Elvira's House of Horrors (Premium Edition)

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Game design: 8.649

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Sounds/Music: 8.347

Other Aspects: 8.774

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20 days ago
I rented this game for a month from a local operator and really enjoyed it. I think the rules are phenomenal, another Lyman masterpiece. The whole freak fryer and gappa angry mini wizard sequence is great. I enjoy the modes with the various shot combinations and the big incentive for actually completing them. At first glance this game has a pretty standard fan layout, but it really works well. I love the art and being an Elvira fan from way back the theme really works for me too. Great game.
27 days ago
Instant buy if you can get the topper, shooter rod, and all other bells and whistles bundled together. Like the Beatles, the sticker price controversy overshadowed how excellent this games elements are. Serious collector must own.
42 days ago
Third pin in my personal collection and is an absolute gem. The new code on this game elevates it to another level.
44 days ago
This might be Sterns best pinball in terms of packed in features. What other game has 5 places to lock balls and what other recent stern has a subway. Code is very strong on this game and offers great diversity on how to approach this one. A shaker is a must in this game even if it to experience the awesome thunder storm effect while waiting to plunge the ball. So many little details captured in this one as well as cool litte features. The only thing i would have loved to see in this one is some magnets but that is me just being picky! Ramps shoot butter smooth and the medisinyl mods over the VUK is a must to finish off the look of this one.
45 days ago
The first time I played this game I wasn’t to impressed, the code really helped this in time. Super fun, lots to do shots aren’t to difficult and plays like butter when you are in the zone. Excellent theme integration, making the shots match with the movie’s clips and keeping the Elvira game style. This game is a must own if you can find it and love the theme.
51 days ago
For a third Elvira pin, EHOH did not rest on it laurels. This pin is beautiful, plays great and has enough depth to be a long term fixture in any gameroom. I get the free content of the old movies (that is why Elivera's Movie Macabre TV Show used them in the first place) but calling them cheesy is being kind. Not much criticism for an otherwise outstanding pin!
55 days ago
Wow! What a fun game! It gives me a 90’s feel on game play with all the updated bells and whistles. Skill shots are great, call outs are funny and the shot layout works for me. The modes are very fun and challenging and the game plays fast. I’m glad I pulled the trigger on picking one up.
84 days ago
Very interesting game. I love the old school clips. This game has a good variety of shots and has great flow. It was so much fun to play. I am very happy I purchase this game and will be in my collection a long time. This game did not disappoint.
3 months ago
I saw this game at a pinball show (Pincinnati!) last year and felt it was similar to my BM66. I liked the shots and flow but was not too excited about the theme. I also could not get a fully immersed experience with everyone in line behind me and all of the other machines cranking out their music and callouts. I played a beautiful Monster Bash remake and was determined to buy that.

So... almost a year later I revisited Elvira and decided to buy one, because it was a highly rated game that no one else in my pinball group owned. I figured I could resell it at no loss. Monster Bash would have to wait (not a very deep code, but still a great beautiful machine!).

After three months (full payment up front. Yikes.), I finally picked up the game, had a small box opening party with a Pinside buddy and we played out a couple of games.

This game is... amazing. I own 16 games and have played almost all of the top 200. This is the top rated of all.

Artwork: Fabulous- very well integrated into the game. I did take one point off of the back glass only because I did not want to give this (or any other) game a perfect 10, and my wife says the only reason I bought the game was because of the prominent cleavage.

Sounds and music: EXCELLENT. A lot of 60s music that is not well known, but very effective and extremely well integrated.

Rules: Outstanding- so much to do and strategize. Just the right amount of MB's, mini-wizard modes, dead head opportunities (EB), and a really cool wizard mode (1.01 code).

Shots- very smooth, except when you miss... The house is quite a mech- actually quite complicated and well executed. Left ramp is wide, but not the right! Orbits and other shots are very Sternish (is that a word?)- challenging, but reasonable.

Theme- I am 61 and certainly remember a lot of these terrible (in a good way) shows as well as Elvira. The Stern crew definitely did their homework and the callouts as well as the movie clips are fabulous. If you tire of any of the clips (lots of them), just hit your flippers. I have discovered that if I relax and listen to the clips I actually play better, but normally impatience gets the better of me.

Fun- When I play my games, I usually turn on half of them, and always save this one for last. My pinball buddies (and wife!) always want to play this game (no big parties because of COVID).

