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Other Aspects: 7.958

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There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
I like this game.
And I know some people might rate this game low in the terms of gimmicks and toys... But, I didn't for one reason. This is the first or one of the first games where you control the lane change and also I like the 3 physical ball locks.

Its a simple game with very simple rules.
And it doesn't have anything fancy. Which is both good and bad. I love the simple rules. yes, they are rinse and repeat. I also think it can be frustrating as this game can be a drain monster.

But, I've had games which I put up a good score and that feels amazing. Its a good layout, and yes the middle shots are dangerous, but that's the point. I do like the rules as I stated. I won't go over them, but they're intuitive and make sense.
Also a lot of fun to rip the spinner.

Speaking of ripping the spinner. This game has no music. But, it does have some speech. Fire Power mostly, but it does say other things. But, while no real music, the games sound effects are amazing. I think this is what pinball should sound like. Lots of zaps and explosions and all that stuff, and the FirePOWER call out fits.

The theme is simple, but again thanks to the artwork and the amazing sound effects its a perfectly themed game. I also like how the playfield and backglass are very similar, but altered just slightly enough. Gives it a sense of cohesion and also a feeling of action and energy. The playfield artwork has the laser blasts from the fighters lining up with the stand up targets. Which are probably the most important shots in the game. As you need to hit all of those to qualify or light the locks.

Just a simple, but I think very effective way to both look cool, and also focus the players attention on the important areas.

Not much going on with the lighting. Its fine and it serves its purpose. But, where I think this game shines is that its a pure shooter.

I love playing this game, and while I do get my fill after about 10-15 minutes of playing. I also like to go back to it and grind for higher scores. Its a game I could have fun playing for long hours on from time to time, but its also just a fun pick up and play game. My fun does correlate to how well I am playing though. If I'm bricking everything that day, then I don't enjoy it as much, or if I get a lot of bad bounces that lead to early drains.

Regardless, its a fun game. And I really enjoy playing it.
18 days ago
I’ve had this great game for over a month, and feel that it’s time for a review. What can you say..this early ss is loads of fun. Not a complicated rule set, it’s fairly easy to understand. I really like the speed, the spinner when lit, and of course the challenge of locking all 3 balls for multi ball! I find that it’s a shooters game, and it’ll improve your overall skills. I’m real happy to have this beauty in my collection!
63 days ago
It's simply the best of the early 80's SS machines. First out of the gate with lane change and a mission based multi-ball. A Ritchie classic.
3 months ago
Where do I even begin on this one? It's like critiquing the Mona Lisa. This game changed everything.First SS Multiball, first with lane change, early example of speech and background sounds, just incredible when it hit the floor in 1980. The first time I saw it was in the arcade at our nearest mall in 1980 or 81 and it kicked my ass quickly. 12 year old me deemed it a drain monster and walked away to find a nice predictable pac-man to put my quarters into, oblivious that I would own one someday.
So at 50 I see Firepower in a different light. No more the intimidating state of the art quarter thief she once was, now she's a good challenge and sometimes reminds me of that first brush as a kid. But when it's good, it's great. This game surely is what crowned Steve Ritchie "the King of Flow" ( If you don't understand"flow" I can't really explain it, but when you see it, you'll know) Not much feels better that ripping a multiple Multiball game off on Firepower and seeing the bonus count into the stratosphere. The pace is quick and the center targets that are necessary for lighting the locks are merciless if you don't hit them from the correct flipper. SDTM also gets dished out from the space between the target banks as the ball slows from the pop bumpers and lazily drains off the backside of the target bank. Fortunately, the flippers are close enough that a slap save can sometimes save the day. The primary goal , Multiball, is easy to grasp and hard to reach. And when you do, it can drain so fast it makes you wonder why you did all that work. But the countdown alone is worth it. The sounds are amazing for 1980, Williams was really setting the pace in the sound department until Bally's "Squawk n Talk" came out and evened the score. Black, Red and Yellow abound with contrast provided by the large white planet/starbase thing that takes up the lower playfield. Overall, Firepower is the whole package, though I'd maybe swap the scary alien dudes on the plastics for some sexy little space nymphs, but now I'm nitpicking. It should be easy enough to find one with 18000 manufactured, but finding one that someone would part with may be another matter. Mine's bolted to the floor.
4 months ago
Entertaining game for the era, with multi ball, simple rules, and nice artwork. Playfield seems to have a lot of open space that could have been used to make it more interesting.
5 months ago
One of the greatest shooting games of all time! Biggest complaints are the six digit displays and the lack of a playfield multiplier during multiball. Art package is far from my favorite but works for the theme and era.
5 months ago
Love the Muti Ball play!
5 months ago
Loved playing on it in the 80s
5 months ago
I'm new at owning pinball machines but I already know this one is a keeper! My wife and kid feel the same way! It's challenging enough to keep the wife and I interested and entertaining and easy enough to play for my kid. It's a win win.
5 months ago
I've owned a couple Firepowers. The sound effects intensify as the game progresses, which is cool for it's vintage. The overall theme just screams classic 80s arcade. Has a nostalgic feel to it. Hard to find with both a good backglass and playfield. My current one has a bit of flaking, but it was priced right. Overall, not a highly complicated game. Plays well, and looks great!
6 months ago
I love this game. Very fast yet not complicated. Great multi ball and can be very challenging at times. I always come back to this pin. I will always have one in my collection.
7 months ago
A dynamic pinball from Steve Ritchie's early days.
Agile, fast and addictive.
Interesting gameplay, medium difficulty.
Multiball, first machine with Lane Change, voice synthesizer.
Difficult to surpass the million points.
A classic from the 80s.
8 months ago
I own a fully restored Firepower and it's a great Pin. It can be a drain monster until you learn the lanes and shots you need to make.

