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There are 21 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 months ago
Fireball Classic is a fun pin to play with a simple ruleset. The skill shot is difficult to master, loads of multi ball action, spinning disc that introduces a lot of randomness but not a terrible lot to shoot for. Flippers directly underneath the sling shots make ball control very difficult. Stealing other players locked ball when multiple people are playing is somewhat cool. GI lighting is terrible.
7 months ago
While it might not have the bells and whistles of other machines, it has a giant spinning disc that turns what one would think to be an open and easy playfield into an unpredictable one. If I could only keep one pin in my collection this wouldn't be it, but as part of a 4 or 5 machine collection this gets as much play as anything else. Multi-ball is easy to achieve and makes the game a blast. I prefer the SS to the EM but I understand and respect why some prefer the other.
1 year ago
Nostalgia compelled me to buy this game. I spent countless hours as a teen in my uncle's basement playing this prized gem he owned (and still does).

I tried to get him to part with it, but I think he has just as much sentimental value in the machine as I do.

The thing is, I want to enjoy it like I did 35 years ago, but I'm really struggling to do so. I have a few kinks to work out in the machine I got, so this review could be updated, but I may as well say what I'm thinking:

There's just not a lot to do, and the outlanes are absurdly brutal on this game. It takes away all the fun when you don't even have a chance to depress the flipper button before your ball is draining down one of the sides.

Those sounds, though....this game just does it for me in that department.

They could have done so much more to capitalize on what is an awesome theme, but instead, Bally just wanted a machine that ate quarters. Sometimes I score in the millions on this game, and other times, I struggle to break 100k. It's actually just a little too random to be any lasting fun.

Sometimes our memories are fonder than reality, so it's on to other games for me. However, this one will stay in the collection, because of that nostalgia.
1 year ago
I generally like Fireball Classic but with a few reservations.

Pros: The game can be rather random so difficult to master if that is even possible, I like the randomness. The disc can put some wicked spin on the ball making it very unpredictable. Love the "Cheap Squeak" sound effects. The game squeaks, growls and purrs and makes some of the most random 80's noises you can't help but love it. The three different point values for the poppers is a brilliant touch but see below.

Cons: I feel this game shines as a single player game but does not have legs as a multiplayer one. The skill shot is far to valuable points wise and the player that can master it will rapidly dominate the game against other players. The captured ball shot to increase bonus multiplier is valuable (as long as you have the bonus built up) as is the mushrooms but everything else can almost be ignored. The in and out of multi-ball while fun and unique does not feel valuable enough to pursue as a strategy. My best games to date have been on hitting the captured ball to load the bonus multiplier and then going after the mushrooms for dear life. The carry over of bonus level ball to ball also imbalances the game, though it does look like it the default is on for 3 ball and off for 5. I'll have to see if it can be shut off on the 3 ball setting (SW 16)

This is a game that could benefit from a software make over to balance it better. Great fun single player or two very skilled players but unbalanced otherwise.
2 years ago
Not a fan of the playfield, which seems to have a lot of blank space, or the game play which wasn’t really that enjoyable.
2 years ago
one of the better older games i've played.

Spinning disc back that? Cool!

The ball launch ramp is very unique and the skill shot on it is cool. How the ball shoots down into the playfield is cool. the extra "mushroom bumpers" are cool. Locking the ball is fun as well.

Pretty cool game really.
2 years ago
Do yourself a favor and buy the original...skip the home edition.
2 years ago
Layout and features area already proven. This game, to me, doesn't live up to the perfection that the EM version was. Maybe knowing the history of this being a last-ditch effort for Bally to rescue a sinking ship by reliving the successes of the past informs my feelings on it - but it feels uninspired.

Still, it is Fireball and it's still FUN. Sounds are repetitive but still quirky and unique. The removal of the zipper flippers doesn't change the game play too much, while the long flippers probably enhance the game in some eyes.

I jumped at the chance to own one when a friend asked if I wanted to buy it. But, I will eventually sell it when space demands it as I have the original and still champion of all EM's. (IMO).
3 years ago
If you like the original Fireball, you should like Fireball Classic. It does not have zipper flippers, but pretty much plays like Fireball with memory features. This is a fairly simple game, but it is very satisfying I think largely to the sounds which are unique. Don’t miss the skill shot, especially the top ramp which scores 50k, advances the bonus 3 steps and lights the top bumpers to 3,000 pts each. The sounds are unique to the game, and IMO, standout in a crowded game room. It’s simple and anyone can play it, games are quick but fun. A good game to run 5 balls on.
This title fades pretty badly, especially the reds. CPR has a remake BG that is awesome – if you have a really faded or flaking BG, the CPR version will really knock your socks off. The cabinet is mdf, so watch for water damage.
3 years ago
I really greatly enjoyed this game. Makes me want one for my collection!
4 years ago
What a fun game! It's actually relatively packed with features: Upper level skill shot, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slings, 3 mushroom targets, a captive ball, a left lane kicker, rollover buttons, two ball locks and a spinning disc that puts wicked amounts of spin on the ball. The result: short ball times, fast action and lots of fun.