Yes, I tend to rate games high, but I only rate games that I like- don't need to troll as there is enough of that around.

I would tell you to go find a great deal on one of these, but that is not possible. So, find a friend who has one, be really nice, and enjoy a fabulous pin!
3 months ago
One of the more impressive newer Stern machines I've played. Feels like a mixture of MM and TaF
3 months ago
Hands down one of the best sterns in awhile, which would figure now that they dont want to do another run of them.
3 months ago
I owned Elvira's House of Horrors for 4 months, the longest that I've owned any game so far, and I still wasn't bored with it when it left. So that says something. I'm rating it based on the 1.01 code.

Elvira's HoH is one of the best, most fully featured Stern games to come out in years. The lighting for Mode shots is excellent. You never have to guess what to shoot for. The modes/movies are nicely coded, and often have story elements to the shots to increase immersion. For instance, in the "Werewolf of Washington" mode, you have to make an "orbit" shot first, in order to get the moon to come out and transform the werewolf, at which point you can advance the mode, but if you miss a shot the moon will go away, and you'll need to make an orbit again to continue advancing. Another example is the "Night of the Living Dead" mode; in that mode one of the first shots that you must make is the house shot. Because the characters are fleeing to the house in the movie. Good stuff.

The rules are wonderful. With lots of depth and variety. Not only do you have the movie modes, you've got several mini-wizard and wizard modes. You've also got the crypt and deadhead stuff, and the Gappy Angry mode, and the various multiballs and locks, and you've got the special items, and hand of fate wheel. I mean the rules are packed, and the game has tons of clips and callouts. Also, the skillshot is actually skillful. I can usually make the skillshot once or twice a game, but my wife can make it probably 50% of the time.

The game also has a lot of mechs, which might not be apparent at first. The house is a very complicated and cool mech. It can divert the ball several directions, it can lock a ball. It has a lift-ramp and basement kickout, as well as a backdoor entry, and it has a garage to the side with a drop target and built-in lock and kickout. The crypt is another cool mech combing a bash toy, a subway, and a vuk. It also has an opening and closing trunk with another lock and kickout. Not to mention the jumping gargoyles. I mean the game is loaded.

There are a number of great mods that really enhance the game, such as Medisynl's great mods, as well as the crypt-face mods. The official Stern Art blades are excellent and really blend in and match the existing art. The art blades have lots of nice details and touches that put it above the average blades or even mirror blades.

This game may be as close to perfect as Stern has ever done. Worth every penny of it's MSRP. It competes very well with the CGC remakes, as well as the classic B/W games, and Stern's best games such as LOTR or JP. Every pinball enthusiast should own this game at some point. Plus, it has Torgo, and Torgo is the best thing in pinball and life.

"Don't Go! Gappy Angry!" "Torgo, have you seen Debbie?" "No."
3 months ago
I played this game in the Flipper Room, it’s a blast. I’m seriously thinking about adding this game to my collection. I heard it rivals Deadpool or it’s just as fun. I just sold a Deadpool pro so I’m looking for something different, this may be it.
4 months ago
The GOAT. All hail Lyman.
5 months ago
This is one of my favorite games. All the shots are great. The rule set if fun with satisfying shots. I have this on order and can't wait till this is permanently in my collection.
5 months ago
I'm getting this in my collection next. Love the theme, fun, toys are cool. Stern did excellent job.
5 months ago
I just picked it up in a trade for my Wonka and I couldn't be any happier. Games don't get anymore gorgeous than this one and a FUN fan layout! The code is very deep and it's what makes the game.
5 months ago
The Pinside top 100 is subjective. For many of us there are machines that should be included and some which make us wonder how they were rated so highly.

The top 10 however is a little more realistic, some may not be our personal choice but they are all excellent Pinballs and rated highly for good reason.

Elvira HOH deserves it's place in the top 10. There are a few better shooting pins than Elvira, a handful with better code, some with better theme, some with better sound, 3 or 4 with better humour and a few with a toy better than the house.

However when all of the above is placed together you have the complete package and it just fits together to make pinball fun.

The incorporation of the shots, artwork, theme, toys, rules, sound all work in perfect harmony. It has attention to detail that I've not seen too many times and I constantly see new things every time I play.

There are no cheap ball drains on this machine and it's always a game that not only initially attracts non pinball players but keeps them playing too.

