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Fast Draw

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This game ranks #164 in the Pinside EM Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.649

Artwork: 7.761

Sounds/Music: 2.906

Other Aspects: 7.646

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Found 14 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 14 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Pops and drops, bonus, and specials. Super player
1 year ago
Been playing a nice tuned fast draw so I'm ready to report....

I like it !
Can't stop pushing credit button!!!
I'm pretty sure the example I'm playing is hi-tapped in which I don't agree with but as snappy as it is, very fun game!!! Great rule set, good strong command of the playfield with this design. I really like it. I'm not sure if it would last in a mid to larger collection. I can see it getting stale, like I mentioned before, I'm playing a nice example from time to time
2 years ago
Game's awesome. Gottlieb wasn't kidding when they said it's a "Game of Skill". Liked the fact that there's no free ball, whatever happens, happens. The lighting is great, and the artwork is really good for its time. The game has a great strategy for drop targets, AB and C, and the kick outs. Getting too greedy with the targets can leave you in the gutter. You have to know your shots with this game.
3 years ago
The first pin I ever owned. Got it not working and ended up having to hire someone to fix it for me as I couldn't figure it out. For an EM, it's surprising how much is going on with the gameplay. You can choose your strategy between abc or the more risky drop targets. I was more excited at the time about getting into modern games so this game was traded up eventually. However I was also getting uncomfortable about having a game depicting a native american that could be potentially problematic.
3 years ago
If you love drop targets, this is a great example. When tuned properly this is a fast-playing pin to match the Western shootout theme. Game allows players to focus on either shooting the outlaws and going for the 5000 bonus target or playing it safe and aiming for top kickouts. This is a great pinball game.
4 years ago
This machine is very addictive with so many things to do. Drop Targets are a blast and you can’t resist going for them no matter how many times it costs you a side drain. The kickout holes are mostly a luck shot but still fun nevertheless. It’s a game that you might kick ass on one game and then it kicks yours the next but the gameplay flow of this em is just awesome. My only gripe is that on 5 ball, you don’t get the A-B-C bonus except on the last ball. Fun as it gets.
4 years ago
Played this at a Pinball Expo a while ago for the first time and was genuinely impressed. The overall experience was memorable in a pin world overwhelmed by forgettable SS era yawners. The look is classic. The Mad Magazine genre art drew me in, but the game play had the addictive quality to keep me wanting more. Play field design strikes a fine balance with placement of drops & pops -- separated into different areas that offer shot choices to challenge player skills. And those signature Gottlieb chimes. In the EM class of pins, this one's a winner.
4 years ago
First, I am a HUGE fan of EM's. I love the way they play, their charm, their simplicity. I've played dozens.

"Fast Draw" just isn't very good. The drop targets are easy enough to hit. There's five of them on each side and putting the ball higher up on the playfield really pays off. However, unlike "Atlantis" and "Sing Along", the game is extremely slow and, despite the flippers being fairly big, the thing drains down the center like you wouldn't believe, usually off shots you need to make. It's not wholly aggravating but you keep playing the machine and you never seem to get ahead. Interest in playing just wanes because it's just boring and repetitive.
5 years ago
After 25 years I simply never get tired of it. 80+ machines and it is the only one I've ever been able to say that about. I'll step up to that sucker every day of the year like it was the first day I bought it and fixed her up. The lower drop targets are always just difficult enough with the angles available from the flippers to be a challenge unless you are a pinball wizard. The Special holes are merely decoration, it's all about the situation of the drop targets. More fun set to 3 ball with the thresholds lower but the available 2X bonus plus 3X on last ball. My desert island pinball and when I croak I plan on being entombed in the cabinet with a brass replica of the head sticking out of the dirt. The backglass is actually just as good as the 2-player Quick Draw if not better. Big drawback are the drains, they are brutal. Ball makes a little bounce between the rubbers there and can suck the ball right in.
7 years ago
One of the best! And I love the Krynski art work. Nobody does it better than he did.
7 years ago
Awesome EM that is somewhat underrated. Turn on the pop-bumpers with the roll overs in the upper field. Once you get all the targets the black center target will rest for 5000 points each. That's where the money is. You have to be extremely careful aiming at the targets as it easily reflects straight into the outlanes. It takes a bit experience to know what shots you can get away with and which ones will head for the outlanes. Uniquely addictive game that always has me coming back for more.
9 years ago
This may be one of Gottlieb's best-ever four-player EM drop-target games. Essentially, it's the same game as the two-player Quick Draw, and the key feature is the two banks of five drop targets (10 total) on either side of the mid playfield. Knock down both banks and the middle target (a lucky horseshoe) pops back up on both sides and each is worth 5,000 points apiece if you can take them down. If you do, they both pop back up and you get another shot at 5,000 apiece. This continues until the ball drains.

Overall, the machine has great western back-box and playfield art, the wonderful 70s Gottlieb chimes, and overall is a very, very fun game to play. Very good lastability on this one!
9 years ago
Belongs to the top drop target tables of the 1970s. Easily better than SPIRIT OF 1976 but maybe not as good as a ROYAL FLUSH. If you can't stop shooting the drops stay away from this one. The upper eject holes will give the points and the drops the drains. I like the clean and clear playfield.
10 years ago
Fast Draw is a classic game designed by Master K and illustrated by Gordon Morrison. Classic!

The Pros:
Great shots that require careful thought and aim as the geometry of this game is designed to punish shots that wander to the middle of the PF or towards the deceptively greedy outlanes. Getting ABC and having the ball up in the pops dropping into the saucers is where the points are. Gitcher A-B-C lit and collect those 4k indirect shots off the edges of the pops!

The Cons:
This game may take a while to get the feel of it and in many cases successful shots to the drops will send the ball to the oulanes. The 5k drops may be tempting when raised, but they are dangerous shots that should be avoided if possible.

The Takeaway:
A great game that requires more than batting the ball around and getting lucky with your shots . The top of the PF has more to it than one might be led to believe playing the game without really knowing what to do. Spend some time with this game knowing it is pin-time well spent!
There are 14 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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