Elvira's House of Horrors (Premium Edition)

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Game Design: 8.756

Artwork: 8.681

Sounds/Music: 8.383

Other Aspects: 8.829

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This is "Elvira's House of Horrors (Premium Edition)".
The other version is: Elvira's House of Horrors (Limited Edition)

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There are 89 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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24 days ago
I usually wait 6 months for a home game review but it would be just a formality like letting MJ in the HOF. I had to look really hard to ding it cuz I honestly believe no game is 10 but bravo in all aspects just amazing!
35 days ago
It’s a great shooter. Hear addition of my collection
38 days ago
Great two flipper game
40 days ago
This is a great game. The worst thing about it is the considerable investment in time and added or changed parts necessary to tweak the game play when received new in the box (e.g., different rubber for post in left loop and out of bumpers, parts to fix return ramp air balls, gargoyle target ground issue, etc with many being an issue since game first manufactured). However, once one does the research on Pinside and goes through the effort of making these fixes, the game play becomes spectacular. Just wish Stern would have addressed these mostly very inexpensive corrections in later runs. I reduced the “fun” rating slightly to reflect this as there was no rating specific to this issue.
57 days ago
This is one of those rare cases where I really enjoy both the theme and the gameplay.

It's layout is essentially the same as Medieval Madness. Which isn't a terrible thing, as that is one of the best games every made. I would even argue that Medieval Madness has a slightly better playfield. The trolls, drawbridge, and exploding castle toys all are slightly better than what is offered here. That being said, there are some nice touches here.

The gar-coils are great. They make bricked shots still feel rewarding. The game has a good mix of stop-and-go gameplay paired with some nice flow shots. All the shots feel smooth. The house is an impressive toy with amazing light shows.

As far as playfield design negatives, I dislike how the left orbit has a tendency to feed the ball right to the left kicker and vertical up kicker that just shoots the ball across the playfield seems very poorly designed.

The code behind this game is what elevates it to another level. It's a perfect. There is a clear main objective that anyone can walk up and understand, paired with some deeper strategies and side objectives that you can go for if you want to.

I also appreciate how they took the time to film new clips specifically for this game. They're a treat, albeit a bit repetitive after a while. However, they're skippable, so I can't hold that against them.

Stern has put out a handful of games with layouts that I can get behind recently, but they always are themes that I don't care about (Jurassic Park, Iron Maiden, Avengers). They've also put out themes that I like, but they have layouts that I can't get behind (Stranger Things, Black Knight SoR). This is the Stern first machine in a while to check both boxes for me and will be sure to get one when they start production on them again.
59 days ago
Code made this game one of the best I've ever played. Game is so much fun now. The sounds package is incredibly good. Just a fun game to play. I highly recommend this game to anyone not just Elvira fans. Gappa mode is one of the most entertaining modes you can play on any pinball.
65 days ago
My favorite game, fun to play and if a pin isn't fun what is the point?
67 days ago
To say this game is a masterpiece is perhaps selling it somewhat short. Is it perfect? No, but it's close.
1: Whether you're a fan of classic B movie horrors, haunted houses, Halloween, or the Mistress of the Dark, this theme just checks those boxes!
2: Smooth flow! Yes, it's a fan layout, but there's a reason it's as popular as it is. It's just fun!! There are no clunky shots here. It's just buttery smooth goodness! Even if a shot misses a ramp, it probably hit another target on the playfield like a gargoyle.
3: The TOYS! This pin is a World under glass. From the crypt, to the haunted house, you are experiencing a mini haunted world and it's awesome!
4: The colors on this game are perfect! With purple being a dominate color and reds and greens sprinkled in just the right places, this game just looks awesome!
5: Deep ruleset. There are a multitude of things to do on this machine and goals to achieve. Gappa angry!


Slightly repetitive modes and callouts.
Some cheap drains here and there.
Elvira's Backglass art is a little weak (in my opinion).