Good flow, good humour, deep rules for experienced players but easy to achieve side missions to keep the new players interested. Spooky Halloween style music can quickly turn to rock n roll, great animations, some of the best toys in pinball (chest, house & crypt) and great lighting which really sets a horror/Halloween mood.

I really get the impression that the design team, coders, sound crew and artists were all in the same page with this title.

I might be able to think of one or two pinball machines that I've enjoyed more but it's certainly one of the very best and comfortably top 10.
6 months ago
I'm a huge fan of Scared Stiff and this follow up did not dissapoint. I had a ton of fun shooting this game and loved they carried over the jumping gargoyle posts. The haunted house scuplpt and playfied art is fantastic. I'm not a big fan of the cabinet art though. All it comes down to for me is this game hits the right notes and was a great shooting game.
6 months ago
To me Stern has finally got it right. The most fun pin I have played in a long time. I am amazed at the way they have done the 2nd mode graphic overlays (LCD) on the the present mode. This is a first in pinball and great programming. Simply a fun game with awesome rules, great shots, hilarious call outs, and a stoners delight (I'm not one even thought it's legal in Canada) The only negative thing about the game is the slow catch up speech to the shots made. Maybe some sloppy programing compared to the old days when memory was limited and it had to work bang on although now it's much more complicated. For those of you that get tired of the stop and go animations, they can be cancelled by a double flip. New code fixed a major bug. Played it several hours a few times at my buddies' house. As a mostly Bally and Williams fan I rate this 2nd after Medieval Madness. I want, no I need one.
6 months ago
The theming and licensed assets was integrated real well to help contribute it to being a fun pin to play. The playfield general layout seems very similar to Medieval Madness. I weighed buying a HUO MMR vs. this Elvira and MMR has more shots and a more populated playfield. However, Elvira has more code depth and modes to explore. Some day I may get an Elvira. We like the "fun factor".

I like that Stern used some RGB for lighting effects during the modes. It's a minor "wow factor". The animations are pretty good except for a couple of cardboard cutout puppet show scenes. The Elvira horror episodes was a pretty cool them integration. A good pin, but the higher price (guessing to cover the Elvira license costs) makes it overpriced NIB. The super high priced optional topper is ... lets just say overpriced.
6 months ago
I have eight pinball machines currently--all fairly recent releases, including six new Sterns--and I think this may be my favorite game to play. The shots are so smooth and satisfying. This is definitely not a stop-and-start machine, and you can really build the flow as you play. Most of the shots are to the back of the playfield, and there is something really fun about making those nice long fast shots, instead of constantly banging into stuff a few inches from your flippers. There are no cheap drains on this game, which is refreshing.

I just installed the newest code (1.00.0), and I can't see much change from the 0.99 version. The little trailers that follow each player's final ball drain are actually sorta annoying.

I have heard the opti-sensor on the back door shot was glitchy at first, but everything has been perfect for me from day one. I believe my machine was from a later production run, so maybe the moral of the story is to wait to buy until they get the bugs out of the first run tables. (Sorta like avoiding buying the first model year of a vehicle after any major redesign, maybe?)

I was never a huge Elvira fan when she was hosting the crappy B-run horror movies on late night TV. But the actress behind Elvira, Cassandra Peterson, was a VERY fine-looking woman in her prime, and she is holding up amazingly well today at age 69 (at this writing). There is probably a joke to be made here (69?), but decorum prevents me from taking the low road in this review.

This is a great pinball game. Impossible not to enjoy playing it.
6 months ago
I own this pin and it is great fun, but top 10...? Maybe #11. The use of old movie clips is clever. The brain that would not die..., “He’s coming for you Barbara!” Great lines. This pin is not as clever as Scared Stiff, but still it’s a keeper.
7 months ago
This is the best pin I've played. An absolute must have for any collection. Great theme, funny, witty. Great depth.
7 months ago
If you like stacking modes, a kooky theme, shots that shoot like butter, then Elvira3 is the ticket! If you liked Scared Stiff then you still get the hand of fate spinning wheel and the trunk to lock balls. If you liked TAF then you have many rooms to explore and complete - some even under lock and key! If you wanted a bash toy then you got it! If you liked getting a wizard mode similar to WH20 Wet Willie's then you got Gappa Angry. And of course the house that can redirect the ball in any which way. This game is basically a best of hits of games past. How many other games have there been 2 pins of the same name before it? Only downside is the limited production. Will they make more? Only time will tell.
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