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Other Aspects: 7.346

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Fire!".
The other version is: Fire! Champagne Edition

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46 days ago
This game gets beat up for being "boring" due to lack of targets, but it is a good feeling game and has the fun factor going for it. The lights, bells, and sounds really bring it together as a package with the theme. The shots do leave you wanting more, and the window ramps don't feel great (would have been much better as a horseshoe with a bi-directional switch like in the back of SOF). This would not be good as the only game in your collection, but it is a lot of fun to post high scores on, has the one more game thing going for it, and it deserves more credit for a great art package.
66 days ago
I think this is a decent sys 11 game. One of my favourite sys11.
6 months ago
Way underrated machine. It is a blast to play I’m not getting the low ratings on it.
7 months ago
This machine is prettier than it is fun. Great color palette.

Shoots ok, moderately fun. No great shots. Feels like more could have been done with the theme.

I found the bell annoying quickly.
11 months ago
I have always loved the theme and awesome Back glass and playfield artwork. Flow is exceptional. Music addicting. If this game was a few years newer and had a DMD.... The sky is the limit. I found it interesting when I started my search that I saw they rarely come up for sale. It turns out most owners are either from Chicago (Like I am) or a Fireman. The game I bought was purchased from a retired Phoenix Fire Department Captain! It really IS True.
1 year ago
Fire is a good system 11 game. I did not play this one much, but I do remember enjoying the theme and over all play of the game.
1 year ago
Love ringing that bell !!
1 year ago
An interesting game, has an olde timey silent movie feel to it
The fire plug is a big plus within this game that cam and should be used to your advantage. A couple of tricky shots and a fun multi ball. The ceramic fire wheel under the play field adds to the over theme.

Update. I've sold this. Was a fun game once I turned the settings to be more player friendly. The playfield plastics are junk and game was made as cheaply as possible. Wear and tear and lack of proper maintenance can really hurt the game. Glad to be rid of it..
1 year ago
The first time I saw this machine in an arcade - it didn't 'POP' out like others around it and so I never gave it much game time. It's quiet understated - few colours on the field or the backglass.
Once you get to know it you realise it is rather a stylish game, definitely would look nice in the home.
Theme, gameplay, music and the playfield area are very well tied together, an open playfield with a nice arrangement of shots, the ramp to the window shot is very satisfying.
The multiball is 3 ball and with good control you can get the Jackpot by using only one flipper for shots.

It's a good machine to practice your repertoire of shots as the ball rarely spins but very easy to clock.
2 years ago
Don't care for the symmetric playfield on this one at all. Can play a game or two, but not a machine I can really dig into. Definitely one of my least favorite System 11's - just not enough to keep you interested long term, although it's good looking and the theme is well integrated.
2 years ago
I truly hate this machine. I have never liked the theme, the play style. Always has been a very dull machine to me. Never enjoyed playing it. Now this is my personal opinion, so you make like it, but for me I will pass.
2 years ago
Fire! is by far the strangest pinball game I've played, but one of my lasting all time favorites. It takes a simple theme and rolls with it. There's just enough challenge to the shots to keep me coming back for more and enough story to keep me happy too.
2 years ago
Played FIRE a few times now and I just cant get too excited about it. Its a great looking game with a cool theme and the fire effect is brilliant. But the gameplay just seems really pedestrian and the shots are kinda blah. Decent fun for a couple of games, but I dont really care to play it again.
3 years ago
This game has cool art and a great theme. I often can't get over symmetrical playfields, especially modern ones, and this game is just too symmetrical. Those dead-end ramps are also just so awkward. The ball comes screaming back at the flippers, sure, but they have none of the satisfaction of a shot well made. The central ladder shot unsatisfyingly bricks more often than it seems like it should. That just leaves the orbits/side ramps. They're important shots and they're great. I just can't love a pinball where I only love one shot mirrored to both sides.
3 years ago
Beautiful theme. Really inspired touches with the lighting and playfield art.
4 years ago
Beautiful game. Like the center fire hydrant. Do not like the ramps that don't lead to anything and not a fan of the sound effects. Seems like it would get old in a smaller collection. Center ladder is a neat idea but I wouldn't buy one unless it was a nice price.
4 years ago
I will voice a minority opinion (apparently) on Fire, and sing its praises. It's an unusual game, that feels like a throwback, but which has a very distinctive set of shots and a feel unlike most games of its era and quite a bit different from where pinball headed after the 1980's. That may be why many players don't like it and get bad first impressions, but in terms of having a relatively unique set of shot skills to make, it definitely warrants some second looks if you're serious about pinball.

