Elvira's House of Horrors (Premium Edition)

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Game Design: 8.762

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Sounds/Music: 8.572

Other Aspects: 8.861

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Found 170 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
This is an outstanding successor to Scared Stiff.

The layout is very unique and I especially like the house and crypt shot. Although I think the shots aren't that satisfying to make on this game. Nevertheless the gameplay is still a lot of fun. And in terms of toys this couldn't have been made better. On top of that I find the game relatively difficult to play which increases its replayability for me.

Just like Black Knight Sword of Rage this is a world class continuation of a classic Bally game. It is made in the same spirit as the other two games with the Elvira theming. It truly feels as if this is a Bally game.

I love the fact that Cassandra Peterson is appearing on screen. It gives the feeling of uniqueness to the game. And I love the fact that she's reviewing movie scenes as you play along.

I have a lot of fun playing this game and it is one I would constantly be returning to if I saw one.

In conclusion Elvira's House of Horrors is a very worthy successor to a classic Bally game which is a lot of fun. I think this game is interesting for casual as well as advanced players.
13 days ago
This game is a lot of fun. Great theme, smooth as butter ramps, lots of fun mechs and the call outs are great. Lots of different ways you can approach this game and once you get in a rhythm, the shots and scoring all feel great.

I can't think of anything bad to say about it. Lots of fun. Surely will go down as a classic.
20 days ago
This game is so goofy and fun! I love the classic movie clips tied into the transitions. The cabinet theme looks like a horror movie, but Elvira's character adds a great amount of humor. The playfield layout has some very fun elements, but the flow can get a bit repetitive. I can see this machine being a classic.
37 days ago
Feels like Monster Bash meets Scared Stiff with modern rules. In other words, I love it. The four, count 'em, four ball locks are awesome.

Only have about 50 games on my Prem, but am very happy with the purchase. Hitting the crypt and getting smack-talked by some of the characters is hilarious.

Lyman's last gift to us. Pinball perfection.

