that has that just one more game feeling for me , Love the theme too
3 months ago
I remember that game from seeing/playing it in the arcades 20 years ago.
The theme never worked for me and I hated that "metallic" noise coming from the just did not fit

20 years later-just recently-it happened that a friend sold a good example with great playfield condition (nicely polished parts, new rubbers, new ramp..) for a good I had some space left I decided to give it a try and sell it soon in there it was:

- maybe the theme. As I´m not into fishing I don´t care much about the whole theme

from initally negative to neutral/positive:
- I hated the metallic noise of the topper-did silence it down as recommended in the forum by just adding a rubber ring on the plunger-works great now and the flapping fish works as a kind of shaker shaking the whole machine -nice effect afterall!
- I hated the music of the game at the beginning-but it fits the theme and in the meantime I kind of like it.

- I love how it plays: It´s a fast game with (not too) many shots. Like to hit the boat ramps or orbit in a row..get the roaring monster fish, rock the boat, feed francy, incline the captive ball and hit it...
- It´s one of the games which triggers the ..."ok, one more game..." feeling for me (it sits next to top rated games like TZ, TAF which not always generate that feeling as this game does...)
- I do like the artwork. Nice backglass and playfield artwork.

So in overall i really had to grow on that game and it will be a keeper for a long time - one should give it a try and not care about the theme!
4 months ago
Fish tails is a ok game shots are easy and pretty easy going down the middle or sides
4 months ago
one of the best pinball by mark Richie.
has some of the best the artwork and music for a pinball.
not as many modes as other dot matrix pinball's but whats there works well with the design.
the middle captive ball shot is hard to hit but satisfying .
neat dot matrix game mode where you shoot missiles at boats.
this game can be a bit hard but its a great one to play.
7 months ago
Just looking at the playfield and art work makes me want to play it. I have not had a ton of time on it, but would like it in my collection one day.
8 months ago
A fun game. The ramps and the captive ball right in the middle, combined with the wide spacing of the flippers, make this game's difficulty a little malicious. It's a reasonably fun game but it doesn't stand out against other games of its day.
9 months ago
One of the best Pinball made
9 months ago
Amazingly fun game, lot of humor (video mode), great sound, an overall fun non-licensed Williams game. Feels a lot like a whacky system 11 game but with a DMD... The fish playing drums "replay" animation is very chuckle-worthy.
9 months ago
Great game, fast and fun. Not too deep on the rules, catch fish and try to stretch the truth about how big it is.
Great quotes. "Are you gonna talk or are you gonna fish?", "Gone fishin, leave a message.. beeeep"
The rock the boat, u-turn ramps are fun and relatively easy to master. It has a video mode where you shoot boats and jet skiers.
The fish flapping topper fits right in with the game, just fun redneckish humor about fishing. Oh yea, you spell "L I E" for your multiplyer bonus. good stuff
9 months ago
I always come back to this game in my home collection. It never gets old and frankly am a little surprised it is not rated higher. It could be the most true, pure, fun, pin I have played/owned.
10 months ago
I think I'd need to play this game for an hour or two to really start enjoying it. Playing a few quick games I found it fun but lacking. Seemed sorta overhyped, and a bit repetitive.
11 months ago
Underpriced game, for sure. The ruleset and fun factor are top notch. I can only assume this doesn't cost more due to the theme of fishing. I love fishing...but I'm not so sure the rest of the pinball community does. This is one of the best values in pinball.
My only con would be the fish topper can go crazy and get annoying.
11 months ago
In my collection, games come and go. I've owned this one for more than 7 years. It's a beautiful game, fully restored. What is it that makes Fish Tales a keeper (no pun intended)? I think it's a combination of the Chris Granner music, the whimsical artwork by Pat McMahon, and the overall design and gameplay by Mark Ritchie. Some people are turned off by the double boat ramp right smack in the middle of the playfield. It's tempting to shoot that ramp over and over (it's a satisfying shot), but it's high risk. Not a super deep game, but deep enough to keep you coming back. Catch fish, stretch the truth, catch a monster fish, rack up points in a feeding frenzy, visit the clubhouse to start a tournament, master the different types of fishing... super fun.
11 months ago
Good game. Simple in terms of depth. Great for multi people playing at the same time. It reminds me of mousin around but a little better. Won't last in a small collection
12 months ago
Fun game to play, and doesnt get old too quickly. Great video mode and with a colorDMD, the game truly comes more alive and more enjoyable.
12 months ago
I finally got to play Fish Tales and it didn't disappoint. Loads of shots, and fun overall experience. I feel like it's a good comparison to No Good Gofers, which I think is awesome. I very much look forward to playing it again after putting several games on one today.
1 year ago
This game is a blast! It’s a fantastic multiplayer or tournament pin. It’s not on my list to own, but I’m always excited to find it on location.
1 year ago
This game rocks the boat! The theme integration is on the hook. Fun, fast, funny, and the fish topper knocking around during game play rounds out the excitement!! Where else are you going to see a fish playing the drums? Cast again and again because this game will keep you wanting to play another game.
1 year ago
Just bought this game and what a nice game it is. This machine is fun!
Much to do and always challenging. I think this one is not leaving my collection soon :)
1 year ago
Even if you don't like fishing it's still a blast to play lots of fun when you're gone for the big one
1 year ago
The first game I bought. It was in really bad shape so I did a complete restauration. I bought it because I always played this game when I was in the army. I had only good memoreis and I was not disappointed. I still love this game today. It's a great overall package. Not too much variety, not the best shots, not the greatest rule set of all time, not the best art. But always really, really good. I will never sell this game!
There are 369 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 15.

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