Family Guy

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Game Design: 7.862

Artwork: 7.716

Sounds/Music: 7.861

Other Aspects: 7.921

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Found 201 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 201 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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51 days ago
Pretty unique layout, I dare say. Pat Lawlor is no stranger to doing things differently.

Backglass is meh
5 months ago
Fun pin with some quirky elements (mini pinball). My kids love the theme and I found it entertaining but wasn't really drawn back for more than a couple games. Hard to hit the scoop and the mini pinball is meh.
8 months ago
A moderatly good game made better by good theming and use for voices / effects / sounds. Just more fun than Shrek despite essentially being the same game.
11 months ago
Approachable game and one that got me interested again in pinball- not sure I’d want to own it- found Stewie pinball can be a bit annoying after a while. Great humour with the callouts and animations are excellent as you’d expect.
12 months ago
Not everyone likes the theme. Fun pin to play with easy to understand rules and modes. Its one I keep going back to. STEWY pinball is great fun.
1 year ago
Great game. Stewie mini pinball is a great touch.
Love the humour of the show and perfectly captured in this pinball.
1 year ago
If you’re a fan of funny callouts, this game is tough to beat in that category - up there with (and maybe better in this respect than) Simpsons and Deadpool.

Fun to play but could get a bit repetitive in a small collection. Great however in a collection of five or more - brings variety, amusement, and the uniqueness of Stewie mini-pinball.

Scoring can be inconsistent and challenging to manage from a competitive standpoint, in terms of being able to maximize scoring in a predictable and strategic way.

Disclosure: I have owned one for around four years now.
1 year ago
It's a real shame the theme has to completely ruin this game. If it had ANY other theme, I'd own it for sure. Unique layout and cool mini-playfield.
2 years ago
The game depth is alot deeper than I originally thought. After playing it a few times I realized how much fun it is. The fart multiball, stewie pinball, toys and call outs are awesome. I was worried about the language with young kids in the house but to my surprise the game has 3 different levels adult, moderate,, and family.. This game has staying power in a home arcade.
2 years ago
its decent and for good value its worth it
2 years ago
this is one of my favorite Stern pins , so much to do & shoot for & when setup right it plays like butter , the miniature Stewie Pinball is a neat little feature , as almost everyone knows Shrek has an identical layout but not as humorous with callouts & mode wise , this game can have long ball times especially in tournaments with good players in the house
2 years ago
I love the upper playfield and the call-outs, but the rest of the game is pretty pedestrian.
2 years ago
Funniest game I have ever owned. Would have loved to see other characters from the show but what it has is great. When we have guests over most gravitate to this machine as everyone knows it. Great game!
3 years ago
If you like family guy, you will love it. Great theme integration. Fun callouts and music.
This game would probably not go over well if you dont like FG, or worse yet...if you don't know what FG is (or haven't seen it).
3 years ago
Game is a bunch of fun, and is brilliant at luring new players in. A few gripes, Stewy pinball, i love the idea of, but it doesn't do it for me, just feels odd. Playfield artwork sucks, a couple of pics in the middle and the rest is orange??!! and gameplay can be a grind. Positives, great call outs, always brings a smile. Wouldn't own, but happy to through a dollar in one.
3 years ago
I am not a Sern pinball fan

but FG is the Bizz

its funny great layout and for me the theme is gold

this is a home run and it will never get old
3 years ago
If you like the tv show you will just love this game. We have played many games but only own one at this time and "Family Guy" is it!
3 years ago
Fun game. Mini stewi is best part
3 years ago
I wasn't expecting much with this pin, I really enjoyed playing this machine, relatively easy, but a good fun factor, if it was really cheap I would possibly buy one, a game that you comeback to every so often.
3 years ago
Always makes me laugh, and Stewie pinball toy might be best toy ever! It's a fun all around pin loved by all that play in my home. The depth of speech/voices is amazing...after years I sometimes here something new, and perfectly inappropriate. Good value pin.
3 years ago
Super fun game and so funny..... if you are a fan of the show, if not you probably don't get the jokes. It's awesome to have Norm Macdonald doing call outs. The game is on the easy side and plays very fast. The layout is unique. However the game get old after awhile with only 1 ramp shot.
3 years ago
This game is hilarious. If you like the show, you will like the game. If you don't, you won't. Not many frills with this one, but the jokes and voice overs are hilarious when playing the game.
3 years ago
I'm not a huge fan of the show, so that doesn't draw me to this game. It's the game play that keeps me playing. This machine has a great play field!! There's enough going on on the play field to be fun without the mini pinball game... But that mini pinball puts it over the top.

You can adjust the audio settings between Family & Adult to suit your taste. I wasn't enjoying it on Adult, but like it in Family mode.

The beer can is also fantastic... Gives a rewarding metal 'clank' with each hit... Like shooting steel targets at the shooting range.
3 years ago
Great looking pinball, theme is well rendered, also I'm not sure it was a good choice to sell a lot...
Lawlor design, but it doesn't feel like it. Stewie pinball is fun the 1st time, maybe the 2nd time but gets old quickly. At the end, not a bad pin, but I think you have to be a FG show fan to really enjoy it.
4 years ago
I don't like the theme, layout, or mini pinball playfield, so this just isn't the game for me. This game is actually pretty loaded. I wish I liked it more.
There are 201 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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