And hey, even my wife likes the "art work" ;)
38 days ago
Love this one! Elvira's House of Horrors is just easy to play, loads of fun, love the cut scenes, and the layout just makes me love to play it. I would call this perfect for the ramp placement. If the market on this wasn’t so hot, I would own one. It is on my need to buy wish list.
42 days ago
Put about 20 plays in on location and I have to say...I really like this game. The shots to the house are alot like MM and I love the jumping gargoyles. The playfield is 100% campy fun, the theme is amazing. Shots and layout are solid with very decent flow. Not of ton of originality here, but a super fun pin nonetheless. The "make your own movie" featurette was a cool surprise, but I can see that getting old after some time, the same with some of the Elvira callouts....I found myself skipping them after just a few games.
All in all I had a great time with this pin and will be adding it to my wishlist!
43 days ago
It is a fun shooter. Seven "long" lanes. (even the crypt I consider far). And I recognized for myself, it is kind of refreshing not having a fully loaded Playfield, where the ball bounces back in the speed of light on short distance. I think Elvira is also very good for beginners.
I played 260 games on it so far and I want to play again and again and again.
The variety of Elvira announcements and animations is much better than in newer Stern models . Of course it repeats after a while.
After a slow start into the game, when you advance, one MB follows the next. But you have to be patient! This one is definitely a keeper. My top three, in no particular order- Godzilla, Iron Maiden, Elvira!
53 days ago
From the second I saw the game trailer, I was IN! I love the theme, the campiness, the visuals, the audio package. Man, this pin would have been a forever keeper if it had only worked out of the box, or even if I could keep it fixed. But alas, I had opto trouble and ramp and house alignment issues the entire year I owned mine. I still have an LE on my wish list because although I have no proof to back it up, Stern LE's seem to shoot smoother and it seems a little more care is taken in production than on the premiums. I have a Stranger Things Premium that was routed and had 20,000 plays on it when I got it. The TK lock was turned off. TK dialing in has been an issue the entire time I have owned that pin, BUT the difference is, it ALWAYS plays, it's ALWAYS spectacular with the UV lighting kit and Cleland audio package. Elvira is freakin awesome...BUT ONLY when it works. When it doesn't work, it's balls stuck under the house ramp and you have to remove the glass to remove the ball, or jerk the machine around and tilt. Shots don't register from the optos right and you can't progress through the game if the optos aren't adjusted just right. The shaker throws everything out of alignment eventually. After a year of screwing around with that pin myself, 3 different techs including the best tech that ever was around in Southern CA back then (Kyle is the best now in my humble opinion and this was before I knew Kyle,) anyway, I finally had to sell the pin once I got all the optos fixed for the hundredth time. I understand completely why people LOVE this pin. The fan layout felt the slightest bit wanting to me, but with everything else going on in the pin, it was still a spectacular package and very beloved pin. Many pinball 'moments.' The code is on point, spot on! This pin is a a grand celebration of what you want a pin to be. UNLESS it doesn't work. And mine did not work consistently. And if it doesn't work right, then it's just a $10k paper weight and makes you feel sick inside and like you want to throw up. Sorry for that visual folks, but I assure you that every step was taken that I could possibly take to resolve the issues. I waited ONE year for a new left ramp from Stern. It came literally the day after I sold the pin. Maybe that would have fixed the left ramp opto issue but certainly not the house issue. The last time I had it repaired the tech dismantled the house and was sure it was resolved, but I was too afraid to play it before it sold. Heard that story too many times. The buyer didn't seem to have any issues with it, or could live with whatever issues it had at the end. I'm a solid seller and disclose all issues when I sell. That's what I expect when I buy, that is what you get when you buy from me. This pin is one of the greatest, and one of the worst disappointments if you get one that isn't dialed in from the factory, and it seems many of them are NOT dialed in from the factory. I am surprised they did another run, and have read that the new ones have issues too. :(
62 days ago
Can a top ten game be underrated? I believe so. The games geometry exceeds most current designs, deceptively. Combined with an insanely nuanced rule set, this may be the masterpiece of a sadly shortened but brilliant career of a legendary designer. Outside of the cabinet art, which while theme responsive is somewhat uncreative, the game for me hits every note. Also, as a love letter to prior Elvira themed titles, there are inclusive elements which make this game a bridge to the past, while firmly planting it into the future via the ruleset. I mentioned the geometry: while this game shoots clean, and some argue easy, this is deceptive. The reality is while the design is approachable, the pin falls into the 'easy to learn, difficult to master' and to boot is one of the fastest Sterns to date. All told, owning this machine over the last six months I went from 'really good' to 'top three I own'. It will not be leaving, even as I progress towards the wizard modes, as the replay value and 'one more game' aspect remains present.
80 days ago
Very good machine with excellent rules, art, and toys. I love the house mech. I recommend this game to anyone!
82 days ago
Stupid me waited 3 years to finally realize how amazing this game is.
Just plain fun with a great variety.
If you have a chance to pay this or own it I highly recommend both.
85 days ago
I walked past this machine for years because the topic didn't interest me at all, although the table is visually stunning right down to the cabinet. Was able to play pinball now and was pleasantly surprised. Doesn't have the game depth like a Godzilla but it's absolute fun and definitely doesn't get boring and it keeps you coming back for more. The only thing that bothers me a bit is if you don't hit your targets the bullet can be gone quickly.

