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Williams Electronic Games, Inc. (United States)

February 13th, 1980

17410 units

Firepower on the IPSND.

Main details

Williams System 6
4 player game








Popularity and ranking

This machine has been rated by 261 users and currently ranks #100 in the Top 100

Playfield details


Design team

Concept: Steve Ritchie
Game Design: Steve Ritchie
Mechanics: John Jung
Software: Eugene Jarvis
Callouts: Steve Ritchie

Noteworthy features

  • It was the second Williams pinball to talk (Gorgar was the 1st of all). In fact, the voice is from none other than Steve Ritchie!
  • The original prototype Firepower was designed to use two 3-drop target banks, instead of stand-up targets. Early versions still had the cutouts and wiring. The reason for making the switch at the time of production is due to the drop target banks proving unreliable. Other Williams early solid state games of the period featured numerous drop targets (with their associated issues of not registering/resetting).
  • Firepower's fast and challenging gameplay combined with its excellent sound effects are why it's still popular today.
  • The pre-design had a flipper near the left eject hole, just opposite the POWER targets.


  • Firepower was the first electronic pinball machine with multi-ball. In addition, multi-ball was equalized (one where each player has the same chance to start multi-ball regardless of whether previous players had locked balls or not).
  • Firepower's 3-ball multiball had the balls lock in three distinct physical locks, as opposed to virtual locks with multiple entry points, or a single physical entry/exit point. (The last game to have multiple physical lock points was 'Road Kings'.)
  • Firepower was the first game to implement the lane change feature.
  • Firepower was the first game to be able to display alternate numbers (the countdown) and then return to display the scores as they were prior.
  • John Trudeau and Steve Ritchie have been friends for a long time, even while working for then-rival companies Williams & Gottlieb. John Trudeau has stated that his favorite pinball machine is Steve Ritchie's Firepower.

Backbox ornament(s)


Video mode

This machine has no dot matrix or video display, so it has no videmode.

Latest software version

L6, date unknown

Click here to view the changelog.

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