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Game Design: 7.151

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Sounds/Music: 2.519

Other Aspects: 6.716

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There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 months ago
This is the first pin I bought last year when getting back into playing pinball. I found the game to be OK (the roulette wheel is cool), but wasn't terribly fond of the pop bumper between the flippers. The ball also seemed to drain easily. I found adjustments in the manual to make the game a little more liberal and that helped a bit, but the biggest improvement came after cleaning and waxing the playfield. The game became so much faster, making the pop bumper between the flippers so much more lively that the ball gets spit back up into playfield more frequently. This definitely improved the length of play on each ball. The biggest downside for me is the lack of available shots. The lower saucers tend to be dangerous shots, so the best is the left shot to get the ball back to the upper saucer. Lighting the left and right rollers for 3000 points is the only time scoring is based on skill shots as opposed to the luck of the roulette wheel. Nonetheless, it is a fun change of pace. It is my wife's favorite machine as she has a shot at beating me, so looks like we'll be keeping it a while. It's not as bad as some reviewers make it out to be.

One change that would make this game more interesting would be to have the bonus carry over to the next player until someone finally cashes in. I have been tinkering a bit with that mod and will uopdate if I get that working properly so that the bonus is reset at the start...
12 months ago
Fan-Tas-Tic is really two machines. If you are alone, it's an OK EM with a couple of nice features that were not too common when it was manufactured - a left outlane kickback and a right outlane gate to return to the plunger. The roulette wheel is fun but doesn't really shine until you are joined by 1-3 friends.

As a 2-4 player game, Fan-Tas-Tic is FANTASTIC! The roulette wheel is the great equalizer - giving the worst player a chance to beat the best player in every game. Fan-Tas-Tic is the machine that absolutely proves that the phrase "It's more fun to compete" (printed on so many backglasses) is true. The roulette wheel levels the playing field so that everyone is actually competing, not just watching the best player rack up points. When I have guests over, everybody takes turns on Medieval Madness and Stranger Things, but the party comes alive when 4 people compete on Fan-Tas-Tic.

The artwork is goofy - the theme is weird - the sound is just the standard Williams 3 chimes - the playfield layout is nothing special - but the fun factor is through the roof when you have 4 players playing!
1 year ago
Unique Pin. But you need more luck playing than skill. Still FUN.
2 years ago
I bought one in the 80s because when I was a little kid in the bowling alley I was fascinated by this one. Wasn't a keeper for me but it's all about the cool spinner where you can rack up big bonuses and multipliers etc. It's all about that spinner.
3 years ago
I don't know why people are hard on this game. Pinball is many things and this is a super cool combination of roulette wheel and pinball. Rubbing your hands yelling 'Come on triple bonus!' as that wheel spins is as a fun as Vegas. I have a very large collection and enjoy having games of different eras and styles, and this game is a total keeper and gets lots of play. It has a special place of honour in the home, not the games room, next to a Centigrade 37. Unique ruleset, the rare 'between the flippers' pop, and action packed random fun. I more or less took the tilt off it but it still requires a special skill set to master getting the ball out of what looks like a sure drain and back into play. I've had 1080's around that pop and epic saves. Shake away! If it breaks I'll fix it, though it never has. Built like a tank. Crazy fun. Totally under-rated.
4 years ago
One of the worst pinball machines ever. It's all about luck, not about pinball...
7 years ago
The Roulette-Wheel is superb. Unusual, sometimes frustrating, tricky and fun: You build up bonus - BUT YOU MUST COLLECT THE BONUS WITH BALL-IN-PLAY. and the bumper between the flippers: GREAT - have the tilt set rather loose -> you can shake the ball up in play again. A keeper !
8 years ago
Glad I played this, totally unique pin with a pop bumper as your "post" in between your flippers. Adds for some interesting gameplay, hard to get a big score but very satisfying when you the spinner....actually works quite well. Lots of fun.
11 years ago
Has a "roulette wheel" feature which is interesting.
There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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