Controlling the ball becomes a challenge given the english put on the ball by the spinning disc and the challenge of getting all three balls in play for any given length of time makes for a fun playing experience. Sure, this game has its "warts" (sounds don't include voices, etc), but I think this is a dramatically under-appreciated example of a solid state pin.

Back glass fading is rectified with a reproduction model. Check it out if you ever see one on location!
5 years ago
Addictive game, simple rules that are easy to follow, captive ball, tough skill shot, spinning disk means unpredictability every game which keeps it fresh. I like the sounds, good bass on this machine. When I dont feel like slogging through modes and want to just play some straight up pinball and go for high scores this is the go-to game for me. Might run off a really good game scoring several million, then play again and get shut down with only a few hundred thousand points. Its cliche to say, but this game truly is underated. If not for the fact that it is a remake of the EM, I think this table would get a lot more respect.
6 years ago
Well, there's no zipper flippers, but Fireball Classic is still a fun ride. I'd prefer the EM for a collection, but I think I'd rather play FB "Classic" when I just want to shoot around in a casual game.

Worth picking up because it's usually cheap and you're likely to get a decent entertainment-to-dollars return on this middling game.
6 years ago
It doesn't have the deepest rule set, and it doesn't have incredibly difficult shots or challenging gameplay particularly, however, for some reason, you can play it for ages and ages and just enjoy the fun. It makes great noises, the pop bumper action if you catch it right is excellent and the spinning middle section just takes the ball of kilter enough to make it fun.

Sure, there are things it could have done better, but there are plenty of things it could have done a whole lot worse also.

Just enjoy.
7 years ago
WAY better than the original for so many reasons.
It's a glorious bastard child of EM and early SS aspects of game elements.
I love this game!
8 years ago
Easy to pick up ruleset and the playfield is marked well. However it packs a huge challenge...tons of risk reward shots out there. I love it, always happy when this is in a classics back for a tourny.
9 years ago
This is the perfect starter machine. George Christian is considered an inferior designer, but he hit it out of the park on this one. GI lighting sucks if you put LEDs in; it can get very dark. The backglass can fade very easily--and replacements can get expensive.
10 years ago
Fireball Classic is the SS version of the Original Ted Zale design.

The Pros:
Doug Watson did the incredibly job (with the most un-enviable task of redoing the work of the master) of recreating the feel of the original art package. Kudos to him. The game plays very much like the original with a few exceptions (bonus and m-ball multipliers), and for the most part this is a good thing. The sounds are great on this table and the deck purrs like a really big cat when your game is over.

The Cons:
I miss the zipper flippers. You may never hear me say this again... I like the random factor of the original game as compared to the feel and skills needed on the new design and ruleset. PF x2 or x3 is great and makes multiball incredibly valuable. Maybe too much as scores rocket through the roof and rolling this game is not that hard to do. Bonus is super heavy at 5x.

The Takeaway:
This is a good game based off of a brilliant one. The obvious additions to scoring and bonus have been made, but George Christian blew the BALANCE of the original design/scoring and once again proves that he is the inferior to the master designers of the game of pinball. Looking at his body of work, this game rates fifth behind with after Eight Ball Deluxe (1st) and Mystic and Frontier tied for (2nd) and Eight Ball (3rd). Future Spa has a few interesting shots, but everything else he has designed just does not play that well. Don't get me started about Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man. Anything Pac + pinball... is ALWAYS sub-par in terms of quality and play. Take that!

Rating this game has been a strange experience as I feel that game is still fun table, but somehow... the scores that I put up here at should have been lower.
10 years ago
Fireball Classic is a great game that lets you own a solid state version of the rare EM version for thousands of dollars less money.

You can change the settings from the new electronic "vocal" sounds to the internal bell, if you want a more authentic experience.

One of the last Bally games, it is usually pretty reliable compared to the late 70s ones.

Watch for faded backglasses on this game if buying.
10 years ago
It's Hard to compare 80's machine with 90's or 2000 machines, but for its day I think is above average. There is a logic problem with this machine, if you knock out a captive ball with another ball the machine does not recognise the ball is in play, very annoying.
14 years ago
Played by my brother so I might have a different opinion than him.
There are 21 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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