My biggest complaint about Elvira HoH isn't about the game itself but rather directed at Stern QC. I wasn't able to play it for 3 weeks after I got it (NiB) due to QC issues and I'm NOT alone. Most games need to be fine tuned to shoot how you want them but these machines are shipping broken in record numbers.
68 days ago
Fun pin keeps you coming back for more will go great next to my Munster premium
83 days ago
This is a very awesome game. So many things to try for, and when you can get further into it, just amazing all the new stuff you get to try for. I would rate this game a 10, except for the fact when in some modes the playfield gets so dark I have trouble seeing the ball well. I do like that effect, cool to see something different, but could use a little more lights at times.
83 days ago
Probably the best pinball machine I have played. It never gets old. Simply amazing!
3 months ago
I played around 200 games at home.
This pinball is very beautiful. The atmosphere is very pleasant. There are a lot of musics and videos. Humor is good there too. It's a formidable game to the family. The shoots and the rules are easy to understand at first. The toy's house is fantastic with a lot of entrances and exits. The 5 locks are a nice experience. You can to climb the X bonus in the top lanes with that. The gargoyles are very funny.
The wheel with the stop button is a good idea. I regret that there is no mystery.
The crypt is funny, but the mechanism to exit isn't interesting. The rules aren't deeps and news but the game is addicting. There are a lots of missions and multiballs. You must progress to the big finale. The key to optimize the points is the timer of 15 seconds. In fact, all the shoots have this timer, and you must maintain to have a lot of missions and points in the same time. There is also the X2 and X4(but difficult). A great game! Can be a little easy to a very good player?
3 months ago
Best Stern machine to date!
4 months ago
One of the best I have played recently and not just myself. My kids and my wife all considered this a top 3. My only complaint is that sometimes the animations on the screen take too long and I find myself impatiently waiting for the ball.
5 months ago
I rented this game for a month from a local operator and really enjoyed it. I think the rules are phenomenal, another Lyman masterpiece. The whole freak fryer and gappa angry mini wizard sequence is great. I enjoy the modes with the various shot combinations and the big incentive for actually completing them. At first glance this game has a pretty standard fan layout, but it really works well. I love the art and being an Elvira fan from way back the theme really works for me too. Great game.
5 months ago
Instant buy if you can get the topper, shooter rod, and all other bells and whistles bundled together. Like the Beatles, the sticker price controversy overshadowed how excellent this games elements are. Serious collector must own.
5 months ago
Third pin in my personal collection and is an absolute gem. The new code on this game elevates it to another level.
5 months ago
This might be Sterns best pinball in terms of packed in features. What other game has 5 places to lock balls and what other recent stern has a subway. Code is very strong on this game and offers great diversity on how to approach this one. A shaker is a must in this game even if it to experience the awesome thunder storm effect while waiting to plunge the ball. So many little details captured in this one as well as cool litte features. The only thing i would have loved to see in this one is some magnets but that is me just being picky! Ramps shoot butter smooth and the medisinyl mods over the VUK is a must to finish off the look of this one.
5 months ago
The first time I played this game I wasn’t to impressed, the code really helped this in time. Super fun, lots to do shots aren’t to difficult and plays like butter when you are in the zone. Excellent theme integration, making the shots match with the movie’s clips and keeping the Elvira game style. This game is a must own if you can find it and love the theme.
6 months ago
For a third Elvira pin, EHOH did not rest on it laurels. This pin is beautiful, plays great and has enough depth to be a long term fixture in any gameroom. I get the free content of the old movies (that is why Elivera's Movie Macabre TV Show used them in the first place) but calling them cheesy is being kind. Not much criticism for an otherwise outstanding pin!
6 months ago
Wow! What a fun game! It gives me a 90’s feel on game play with all the updated bells and whistles. Skill shots are great, call outs are funny and the shot layout works for me. The modes are very fun and challenging and the game plays fast. I’m glad I pulled the trigger on picking one up.
7 months ago
A few things need fixing straight out of the box like VUK and ball lock issues.....but once these things have been tweaked and solved....watch out! Ramp shots are so smooth its soothingly beautiful, awesome playfield and the game just gets better the deeper you go in. Arguably one of the best sounding pins stern has released apart from Metallica. It's amazing how my family walk past all my other titles to just play Elvira
7 months ago
Very interesting game. I love the old school clips. This game has a good variety of shots and has great flow. It was so much fun to play. I am very happy I purchase this game and will be in my collection a long time. This game did not disappoint.
7 months ago
The great effort that Elvira put into her callouts and humor make this game a keeper. Lighting up different windows in the haunted house to go through different modes of horrible B-movies is great. The Gargoyles bouncing so high they hit the glass keeps the grandkids amused. The trailer at the end of the game is a great addition and adds to the replayability.
7 months ago
I saw this game at a pinball show (Pincinnati!) last year and felt it was similar to my BM66. I liked the shots and flow but was not too excited about the theme. I also could not get a fully immersed experience with everyone in line behind me and all of the other machines cranking out their music and callouts. I played a beautiful Monster Bash remake and was determined to buy that.

So... almost a year later I revisited Elvira and decided to buy one, because it was a highly rated game that no one else in my pinball group owned. I figured I could resell it at no loss. Monster Bash would have to wait (not a very deep code, but still a great beautiful machine!).

After three months (full payment up front. Yikes.), I finally picked up the game, had a small box opening party with a Pinside buddy and we played out a couple of games.

This game is... amazing. I own 16 games and have played almost all of the top 200. This is the top rated of all.

Artwork: Fabulous- very well integrated into the game. I did take one point off of the back glass only because I did not want to give this (or any other) game a perfect 10, and my wife says the only reason I bought the game was because of the prominent cleavage.

Sounds and music: EXCELLENT. A lot of 60s music that is not well known, but very effective and extremely well integrated.

Rules: Outstanding- so much to do and strategize. Just the right amount of MB's, mini-wizard modes, dead head opportunities (EB), and a really cool wizard mode (1.01 code).

Shots- very smooth, except when you miss... The house is quite a mech- actually quite complicated and well executed. Left ramp is wide, but not the right! Orbits and other shots are very Sternish (is that a word?)- challenging, but reasonable.

Theme- I am 61 and certainly remember a lot of these terrible (in a good way) shows as well as Elvira. The Stern crew definitely did their homework and the callouts as well as the movie clips are fabulous. If you tire of any of the clips (lots of them), just hit your flippers. I have discovered that if I relax and listen to the clips I actually play better, but normally impatience gets the better of me.

Fun- When I play my games, I usually turn on half of them, and always save this one for last. My pinball buddies (and wife!) always want to play this game (no big parties because of COVID).

Yes, I tend to rate games high, but I only rate games that I like- don't need to troll as there is enough of that around.

I would tell you to go find a great deal on one of these, but that is not possible. So, find a friend who has one, be really nice, and enjoy a fabulous pin!
There are 89 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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