Family Guy (Stern, 2007)

Family Guy

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Found 193 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 193 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
Super fun game and so funny..... if you are a fan of the show, if not you probably don't get the jokes. It's awesome to have Norm Macdonald doing call outs. The game is on the easy side and plays very fast. The layout is unique.
22 days ago
This game is hilarious. If you like the show, you will like the game. If you don't, you won't. Not many frills with this one, but the jokes and voice overs are hilarious when playing the game.
27 days ago
I'm not a huge fan of the show, so that doesn't draw me to this game. It's the game play that keeps me playing. This machine has a fantastic play field!! There's enough going on on the play field to be fun without the mini pinball game... But that mini pinball puts it over the top! Very unique!

You can adjust the audio settings between Family & Adult to suit your taste. I wasn't enjoying it on Adult, but like it in Family mode.

The beer can is also fantastic... Gives a rewarding metal 'clank' with each hit... Like shooting steel targets at the shooting range.
45 days ago
Fun game stewie pinball does get a bit tedious after awhile but it still has some good shots on it wish Brian on the can did something else I had one for about a year cant say I miss it though
3 months ago
Great looking pinball, theme is well rendered, also I'm not sure it was a good choice to sell a lot...
Lawlor design, but it doesn't feel like it. Stewie pinball is fun the 1st time, maybe the 2nd time but gets old quickly. At the end, not a bad pin, but I think you have to be a FG show fan to really enjoy it.
7 months ago
I don't like the theme, layout, or mini pinball playfield, so this just isn't the game for me. This game is actually pretty loaded. I wish I liked it more.
11 months ago
Family guy will be a game for you or not based on if you like the theme or not. There are a decent amount of things to do in the rules. Only 5 main modes, but there are the beer can modes and several multiballs and a tough to reach wizard mode. The stewie pinball game is a very unique toy that is pretty fun. A good game if you like the theme.
1 year ago
It's not a bad game. Stewies mini pinball game is an interesting side shot, but overall, it gets boring imho. The bonus games just didn't have that thrill I'd look for in a normal pinball of this year. Not bad, but if you aren't a Family Guy fan, you probably should just pass this one by.
1 year ago
Overrated. Love the show, not so much the pin. Maybe I expect too much of it?
1 year ago
This layout probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's one I really get on with. I LOVE the mini Pinball element, as it gets progressively harder to access and helps you progress and score big. Not just a gimmick. The rest of the playfield and rules are solid albeit not quite as attractive. Custom and extracted voicework is all top notch. Jokes are really funny, though the vomit and fart sounds could be toned down. I personally prefer Shrek a little because Shrek has been in my life more than Family Guy, but the rulesets and layouts are winners on both. Pat Lawlor shows us that even with a limited budget, you don't need Pro/Premium or stripped back playfields to make a commercial Pin.
1 year ago
I love this machine. I certainly don't think it should be considered one of "the greats", but I've had a blast with it. The tiny pinball machine in the top right is a ton of fun, although a tad easy to master after repeat play. All of the modes are pretty satisfying, and I love that the wizard mode's value depends on the level of your success on the way to achieving it. The only real complaint I have about this game is that you have to shoot the right orbit over and over again to start the modes, and that can be a bit of a chore. If you're not a big fan of Family Guy it may not be for you, but if you are, then you're gonna dig this machine.
1 year ago
If you like the tv show its a home run. This is a very funny machine. Call outs are great. Animations are funny. Fun to play.
1 year ago
Sheen gets old so fast it could've been so much better the mini Stewie pinball playfield is a big disappointment just not enough going on some nice shots and call outs. But I'd never buy the machine for a collection. Unless I had about 50 others first .
1 year ago
I had fun on this pin. The callouts are funny and it does well to capture the Family guy theme. Upper playfield is unique and I enjoyed that. Sweet pin!
1 year ago
Family Guy is a good fun pin but having played it quite a few times i think the theme would start to get annoying over time. It has some different features like the mini playfield but it breaks up the flow of the machine and isn't as much fun after playing it a few times every game.
Still a fun game but i wouldn't own one in a small collection as i don't think the theme is enough to make you want to play it often.
1 year ago
I thought I would like the mini pinball table. I didn't.
1 year ago
I personally did not enjoy the game as much as my buddies but I can see why people would like this pinball. The theme just does not do it for me.
1 year ago
Just picked this up recently. Myself and the family all love it so far, makes us laugh. I'll probably update this rating after I've owned it a little longer.
1 year ago
Played this one in a noisy Expo environment so didn't get the full enjoyment from the call outs. I was prepared to make an offer on a game that was for sale there but after playing several games, I changed my mind. There wasn't much flow to the game and most on the shots were unsatisfying. The theme is great and what I could hear sounded fantastic. However, the mini playfield got old quickly and I found myself not trying to shoot for it as games went on. The art work in the backbox is funny but it there's far too much yellow in the overall theme and I pictured it standing out like a sore thumb in my collection. Fun to play for a bit but got old quickly...sorry, not for collection.
1 year ago
Great game!
1 year ago
Hi guys, I purchased my Family Guy Pin in March 2016 and have had it for 12 months now. I had not played pinball for quite a few years after falling in love with it and buying my first machine 35 years ago. I am 50 at the time of posting this. I visited a friend who had the Stern Simpsons Pinball Party machine and I was fortunate to play hours on it and fall back in love with the silver ball. I wanted a pin and after looking up YouTube videos on different pin I decided on Family Guy. I have to say I play it often and occasionally hear new things being said while playing. The gameplay, lighting, artwork and commentary are all fantastic (set to adult mode) The machine also has "Tournament Play" for when friends come over and you want to host a new competition with nominated prise money or just for fun. I recently played Batman 66 and believe Family Guy is so much better value. I am a fan of the TV show as well and that ads to the theme. I will have this machine with me forever. I love it. another thing, the Stewie pinball does have a certain feel to it and you can really learn how to play it. Finally, Stern also has Shrek Pinball and the playing field is the same as Family Guy with Shrek theme of course. I would always choose Family Guy over Shrek, though if you have little ones this might be a better fit. My rating for Family Guy 10/10
1 year ago
This game is going to go up in value. Here's the deal: the theme is awesome. If you like the show, the game is a riot. The Ipacac mode is just as funny as it was on the show!! Love it.

