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3 months ago
What can I say? I like classic Williams pinball! I personally like Steve Ritchie designs and this one is right up there! I would love to see these designs updated to the 2020's but for what they introduced back in 1980, this one is a good representative of this style.
4 months ago
This is, by far, THE WORST pinball machine I have ever played in my life. Not only it is extremely unfair, but it is also nearly impossible to earn an extra ball or to activate multi ball. The outlanes are way too insane, and you have zero chances of scoring! the ball will ALWAYS drain to the outlanes before you can even attempt to do something.
6 months ago
Not the first game I ever played, but the first one that really hooked me into pinball. Layout for a single level, no-ramp, no-toy game is fast and furious, and the flow of the game is superb for its time. Managed to get multi-ball the first time I played and was so unprepared for it that I lost all 3 balls very quickly. Did better the next time but it took me a few quarters. Of course it seems a bit limited now, and nothing really to do once you get multi-ball, but Firepower was ahead of its time and will always hold some nostalgia for me.
6 months ago
Firepower is a historically important game that stands the test of time. When it was released it ushered in a new era of multiball, lane change, and expanded speech. While not overly difficult, it continues to entertain. Personally I feel it’s a must have in any sizable collection. If I could pick one early solid state to represent the entire era, it would be firepower, no doubt about it. A Ritchie/Jarvis masterpiece.
8 months ago
No matter how many times I play this game, it remains fun. I have pinball ocd, I go through games like no other. My 1st FP was missed so much I got a 2nd then a 3rd, which I sold to another FP junkie.
The rules are simple, and the multiball is more fun to get then to actually play. The sounds are horribly great. I have no clue whats going on with the art package but who cares its just cool.
I spend a lot of time at the museum of pinball in Banning, Ca. And this is one of the go to games for all the volunteers. Maybe thats why its special to me.
9 months ago
Great game for its time. If you haven't had a chance to play, do so. This game is unique and many features are still used today. If it were 1980 again, the ratings would be a perfect 10!
10 months ago
I can see why so many of these were produced. Absolutely love playing this game. Its one of those where I look at my watch andI just killed an hour playing. It has the classic 80's sounds and robotic type speech that I have always been a fan of. Reminds me of Defender back at chucky cheese.
Hitting the spinner when you have it lit feels great, and can really help your score. They did a nice job with the path to multiball. It certainly isnt easy to get multi, and when you do its an exciting event. Although I never am able to keep the multi ball lasting that long. Cant go wrong with this one in your collection.
11 months ago
A true classic love that multi ball and the speech Firepower
1 year ago
I wasn’t expecting to like it. Now I play it more than my others.
1 year ago
If I banked all the quarters I pu in this thing in the early 80s I probably could have bought one. Lol. The promise of a multiball by completing the shots, and the ability to steal it from your friends just made it super addictive. The standup targets sound like lasers when you hit them and the pitch of the background keeps rising the longer your ball lasts. So dramatic. It plays fast and rewards good aim while punishing random thrashing. It forces you to become a better player. If that isn’t what you came for it might be frustrating, as the absence of ball save can make for quick, low scoring games. A classic for sure and one of my all time favorite games.
1 year ago
Firepower is a classic that will never go out of style. It deserves to be in the top 100 pinball games of all time. It has a very straight forward rule set that is easy to follow but tough to get all the way through. It is a super fast game that can be over in a minute or 2. Trying to hit the 1 - 6 targets (to light the locks) is usually asking for a STDM! The sounds alone will transport you back to your youth. Fun game! I wish I could find a mint one to replace my worn one.
1 year ago
A classic SR. Fast, crazy, so much fun. Getting the multiball is so satisfying, and it added so many revolutionary things to the pinball genre. Have better games been made since? Absolutely, but FP holds up even after nearly 40 years.
1 year ago
Good competition game as you can steal locked balls if you can get the multi ball, though multi ball is not very exciting. Playfield is nice and the speech and sounds are good for the age of the machine. Boards need maintenance as things do wear out.
Was not a keeper for me.
1 year ago
A classic, challenging, but with a fairly shallow ruleset. The difficulty and multiball keep me coming back to it!
1 year ago
Easy to understand, fast fun game. Multiball, speech, great effects for its day.
1 year ago
I think the art is the weakest part of this pin.
It plays GREAT.
Always in the mood to play one more game.
1 year ago
when i think of pure classic pinball this is what comes to my mind. love the game play super addictive. simple but difficult. keeps you coming back over and over. sound is fantastic have mine hooked to a subwoofer and it rattles the whole room. Will make you a better player because shot placement is critical and hard. games come and go in my collection but this one stays
1 year ago
This fast playing pin forces you to aim. If you just try to noob it , its going to be a short game. Multi ball can be a challenge compared to some newer machines but its satisfying each time you lock a ball and get another in the shooter.
1 year ago
Fist Change Lane, First Multiball ! It's just a wonderfull machine !
1 year ago
It is very unique to play this game and see the future of pinball to come. The lane change feature and 3 ball locks for multiball are so great for such a old machine. It is fun to play and theres objectives and rewards for them. Best early non dmd game for me. It shoots great and fast. They made a ton of them and they are priced great for what it is.
1 year ago
Classic Williams game that easily deserves the high ranking it gets. Tons of fun with great sounds. Fast gameplay for the era and lots of great risk/reward shots. The sounds are really the most impressive thing about this game. With a high quality speaker, this game just sounds fantastic and can send chills down your spine from time to time. I could see how this machine was such a hit when it came out, being the first SS machine with Multi-ball amongst the many other things to love about it.

Playing with friends on this machine is always fun, but the lack of lock stealing takes away that bit of risk there is involved with not absolutely making it all the way to the multi-ball start without losing the chance to someone else. Other wise, fun game to play with others.

Overall this is a fun game and it's easy to see why so many produces, between the sounds, fast gameplay and multi-ball its deserving of the title "classic."
1 year ago
A legend Con Delcos Perth
1 year ago
Firepower is a great early state pinball machine. Its one of my all time favorite. I haven't owned a lot of early solid state games but I rank it above Cleopatra and Buck Rogers but below Aliens and Paragon. Its tough to get multiball but when you do its rewarding although it doesn't last long. The artwork is great but the sounds can become someone annoying after a while. Either way its a really fun game that I would buy again. The First multiball and lane change game ever. Don't hesitate to buy this one.
1 year ago
Great game, a good game to practice on for this generation Williams.
1 year ago
Best 80s Pin!!
There are 117 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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