Evel Knievel

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Game Design: 7.035

Artwork: 8.023

Sounds/Music: 5.14

Other Aspects: 7.455

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Found 28 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 28 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 months ago
the theme is mythical but the game is not great
11 months ago
Great vintage SS machine, with excellent theme, enjoyable gameplay, nice artwork, and well designed playfield.
1 year ago
They say, "third is a charm", and boy did bally nail it! Evel Knievel is the 3rd major production Solid State Pinball machine made! 14,000 units sold and that says a lot! Super fun to play and is a well balanced game.. It has drop targets, kickout hole, 4 targets throughout, 3 perfectly positioned pop bumbers and two nice spinners to rip into! What more can you ask! I dig the fact that this 1977 made piece of art still has its chimes! Beautiful 70's Evel Knievel vibe playfield art! Awesome backglass! I played this pin as a kid and its still one of my most favorites decades later! I highly recommend this pin to any collector or player!
1 year ago
Evel is a surprisingly fun game. The theme is cool and the art is typical early Bally. A good filler for a large game room to add variety.
1 year ago
I played this for the first time today.
I liked it more than I thought I would.
Pick one up on the cheap and you will be entertained for a while.
1 year ago
Had this one at my parent's house for almost 10 years. It's a good (not quite great) machine. If you enjoy late 70's SS pinball, this is a good example.
1 year ago
This pin is about the theme, and the theme is well integrated all around. BG is excellent, Cabinet art is excellent, playfield is excellent. It is a great early SS for that reason alone and looks great in any game room. Light the spinner, shoot the spinner. Much prefer Mata Hari gameplay over this, but this pin says 1970s Pinball, at the height of Pinball. Great use of the license, and highly collectable because of it. A keeper for me, thrilled to have one in my collection.
2 years ago
A great old school solid state with one of the funnest spinner shots around. There are also drop targets and stand up targets along the sides. I have a hard time walking away from this game.

Switching to 5 ball adds more of a challenge as you then have to complete the drop targets once to light the spinners. Properly adjusted spinners make this game one of my favourites.

Great artwork and colours make this an awesome machine for a game room.
2 years ago
Is there anything more awesomely 70s than an Evel Knievel pinball machine? The answer is no.
2 years ago
Who doesn't love Evel Knievel? One of my favorite early SS pins, and one that is never leaving my collection. It's fun to rip spinners, but a dialed-in spinner can render most of the rest of the playfield useless. It's all about setting up to shoot the lit spinner, which usually means lots of tap passing. Switching to 5-ball means you have to complete the drops to light the spinner, which definitely adds a fun twist to the game. Outlanes can be greedy at times, so good nudging skills are a help. The single standup in the center of the playfield usually spells instant STDM so I avoid it at all costs. Ripping spinners is fun, but there's enough other stuff to do (drop targets for 2X bonus/extra ball/special, spelling C-Y-C-L-E on targets and rollovers, or trying to complete S-U-P-E-R by surviving shots to that dangerous center standup target) that you can play a few different ways when you get tired of spinners.

Backglass and playfield artwork are perfect for the theme. Standard Bally early SS chimes, so not much to write home about there. They are what they are, given the era of the game.
3 years ago
This game should have a jump, someone make a jump mod!
Great looking game , chimes are great.
Works well in a large collection.
4 years ago
I get it. We love EK, but his pin is just ok. Maybe I am missing something. I get bored on this game very fast
4 years ago
set this game to 5 ball so that you have to earn the lit spinner. once you do that it becomes one of the best games of its era. gotta love real chimes too.
5 years ago
Have played,sevral times.. just picked one up for restore .. classic game...
5 years ago
I’ve sung the virtues of the Bally Six Million Dollar Man over Evel Knievel over in my 6MDM review, as the games are similar in design and artistic approach.  I won’t use this space to dump on Evel, as the game is good in its own right, but I much prefer 6MDM.  The alternating spinner (once lit) is a good feature to keep players on their toes and chasing high scores using the tap-pass.  The art is classic, and conveys the Evel brand well.   This game appears before Bally really hit its stride with innovative playfield features and rules.  The real innovation here is the licencing work, and how it captured the daredevil’s iconography.  The game is just one in a series of game with a top saucer, three pops in the middle, drops on one side, standups on the other and dual spinners.  A classic layout, but other games with the same design ideas pack a bit more punch and surpass Evel’s gameplay.
5 years ago
one of the late 70s best, Balley classic E.K what a great game in the 70s ,drop targets and spinners, and the ball kick out saucer not much and simple by todays standerds but i still love the great play this machine gives,great art on the sling shot plastics that they dnt make like that any more ,great back glass love the cycle jumping over the busses ...definatly a keeper if you get a clean one !! oh and as a kid in the 70s who didnt pretend to be E.K when jumping off ramps on their cycle!
6 years ago
Good looking game. My buddy has a pretty nice one in his motorcycle shop set for two games for a quarter. Gameplay isn't bad but the outlanes are really greedy on this pin. A lot worse than many others of this era I have played and I am not sure why. It does keep you on your toes though. This theme screams jump. Even a worthless one just for show would have been uber cool for this time period. Missed opportunity.
7 years ago
For its time Evel Kneivel is a great pinball machine. Great artwork on the back glass. The game has a really cool classic look. You really can't rate it comparing it to 1991 and on DMD game. It is a classic that yes does get old and repetitive but is really cool to look at. I agree, they should have had a jump of some sort in this game.
7 years ago
They missed the boat by not having a "jump" on this game. Evel was putting his mug on literally everything at this time and this fits the theme of his marketing. Spinners are huge. Fun for a few plays.
7 years ago
Fair early solid state, but hard to really crank on. Lot of easy drains, okay if you like spinners. Great theme and good artwork for the time.
8 years ago
I have absolutely no idea who Evel Knievel is or was. Even then, I like that pin. The theme fits well. Nothing highly innovative here, but nothing wrong either... love the Bally top saucer. Best of both EM and SS worlds.
9 years ago
This is a Gary Gayton Bally design that has a great art package by Paul Faris. I thought it was a Dave Christensen package at first (flattery is the most sincere form of parise) but, it was missing the belt buckles...

A open layout with great spinner shots at the orbits. You may think that this table looks easy with the layout... but the space between the flippers and the "dead" outlanes make mistakes costly.

The standup in the middle never warrants a shot, ever. Even if you get the extra ball with the S-U-P-E-R, you have a very good chance of losing the ball.

This game oozes "1970's" in every way. On this deck, the rules/pf must be adjusted so that the game is neither too easy or too hard. This game is "Classic" in the design, artwork and play. The 5 ball rules of the game require the drops to be knocked down once to light the alternating light on the spinner. This makes the game more challenging than the 3 ball ruleset which lights the spinner at the start of the game. I'd prefer to have the more difficult settings on the 3 ball ruleset. Calling Mystery Programmer!
10 years ago
Pros: Theme is excellent if you like Evel. I do.
Double spinners with kickout hole at top
More shots than earlier Bally's
Artwork is good for this era

Cons: Passive bumpers are just for looks.
Not many shots.
10 years ago
Love the theme and the artwork, a decent game for the era enough target shorts to keep the game interesting.
10 years ago
This is a cool pinball from the late 70's. I actually have two in my collection currently (both waiting a shop out). One of the last games to have chimes along with the solid sate control. Pretty cool back glass effect with the jumping cycle.
There are 28 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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