The rules are simple, and honestly...trying to compare this to a modern pinball machine would be silly. It's not even remotely comparable as far as the depth of the rules. I know some people like to compare things to the latest and greatest...I'm not doing that. I will say I also didn't grow up with this pin. 90-00s is what I grew up on so I don't have nostalgia tinted goggles here.

This pin is fast, easy to learn, but hard to master. To post a good score you really have to put some games into this machine. If I haven't played it in awhile...sometimes It takes 10+ games to get a multi-ball. Once I remember the shots and feel them out it becomes easier, but this is not an easy pin.

It's fast, and I mean fast. I always keep it clean and waxed, and mine currently rocks a playfield protector.
There are shots I've hit where I literally could not move my head fast enough to see the ball. I was 6" behind the ball's trail. The pops are like machine guns launching the ball in any number of directions and when bounced properly...will put it back at the flippers in a hurry. The 2 most dangerous things on this pin are the slings and the 6 center targets. The slings will cause you to drain...a lot. The targets in the middle aren't hard when you learn how to hit them...but if you just walk up and start batting shots at them...then will send that ball straight down the middle.

Over all this is a great machine, and I think it should be higher rated...but modern pins have really taken the spotlight on the top 100 here. That's fine, they have more depth and pinheads love that. It really helps the lastability of it.

You can't go wrong with this machine though. If it's setup properly and in top will have fun. Just be will frustrate you until you really get a feel for the machine. I really like that about it. It forces you to learn how to play it...or you will suffer constant drains. I've had entire 3 balls games last less than 40 seconds because of the draining.
8 months ago
Firepower is a great game, especially for the time it was made. If you can pick one up for a good price, you won't be disappointed.
9 months ago
Firepower is a players game. Learning to aim, shoot, follow a set of rules to achieve the goal--all are a part of the Firepower experience.

Consider this game for when it was produced. Was a trend setter with many advanced features for the time. Have loved the game for 40 years and Firepower's fun can hold up next to almost any game past or present.
9 months ago
My first machine! Simple, straightforward and fun. Wouldn't mind getting another one.

Sounds are early 80s arcade, but the speech was a thriller at the time. Enjoyed the Marvel Comic artwork and really made the game. Backglass I could take or leave.

Electronics were in vogue then and this game fits the bill. I always play it when I find it at a show or on location as it brings me back.
Multiball is fun to accomplish.

A great game to pick up and learn pinball on. A great game to have for other non-pinball friends to play.
11 months ago
It is just an all-around fun game for a pin from its' era. I enjoy the art and theme. The shots are straightforward, and it plays fast.
It can be quite a drain monster, especially if you don't angle your center shots.

They made a ton, so they are pretty cheap to acquire for the value you get. All of them seem to have major pf wear, however, so be aware.
1 year ago
When I think of the first pin that actually made me want to plunk quarters in it at the arcade - it's this one. Firepower pulled me in with a great scifi theme, and those Eugene Jarvis sound effects from Defender and Robotron - Williams put it all in here. Fantastic game - a true classic.
1 year ago
Love playing Firepower, plays very fast, some times a ball could last 15 seconds the next could last for 2 minutes. The multiball is hard to get but great light show when you get it. If you like speed this is one to have.
1 year ago
What can I say? I like classic Williams pinball! I personally like Steve Ritchie designs and this one is right up there! I would love to see these designs updated to the 2020's but for what they introduced back in 1980, this one is a good representative of this style.
1 year ago
For 1980 it’s a great layout very fun game
1 year ago
Not the first game I ever played, but the first one that really hooked me into pinball. Layout for a single level, no-ramp, no-toy game is fast and furious, and the flow of the game is superb for its time. Managed to get multi-ball the first time I played and was so unprepared for it that I lost all 3 balls very quickly. Did better the next time but it took me a few quarters. Of course it seems a bit limited now, and nothing really to do once you get multi-ball, but Firepower was ahead of its time and will always hold some nostalgia for me.
1 year ago
No matter how many times I play this game, it remains fun. I have pinball ocd, I go through games like no other. My 1st FP was missed so much I got a 2nd then a 3rd, which I sold to another FP junkie.
The rules are simple, and the multiball is more fun to get then to actually play. The sounds are horribly great. I have no clue whats going on with the art package but who cares its just cool.
I spend a lot of time at the museum of pinball in Banning, Ca. And this is one of the go to games for all the volunteers. Maybe thats why its special to me.
1 year ago
Great game for its time. If you haven't had a chance to play, do so. This game is unique and many features are still used today. If it were 1980 again, the ratings would be a perfect 10!
2 years ago
A true classic love that multi ball and the speech package adding led superbrights to the playfield and more colour to the back glass makes the machine pop as good as any modern machine today. That why I purchase a firepower that will not be leaving my collection any time soon
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