First off, what it doesn't have. There's no upper flipper (at a time when this was common). There are no pop bumpers, at all. The slings are limited. There's no licensed theme, that's for sure. There aren't habitrail ramps - in fact the two most prominent ramps, the rescue ramps, lead nowhere but to a dead end, and the two loop ramps are subtle. It's symmetric in layout as well.

What it does have that's challenging:

- the pop-up stopper (fire plug) in the middle requires a different kind of flipper/ball management. The ball runs down from the rescue ladders,and the ability to get the plug activated and reactivated plays like old school rollover with center post pop-ups, but with the twist of the high ramps.

- a four-shot sequence required to go through the rescues and ball captures to multifball.

- a hidden ball U-turn in the center, followed by a launch ramp (raised) in the center (the ladder), which requires, in the manner of Attack from Mars, control of center shots that tend to come back down the middle. This is far more challenging than the typical ramp-ramp-ramp game of the era.

- an up and down back and forth flow that alternates with the two loops for ball control. The symmetry, which normally annoys me, is a feature here, in that it's required you alternate sides.

- the theme!

I personally adore the theme. It's old school fire fighting (as suggested, possibly the Great Chicago Fire - including possibly the first Williams Cow! - although the East Side and West Side layout suggests it's supposed to be New York). The artwork of the burning city and the mechanical effect of the burning city are wonderful. The working fire bell ringing is very cool - it's like "High Speed" for a 19th century fire department!

So, all that said, this might not be the game for you. But it's a different kind of game, and one with a very reasonable design center, and a theme that will please non-wizards.
4 years ago
Fairly simple, good flow and a little bit beaten up (not taking this factor into account) - but I really enjoyed playing this when I had the opportunity. Ring that fucking bell............
4 years ago
Super fun and simple game. I always enjoy playing this one. My second favorite system 11.
5 years ago
I think the game sucks. I play it in a league and I just don't know why people like this game. It's one of those games that I don't enjoy. There are lots of games that I don't like, but at least cN still enjoy playing...this is not one of them.
5 years ago
This game is a deceptively gorgeous looker. At first glance it seems almost too plain with a limited color palette, but what's there is executed well. THEN you notice the flame effects in the lighting which are reasonably convincing still even today, let alone 1987! And the smoke colored plastics are amazing: it really does look like the playfield is on fire!

Unfortunately after playing this, I almost wanted to make it actually be on fire. It's not a terrible game and everything worked fine. It's just limited and very repetetive, not in a good way. The central part of the upper pf is way too constrained... it's a shooter's game that demands accuracy, but if you lack it you will simply miff the shot, got slung around near the ramps, have to catch the ball, repeat. The object is to lock balls up the outer ramps to qualify for the center one to start multiball, but beyond that there's not much to shoot for. The targets in the central part are at random mercy of the upper slings. The up-post in the drain is tiny and can almost cause you more drains than it saves. I concede I might not be as good a player as others, but very rarely have I ever felt so distastefully annoyed with a pinball game.

It's pretty, and the sounds are even decent (the bell is kind of cool) and for tying the theme together it does a decent job. I tend to like Barry Oursler's designs. But this one just didn't do it for me.
6 years ago
There really isn't too much to get excited about with this game. I sold mine and never missed it. If you are new to pinball and find the theme interesting, you'll like it for a while. Then you'll want to sell it and get something else.
6 years ago
Underrated game. For me personally, this -and now I must quote Chris Bucci on this- pulls the old heart strings. This is a machine you would find on vacation on a camping site in a very wrong cantina where you could get so freaking drunk. This is a machine which will be screaming for attention. I love the bell, i love the fast balls, i love the simple ruleset, i love the artwork.

I'm getting old i guess.
6 years ago
fun to play for a few games not much to do but raise the ramp ,save the girl and get multi ball jackpot after put all the fires out,no pop bumpers ,fast play,nice flow ,two levels,still not much..definittly a keeper for fireman..looks great in a room with dim lights the general illumination lights looks like fire great job of that..still not much to do
7 years ago
I love Fire! It's a great theme with top notch artwork. Trapping firemen and breaking the window is always a blast. Not a good pin for non pinheads. It's a tough game for most who can't learn to trust the fire hydrant plug.
There are 60 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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