One thing is sure, from now on I will play Elvira again and again.
88 days ago
Fun with a great layout, love the diverts, theme is OK but I feel is not as lasting as a home pin.
3 months ago
Not as good as some of the older Elvira games to me. I really didn't enjoy this one quite as much. It seemed too focused on being campy and just lacked the fun of playing pinball. It was all about the movies and really didn't feel like it integrated that into the game much. It just felt all over the place with modes and the playfield just feels like an arbitrary part of a movie experience. There's a lot of pauses and interruptions that slow the game down a lot. Just hard to really get into. Some of the shots are great but overall it felt flat.
3 months ago
If you like Medieval Madness, you'll like this one...definite MM vibe. The crypt is cool, but I was able to get pretty deep into the game without even knowing the rules and playing it only a few times. So I'm afraid the challenge would be gone in a HUO situation fairly early. Plus the call-outs by Elvira are not nearly as raunchy and funny as on the Scared Stiff I used to have.
3 months ago
A great modern take on Elvira, the house centrepiece is a really cool feature and ties into gameplay well. The only downside for me is the length of some of the videos kills the flow a bit.
3 months ago
Gappa be Angry, Creepo be creepin’, Modes are fun and get you to explore the shots. This is a shooters pin 100%, fun times and great callouts.
3 months ago
A dream pinball to own for me. I absolutely love the shots in this game the most. Pretty simple but fun and enjoyable to hit. I love the look of the game and the sounds of the game. Really is one of the most fun shooting games I've played. A dream for me to own as I will likely never make the expensive purchase. I've been to one too many locations where this pin is out of order, rebooting, etc. Every person I've had the pleasure talking with say how much of a pain the house is to repair. Love the game and will always spend time on it on location, but may never make it's way home to me.
3 months ago
One of my favorite pins of all time it has it's own incredible vibe. The cab itself is BEAUTIFUL i only wish elvira was a bit less cartoony on the back glass. I've never wanted to keep coming back for more then this pin. The shots are so good the haunted house mech is insane, the rules and coding is some of the best i've ever experienced. I feel like i'm going into another world when playing this pin the art and movie clips and sound and vibe just take you in. Might be sterns best pin the last 20 years. This is the kind of pin that every collector will want in there collection. If there was ever a "Bolted to the floor Pin" it's this.
4 months ago
I've always wanted this game and now it is at home. I find it magnificent, almost as beautiful as a JJP!
The ball moves very well, the rules are clear, and quite simple but that does not make it an easy game.
A kind of modern Medieval Madness, with some similarities.
4 months ago
It's a fan layout, which some people don't like as it's considered ordinary and unimaginative, but in this case I have no problem with it at all. The shots are great, the relative darkness of the playfield and toys fit perfectly with the campy faux-horror theme and--well, it's just tons of fun. Many of the modes are achievable by even mediocre players like myself, and the video clips of Elvira and the B horror movies fit in great. It's got a healthy dose of humor as all the best pinball machines do. An outstanding game.
4 months ago
So I have no affinity for the Elvira theme. I can take or leave it. And yet, this theme works super well for pinball as Elvira has a history with pinball.

I love the rules on this. There are tons of modes and multiballs, and yet you don't feel overrun with them like many jjp games lately. With two ball lock locations, you don't suddenly start a multiball without warning.

The game knows what it is, and what it is is fun. The playfield shoots incredibly smoothly, but is a basic old fan. But fan layouts are popular for a reason, and this doesn't stray away from that. Again, speaking of software, Lyman tends to make games that are good for both beginners and experts, and he did it again, here. Absolutely lnocks it out of the park.

Super impressed by the game. Not the best game ever, but certainly an incredibly well done game. Does many things and does them all very well.
5 months ago
This has everything I was looking for in a game. Exceptional art, toys, gimmicks, rules, difficulty, depth, & all done with just 2 flippers in a fan layout about as well thought out as it gets with tons of shots & flow. I had a run of 3+ flipper games which is fine but I was missing a good 2 flipper shooter.

I really don't know if games can get much better than this, I'd imagine it will stick around atop the charts forever. I prefer this over Godzilla premium which is also a fantastic game but this just hits more of my personal tastes at the moment.
There are tones of Bally classics in here. I detect influences of both MM & AFM in gameplay, but with the depth, bells & whistles that come with new tech.

I'd like to make special mention on the difficulty. I've soured on a lot of newer games as the ball times can last a while or multiball too easy to achieve. Elvira is challenging me & I like it. I've kept outlane posts in top holes which I believe is factory. When I get multiball I know why & feel I've earned it. I do need to make use of pinball skills more than usual to keep ball in play with nasty outlanes. & yes the ball can track SDTM especially out of the bumpers but if you are paying attention you can nudge as it exits & do some slap saves. This is a game that I can & will learn & improve on & make me a better player, which is a good quality for a game to have. I do think it is important to have the game sloped & leveled properly.
5 months ago
Great game! Picked one up about a week ago and its fun! Overall, it is a very long player, but there is enough code to keep you coming back for more. Clear objectives and great layout. Only complaint is an inconsistent left orbit that sometimes shoots it down the middle if it deflects off of a post. Elvira and her film clips are well integrated. The sound is fantastic on this. The best part though has got to be the code, and this is Lyman's masterpiece. I will report back once I have all of it figured out.

Edit: A few months on down the line and I'm still really digging this game. It's not a "high strung" game where you have to be on the tip of your toes. It is probably the longest playing and easiest pin I've had in a long time, but its still fun and campy. It's not the game to get into competitive pinball but if you want to just play a nice relaxing game to unwind at the end of a long day its perfect.
5 months ago
One of the best machines ever made imo. Absolutely nailed it with the flow, ruleset, theme, depth and the hilarious callouts. A perfect follow up to the classic scared stiff.
There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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