Unfortunately, I just don't think it's all that much fun to play. The layout is weird, and just doesn't feel right. Hitting the beer can is completely unsatisfying and it's ridiculously hard to make your way into the Clam. Stewie pinball, while cool, takes up a lot of real estate and unlike TZ (another Lawlor pin), feels like it's eating up a lot of good space (this is a standard size game unlike TZ being a wide-body). Then again, I hate decks that have 2 levels (Black Knight, Solar Fire, BK2K, Lightning, etc...).

The callouts are absolutely hilarious (fart humor never gets lost on me), the animations are great, the art is arguably one of the best from the early Stern-era (due to not being overly Photoshopped), but it just feels a bit cheap and rushed. It's no mystery that Lawlor did not enjoy his time at Stern, and I feel like it shows a bit on this game. Maybe I need to give it more time, but what should have been a homerun for me felt more like a double.
1 year ago
When I heard Family Guy was coming from STERN I had Simpsons Pinball Party levels of greatness in mind, unfortunately FG misses the areas of excellence TSPP managed to hit in nearly all areas. Stewie pinball is more frustrating than fun and the other shots & playfield toys are lacklustre at best. However FG makes up for it by entertaining you with the shows humour and wit and makes the experience far more enjoyable than the playfield itself.
1 year ago
The game is ok to play on location a couple of times. The Stewie mini pinball is a neat gimmick, but not that great. the "lastability" is low for me. It's not that I hate it, just does not hold my interest and is not too exciting.
1 year ago
Pretty fun game. Layout is different. You have to like the upper playfield.
There are 193 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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